Switching Elevator Buttons Prank

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4 feb 2019







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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations Hace 6 meses
0:02 Switching Elevator Buttons Prank 4:31 Listening to My Jam 5:21 Terrible Icecream Flavors 6:06 Ordering Delivery in the Restaurant then meeting them at my house 8:09 Asking Directions to Where I Already Am
Nathan West
Nathan West Hace 7 días
The triple bypass burger is a thing at a place called hells diner where they feed you insane foods and they celebrate fat people
Rakish Touch
Rakish Touch Hace 19 días
When people say, 'can I ask you a question' you're supposed to say, "you just did"
7Ahilles Hace 25 días
YOu dont need to to this prank former ussr :D this is very common i cant do a bucnh of photos upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/01/%D0%9A%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%BF%D0%BA%D0%B8_%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%84%D1%82%D0%B0.jpg rostov-dom.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/bez.jpg static.mk.ru/upload/entities/2017/01/25/articles/detailPicture/98/f2/95/144419782_9531518.jpg s.ura.news/760/images/news/upload/news/254/671/1052254671/63576_Klipart_3_Nizhnevartovsk__lift_knopki_lifta_250x0_5184.3456.0.0.jpg pics.livejournal.com/rsbeerman/pic/00051zd3/s640x480 typical apartment lifts all over former ussr
Eduardo Aguilar
Eduardo Aguilar Hace 27 días
Vlog Creations 3
Kenadi Wyatt
Kenadi Wyatt Hace un mes
@billy sure u do
Dinoplayz Lol
Dinoplayz Lol Hace un día
Put an mp3 in it then let them listen
Craig Stevenson
Craig Stevenson Hace 2 días
I wanna anally ruin Melanie.
xxHeartsrockxx MSP
xxHeartsrockxx MSP Hace 3 días
This is actually so mean because what if someone needs to get somewhere and they're in a hurry
Juan Palma
Juan Palma Hace 3 días
They put it upside down cuz they’re in Florida 😂😂
Hash Brown
Hash Brown Hace 3 días
Go stand next to a random person and laugh for no reason
Some Body
Some Body Hace 3 días
Wait that’s elegel
Bushy Hushy
Bushy Hushy Hace 4 días
6:20 I can’t stop laughing
Rachel Silva
Rachel Silva Hace 5 días
"can i ask you a question" *him acting like there is music playing* *really loud* "hUhH"
Ada  Albania
Ada Albania Hace 7 días
Fuck that vidio
Ng John
Ng John Hace 9 días
3:20 That hemisphere thing got me laughing
Caleb Sullivan
Caleb Sullivan Hace 10 días
The video where Eliot dressed up as a raccoon was the funniest video I’ve ever seen.
The Stewart Family
The Stewart Family Hace 12 días
Lmfao i couldnt do this prank 😩 i hate elevators
Daniel Kustra
Daniel Kustra Hace 13 días
with the jam prank you should've used a set of bluetooth headphones and attached the wire and when people asked what you were doing you let them listen to the music playing lol
B4ND1C00T Hace 14 días
Oh it's cuz. Oh she keeps on pushing the buttons.
Joe Strandell
Joe Strandell Hace 14 días
Real life Napoleon Dynamite
Jordan Reeser
Jordan Reeser Hace 15 días
i work for pizza hut ive actually had people do that 😂
Zakimals Hace 15 días
this isn't a prank just a bit of an inconvenience
Nick Hoffman
Nick Hoffman Hace 15 días
Is that ice cream at Big Olaf’s?
Spoiled Brat Tv
Spoiled Brat Tv Hace 16 días
Hey everybody I’m new to ESvid you should subscribe to my channel. New upload go watch now!!
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez Hace 17 días
why does your watch randomly lights up at 3:35?
Eb Fart
Eb Fart Hace 18 días
It would be funny if elliot said by disability driver
Carey Hovis
Carey Hovis Hace 18 días
Di...did he just put a coin in the elevator is that just where they or what? 3:20
Lucky Me
Lucky Me Hace 18 días
I can pinch with my toes.
SpiritualDelima Hace 18 días
Guy gets on elevator with people already on it, and asks what floor they are going to even thought they were already on the elevator when he got on. LMFAO
CLOUD Hace 19 días
sure hope people arnt in a rush
Noah Cohen
Noah Cohen Hace 19 días
"Can I ask you a question... how does this work" *Lol! *
Abdellah Taraouat
Abdellah Taraouat Hace 19 días
id eat her shit @5:40
Renae Savage
Renae Savage Hace 20 días
The thing is when he was driving he was talking about putting a seatbelt on and being safe but he was driving with no hands on the steering wheel. Huh?!? -_-
James McDonald
James McDonald Hace 20 días
So funny
Diamond Sun
Diamond Sun Hace 21 un día
Such a bad prank.It's not good for people in emergency situation.It's not fun at all.If i was a victim of this prank you would definitely scold by me.
TOPNotch GamingSquad
TOPNotch GamingSquad Hace 21 un día
FRZR Hace 21 un día
It’s so weird because elliott looks like me when I was young and he has the same name as me 😂
mark wogan
mark wogan Hace 22 días
Getting pizza can I get half margarita and half cheese
iitstitan Hace 22 días
Big olaf has really good ice cream
Al Bert
Al Bert Hace 23 días
You never heard smuckers smash hit? Then throws jar on the ground.
Edward Vasquez
Edward Vasquez Hace 24 días
White trash guys, L.o.L.: A Native American Gangster O.G DOPEY vPCB13 PACAS SOUTHERN California!
playsa.play-union Hace 24 días
Idiot. Wearing the seatbelt will save u from dying... Come one, it's young ppl online
Ultra Instinct Utkarsh
Humans and their minds, they figure out everything eventually smh.
Steggylulu Hace 26 días
Boss: why are you late to the meeting? Me: trying to explain what happened Boss: excuse me wtf
Lampcap Hace 26 días
He started trynna say the magnetic poles and shit...wtf!!!! 😂😂😂
NotCho Cheese
NotCho Cheese Hace 26 días
David Turner
David Turner Hace 26 días
Florida and all of the USA are in the Northern Hemisphere.
Dylan Sanders
Dylan Sanders Hace 27 días
Jamal Keller
Jamal Keller Hace 27 días
A diabetic delight ☠️
Justin Clyde Youtuber
Justin Clyde Youtuber Hace 27 días
Please hug my channel..i need 100k hug..you know what i mean..plz support me.. GOD BLESS YOU ♥♥♥♡♡♡
LOL BOMBS AWAY Hace 27 días
F1R3 Johnny YT
F1R3 Johnny YT Hace 28 días
F1R3 Johnny YT
F1R3 Johnny YT Hace 28 días
0:02 4:31 6:06 8:09
rich polit
rich polit Hace 29 días
who’s the black kid?
Francisco TOT
Francisco TOT Hace 21 un día
Your mom
Jon Krueger
Jon Krueger Hace un mes
That little kid is adorable
blunt daddy
blunt daddy Hace un mes
at 10:35 the subtitles say crazy blonde pretending to open car door
Musick Prankz
Musick Prankz Hace un mes
How about leaving a tip to the waiter and say thank for the service when you just sat down for a few minutes. Twilight zone him.
Jimmy Pruett
Jimmy Pruett Hace un mes
I hope you know that you are not funny making fun of that elderly guy
Nate Wilsey
Nate Wilsey Hace un mes
A triple bypass burger is a thing at heart attack grill
Jay Patel
Jay Patel Hace un mes
I was there at the concert too it was at the refrigerator at shop and stop
Fernando Hace un mes
Go to 10:45 with English captions on 😂 😂
sophia's Playground
I got in a car
Eliteram Hace un mes
Go to a Panera and put the table trackers on random tables and they will get so confused
jay huang
jay huang Hace un mes
What melody's @ though
Dzaki Hace un mes
Who’s that at 8:02?
anonjag Hace un mes
Press all the buttons and get off at the floor you want!
Madisyn Blevins
Madisyn Blevins Hace un mes
your pretty stupid
Dakota Noe
Dakota Noe Hace un mes
10:30 I started dying
I need a track of all your laughs. Too funny
Miff Miff
Miff Miff Hace un mes
Wow that was boring
Christian Welton
Christian Welton Hace un mes
Dude. Olaf’s ice cream is 👌.
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith Hace un mes
It's funny how everyone thinks they can some how fix it by pushing the button. As if the guy didn't do that to begin with
Jacks Gaming & Vlogs
Vania Orozco
Vania Orozco Hace un mes
🤣you’re lucky you didn’t get caught the manger with the elevator looked pissed!
Zelondio Teddy Gravéy
I love how the manager could tell immediately lmao
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi Hace un mes
Melody is cute
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova Hace un mes
God, she was gorgeous! Fucking perfect teeth 😍😍
Brandon Verduzco
Brandon Verduzco Hace un mes
4:42 You guys should get the Bluetooth beats and try to put a fake wire on the headsets so they think it’s actually plugged into the strawberry jam. Then have the music playing on the headphones 🤣
John Rey Morada
John Rey Morada Hace un mes
You got some good conspiracy theory there ross!
Vincent Mauron
Vincent Mauron Hace un mes
the ice cream girl is cute
Copyright Hace un mes
Oh this is savage
TraeTL 11
TraeTL 11 Hace un mes
I’m the 100k like!
Benedictus Walton
Benedictus Walton Hace un mes
T Conc
T Conc Hace un mes
Alzhimers, Diabetes, and lukemia is not to mess around with. My grandfather has alzhimers and he cant even remember who i am. Please don't joke around with diseases.
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