Struggle Jennings Ft. Trap Deville - "Old Lost Road" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Struggle Jennings
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Song by: Struggle Jennings
Video by: Sebastian Marbury & Ryan McLemore
Angels & Outlaws / Massbaum / Revolver
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13 mar 2019






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Comentarios 248
Rocky Martz
Rocky Martz Hace un día
Keep pushing SJ!!!!
Roy Thompson
Roy Thompson Hace 2 días
my dog
Rose Lehman
Rose Lehman Hace 2 días
Love it.
Mandito Man
Mandito Man Hace 2 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZserFVxhsOI.html Hello Mr Jennings my mom and dad love your music could I dance to it
Keller Collins
Keller Collins Hace 3 días
The raw honesty and feeling in this song is amazing.....struggle Killin the game keeping the legacy alive. #respect
Angie Martinez
Angie Martinez Hace 3 días
nathan hays
nathan hays Hace 3 días
The music is too low. Can barely hear it
justin pigg
justin pigg Hace 4 días
Struggle makes me depressed his life cant be that bad
Hector Elscorpion
Hector Elscorpion Hace 4 días
Struggle need to be with Yelawolf on tm3 it’s going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Crissy Gail
Crissy Gail Hace 4 días
Struggle amazes me. I am obsessed with "the Widow's son" (and W&W 1,2&3 can't wait till 4 drops!) I completely fell in lust with him when I seen him play live (sorry Mrs. Harness your husband is fucking gorgeous 😍 but you are too beautiful!) Hearing him sing brings tears to my eyes. He is just so fucking talented. Thank you for sharing all your pain and tragedy with all of us. You do it so beautifully. I just fucking love you. And I just wish you and your beautiful family all the happiness in the world. (And I'm hoping your gonna tour near Chicago or NW Indiana again!)
Big Buzz
Big Buzz Hace 4 días
🔥🔥🔥🖤🤟 Yee Yee
Drew Brittain
Drew Brittain Hace 4 días
I was waiting for Shady's verse. He's a Waylon fan.
Sloane Swendson
Sloane Swendson Hace 4 días
Struggle puts out great stuff lirically insane . Greatness is coming for this man . Damn straight broken is the worst feeling outthere
Nico Toebinte
Nico Toebinte Hace 5 días
straight from the heart
Becky Bose
Becky Bose Hace 5 días
I love this one.. ❤❤
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Hace 5 días
Damn struggle I still haven't heard a track that has disappointed me. 👌
Jennifer Morisch
Jennifer Morisch Hace 5 días
Would love to find lyrics ♡
Titan 615
Titan 615 Hace 5 días
@Struggle Jennings
cwbeasy1987 Hace 5 días
Volume is fucked up
Christy Swanner
Christy Swanner Hace 5 días
Awesome Song..... Love It ❤❤❤
Vicki Murray
Vicki Murray Hace 5 días
My life as a seasoned TRUCK DRIVER
Mendo94 Hace 5 días
I'm looking forward to the new music you're bringing out. Listened to you for years and I'll continue to listen. If you come to Indiana, let me know.
nathan young
nathan young Hace 6 días
That shit hits a spot in you. Dope track brotha
AllThat Matter8_6
AllThat Matter8_6 Hace 6 días
Man you've came a long way brother! Met you at IHOP on Christmas night in white House Tn and it made my day, been riding with you and JellyRoll since the ESvid days in Nashville going to see the po, appreciate everything you do! 💪🤘
BHam The Lyricist
BHam The Lyricist Hace 6 días
#NewSingle #HamGoinHam #DancinWithTheDevil esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Ky-vbLK6b2k.html
Phillip Taylor
Phillip Taylor Hace 6 días
Wow struggle. Dope song Ive had it connected to my facebook page from day one hope you don't mind. 🤝
Thomas LaVictor
Thomas LaVictor Hace 6 días
always great music! glad to follow you for all these years! Id like to see another album with you and Waylon and the rest of the Family, that would be awesome!
Amy Moylan
Amy Moylan Hace 6 días
Me n my best friend scared together rolling
Amy Moylan
Amy Moylan Hace 6 días
Makes me cry
Shondee Samatha
Shondee Samatha Hace 6 días
Love it! ❤🔥🎶🎸🤘💯
Nancy Hines Mullinax
Love sum STRUGGLE!!!
Nancy Hines Mullinax
Love sum STRUGGLE!!!
PK Nation
PK Nation Hace 7 días
Struggle you come out with the words that apply to our lives. Much love and respect from Colorado.
jjones202197 Hace 7 días
Damn struggle keep that fire going great song. AGAIN!!!
Big Buzz
Big Buzz Hace 7 días
Popcorn Go on in give em dat 🤟 Yee Yee
Dylan Courtntnage
Dylan Courtntnage Hace 7 días
one eye ghost. I don-t know how you do it. You got drop one with all the boyz.
Jason Barron
Jason Barron Hace 7 días
Thank you brother great song
smilinbeats Hace 7 días
Awesome ❄️💯
Tom Brown
Tom Brown Hace 7 días
Just split with my babymomma things haven't been great but we've been doing what we need to for our daughter and its not been easy cause i still love her but its songs like this and sunny day that make life a little more bearable and keep pushing thank you for the music and drive brother
Kaley Faulkner
Kaley Faulkner Hace 7 días
💜💜im in frkn love!!! being from east tn ur amazing for makin this music for ur ppl..like myself completely there! u feel relate to u!! me!! i
Alan Douglas
Alan Douglas Hace 7 días
im obsessed with yall i swear u all speak to my soul! east tn!!
Jay Landry
Jay Landry Hace 7 días
Jay Landry
Jay Landry Hace 7 días
drive.google.com/file/d/0B28MHl2kV1yQc3RhcnRlcl9maWxl/view?usp=drives to
JOSH BUTLER Hace 7 días
Where is yela dude.... #struggle. Thought y'all were cool
Suzanne Acosta
Suzanne Acosta Hace 7 días
Your music always speaks to my soul. 🥺
Orion Prows
Orion Prows Hace 7 días
I have been locked up, I have been thru an 11 year opiate addiction along with many other things. Struggle your music has always spoken to me. Same with your brother jelly. You guys are the therapy and inspiration for hard working blue collar family men. Recovering addicts, parolees, real people. Thank you
James Clark
James Clark Hace 7 días
Chills wow!!! I had chills throughout this whole song. Thank you.
John Osborne
John Osborne Hace 7 días
Hell yeah man ready for Get it back
LaTasha Page
LaTasha Page Hace 7 días
Another bad ass song. Hope you come to Idaho.
Simply Adventures
Simply Adventures Hace 7 días
Love it!
Alex Williams
Alex Williams Hace 7 días
This is awsom song!! Its realy 🔥🔥🔥!!!!!
Cameron Stevenson
Cameron Stevenson Hace 7 días
Down since welcome to the trap house and you still coming out with fire
Jacob Steinwinder
Jacob Steinwinder Hace 7 días
Yes sir vary good I can relate much love
Brandy Hart
Brandy Hart Hace 7 días
Estevan Cobos
Estevan Cobos Hace 7 días
This song really good
Gmans Garage
Gmans Garage Hace 7 días
get it trap I have seen u live and u rock 💯💯🔥🔥😎😎🤘🤘
Amber Low
Amber Low Hace 7 días
Only music i listen to, for almost 12 years now i just cant listen to the mumble rap or anything thats not real. Ur nothing but real. No apologies or fuks given lol love it. Thank u for doin what u do. Idk what i would be stuck listening to if i didnt have u n jelly.
Dwayne Williamson
Dwayne Williamson Hace 7 días
Im a blk dude who's looking forward to seeing you in Fargo fam...i pump you up to everybody from here back to sc and ny.
bwsup yours
bwsup yours Hace 7 días
It's fire just can't hear it!lol🙉👂
Gold Chasers
Gold Chasers Hace 7 días
foxsquad SWEETPEA1
foxsquad SWEETPEA1 Hace 7 días
Great job keep it up!!
Mike Betts
Mike Betts Hace 7 días
Great job struggle thank mr waylon would be proud of you
Tifanie Veselenik
Tifanie Veselenik Hace 7 días
My brother always sends me songs by Struggle. I like alot of your songs. The fast beat ones gets much pumped lol the slower ones get me thinking.
Paul Kutiyal
Paul Kutiyal Hace 7 días
Ya’ll country rappers are so different than the rest of the clowns tryna sound like they from atlanta. Much respect to you brother. Not to mention Jelly Roll is a legend in the country rap scene.
Jade Hylton
Jade Hylton Hace 7 días
Man I fuck with struggle and the whole team tuff they don't put out a voicemail I aint listened to 10 times so PLEASE fix the format on this video so I can represent properly
Jacob Gibbons
Jacob Gibbons Hace 7 días
good medicine ...#GuruApproved \m/....2019
Nathan Stiff
Nathan Stiff Hace 7 días
Muney Mike
Muney Mike Hace 7 días
Still spittin truth bullet's
SuperEDMboom Hace 7 días
When you hear your favorite melody, it is as if he saw an old friend.
illthought Hace 7 días
David Lewis
David Lewis Hace 7 días
so y'all depressed while out on tour? you see that depressing miserable bus ride? maybe make some upbeat feel good songs the vibe won't be so fucked up. they're making the whole touring experience seem like they're doing prisoner detail work....geez lol
Farrah Welch
Farrah Welch Hace 7 días
Struggle.... much love from Kentucky..... ur music gets me through my days and nights ..... ❤️
zack throckmorton
zack throckmorton Hace 7 días
Not too sure what’s going on but my replay button just magically gets hit 🤷🏻‍♂️
KATALYST Hace 7 días
Super Dope
eric peacock
eric peacock Hace 7 días
27 ppl wouldn't know good music if it slapped them in the face
hot boy
hot boy Hace un día
ist vest
ist vest Hace 7 días
Great stuff
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens Hace 7 días
dylontm3 va
dylontm3 va Hace 8 días
Yeah man sound is low but song is great man!
dylontm3 va
dylontm3 va Hace 7 días
Btw you and jelly get me through some times man I love yalls old soul music
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy Hace 8 días
Man Struggle I have been there and live there the only escape is when your music drops and it's the theme of life where I live and how I live and how I work!!! Thank you from this red mountain mutt in Appalachia!!! You speak to my heart and soul!!!
TheBamboozer Hace 8 días
Man Struggle is on fire. can't wait to catch the tour this summer..
StickFigureHipHop Hace 8 días
I listen to every song u put out bro...love from Lowell Massachusetts!!!
Timothy Mullins
Timothy Mullins Hace 8 días
so it is close to home
Timothy Mullins
Timothy Mullins Hace 8 días
wish I had a place to find to buy the album
MOTIV-8-U Hace 8 días
People talk about the "it factor" but have no idea what "it " is. for you "it" is THE STRUGGLE, "Living that outlaw song trying to prove em all wrong". THE STRUGGLE IS REAL because your pain is real. Your ability to use music to heal and maybe help others is a talent, but your integrity to stay true to yourself and the music is why you are loved and respected. Thank you for sharing.
TIM MIDKIFF Hace 8 días
Great song! Keep doing your thing. We love your music 🎶.
Rundll32 Hace 8 días
Love it
Kat I
Kat I Hace 8 días
Loving it mellow smoothness. Definitely gonna be a replay over and over for me.
Hood -N- Tha' Woods
Hood -N- Tha' Woods Hace 8 días
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia Hace 8 días
I’m so in love with your music realest music out there🎶👑🍹
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Hace 8 días
Man struggle just keeps getting better so many hate on him but lyrically he is a genius to those of us who's been down that road much respect
TWNSCREW Hace 8 días
Wish i could hear it
darren modric greene
Struggle much love from Ireland
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Hace 8 días
Fire brother . Damm this hits home. Never disappoints never. Keep it coming. And thank brother. Your music gets me through sir . I'll leave it right there
popsie morphis
popsie morphis Hace 8 días
i can so relate to struggles music ❤❤❤❤
Mark Dodge
Mark Dodge Hace 8 días
Your absolutely doing your thing Struggle, I love the real content, the authenticity, delivery & vibe. Not to mention doing tracks with your daughter and grandfather thats a absolute blessing. I appreciate the music it resonates deep with me. God bless.
Rolling Hills Trucking
Hits home brother
Nic Ryan
Nic Ryan Hace 8 días
Motherfucking FIRE I MEAN MOTHERFUCKING FIRE!!!!! But its no surprise,hes motherfucking fire!!!!
travis atwood
travis atwood Hace 8 días
TrzeciWymiar Clan
TrzeciWymiar Clan Hace 8 días
Good, next we need a video for Shackles. My favorite song from your Album.
Jennifer Ruch
Jennifer Ruch Hace 8 días
Brian Russell
Brian Russell Hace 8 días
A continuación
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