Stupidly Expensive Things Michael Jordan Owns..

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These Are The Stupidly Expensive Things Michael Jordan Owns..

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15 dic 2021






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Comentarios 3 670
The man DESERVES everything he owns... He didn't steal anything, he earned everything with his devotion, hard work and talent...
Let’s appreciate Jordan while he’s still here
Anthony Gordon
This man has literally achieved everything.
Big respect to the man for his community HE NEVER FORGOT WHERE HE CAME FROM
Joselito Sunga
Bless Michael Jordan for all the charity works he has done.
Juan Campanur
The man has earned it . This is what happens when you work hard and you do things the right way.From now on I will support him by being a Hornets Fan the more money he makes the more money he gives to good organizations. !GO HORNETS!!!
Daniel Ally
He also owns Karl Malone..
St. Charles Street
Very impressive life and career! All the things that he’s done throughout his life. Hats off to you Sir!
Underground Heat Cypher
This man is living his best life he earned it by being the NBA you can't mention the sport without mentioning him!!
Check my about section link
Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us🧡
Didn't know his donations exceeded his NBA earnings. Props to MJ. If all were as generous has him, there would be less pain in the world.
Jeremy Honeycutt
I like all he has done for people. I grew up watching him and all the other greats of that time. He was the total package though and the greatest to ever play without a doubt. I think all people that have become extraordinarily great at their craft have 1 thing in common. They have an unbelievable drive to succeed.
Daniel Jorge
MJ is an amazing man and he has thought about the less fortunate besides himself. He's so involved in paying it forward and that's something he always wanted to do that he's happy doing it.
MJ is the ultimate collector of things. Jeezus, if I was that good I would have just bought out all my rookie cards, signed them all and slowly put them out for auction 🤣
Nicholas Smith
Love seeing him enjoy his riches and retirement but also being extremely selfless, MJ will always be the goat
Mj is a great person, my respect for him after this video has only grown.
sean jean
As a young Cavs fan this man broke my heart year after year in the playoffs.. I loved his greatness but hated when we played them. We would have at least 2 more titles if it wasn’t for him
David Moncada
My personal respect for MJ has been restored now.
What an absolute legend, deserves everything he got.
thomas ramirez
thomas ramirez Hace 21 un día
God bless you Michael Jordan aboundantly for looking out for those who need help
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what's good in new york
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what's good in new york
Vistas 3 092 863