Switching Elevator Buttons Prank

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4 feb 2019







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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations Hace 16 días
0:02 Switching Elevator Buttons Prank 4:31 Listening to My Jam 5:21 Terrible Icecream Flavors 6:06 Ordering Delivery in the Restaurant then meeting them at my house 8:09 Asking Directions to Where I Already Am
Flower Child
Flower Child Hace un hora
This was posted on my birthday 🥳🥳
Jimmy Fergin
Jimmy Fergin Hace 20 horas
Your ligit tge best person ever
Chaseb Hace 2 días
Venom Plays
Venom Plays Hace 3 días
Cantthink ofaname
Cantthink ofaname Hace 5 días
When i pressed 4:31 it switched to an blackpink ad where they were singing and i was like Y IZ KPUP EVRYWER
Carnage Thunder
Carnage Thunder Hace un hora
Lilsavage Gaming
Lilsavage Gaming Hace 4 horas
I just left Florida universal studios
Deanna Konkowski
Deanna Konkowski Hace 6 horas
XxOmq LunaXx
XxOmq LunaXx Hace 6 horas
I love it how they are talking about car safety, but then he leaves his hand off the stirring wheel the whole time.
Tremaine Nichols
Tremaine Nichols Hace 6 horas
ice cream giirl is fine
Xin Yi Lu
Xin Yi Lu Hace 8 horas
Who the fuck pick up what’s your toes 🤢😷👍🏻
Stan The Boyz For Good Grades and Skin
Imagine the owner of the building was like " WTF??" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
IamCraft Hace 12 horas
Deez niggas high as fuck😂
Cookie Crumbles#101
Cookie Crumbles#101 Hace 12 horas
I can just imagine somebody knowing the buttons in the correct order so they basically let’s say press 5 to go to 3rd floor and don’t care that the buttons have switched
JBK Robin
JBK Robin Hace 14 horas
The 1st 1 was really clever. I enjoyed that.😂👍
tweezerjam34 Hace 14 horas
This guys a fuckin' toolbox supreme
Sienna Peggott
Sienna Peggott Hace 14 horas
lol does anyone else notice from 9:19-10:00 he is talking about safety yet he doesn't have his hands on the steering wheel
Bunny Valkyrie
Bunny Valkyrie Hace 16 horas
Omg I just discover this guys they are hilarious. I love them I want to open an I cream place with diabetic deluxe lol
Oriana Spiderowl
Oriana Spiderowl Hace 16 horas
Omg ewwww😫 new MEANING to the words toe jam...nice.😵😱
Piper Anderson
Piper Anderson Hace 16 horas
First timer here.... I'm obsessed
Joseph Perek
Joseph Perek Hace 16 horas
What did I just watch?
Amelia Giles
Amelia Giles Hace 17 horas
What the hell
Lupe Fernandez
Lupe Fernandez Hace 17 horas
That Smuckers concert was my birth place
kellan jones
kellan jones Hace 17 horas
Hey ross I need to ask how you are wearing those pants in California because I own the same pair and they are suuuuuper thick i live in the west and wear them on below 20 weather😂 how are you not dying
Saige StJean
Saige StJean Hace 18 horas
Omg that listening to jam thing got me dead😂😂 lol
Wolfy chán Wolf
Wolfy chán Wolf Hace 18 horas
Diane Tipton
Diane Tipton Hace 18 horas
Good video but 5:26 was kind of rude
Elias Hace 19 horas
this video is like watching 30 clowns pile into a car one after another.
Sebastian Hace 20 horas
For some reason I heard a Carl’s Jr. commercial playing during this entire video...
Javier Carrillo
Javier Carrillo Hace 21 un hora
Love the ending with his open house😂
Robo Vloger
Robo Vloger Hace 21 un hora
Suffocating Strawberry
Isaac Ventura
Isaac Ventura Hace 21 un hora
I feel bad for all the people who got pranked
lil kurat
lil kurat Hace 21 un hora
She's so cute
Amelia and ethan
Amelia and ethan Hace 22 horas
Crumble Cracker
Crumble Cracker Hace 22 horas
Karla Claywalker
Karla Claywalker Hace 23 horas
Omg your so funny!
Patrick Hace un día
You guys should dress up as rats and crawl around on a mall floor
Nayelis Suarez
Nayelis Suarez Hace un día
I need holy water now why with the wings
Milk and Duck gaming
Evil Ecodisk? Replace it with dewhurst buttons!
TTV_legandcal YT
TTV_legandcal YT Hace un día
Racist white trash guy 8:00 lol
Usp stairs
Can they just walk
LynxMonix Hace un día
If u reply to this comment, I will subscribe to u
Mexican cookie 🍪
Mexican cookie 🍪 Hace un día
8:45 😐 🦶🏽
Shrijay Shastri
Shrijay Shastri Hace un día
Can't you just look at the screen to see what floor you are on?
Yukii Asuna
Yukii Asuna Hace un día
Ordering delivery in the Restaurant and then ask the delivery guy if you can drive with him as a passenger
Marley Elias
Marley Elias Hace un día
Aburi Amor
Aburi Amor Hace un día
I swear you sound like bob from bobs burgers 😭😭😭
Rocket League Clips
Rocket League Clips Hace un día
U should get a thing where u can find people’s address from there license plate. And drive up next to them and ask them for directions on how to get to there house.
Emily Castro
Emily Castro Hace un día
6:30 has me screaminggggggg
KawaiiHammyJulia X3
KawaiiHammyJulia X3 Hace un día
*never use elevators anymore*
Conzo Berroya
Conzo Berroya Hace un día
it's not funny ^_^
jan zan
jan zan Hace un día
MASTER.CAT Hace un día
Yaz Knox Wilson
Yaz Knox Wilson Hace un día
Your evil
pupii Hace un día
Is this legal ? 😆😆😂
Jp RME Hace un día
How did he not hold the steering wheel for soo long?
Tino Z
Tino Z Hace un día
B0rk D0rk
B0rk D0rk Hace un día
The awkward silence of him trying to grab the chicken wing with his foot 8:49
Days With Dad
Days With Dad Hace un día
Grats on the subs Charles!
Nighty Night
Nighty Night Hace un día
Lol u live in FLOORida xD
K00l GameingBoi
K00l GameingBoi Hace un día
Was this made in iowa
noelle Pezzelli
noelle Pezzelli Hace un día
Look at thumb nail. There is 2 6s.......
Backacar Hace un día
I'm in the weird side of youtube again.
Hi There
Hi There Hace un día
Fudeee this video totally blew up
IBRAHim fouad
IBRAHim fouad Hace un día
The first guy says so much buddy
Maher Nagi
Maher Nagi Hace un día
esvid.net/video/vídeo-pPAi2FaVWXs.html تابعونا في اليوتيوب
Shadowfox1231000 Hace un día
what was the point of the ending? xD
RWL2012 Hace un día
Lol, a couple of typical late-2010s young lads got in the lift of a zig-zag multistory car park I was in, and asked why the floors were 1, 3, 5 and 7, and I explained why. *4th floor up* SEVENTH FLOOR. This is pretty funny though!!!
Unknown _StoryTime
Unknown _StoryTime Hace un día
Seatbelts dont help at all my cousin was in a car accident and she flew out the car Seatbelts dont help at all
sabin7498 Hace un día
You should get a wireless headphone like beats and attach a wire to it that doesn’t work then do the same prank with it and let people listen to it
Emp Drex
Emp Drex Hace 2 días
So nobody noticed that Florida is not in the freaking Southern Hemisphere
Tempest Gaming
Tempest Gaming Hace 2 días
Starting at 9:25 ur talking about driving safety but ur driving with no hands l ) ] l )
Tempest Gaming
Tempest Gaming Hace 2 días
Hmmm I wonder
Asy ghost
Asy ghost Hace 2 días
best idea
DerpyScopez Hace 2 días
Адузцх ват аду дав два да все равно 😑 не зцзузцз и не только с тобой в одном глазу нцзещкщз в России и в
The Chicken nugget
The Chicken nugget Hace 2 días
This is funny. Keep this up best channel on ESvid
Alfonso Mcpatel
Alfonso Mcpatel Hace 2 días
Next level would be putting two layers of fake numbers on top of the real ones. So funny.
SiennaZ Side
SiennaZ Side Hace 2 días
Haha so fun they almost found you out
True Facts
True Facts Hace 2 días
I lost brain cells ... what are cells?
Conzo Berroya
Conzo Berroya Hace un día
tiniest liiving in earth and discovered by robert hooke
ItzSam Hace 2 días
The casino elevator
TTV Hace 2 días
Thats why i use the stairs
Aqua Ninja
Aqua Ninja Hace 2 días
Expert Retard
Expert Retard Hace 2 días
Aight so you dressed a black kid up as a raccoon and had him wave at the "white trash guy"
God Fagitolli
God Fagitolli Hace 2 días
Your human garbage, no changing that
Sam Collins
Sam Collins Hace 2 días
That gorl at ice cream shop is 🔥
Natange Sararas
Natange Sararas Hace 2 días
Florida is in the northern hemisphere 3:20
Kristine Padua
Kristine Padua Hace 2 días
Subscribe me and I'll subscribe you back lets help each other
talclipse Hace 2 días
4:19 oyeah
Makhi Smalls
Makhi Smalls Hace 2 días
4:59 guy in the E.A.G.L.E.S hat"FLY EAGLES FLY"
Jake BEYONDBLUED Hace 2 días
Syntia Warda
Syntia Warda Hace 2 días
I don’t even know what you said in the car saying something about seatbelts 😂
تاج الفواز 7700
Hi 👋🏻 BACK at our house 🏡 were your night on Saturday before church tonight for a little while 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀
Roblox Elevator fan
Roblox Elevator fan Hace 2 días
Kone Elevator company
Chris Baybay
Chris Baybay Hace 2 días
Weird to see Ross with hair lol
Chris Baybay
Chris Baybay Hace 2 días
Congrats on your big video, you guys deserve it :)
Chello Studios
Chello Studios Hace 2 días
just press all bottom and wait robot say u flor.... lol
Crystal _Belle
Crystal _Belle Hace 2 días
Who else hates pooping at school?
Denmar Tea
Denmar Tea Hace 2 días
Go to a police station and lodge a complaint that a girl has stolen your heart, and tell the cops to arrest the girl.
Jon Fernandez
Jon Fernandez Hace 2 días
Ur friend is a nasty chicken eater
Jacob’s Videos And Vlogs
You are a stupid idiot
PixelPerfect Hace 2 días
9:24 jesus christ.... AT LEAST KEEP ONE OF UR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!!!
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