surprise villain reveals in animated movies

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16 jul 2018

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Comentarios 4 387
apple cutter
apple cutter Hace 38 minutos
I realized at the end you see his eyes are crooked
Keishen Lloyd
Keishen Lloyd Hace un día
Should've been Hiro's brother.
It's okay. You can just say Big Hero 6
mightymothra Hace 5 días
i always knew johnson smith was venmo
Davis Denver
Davis Denver Hace 9 días
Every recent Disney movie ever.
Alberto Productions
Alberto Productions Hace 12 días
I came here from Schaffrillas Productions.
Zelda090909 Hace 12 días
I thought it was hiros brother at first so I was disappointed when it was ‘Johnson Smith’ lol but I guess it wouldn’t make sense that friendly college nerd who made a living marshmallow health but robot would hurt anybody lol
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus Hace 13 días
you can say big hero 6, it's okay.
Austin Brancheau
Austin Brancheau Hace 15 días
Big hero six
Nionivek Hace 17 días
Yep... that is Big Hero Six in a Nutshell. "You see, I was the villain the whole time!"... "So uhh… are we meant to care?"
Bilious Slick
Bilious Slick Hace 18 días
Am I the only person here who not only liked, but _didn't_ predict the twist in Big Hero 6? Is it just because I don't watch a lot of Disney movies or something? ...Hello?
Magic koopa The mystic
Magic koopa The mystic Hace 21 un día
I am binging his skits
MerxOfficial Hace 24 días
Small Villain 3
nikkygtv Hace 24 días
I like that you didn't even try to hide what movie you were shading.
Decidueye the ranger
Decidueye the ranger Hace 27 días
every disney movie
Red Shadow
Red Shadow Hace 29 días
Ha *j-baited*
breadbasketbomb Hace 29 días
Wonder * ahem * Woman.
Marlon Da Silva
Marlon Da Silva Hace un mes
Modern Disney movies in a nutshell.
That one Guy
That one Guy Hace un mes
Turns out the villain was that one guy in the background
don Hace un mes
seems very specific
Smoky joosh
Smoky joosh Hace un mes
are you a fan of babymetal?
Akbar Hace un mes
John Smith is such a generic name.
D2 WOLFMAN Hace un mes
Never trust a man with two last names.
Jazztag Hace un mes
I thought he was going to say John Cena
Raynaldi Sutedjo
Raynaldi Sutedjo Hace un mes
this is one of the suzumiya haruhi episodes?
alifutaba Hace un mes
persona 5 tbh
Neurofied Yamato
Neurofied Yamato Hace un mes
That guy from big hero 6 is so forgettable but was also obvious.
TheMGSlow Hace un mes
Hey there is also the time travel movie where the main antagonist is DUN DUN DUN the main character what a twist.
Robot Slayer
Robot Slayer Hace un mes
Johnson Smith: the king bamboozler
Dj S.
Dj S. Hace un mes
Big hero 6 in a shellnut
King Kehmi
King Kehmi Hace un mes
Was that a jojo reference?
weeaboo lane
weeaboo lane Hace un mes
XD True
Scrungy Bingus
Scrungy Bingus Hace un mes
best part of this is I honestly can’t remember if the villain’s name in Big Hero 6 was Johnson Smith or not
FireStormBaller Hace un mes
Wonder Woman Ares.
Dang, Fortnut lore is so deep...
Diego Alfredo
Diego Alfredo Hace un mes
He forgot Senior, Jhon Smith Senior, the next one his son will take revenge, then itwill be a surprise.
XxSwoopDaLoopxX Hace un mes
Incredibles 2 in a nutshell
Nothing To See Here
Incredibles 2 was the exact opposite.
Wehraboo Waifu
Wehraboo Waifu Hace un mes
Hey it that mask that originated from Pakistan and now in Fortnite Pussy Royal mode.
Stormcrow Legendary
Extra points if the bad guy was never actually seen in the series at all. That's the Retro Scooby Doo way.
Bryan Pedersen
Bryan Pedersen Hace un mes
Ares in the Wonder Woman movie
Can of Pepsi
Can of Pepsi Hace un mes
That mask look like drift from Fatnut
BullArson .
BullArson . Hace un mes
Big hero 6,zootopia. What else? Despicable me.
Rock Solid
Rock Solid Hace un mes
Arkham Kight's ending in a nutshell.
sKiBbEcK sKiBbLeS
sKiBbEcK sKiBbLeS Hace un mes
Nuclearpigz Hace un mes
Not sure if this is meant to perfectly reflect big hero six or not but it does
Sprazzal Hace un mes
i feel like this is specifically bashing Big Hero 6
Nerindiil Hace un mes
Kim Jung Un is looking fine these days.
Patricia Holmes
Patricia Holmes Hace un mes
Big hero 6 sucked ass
FrozenStar Hace un mes
You changed, Yusuke!
Soldier4USA2005 Hace un mes
When you introduce a character 2 minutes into a 2 hour movie and never even mention them again.
Baekhyuns Eyebrow
Baekhyuns Eyebrow Hace un mes
Ohhhhhh!!! I thought he was just a random guy! How did I never make the connection that it was that guy?
B-Loved Lover
B-Loved Lover Hace un mes
This film is lame.
Sinestre Gaming
Sinestre Gaming Hace un mes
Drifts Mask in a nutshell
Mango Copter
Mango Copter Hace un mes
Get off youtube
A Political Lizard
A Political Lizard Hace un mes
It’s okay, you can say Big Hero Six
collectorsgrotto Hace un mes
A Political Lizard But you CANNOT relate that mask to fortnite.
NotDave27 Hace un mes
My favorite part about this is how shameful he sounds when he says Johnson Smith
Rob Wilf
Rob Wilf Hace un mes
Oh ProZD, if only there was someone who loved you
alanimations Hace un mes
disney movies
The shape of evil
The shape of evil Hace un mes
Me and one piece
1Coby Hace un mes
Maxi Milian
Maxi Milian Hace un mes
I can sense a bit of BLACK ZETSU
Onfroi Hace un mes
every episode of scooby doo
Tess Alexander
Tess Alexander Hace un mes
it’s ok u can say big hero 6
Theroseboy11 Hace un mes
*Disney Pixar Today*
emeto Hace un mes
....big hero 6
Muck Schmuck
Muck Schmuck Hace un mes
You can say Big Hero 6... It's okay..
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Hace un mes
Hey, don't make fun of my brother
Zeezeepearl Hace un mes
i feel like this is about korra
James Contreras
James Contreras Hace un mes
ProZD Predicted Season 5.
Squidiffer Hace un mes
It's Johnson Smith
LeandrothekidRS Hace un mes
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight in a nutshell
Pavel Petruk
Pavel Petruk Hace un mes
Hey at least the villain was more unexpected than incredibles 2's villain.
Eos Hace un mes
*cough* Incredibles 2...
Color heart 11
Color heart 11 Hace un mes
Big Hero 6 Lmao XD
Alphon Speas
Alphon Speas Hace un mes
Reminds me of Big hero 6...
Mark Whalberg
Mark Whalberg Hace un mes
Big Hero 6 Coco Wreck it Ralph Incredibles 2 Frozen Zootopia I’m so tired of this trope in Disney movies. Why do they even try when it’s so predictable?
Ishaan the Sax Man
Ishaan the Sax Man Hace 24 días
In coco the de la Cruz was a major plot point for the entire movie
Maisunadokei1856 Hace 24 días
+LooseLeaf I agree, his character had a lot more depth than say, Hans. But the twist was predictable. From the first moment, when it is implied he could be Coco's dad, it makes him suddenly look like an immoral asshole who abandoned his family for glory, became rich and never helped them. Like, he looked bad from the start, so the moment Hector appeared there was no suspense on who the villain actually is (even though plot details weren't necessarily that obvious)
LooseLeaf Hace 24 días
Pff. Coco also had an interesting villian
Maisunadokei1856 Hace 28 días
Because Disney is still writing its movies with kids in mind.ٍ Some anime series do the Reveal in a very savage, mind blowing way but probably because it is intended for a more mature audience. Having the bad guy be the suspicious guy the main character is admiring despite only meeting him moments ago is a classic trope for kids shows (Beware of strangers even if they look nice). Very cliché but it's all about the intended audience.
Mark Whalberg
Mark Whalberg Hace un mes
+#Captain Obvious Coco was the most obvious villian twist of them all (besides Incredibles 2, they didnt even try on that one) the minute Hector showed up, I figured out every scene that was gonna happen up until the very end. They even had the cliche where the villian accidentally reveals his big master plan to the world over a microphone or whatever. I get that it was crucial to the plot, but I feel that if they went in a less predictable direction, the movie would have been a lot better.
I Am Deadpool And Your Wrong
lmao that's the drift !
Scribe 13
Scribe 13 Hace un mes
Type kitsune mask in google images.
weird dude
weird dude Hace 2 meses
Realize that the mask is part of fortnite drift lmao
Scribe 13
Scribe 13 Hace un mes
Type kitsune mask in google images.
The Colorizer
The Colorizer Hace 2 meses
Wait what
Captain Qwaz Caz
Captain Qwaz Caz Hace 2 meses
Johnson was able to do this since no one knew him.
deadzone54 Hace 2 meses
Old teen titans joke?
cogstoper Hace 2 meses
Did you mean: Big Hero 6?
ChaosRayZero Hace 2 meses
At least he was introduced at the beginning of the film. I played a video game where the hero had to comment aloud on who the unmasked final boss was (to inform the player) because the dude _hadn't been introduced before that point._ They really only did it so they could have him say, *"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling wizard!"*
Lolzforme Hace 2 meses
Is that fortnite drift
Wehraboo Waifu
Wehraboo Waifu Hace un mes
+Kawasaki HD Now it Drift now bicth, it not fucking kutasu Indian dude anymore.
Kawasaki HD
Kawasaki HD Hace un mes
Deadpool27 Hace 2 meses
Apparently Sun-Wong doesn’t like Big Hero 6.
Mark Mckenna
Mark Mckenna Hace 2 meses
Modern Disney villians in a shell nut.
Oliver07S Hace 2 meses
finna lookin like japanese weeb turned dr disrespect
Festive Yeti
Festive Yeti Hace 2 meses
Hey that looks like drift’s mask from fortnite!!!!!!!!!! XD 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🙂🙂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😄😂
Kawasaki HD
Kawasaki HD Hace un mes
Cherry Popsicle no
Sporecraft Hace 2 meses
Every Scooby Doo episode ever...
LaughingManRa Hace 2 meses
Scooby-Doo in a nutshell
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr Hace 2 meses
Oh myy!..A-All this was hiiim...What's his name again?
Alex Thibodeau
Alex Thibodeau Hace 2 meses
Fearch 93
Fearch 93 Hace 2 meses
20'th Century Boys, pretty much.
The Camo Scout7
The Camo Scout7 Hace 2 meses
sᴇᴀɴ •
sᴇᴀɴ • Hace 2 meses
this reminds me of the villain reveal from big hero 6
Vanilla Lite
Vanilla Lite Hace 2 meses
BiG hErO SiX
MEMEsterical !
MEMEsterical ! Hace 2 meses
Lol I love these
miguel pires
miguel pires Hace 2 meses
Am I really the only one thinking he would say Jonh Cena?
Shivalrous Hace 2 meses
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