Super Mario Maker 2 - All Characters

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This video shows all of the playable & unlockable characters and gameplay of each character in various online levels in Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch. The 20 characters of the roster in this game are Mario, Luigi, Toad and Toadette each one in all 5 play styles.
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30 jun 2019






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T M Hace 10 horas
Pig_master 101
Pig_master 101 Hace 9 días
Looks at toad Looks at toadette That’s right! Wait, they, look the same “No, we ... DOOOOOONNTTT!!!!!”
Kyle Choy
Kyle Choy Hace 10 días
8:08 Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kyle Choy
Kyle Choy Hace 10 días
0:06 Famous Quotes “Another remake of 1-1? Give me a break!!” - Nathaniel Bandy
Tortuga Toruga
Tortuga Toruga Hace 16 días
2:38 xd
WilliamsGames30 Hace 21 un día
Josh Herbert
Josh Herbert Hace 23 días
Mario, the hero of the series: m e o w ~ Some toad: *_Escaping a burning collapsing building and destroying everything in his path_*
antonio 6 anos
antonio 6 anos Hace 26 días
it was funny the dancing toadette 😆😅😂😁😂😂😅🤣😅😆😂🤣😆😂😅🤣😆🤣😅😂😅😂😁😂😅😅😆🤣😅😂😂😆😂😅🤣😆😂😅😂😅🤣😆😂😂😆😂😆😂😅😆😅😅😁🤣😅😂😁😂😅😂😆😂😂😅😂😆😂😆
Mibsu Hace un mes
9:19 I wanna test that slide
Yu Ho
Yu Ho Hace un mes
HangingWithConnor Hace un mes
Why is toads head opposite color in 3D world?
Kardae Grant
Kardae Grant Hace un mes
We can play as mario luigi bucken berry and toadette
StJohn .ChapterEight
I don't like how nintendo make luigi the same as mario in SMB and SMB3, they could've made the all-stars version 8 bit.
Josiah 123
Josiah 123 Hace un mes
8:18 what’s the music
red 1822
red 1822 Hace un mes
Like si te gusta mario version gato
D M Hace un mes
OCD anyone?
Mrx Tyrant
Mrx Tyrant Hace un mes
Is it just me, or did Luigi's voice change? I mean, it sounds slightly different compared to other Mario games...
A Lone Prayer
A Lone Prayer Hace un mes
*slowly waits for modders to replace Toadette with Peach*
Connor Kinney
Connor Kinney Hace 2 meses
You couldn’t even get wario in there? Shameful
drew Hace 2 meses
I feel like the thumbnail thing was intentional, I mean it made me click on the video
Jonah Pierson
Jonah Pierson Hace 2 meses
Do they have different abilities?
Jonah Pierson
Jonah Pierson Hace 2 meses
루이지 Hace 2 meses
Gavin toons
Gavin toons Hace 2 meses
The comments 99% toad and toadette swapped in thumbnail 1% something about the video
ss 0103
ss 0103 Hace 2 meses
32:08 SMG4 Intro
Flipipu Hace 2 meses
Here's an idea Nintendo, Yellow Toad! He doesn't even hafta have his own character slot either, just make him a recolor of Blue Toad which you can access by pressing a button!
iiCxpcake Hace 2 meses
They need to port Super Mario 3D World to the Switch :< I loved dat game ;(
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♾ % thumbnail error
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1% random comments
blixer • jsab
blixer • jsab Hace 2 meses
*sees Toads in thumbnail* NO, SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT!!!
The True Lads!
The True Lads! Hace 2 meses
Who do you always play as? (I play as Luigi)
Woodrow Pride
Woodrow Pride Hace 2 meses
Blue toad's my main
Coltin Anderson
Coltin Anderson Hace 2 meses
Coltin Anderson
Coltin Anderson Hace 2 meses
The Epic Bros
The Epic Bros Hace 2 meses
luigi #1 wahoo!
Onslayet Hace 2 meses
27:32 -Toad's Hair Loss- 29:09 -Toadette Going Commando-
Shaan -
Shaan - Hace 2 meses
blue toad players where you at
Franco LV
Franco LV Hace 2 meses
The sprite of Luigi in Super Mario 3 is just Mario but green, I'm surprised that they didn't correct that in this game :(
vinegar titties
vinegar titties Hace 2 meses
how do you unlock them ?
karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD
Sucks that they removed the mystery mushroom from the game, it was such a great idea
Jerzy Weiss
Jerzy Weiss Hace 2 meses
I have a question, are there character differences?
miles tails prower
miles tails prower Hace 2 meses
Я один из 2019 | I am one of 2019 If something is in Russian then in English
Woah U Woahed Meh
Woah U Woahed Meh Hace 2 meses
Someone made an *oopsie* in the thumbnail
Zio Stevie
Zio Stevie Hace 2 meses
The thumbnail is wrong. You swapped Mario with Mario and Luigi with Luigi
Juaq Hace 2 meses
Nice thumbnail where did u get it
Kooka Man
Kooka Man Hace 2 meses
Now do all Mii outfits
L. Demo
L. Demo Hace 2 meses
Umm, something's wrong with that thumbnail Toad and Toadette are switched for some reason
CairoDot Hace 2 meses
Why do you have to steal thumbnail man.
Lê Hoàng Tuấn Hưng
SMM2 Này! Những Nhân Vật Mario,Luigi,Toad và Toadette trong Chủ Đề (SMB/SMB3/SMW/NSMBU/SM3DW)
Max Moroney
Max Moroney Hace 2 meses
There are literally four characters, why is this a 40 minute video
Gav. TV
Gav. TV Hace 2 meses
10 mins for each character
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez Hace 2 meses
Peach and Daisy should be added to the roster of characters.. and maybe Rosalina and Waluigi
LUC다오 Hace 2 meses
wrong toad
Garvey Cole
Garvey Cole Hace 2 meses
I think u messed upe the thumb nail
Immunityz365 Hace 2 meses
1% of the comments: Mario Maker 2 looks cool 99% of the comments : yOu MeSsEd uP tHe tHuMbNaiL
Morghar Hace 2 meses
Come try my level: 1M2-YFN-9BG It's a guaranteed rage quit! (But I have already finished it of course...)
Laura Switch
Laura Switch Hace 2 meses
¿Cómo se puede jugar con otros personajes? :c
peanut butter boi
peanut butter boi Hace 2 meses
ProsafiaGaming, the levels are so long that the video ended up being almost 40 MINUTES LONG!!!
MASON CROWbotchski
MASON CROWbotchski Hace 2 meses
That thumbnail hurt me
CapoSauro ErSecco
CapoSauro ErSecco Hace 2 meses
Hi. I've published a nice little level, entitled: Bowser's Hell. I'd like you to try it out :) Here you go: MQ9-4SV-JNF
GWR Oliver
GWR Oliver Hace 2 meses
The thumbnail is so r/mildlyinfurating
skie1241 Hace 2 meses
Whats with this 16 bit luigi, he looks fairly chunky from super mario world luigi?
Derpyslimemagma Hace 2 meses
Mario 3D world toad is a cursed image
Jake Kim
Jake Kim Hace 2 meses
Omg Thumb nail😅
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