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2 jun 2019






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•Janea Roberts•
•Janea Roberts• Hace 4 días
Finally get to see joshes house right :)
ScyThe Hace 6 días
HATERS: JOSH DONT STEP ON YOU GIRLS FOOT Me: uhhh his being fun yeeeeee
Kambri 99
Kambri 99 Hace 26 días
Josh: I’m trying to be a good boyfriend so I’m going to go to dollar tree and get Katie B some cute stuff Katie: let’s make his room girly and cute oh and we can do his motorcycle to!❤️😂🥺✨
Rio Gordini
Rio Gordini Hace un mes
Question.....why are Americans so LOUD?
Bjøru uthandwayo van Rooij Berg
your a lier it stands that he is gona read it on the tittel
Carter Vlogz
Carter Vlogz Hace un mes
Josh called the dog a chowow
Grace Lai
Grace Lai Hace un mes
Josh: I don't know do i read it? Me: Be a good Bf that's her privacy.
Esther Nicholson
Esther Nicholson Hace un mes
Me: *hits sister* Mom: never hit your sister me: I didn't... the bat did😂
Emily Crider
Emily Crider Hace un mes
Legend has it that those whoopie cushions are still under those pillows
Shayla Gordon
Shayla Gordon Hace 2 meses
Wow, Josh is such a great boyfriend! Meanwhile, Katie sucks... oof.
Gacha Milk
Gacha Milk Hace 2 meses
Katie: looks like I died Jesus 😂. Me: 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Abenezer Schmidt
Abenezer Schmidt Hace 2 meses
No I’m serious like there’s no reason to dislike this video like what
Love L
Love L Hace 2 meses
OK can someone please agree with me has anyone seen Little Manhattan OK please tell me I’m right Don’t Josh and Katie look exactly like the characters in little Manhattan Tell me if I’m wrong or not please
Olivia Robinson
Olivia Robinson Hace 2 meses
Who else is watching this in August 6, 2020
Julia Toppe
Julia Toppe Hace 2 meses
When i get a boyfriend he i going to read the whole thing.
Aubrey Mooney
Aubrey Mooney Hace 2 meses
Josh says he is not goi g to read it. Cameras of josh “ let’s see what she says about me”
Hayley Rapley
Hayley Rapley Hace 2 meses
You never read a girls journal
KG Equestrian
KG Equestrian Hace 2 meses
When it’s a year later and your rewatching this video, and the entire house is Katie’s style, and you see joshsroom then feel bad for him cause NOTHING looks like his style
Sabrina Trel
Sabrina Trel Hace 2 meses
Who’s here when they got there cute dogggo Topper!
Mr Real Nobody
Mr Real Nobody Hace 2 meses
He closed the cam and read it Jk 😂😂
Presley Rooks
Presley Rooks Hace 2 meses
Josh:let's get her some gifts Katie:let's make his room pink and girly
Itz_ ClarissaGamer
Itz_ ClarissaGamer Hace 3 meses
I love the difference on josh is being sweet and a good boyfriend and on the other side katie was like torturing josh😘
Nici gibson
Nici gibson Hace 3 meses
Im such a SimplyNailogical Stan that when she said "what do you think" my mind instantly went into young commercial Cristine mode. If youre a simplynailogical follower you'll understand.
Katharine Callahan
Katharine Callahan Hace 3 meses
josh has rose petals all lined up to her bed\ kaite has red streamers all over his motorcycle because he hates the red part of his bike lmfao
Tonya Vaule
Tonya Vaule Hace 3 meses
I love you
Angela Graham
Angela Graham Hace 3 meses
josh is an amazing boyfriend
Tessa Trapp
Tessa Trapp Hace 3 meses
Who else is watching this after josh gets hurt
Jabbiy Plays
Jabbiy Plays Hace 3 meses
Josh: they don’t have any snacks but they do have wine LETS GO! 😂😂
Layla Strode
Layla Strode Hace 3 meses
I thought they loved together
Alicia Gutierrez
Alicia Gutierrez Hace 3 meses
joshy b at katies house: lets put some cute little flowers some candy katie at joshy b house: BURN IT ALL i love you guys u make me smile whenever i watch a video of yours :D
Olivia Stowell
Olivia Stowell Hace 3 meses
i love how as soon as they get in the house they get food 🤣🤣🤣😜🤦‍♀️
Kaliya Zetazate
Kaliya Zetazate Hace 3 meses
Get the house☺
Madeleine Hoffman
Madeleine Hoffman Hace 3 meses
Hopefully she's not doing anything crazy in my house meanwhile Katie I'm gonna rap his bike in streamers and make his room girly lol
Joseph Cole
Joseph Cole Hace 3 meses
IPhone 11
Nicole Pizzini
Nicole Pizzini Hace 3 meses
Josh: imma get her some presents Katie: Imma prank him
Tim .M
Tim .M Hace 3 meses
I am from Germany and I went to London and bought These Nerd's candy. I love this shit 😍
Darren Hooper
Darren Hooper Hace 3 meses
Natalie May
Natalie May Hace 4 meses
team josh
Grace Pillari
Grace Pillari Hace 4 meses
Who else is watching in 2020?? Like if you are
Jake Mowry
Jake Mowry Hace 4 meses
who else is watching there old videos to get threw corona virus✌️
Noel Clough
Noel Clough Hace 4 meses
Hi I am kayla
Caitlyn Masterson
Caitlyn Masterson Hace 4 meses
Omg when I saw josh In the robe and holding Katie’s dog I was 😂 lmao!!!!
Ismerai Santos
Ismerai Santos Hace 4 meses
Yes get that house
sky wong
sky wong Hace 4 meses
Katie: Makes his room all girlie and stuff. Josh: Buys food so she can eat it when she gets back. Lol
Ryann Kilmer
Ryann Kilmer Hace 4 meses
Wait what about the woodpie cushion???
Chloe Hagewood
Chloe Hagewood Hace 4 meses
I never heard a girl so excited to work out on the pull up bar
Ava's Adventures
Ava's Adventures Hace 4 meses
Josh: Would I be a bad boyfriend if I red it? Me: Yassss!!!! 😂
Haley Rose
Haley Rose Hace 4 meses
2020 quarantine watching but why the vid get deleted over a balloon
Lilli Pestill
Lilli Pestill Hace 4 meses
Kady Johnson
Kady Johnson Hace 4 meses
You should totally do less pranks and more challenges and like morning routine and night routine but I love your videos either
Peanut jojo
Peanut jojo Hace 4 meses
I love them that is like my remodel right know
Leanne Connell
Leanne Connell Hace 4 meses
Your a good boyfriend because you didn’t read her Journal
Lee Wright
Lee Wright Hace 4 meses
Read it
Reese Coulter
Reese Coulter Hace 4 meses
bunny is so cute love her or he
Reese Coulter
Reese Coulter Hace 4 meses
hehe no kiss for katie jk love you guys
Samantha Lam
Samantha Lam Hace 4 meses
I wonder how the pillow went😂
William Schleter
William Schleter Hace 4 meses
I love jatie fam
Annabelle Clair
Annabelle Clair Hace 4 meses
yes get it
Mayergirl83 Hace 4 meses
you should do this more
Steve Dodd
Steve Dodd Hace 4 meses
Josh: lets be kind and not read her journal and get her candy Katie: lets ruin everything yassssssss lol
Kaylee Calderon
Kaylee Calderon Hace 4 meses
Does this make anyone feel single. Just me oh ok
John Define
John Define Hace 4 meses
Abby Simpson
Abby Simpson Hace 4 meses
i love how josh was playing with katies dog in the mirror lol
Heather DeWOlf
Heather DeWOlf Hace 4 meses
Good boyfriend + evil girlfriend = good relationship
Stamenkovicka.a.a.a Stamenkovicka.a.a.a
Is Josh still in the fight?
Jaime Seiler
Jaime Seiler Hace 4 meses
Katie's room : white Josh's room : black Love you
Saylor Patterson
Saylor Patterson Hace 4 meses
I am here in 2020 and just realized they posted this on my birthday june 2nd it is may 28 today and my birthday is super close so cool just thought I would share that #Jatieforlife
10k subs before 2021? Get me there please
I like how they both went for the food first 😂
Sara Johnson
Sara Johnson Hace 4 meses
Just rewatching old Jatie Vlogs videos and I forgot all about the old intro how could I. I love knowing that one they talk about like we might be buying a house I know that they already did and when Katie said that “oh and josh bought me a ring” Me:😏
Amber Fedkenhauer
Amber Fedkenhauer Hace 4 meses
Avery Pritchard
Avery Pritchard Hace 5 meses
Who's watching in 2020 because same
roxy. fun
roxy. fun Hace 5 meses
josh beeing a good boyfriend but jatie’s Literally destroying everything 😂
Yoana Dzivkova
Yoana Dzivkova Hace 5 meses
Josh: I found her journal. Do I read it? Me: Yes u dummy!!!!!
Neko I.
Neko I. Hace 5 meses
Margaret Dickson
Margaret Dickson Hace 5 meses
get u a mans like josh
isaac Messner
isaac Messner Hace 5 meses
Donna Mulvey
Donna Mulvey Hace 5 meses
You don't live together 🤔🤔😶😶🤯🤯
X.Natalee .X
X.Natalee .X Hace 5 meses
Now they do this was almost a year ago
Rebecca Kirn
Rebecca Kirn Hace 5 meses
yes you sould
Kaede Bennett
Kaede Bennett Hace 5 meses
Lucy Widman
Lucy Widman Hace 5 meses
Making the bike look bad and josh was so sweet got roses
Makayla Hace 5 meses
Do you still have that dog when you went to joshs ex house
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace 5 meses
Yo girl hotttttttttttt🥵🥵🥵🥵
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace 5 meses
Yo just kidding never team josh
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace 5 meses
You should make a video of the journal
Rylan Elmore
Rylan Elmore Hace 5 meses
You should get the house
Willem Louw
Willem Louw Hace 5 meses
Kaylee Grigsby
Kaylee Grigsby Hace 5 meses
Does everyone know were Josh's parents are????
Ula Sklodowska
Ula Sklodowska Hace 5 meses
I really want a man with the personality of joshes
Hannah Cottrell
Hannah Cottrell Hace 5 meses
I thought Katie was a turtle but she just dropped the trash on the ground from the pink balloons
Galaxy puppy Forever
Love you guys soo much
Galaxy puppy Forever
I mean he likes pink I think soooo Katie is fine to make it pink
Kaitlyn Keith
Kaitlyn Keith Hace 5 meses
Josh...Oh my gosh I found her journal do I read it. Katie at josh house please don’t read it .
Geoff Animal Entertainment
Who else Loves Joshes smile I do
Julia Leahy
Julia Leahy Hace 5 meses
don"t open the dairy
Mansi G
Mansi G Hace 5 meses
Julia Leahy right
Julia Leahy
Julia Leahy Hace 5 meses
Jackson Haggett
Jackson Haggett Hace 5 meses
He has to respect her privacy
Richard Vanaman
Richard Vanaman Hace 5 meses
Do it
Leaving Blank
Leaving Blank Hace 5 meses
I think u should buy that property
Emma Rose
Emma Rose Hace 5 meses
Who is watching when they are moving to AZ and wedding dress shopping
Elizabeth Boyd
Elizabeth Boyd Hace 5 meses
Comment if you are here when they are engaged and in quarantine 😂
myla4150 myla4150
myla4150 myla4150 Hace 5 meses
Katie’s dog is so frickin cute 😘😍😉🙂❤️😚
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