surprise villain reveals in animated movies

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16 jul 2018

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Comentarios 4 432
Zeredek Hace 8 horas
Wonder Woman
REALResident Gamer
REALResident Gamer Hace 19 horas
Hello drift
Ellie Hace 20 horas
It's ok, you can say Big Hero 6 (I love that movie but dang was that my main problem with it)
mrslam jam
mrslam jam Hace un día
big hero 6 in a nutshell
Izumi Sparer
Izumi Sparer Hace 3 días
It feels so weird seeing him play a logical character
The Journalist
The Journalist Hace 3 días
0:07 lol you sound like Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Rhyinel Danlag
Rhyinel Danlag Hace 4 días
Omg prozd is the bad guys with a mustache!!!!
Waseem Hace 5 días
Let me guess you're going to be eating candy in this video
DamageIncM Hace 5 días
Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams Hace 8 días
you didnt have to call out big hero 6 like that
dD ShockTrooper
dD ShockTrooper Hace 8 días
lol, Gundam SEED. See also: Fire Emblem Black Knight.
A Lonely Goldfish
A Lonely Goldfish Hace 8 días
Big Hero 6
Blobby Blobfish Gaming
*fox yokai* *kitsune mask* *Drift*
Phillip Yin
Phillip Yin Hace 13 días
Your comedic timing is on point
Chuu Etteck My R
Chuu Etteck My R Hace 13 días
Big Hero 6 in a nuthsell.
CAPNAM12 Hace 14 días
Big hero six
The Little Western Duo
Big Hero 6 villain in a nutshell
indigocoil Hace 16 días
dude you can just say big hero 6
snowlocko Hace 20 días
Every episode of Scooby-Doo ever
Michael Keehan
Michael Keehan Hace 23 días
Did I mention about this guy named Johnson Smith? The CEO of Johnson Laboratories from the beginning of the movie.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Hace 27 días
*cough* BigHero6 *cough*
Facundo Pareja
Facundo Pareja Hace 27 días
fma sacred star of milos does this so fucking poorly
12YO weaboo
12YO weaboo Hace 29 días
New my hero movie feels attacked
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi Hace un mes
big hero 6 ?
NinjaMaster909 Hace un mes
Oh my god it’s the random side character that was completely inconspicuous and didn’t give any hints that he’d be evil whatsoever. Man that was a brilliant twist.
Stef Heidstra
Stef Heidstra Hace un mes
It's fucking Tenzen again...
ArkAngie Hace un mes
looking at you, big hero 6
milo20060 Hace un mes
Tokyo Ghoul Flash backs :DDD
Doodleuke Hace un mes
Me too man me too
Maelstromof Chaos
Maelstromof Chaos Hace un mes
(Wonder Woman)
Võ Đức Minh
Võ Đức Minh Hace un mes
partially persona 4
Võ Đức Minh
Võ Đức Minh Hace 19 días
+Sigeous and mitsuo or whatever showed up spook yukiko for 5 seconds then revealed to be "bad"
Sigeous Hace 19 días
Looking at you, gas station attendant
GIass Hace 19 días
Yeah but p4 was actually a good twist
Gentry Dean
Gentry Dean Hace un mes
What, I-i-it's Johnson Smith! Th-th-the CEO at the beginning of the movie, remember? Bet ya didn't expect him to be the bad guy!
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz Hace un mes
Take note backwards Disney
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams Hace un mes
THE Johnson from Johnson and johnsons
toasty bunz
toasty bunz Hace un mes
My reaction to Marx and Magolor
apple cutter
apple cutter Hace 2 meses
I realized at the end you see his eyes are crooked
Keishen Lloyd
Keishen Lloyd Hace 2 meses
Should've been Hiro's brother.
It's okay. You can just say Big Hero 6
mightymothra Hace 2 meses
i always knew johnson smith was venmo
Davis Denver
Davis Denver Hace 2 meses
Every recent Disney movie ever.
Alberto Productions
Alberto Productions Hace 2 meses
I came here from Schaffrillas Productions.
Zelda090909 Hace 2 meses
I thought it was hiros brother at first so I was disappointed when it was ‘Johnson Smith’ lol but I guess it wouldn’t make sense that friendly college nerd who made a living marshmallow health but robot would hurt anybody lol
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus Hace 2 meses
you can say big hero 6, it's okay.
Austin Brancheau
Austin Brancheau Hace 2 meses
Big hero six
Nionivek Hace 2 meses
Yep... that is Big Hero Six in a Nutshell. "You see, I was the villain the whole time!"... "So uhh… are we meant to care?"
Bilious Slick
Bilious Slick Hace 2 meses
Am I the only person here who not only liked, but _didn't_ predict the twist in Big Hero 6? Is it just because I don't watch a lot of Disney movies or something? ...Hello?
Magic koopa The mystic
I am binging his skits
MerxOfficial Hace 2 meses
Small Villain 3
nikkygtv Hace 2 meses
I like that you didn't even try to hide what movie you were shading.
Decidueye the ranger
every disney movie
Red Shadow
Red Shadow Hace 2 meses
Ha *j-baited*
breadbasketbirb Hace 3 meses
Wonder * ahem * Woman.
Marlon Da Silva
Marlon Da Silva Hace 3 meses
Modern Disney movies in a nutshell.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Hace 3 meses
Turns out the villain was that one guy in the background
don Hace 3 meses
seems very specific
Smoky joosh
Smoky joosh Hace 3 meses
are you a fan of babymetal?
Akbar Hace 3 meses
John Smith is such a generic name.
D2 WOLFMAN Hace 3 meses
Never trust a man with two last names.
Jazztag Hace 3 meses
I thought he was going to say John Cena
Raynaldi Sutedjo
Raynaldi Sutedjo Hace 3 meses
this is one of the suzumiya haruhi episodes?
alifutaba Hace 3 meses
persona 5 tbh
Neurofied Yamato
Neurofied Yamato Hace 3 meses
That guy from big hero 6 is so forgettable but was also obvious.
TheMGSlow Hace 3 meses
Hey there is also the time travel movie where the main antagonist is DUN DUN DUN the main character what a twist.
Robot Slayer
Robot Slayer Hace 3 meses
Johnson Smith: the king bamboozler
Dj S.
Dj S. Hace 3 meses
Big hero 6 in a shellnut
King Kehmi
King Kehmi Hace 3 meses
Was that a jojo reference?
NooBEST - Gamer
NooBEST - Gamer Hace 3 meses
XD True
Scrungy Bingus
Scrungy Bingus Hace 3 meses
best part of this is I honestly can’t remember if the villain’s name in Big Hero 6 was Johnson Smith or not
FireStormBaller Hace 3 meses
Wonder Woman Ares.
TRUMP SERIES Hace 3 meses
Dang, Fortnut lore is so deep...
Diego Alfredo
Diego Alfredo Hace 3 meses
He forgot Senior, Jhon Smith Senior, the next one his son will take revenge, then itwill be a surprise.
XxSwoopDaLoopxX Hace 3 meses
Incredibles 2 in a nutshell
Jimbo’s land of awesomeness
Incredibles 2 was the exact opposite.
Wehraboo Waifu
Wehraboo Waifu Hace 3 meses
Hey it that mask that originated from Pakistan and now in Fortnite Pussy Royal mode.
Stormcrow Legendary
Stormcrow Legendary Hace 3 meses
Extra points if the bad guy was never actually seen in the series at all. That's the Retro Scooby Doo way.
Bryan Pedersen
Bryan Pedersen Hace 3 meses
Ares in the Wonder Woman movie
Can of Pepsi
Can of Pepsi Hace 3 meses
That mask look like drift from Fatnut
BullArson .
BullArson . Hace 3 meses
Big hero 6,zootopia. What else? Despicable me.
I'm a fuckin rock.
I'm a fuckin rock. Hace 3 meses
Arkham Kight's ending in a nutshell.
Nuclearpigz Hace 3 meses
Not sure if this is meant to perfectly reflect big hero six or not but it does
Sprazzic Hace 3 meses
i feel like this is specifically bashing Big Hero 6
Nerindiil Hace 3 meses
Kim Jung Un is looking fine these days.
Patricia Holmes
Patricia Holmes Hace 3 meses
Big hero 6 sucked ass
FrozenStar Hace 3 meses
You changed, Yusuke!
Soldier4USA2005 Hace 3 meses
When you introduce a character 2 minutes into a 2 hour movie and never even mention them again.
Baekhyuns Eyebrow
Baekhyuns Eyebrow Hace 3 meses
Ohhhhhh!!! I thought he was just a random guy! How did I never make the connection that it was that guy?
B-Loved Lover
B-Loved Lover Hace 3 meses
This film is lame.
Sinestre Gaming
Sinestre Gaming Hace 3 meses
Drifts Mask in a nutshell
Mango Copter
Mango Copter Hace 3 meses
Get off youtube
A Political Lizard
A Political Lizard Hace 3 meses
It’s okay, you can say Big Hero Six
danadonkey Hace 3 meses
A Political Lizard But you CANNOT relate that mask to fortnite.
NotDave27 Hace 3 meses
My favorite part about this is how shameful he sounds when he says Johnson Smith
Rob Wilf
Rob Wilf Hace 3 meses
Oh ProZD, if only there was someone who loved you
alanimations Hace 3 meses
disney movies
The shape of evil
The shape of evil Hace 3 meses
Me and one piece
1Coby Hace 3 meses
Maxi Milian
Maxi Milian Hace 3 meses
I can sense a bit of BLACK ZETSU
Onfroi Hace 3 meses
every episode of scooby doo
Tess Alexander
Tess Alexander Hace 3 meses
it’s ok u can say big hero 6
Theroseboy11 Hace 3 meses
*Disney Pixar Today*
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anime fans
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open world games
Hace 3 meses
ready player one
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Big Brain David!
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