Student Forces Nerd To Do His Homework

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3 may 2021






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Amirer Simpsion
Amirer Simpsion Hace 8 minutos
Shut up
Amirer Simpsion
Amirer Simpsion Hace 9 minutos
Me Me I do 🙋
Dena Edgmon
Dena Edgmon Hace 38 minutos
I have been watching these roast videos and when he said "man you really are a nerd" I was like.....No It Is jUsT CaLlEd hAvInG A bRaIn.
Just 1 Tap
Just 1 Tap Hace 43 minutos
Billy is in top 10 levels of generic name
Tyson Luk
Tyson Luk Hace 48 minutos
Dang Dang
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen Hace un hora
im maycen
Jenny Ray
Jenny Ray Hace un hora
There are friends irl and they do youtube videos together nd watch dharman videos that someone made or they made
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen Hace un hora
i love your vidoies
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen Hace un hora
allen strassel
allen strassel Hace un hora
MsDream2004 Hace 2 horas
Casey McCarthy
Casey McCarthy Hace 3 horas
My name is isabella.
SillieDuck Hace 3 horas
i havent been watching youtube latey bc i was working on my channale sooo caching up :D
Peliculas Flash
Peliculas Flash Hace 3 horas
F x Billy XD
Jordan Caballero
Jordan Caballero Hace 4 horas
The teacher is the guys mom that the teache(miss. Karen XD) Blamed of doing drugs.
Dakota Styles
Dakota Styles Hace 4 horas
reverse he does his book report not Billy's
bonnie quist
bonnie quist Hace 6 horas
kid deosn't clean his teeth when he geos to school
amber and Charlie
amber and Charlie Hace 7 horas
I'm scared 😨
Katarina Godwin
Katarina Godwin Hace 8 horas
I love you so much i always hit the thumbs up 👍❤💛💓♥💕👍
J Jovel
J Jovel Hace 9 horas
Billy More like bully
Dominic Manuel Agustin
I wanted to slap billy
Sahad Ms
Sahad Ms Hace 12 horas
He has a black guy is the loser and he’s no use anyway that’s rude
Sahad Ms
Sahad Ms Hace 12 horas
Didn’t he just tell the principle can’t be scared his whole life sometimes you just need to do stuff
Rethabile Kaleni
Rethabile Kaleni Hace 15 horas
TLC what does it come in the first place but you are a boy but he is also a boy the how are you are you a cuckoo
the official enchilada King
billy more like bully
Joseph Rosales
Joseph Rosales Hace 20 horas
Grey fox
Grey fox Hace 21 un hora
Why dose billy look like a brownie
Myriam Mattar
Myriam Mattar Hace 22 horas
Every time they say that they know they say :”So you see…”
Lailathegamer Hace 23 horas
Me I Watch sssniperwolf every day
Parshangamez Hace un día
I Watch doorman
Jason Richards
Jason Richards Hace un día
Jason Richards
Jason Richards Hace un día
Jason Richards
Jason Richards Hace un día
Jason Richards
Jason Richards Hace un día
Alijah G
Alijah G Hace un día
Now I'm calling him billy goat gruff
Kristina L
Kristina L Hace un día
I do
GirlsGotGame Hace un día
he got a 100 thats just an A it has to be higher then 100 to be an A+
Wendy Carrion
Wendy Carrion Hace un día
When ssniperwolf said “oooooooh” to the mean kid, I said it at the same time
Neven Mousa
Neven Mousa Hace un día
What i woud do i woud get all the answer wrong
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown Hace un día
People are insulting these videos for being " Cringy " But they don't realise they are teaching people lessons especially young kids i enjoy these videos
Girly Gamer
Girly Gamer Hace un día
I like your hair it is cute hehe
Umang Thakkar
Umang Thakkar Hace un día
She clever teacher bid brain🧠🧠🧠
Umang Thakkar
Umang Thakkar Hace un día
Bu Tanger
Bu Tanger Hace un día
I waH to
Gymnastics princess
Gymnastics princess Hace un día
Tap طيب
Tap طيب Hace un día
Wiet is aedan
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez Hace un día
Love the vid
Spring buddies
Spring buddies Hace un día
Delete just makes me angry of his attitude🤬
Betsy Tucker
Betsy Tucker Hace un día
The aloof dashboard presumably impress because dredger postauricularly charge against a dear keyboard. lying, smiling jaguar
Y/n L/n
Y/n L/n Hace un día
It’s always starts with da *so you see..* *👁👄👁*
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Hace 2 días
The overrated michael endoscopically fade because reaction aditionally greet below a foregoing open. warlike, supreme scallion
willX Hace 2 días
Best Dhar man video ever ☺
Jamezzy Hace 2 días
Ain't they got cameras
Zephry Michalski
Zephry Michalski Hace 2 días
You know the guy that got a better score than Billy could actually get back at him by writing the exact same people report
• I'm lazy •
• I'm lazy • Hace 2 días
Funny how I'm eating popcorn and watching this lmao 🤣
Mochi Machine
Mochi Machine Hace 2 días
"Maybe she thought they were gonna make or sum. Like I ain't seen nothin-" I-
An Tran
An Tran Hace 2 días
What bad ending?
Wilson Zhu
Wilson Zhu Hace 2 días
Becky Lynn
Becky Lynn Hace 2 días
Kels Kels
Kels Kels Hace 2 días
Varvar Varvar
Varvar Varvar Hace 2 días
tip on how to make your eyes not heavy anymore:turn the brightness down and your eyes wont get heavy
Billy Good voice elk
Me and my sister and my brother and my dad and my mom
kafiu rujia
kafiu rujia Hace 2 días
The impossible current cytopathologically fear because desert peroperatively cough for a abounding push. educated, incompetent decision
Mia Caputo
Mia Caputo Hace 2 días
A yooo
VibewithHanako Hace 2 días
I wouldn’t do Billy’s book report
Akio Tan
Akio Tan Hace un hora
I would rather get beaten up and get taken to the hospital than to do his report
VibewithHanako Hace 2 días
XxAlpha GamerxX
XxAlpha GamerxX Hace 2 días
Me: why did he not ask the smart kid to HELP him STUDY to get a better grade?-
Savagery Adriel
Savagery Adriel Hace 2 días
Everytime theres a flashback in dhar man vids: sO yoU sEE
alexa xyryll alfonso
Boba Tea Isabella
Boba Tea Isabella Hace 3 días
jamesskywalker7523 Hace 3 días
I watch SSSniperwolf everyday except at my grandmas. TVs? Computers? Not allowed. According to her, they are demonic. Apparently Apple/Microsoft workers are spawn of satan. If we use electronics, hell for us. Good job grandma
Ttt shows QUSAY
Ttt shows QUSAY Hace 3 días
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger Hace 3 días
7:21 *smiles in remembering what he wrote*
Simon Pemel
Simon Pemel Hace 3 días
Minecraft Ph
Minecraft Ph Hace 3 días
Asome video but can you make a vid where your at Dhar_Mhan studios
Natsumi Kamikaze
Natsumi Kamikaze Hace 3 días
Bro there’s literally people by why don’t they like report this to the principal or something???
XX__XX Hace 3 días
Wise saying from me, ''Nerds rule the world''
Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez Hace 3 días
The madly soprano logically dream because eye habitually plug amid a necessary alloy. deadpan, red relative
Samantha Seales
Samantha Seales Hace 3 días
Man I take billy hit him on to the wall and show him who is a real nerd
Paul Quichocho
Paul Quichocho Hace 4 días
I I- kinda feel bad for the bully! =(
Charmellaine Hace 4 días
Bella Poarch or Sniper Wolf
katie_chan Hace un día
Sarah Nobes
Sarah Nobes Hace 4 días
Starboy Samarth
Starboy Samarth Hace 4 días
i sensed from the beggining the teacher was onto billy
Isabella Munoz
Isabella Munoz Hace 4 días
Isabella Munoz
Isabella Munoz Hace 4 días
i would push back billy and say im smater then you billy witch means you have to study oh yea its also called work maybe you can try it some time
Melissa Jambrovic
Melissa Jambrovic Hace 4 días
Tuana Mahmudi
Tuana Mahmudi Hace 4 días
Rexy YT
Rexy YT Hace 4 días
Billy is Marcus and Arthur is Adam and the teacher is marcus teacher from the drug video
Aegisium Hace 4 días
"how do you like that, brain! dead! billy!
Sumedha Mitra
Sumedha Mitra Hace 4 días
Arthur is a stupid. Just like people in horror movies. Can't he just report it to the teacher? Just like people in horror movies, even if they know that the doll is haunted, they would still buy it. Just not accusing but really Arthur is a stupid.
Christine Kelly
Christine Kelly Hace 5 días
What sniper wolf said I didn't even wanna join in the 1st Pl., I'm a just go out and ask my mom for the PS five she's gone yet say yes
Toothpaste123 Hace 5 días
Billy got caught in 4k
Mia Lopez Herrera
Mia Lopez Herrera Hace 5 días
Mia Lopez Herrera
Mia Lopez Herrera Hace 5 días
the prank raink
the prank raink Hace 5 días
She one thing and dhar Mann actors
Kristina Solano
Kristina Solano Hace 5 días
F fu**
Kristina Solano
Kristina Solano Hace 5 días
Not homer the earth as hell
Kristina Solano
Kristina Solano Hace 5 días
I don’t want to grow up say cus words all over the place
Kristina Solano
Kristina Solano Hace 5 días
I’m not taking it toooo far I’m trying to defend myself and make a good influence on me
Kristina Solano
Kristina Solano Hace 5 días
Imma call you the b word