surprise villain reveals in animated movies

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16 jul 2018

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Captain Qwaz Caz
Captain Qwaz Caz Hace un hora
Johnson was able to do this since no one knew him.
deadzone54 Hace un día
Old teen titans joke?
cogstoper Hace 2 días
Did you mean: Big Hero 6?
ChaosRayZero Hace 2 días
At least he was introduced at the beginning of the film. I played a video game where the hero had to comment aloud on who the unmasked final boss was (to inform the player) because the dude _hadn't been introduced before that point._ They really only did it so they could have him say, *"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling wizard!"*
Lolzforme Hace 2 días
Is that fortnite drift
Deadpool27 Hace 3 días
Apparently Sun-Wong doesn’t like Big Hero 6.
Mark Mckenna
Mark Mckenna Hace 3 días
Modern Disney villians in a shell nut.
Oliver07S Hace 3 días
finna lookin like japanese weeb turned dr disrespect
Cherry Popsicle
Cherry Popsicle Hace 3 días
Hey that looks like drift’s mask from fortnite!!!!!!!!!! XD 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🙂🙂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😄😂
Sporecraft Hace 3 días
Every Scooby Doo episode ever...
LaughingManRa Hace 4 días
Scooby-Doo in a nutshell
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr Hace 4 días
Oh myy!..A-All this was hiiim...What's his name again?
Alex Thibodeau
Alex Thibodeau Hace 4 días
Fearch 93
Fearch 93 Hace 5 días
20'th Century Boys, pretty much.
The Camo Scout
The Camo Scout Hace 5 días
sᴇᴀɴ •
sᴇᴀɴ • Hace 5 días
this reminds me of the villain reveal from big hero 6
Vanilla Lite
Vanilla Lite Hace 5 días
BiG hErO SiX
MEMEsterical !
MEMEsterical ! Hace 5 días
Lol I love these
miguel pires
miguel pires Hace 5 días
Am I really the only one thinking he would say Jonh Cena?
Shatterin’ the Limit
Bonnie Hace 6 días
That's the problem with animation writers. They're not the artists or the animators and their scripts make the finished project suck 20% more.
Vinson Hace 6 días
The gas attendant in Persona 4 👷
toploz_ jr
toploz_ jr Hace 6 días
Big Hero 6 in a nutshell
The Golden Jet Gurl
The Golden Jet Gurl Hace 7 días
*see’s this again* *slaps Disneys face*
Potaetoz S.
Potaetoz S. Hace 7 días
Secret boss Nier Automata
I am Deyvohn
I am Deyvohn Hace 8 días
Lex Luther? From LexCorp? Fits perfectly lol
Steven Goodman
Steven Goodman Hace 8 días
Like in some marvel movies.
Enum Hace 8 días
Zanman Hace 8 días
How is this legal!?! How can you show big hero six’s ending on ESvid!?!
AP Hace 8 días
Role Models
Daniel D2005
Daniel D2005 Hace 9 días
Johnson Smith sounds like markiplier
Sheila P
Sheila P Hace 9 días
This is exactly like that one movie with those characters.
Dylan_MRey Hace 10 días
0:00 drift from fortnite
The Man of Tea
The Man of Tea Hace 10 días
Johnson Smith wants so badly to be Lysanderoth.
Welp this is here
Welp this is here Hace 10 días
*Johnson smith*
Heavenlyhounds96 Hace 10 días
Basically making fun of Incredibles 2 I'm sure.
KaioConnor Hace 10 días
How I feel about most Disney Villains post Tangled.
The Dozer That Dozes
The Dozer That Dozes Hace 10 días
in the beginning its driftt
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Hace 11 días
Is this because of The Incredibles 2 or because of Big Hero 6?
First Last
First Last Hace 11 días
Darn it! You got me there
Icyy Hace 11 días
that drift from fortnite
Valeera Lewdguinnar
Valeera Lewdguinnar Hace 11 días
ughh is fornite an anime
SooCrazy o_0
SooCrazy o_0 Hace 11 días
When Aizen in Bleach is revealed to be the bad guy in soul society arc. I stopped watching right there and then.
Manwithtwohands Hace 11 días
Myles W
Myles W Hace 12 días
I got that mask from Disney.
Scott Stamp
Scott Stamp Hace 12 días
*Thats realy Some'ing*
Adderz321 Hace 12 días
Me with captain America: Civil war
Smash_Bros_ Fan56
Smash_Bros_ Fan56 Hace 13 días
Oh no drift your asian now!
Mike_De_Tigre Hace 13 días
Not gonna lie, in big hero six, I totally guessed the true villain was callingham, or whatever the guy's name is, the guy who suppisedly died in the fire with tadashi
Nonnie Campbell
Nonnie Campbell Hace 14 días
That sums up how I felt about Hans in Frozen to a tee
Knight of Ren
Knight of Ren Hace 14 días
Top ten anime betrayals
Chris Kross
Chris Kross Hace 14 días
Incredibles 2 intensifies
This Is Tino
This Is Tino Hace 14 días
Looking at you big hero 6
Nater K
Nater K Hace 14 días
Well, you certainly got him there. He was NOT expecting him to be the villain.
xxxravenxxx Hace 14 días
I thought this was Asian Andy
Jake Coker
Jake Coker Hace 14 días
One day I hope to wake up and see ProZD standing near my bed, but then camera pans and its Elyse from Funhaus doing the Toad march before panning back to ProZD for his witty comments. Oh is it 3:30am already?
Crystal Murray
Crystal Murray Hace 14 días
OH NO IT’S... that... guy...
uncultured cancer
uncultured cancer Hace 15 días
for real, every anime i watched, i always forget the names of sub characters and villains mid part of the season, thus ruining the immersion of the plot because i literally have to pause the video to search the name in the wiki pages
Zeke Spears
Zeke Spears Hace 15 días
Or.....a CEO
Cuculutu Hace 15 días
Big Hero 6 was such a shitty flick
UserMCSkull FormerlyknownasPowerofL
Wreck it Ralph had a good plot twist
ManlyMartian Hace 15 días
Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc, Incredibles 2.
Mel The Literal Worst
Mel The Literal Worst Hace 15 días
why'd you have to roast big hero 6 like that smh
Leonardo R
Leonardo R Hace 15 días
Or it's like in The Legend of Korra, where the masked villain is someone ENTIRELY NEW TO THE PLOT!
TurtleShroom Hace 15 días
THIS is why you pay attention to a movie when you're watching it!
1un4r Hace 16 días
its big hero 6. he says hiro. same mask. I COULDNT FORGET THAT MOVIE IF I TRIED
Dustin Hace 16 días
you're talking specifically about big hero 6 and the incredibles aren't you?
sgt Hale107
sgt Hale107 Hace 16 días
Fuck these Fortnite comments, they're just such fucking cancer.
Ridogmusic Hace 16 días
Big hero 6
Morgan Annar-Brady
Morgan Annar-Brady Hace 16 días
Calling out Big Hero 6 I see
Joseph Murray
Joseph Murray Hace 16 días
Nice drift mask
Gold Beanie
Gold Beanie Hace 16 días
This is basically big hero 6 in a nutshell
Silas Keaton
Silas Keaton Hace un día
Basically every Disney movie in the past 5 years. Apparently they’ve got to do the whole plot twist villain thing now.
Defendere Hace 7 días
The Man of Tea Also she probably signed something saying if anything happened the company wouldn't be at fault lol I mean they were doing some dangerous stuff if I remember right
The Man of Tea
The Man of Tea Hace 9 días
He wasn't just some guy we saw at the beginning and never met again until he was revealed at the beginning, he was their teacher and mentor. Are we even talking about the same movie? Also suing a big corporation wouldn't work out in his favor considering how they have high end lawyers who can get them away with just about any crime.
Gold Beanie
Gold Beanie Hace 9 días
The Man of Tea You can have your own opinions but I thought it was really terrible. It had barely any foreshadowing and the reveal was lack lustre. “Oh no. That one guy from the beginning was the villain”. The reveal changed nothing at all. I can’t feel bad for the villain because I barely knew him. He decides to destroy a city and kills possibly hundreds of people just because an accident caused his daughter to be sucked into a portal and he wanted her back. Most people would just sue the corporation for endangering a life and he would probably realise that his daughter should have died from starvation and dehydration but of course he did not do that.
The Man of Tea
The Man of Tea Hace 10 días
Only that at least had a good reveal.
ThePppp89 Hace 16 días
Damn commies
TJCoward Hace 16 días
Bruh drift skin at lvl 7 looks lit!
Julian K
Julian K Hace 16 días
Best acting I've seen you do actually, this is really good!
coco wan
coco wan Hace 16 días
I legit thought it was the brother.
MrAzzhloe Hace 17 días
This is pretty much exactly what happens in Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox.
fatebit Hace 17 días
Big. Hero. 6.
BloodfallenEvileye Hace 17 días
Is that kokoros fox mask?
Epsillon Hace 17 días
Darn you Johnson Smith!
luca Hace 17 días
@big hero 6
Little boi
Little boi Hace 17 días
Little boi
Little boi Hace 17 días
*Its the CEO with the mask
francesco lops
francesco lops Hace 17 días
ahahah poor game writer. Let him get by
The One Jojo Fan Across The Street
Just so everybody stops commenting about the shit show game known as Fortnite, the mask isn't. a "drift" or whatever you call it. It's a traditional Japanese Kabuki mask.
The One Jojo Fan Across The Street
Big Hero 6 remake is looking fine af
Prince Among Kings
Prince Among Kings Hace 17 días
His machinations had lain undetected for years! Ha HAAAA!
Commentator Hace 18 días
Every single feakin' Scooby-Doo episode is like this.
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Hope the writer didn't lose his hand when he pulled that out of his ass.
Volans, Toa of Air
Volans, Toa of Air Hace 18 días
is a certain superhero animated kids movie out of the grace period for comments because this was pretty much that movie
Random Randy
Random Randy Hace 18 días
HyperTrent Hace 18 días
Animated films just need to stop doing this
Heather noname
Heather noname Hace 18 días
Is that every Disney movie after frozen or what
xXDraco DeathXx
xXDraco DeathXx Hace 18 días
The drift mask tho
Sauceless Hace 18 días
wow who would have known it was uh, that guy?
Keenan Fehrenbacher
Keenan Fehrenbacher Hace 18 días
Ohhhh so the owner is Johnson Johnson of Johnson logistics and packaging which hired only pepole named Johnson and dependent upon the Johnson related to them and there first middle and last Johnson’s there Johnson’s will Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson
Spi Rale
Spi Rale Hace 18 días
CEOs are never bad guys. They create jobs for poor people.
Illx Nati
Illx Nati Hace 19 días
Witcher 3, I'm looking at you
RandomTV Hace 19 días
Is this making fun of Big Hero 6? CEO, Kabuki mask, yep. Very clever
CaptainRegular Hace 19 días
...Did you just now watch Big Hero 6 for the first time? Like... just yesterday?
Rick Royale
Rick Royale Hace 19 días
If I see *ONE* DAMN reference to level 3 Drift I’m *literally* gonna delete my account.
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