Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019

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Tune in for a roughly 15-minute presentation packed with information all about Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.
Learn more about Super Mario Maker 2! bit.ly/2JJQyzh
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15 may 2019

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Comentarios 18 013
Lena Lim
Lena Lim Hace 58 minutos
New Super Mario brothers wii u game style is just amazing.
Appel TV
Appel TV Hace 2 horas
Julius Alvarez
Julius Alvarez Hace 3 horas
I’m never gonna get this game my parents won’t get this
Plorbus Hace 3 horas
Travis Gooden
Travis Gooden Hace 4 horas
Bruh they made another one!!?? Yes!!!I loved the first Mario maker they made it was awsome!!
John Collenette
John Collenette Hace 5 horas
There is a space by Super Mario 3D World... Maybe there will be an update with a new game style.
Tristan Awesome
Tristan Awesome Hace 9 horas
10^63 people will play
Eric Concannon
Eric Concannon Hace 9 horas
everyone: Oh man, Super mario maker is so fun! nintendo: “releases super mario maker 2”. also nintendo: get nae naed
boraphim your worst boremare
SVG made this look stupid
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell Hace 11 horas
Well who's up for Ross new level building in Super Mario Maker 2
Scott Lafountain
Scott Lafountain Hace 11 horas
No my son loves this one
Pasta Hace 13 horas
Do you know what a trap is?
Alijah Roman
Alijah Roman Hace 13 horas
10 Days Until Super Mario Maker 2
Chelsea Rose
Chelsea Rose Hace 14 horas
Me: I Made Glitch Level No One Can Stop Me! Super Mario Maker 2: I'm About To End This Man's Whole Career
Chelsea Rose
Chelsea Rose Hace 14 horas
SMM2 Is Likes SMM Is Dislikes
pikman le feu
pikman le feu Hace 14 horas
Putain la même dame
pikman le feu
pikman le feu Hace un hora
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Caron The Cat
Caron The Cat Hace 8 horas
Please dont say that
Ryan Bergman
Ryan Bergman Hace 15 horas
did anyone see the goombrat?
Thee Big Chungus
Thee Big Chungus Hace 15 horas
Mario and luigi makes puts two mystery blocks and a few brick blocks and Goomba tower on top. OVER 9000 likes and stars
Barris Hawkins
Barris Hawkins Hace 16 horas
i can't wait for this game!
Mattarific Wolf Link
Mattarific Wolf Link Hace 18 horas
They r totally going add the super crown in the future aren't they
VAIVS Hace 18 horas
Next week, my friends!!
Legoboyfanatic123 Hace 18 horas
Just pre ordered this game for 40 pounds (roughly 46 dollars ) on amazon . If you live in England and have not bought it yet go on amazon UK and pre order it
Beomjoon (Joy) Park
Beomjoon (Joy) Park Hace 19 horas
Dose mario have a driving License
Daryl The Epic Beast
Daryl The Epic Beast Hace 20 horas
Woot woot! 10 days to go!
semar benally
semar benally Hace 20 horas
11:05 gta 6??
semar benally
semar benally Hace 21 un hora
Omg can't wait for it to come out
skittlecloud 369
skittlecloud 369 Hace 21 un hora
BTW will we have to pay for the 3d world theme
RW_Thunder Hace 13 horas
The 3D World theme is in the base game. No DLC has been announced for Super Mario Maker 2 yet.
skittlecloud 369
skittlecloud 369 Hace 21 un hora
So many ideas so many features i think I'm gonna blow up
SKG3 Hace 23 horas
*Wii U discard rates spiked to 100%*
Kissasheep the Chalk
Is Miitomo back?
lots of spaghetti squad
Speaking of Nintendo pls make a new paper mario like the thousand year door
lots of spaghetti squad
When I get a captur card for my wii I’ll recor paper mario ttyd
lots of spaghetti squad
It needs meme sound effects
Abhisatya Amrih Raharja
Why do I keep coming back here? I don't even have a Switch.
Jd TV Ketchum
Jd TV Ketchum Hace un día
I love that game I’m buying
Donny Iskandarsyah
Donny Iskandarsyah Hace un día
Do the course elements unlocking in Super Mario Maker 2 have to clear the level courses, like Super Mario Maker? Or is it available for the first time purchase?
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
I pre-ordered and I can't wait! It looks SOO much better than the first one!
Squidy Hace un día
Just 10 days left I'm so excited!!!
Me three!
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
Me too!!
Waffle King
Waffle King Hace un día
I saw my name in there (Louis)
Omar Reza
Omar Reza Hace un día
I saw mini pipes!!! And sloped mini pipes!!! Mini mushroom confirmed???
Thaddeus Boron
Thaddeus Boron Hace un día
Maybe it could be a unlockable
Sharon Strelitz
Sharon Strelitz Hace un día
That is a long time to wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NickwoYT Hace un día
12:17 why tho why would you do that
NickwoYT probably if you wanna torture the player lol
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
@NickwoYT sorry
NickwoYT Hace un día
*King George III* oh. Ok
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
@NickwoYT I mean I would but I don't really know you and I don't like the idea of putting my friend code online and open to the public. Sorry.
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
@NickwoYT yea I am Edit: are you?
Sharon Strelitz
Sharon Strelitz Hace un día
When is the day it comes out in June?
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
it comes out on June 28th
Sharon Strelitz
Sharon Strelitz Hace un día
How to fix wobbly joy con
fell Hace un día
Why do we need switch online for everything on the switch
E Armando Escobar
E Armando Escobar Hace un día
Me in 2018: I wish i had a Wii U. ONE YEAR LATER Super Mario Maker 2: *exists* Me in 2019: thats just the same thing as super mario maker Me in 2019: *watches the direct* Me in 2019: OH YEAH I DON'T NEED A WII U ANYMORE I GOT A SWITCH IMMA GET ALLL THE FEATURES FROM SUPER MARIO MAKER PLUS SOME DELUXE ITEMS!!! Super Mario Maker 2: goodbye wii u
pantoangel Hace un día
11:40 hmm those words o I know now 🎵All around me are familiar faces🎵 (I didn’t have time to do the whole song)
Nonyplayz 23
Nonyplayz 23 Hace un día
I personally think there is a lot more they didn’t announce because she specifically said *some* of the new features! Maybe more themes? More bosses? It could be anything!
Elliot Hace un día
Daddy Deku
Daddy Deku Hace un día
ESvid says you uploaded this an hour ago *Confusion 100*
Papa Gan00sh
Papa Gan00sh Hace un día
God dammit, Mario, you've gone and gotten the castle completely destroyed again. Good think you have to rebuild it out of your paycheck.
sam. Hace un día
13:15 Mountain theme?
Thaddeus Boron
Thaddeus Boron Hace un día
Knallbonbon Hace un día
8:25 Knuckles: oh no
Finn Elliott
Finn Elliott Hace un día
The mad lad boom boom
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
*_what a m a d l a d_*
Nate Smith
Nate Smith Hace un día
_Nuts at all the great content_
Jet Hawk
Jet Hawk Hace un día
Awesome Game!
High-ro T
High-ro T Hace un día
13:15 a mountain theme🧐
Caron The Cat
Caron The Cat Hace 8 horas
@Daryl The Epic Beast No its not you dumb, there's not even sand
Daryl The Epic Beast
Daryl The Epic Beast Hace 20 horas
That's the Desert theme.
Asriel Triforce
Asriel Triforce Hace un día
Charvaargh sounds like Charizard... they both look like dragons... they both are fiery... POKEMON CONFIRMED!
Asriel Triforce
Asriel Triforce Hace un día
I notice that the on/off switch is blue and red. just like the joycons of the switch
[DS] DaSavage
[DS] DaSavage Hace un día
doesn't the moon normally give you a 3up?
E579 Gaming
E579 Gaming Hace un día
Slops, Its a beatulyful thing huh, -Nintendo 2019
K-diddy 12
K-diddy 12 Hace 2 días
15:11 can someone please tell me why their character sprites look different in the smb1 style?
THE PIXEL SHOW Hace 2 días
Joe Bin905
Joe Bin905 Hace 2 días
11:06 Why There Is A Super Famicom Logo On it
frankiherrera Hace 2 días
Esta genial
Anthony Inchauste
Anthony Inchauste Hace 2 días
The new switch's gonna come with a built in gun so when the bullet bill gets closer to mario, you get shot
Wait what
Hulises Avila EntertainmentZ
14:17 how group projects usually turn out
Jase Storer
Jase Storer Hace 2 días
Me: eh it won’t be too bad Nintendo: *shows the game* Me: OMG THIS IS AMAZING Nintendo: *shows versus mode* Me: *squeals like 4 year old*
Declan Barnes
Declan Barnes Hace 2 días
how about dlc for new powerups, blocks, enemies, platforms, game themes, level themes, and bosses. As for powerups, there shall be mini mushrooms, mega mushrooms, double cherries, penguin suits, boomerang suits, power baloons, blue koopa shells, and frog suits. As for blocks, there shall be cannon blocks, expansion blocks, rotating blocks, giant blocks, and roulette blocks. As for enemies, there shall be fuzzies, king bills, broozers, pokeys, chargin' chucks, spikes, and boomerang bros. As for game themes, there is one new theme, Super Mario Land 2. The theme's powerup is the carrot. The themes enemies are dondons, keipus, rereres, uneras, sutazus, furizos, bes, beros, sharks, masked ghouls, no.48s, and even more. The platform is the skull lift. The blocks are the witch cauldrons, propeller lifts, arrow blocks, and chain balls. As for bosses, there is wario, witch, bird, octopus, and tatanga. As for platforms, there shall be stretching mushrooms, timed platforms, enemy rafts, arrow platforms, living platforms, scales, and paddle wheels. As for level themes, there shall be volcano, mountain, tank, beach, sewer, and van gough dark. As for bosses, there shall be reznor, birdo, dry bowser, histocrat, king boo, submarine bowser jr., and koopalangs.
G.X.I. GAMES Hace 2 días
G.X.I. GAMES Hace 2 días
5:42 You Can Acellerate The Game!?! Really!?!
G.X.I. GAMES Hace 2 días
In Super Mario Maker 2, We Have... Shut Up!! Take My Money And Shut Up!!!
G.X.I. GAMES Hace 2 días
Drive Safely Now Traduction: Kill Everyone On Your Way!!!
Thaddeus Boron
Thaddeus Boron Hace 2 días
I think one of the unlockable things is the mini mushroom
Nonyplayz 23
Nonyplayz 23 Hace 2 días
I hope Fire Bros aren’t exclusive to 3D world because they never showed Fire Bros in the other styles
TerritorialToucan Hace 2 días
You can *b i G g E n* them with super mushrooms
Link the gamer
Link the gamer Hace 2 días
I can't wait until I get Nintendo switch for Christmas and download this
Angry Sun
Angry Sun Hace 2 días
Angry Sun
Angry Sun Hace un día
Mahdi RANA
Mahdi RANA Hace 2 días
You look completely different in the NSMBU style :O
A devilishly handsome Canadian
Angry Sun 😱
Anthony Manuel
Anthony Manuel Hace 2 días
Why do u look sped in the new super mario style?
GellyGuice Hace 2 días
I have a bad feeling that someone will make a champions road level on the Super Mario 3D world style...
Me too
Travis Shaffer
Travis Shaffer Hace 2 días
Does the Koopa Car come with seat belts? I'm afraid I'll have to pull all of them over and write them a ticket.
Welp you’ll have to do a lot of pulling over
MrPogz Zamora LeeBoy Morgan
2015 Mario Maker VS 2019 Mario Maker 2
MrPogz Zamora LeeBoy Morgan I think we all know who’s the winner
Cdbzoom Hace 2 días
2 weeks away
The Once-ler
The Once-ler Hace 2 días
5:13 that was a close call
Riley Stanley ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
0:05 pre-ordered
Peter Kateridge
Peter Kateridge Hace 2 días
The moment I saw Mario 3D world. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.
Peter Kateridge
Peter Kateridge Hace 2 días
The part were Mario literally runs on lava Mario’s a mad man.
Kytails 123
Kytails 123 Hace 2 días
you did it again nintendo!
Dark Sky
Dark Sky Hace 2 días
i wish there was pokey and ice flower
Pixel 13
Pixel 13 Hace 3 días
10:22 *_E X P A N D I T F A S T E R_* Oh the block, I knew
Marcelo Smarty
Marcelo Smarty Hace 3 días
But (What I saw) they didn't add one another thing, the ground that hides secret compartments. 😉
William Starling
William Starling Hace 3 días
Super famicom
CheZstuff8024634 Hace 3 días
No hundred Mario life's..?
Permafreux Hace 3 días
Me: Ah, how I love my Nintendo Wii, It's the best console ever! Nintendo: Guys, Super Mario Maker 2 is announced for June, ok? Me: O_O Me: *SCREW THIS, SOMEONE WANT A NINTENDO WII IN SEMI-PERFECT CONDITIONS?*
Luigi Story
Luigi Story Hace un día
If your talking about MM1, then it was not on the Wii, but on the Wii U. The one letter we all never liked xD
MooseChicken Hace 3 días
I don't think I'll the NSMBU game style ever again! Super Mario 3D World replaces it in my book
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast Hace 9 horas
Yeah but then you cant use the monstrosity that the angry sun is in nsmbu😂
Joshua Wenninger
Joshua Wenninger Hace 3 días
What if you want to play with friends but you only got one Switch?
Joshua Wenninger
Joshua Wenninger Hace 2 días
@A devilishly handsome Canadian seems like it's "either or" then. That makes me happy thnx.
A devilishly handsome Canadian
Joshua Wenninger It’s multiplayer on one Switch. It said so on the eShop 👍
Joshua Wenninger
Joshua Wenninger Hace 2 días
@Me the awesome guy Mario producers did it once with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, so they can do it again multiplayer on one system Either way, I'll at least find out when I get the game
Me the awesome guy
Me the awesome guy Hace 2 días
Joshua Wenninger i think you can. Not 100% sure tho
Positron Hace 3 días
Did this really come out a month ago, wow
Legjobb Magyar
Legjobb Magyar Hace 3 días
Super Mario Maker 3: Super Mario Odyssey mode
PinkCutie515 Hace 3 días
Coincidence! This was released on my birthday, but I didn't see it until now (one month after, which is my sister's birthday)
*King George III*
*King George III* Hace un día
The big cheese Ralston
Epic fight bully vs car
TheMobilePlayer Hace 16 horas
The big cheeseRalston
random joel
random joel Hace 3 días
Nintendo i love you
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