Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm switching lives with the Dolan Twins and becoming Jeff Dolan! I wanted to give myself a huge challenge and try and live like someone who has a completely different life than me. Ethan and Grayson took me on a whole day of adventures and what they do on the daily... Buckle up and join me on this insane journey!
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Evelyn Garcia
Evelyn Garcia Hace 46 minutos
I just realized you can hear Los Angeles Azules in the background at 36min lol
Cristina's Endeavors
‘’Excuse my mess over there” Gucci’s and other designer items scattered on the floor.
smoo mp3
smoo mp3 Hace 8 horas
Kris Jenner looks different in this
Permab4nn3d Hace 9 horas
i used to be one of the people that was like jeffree is just a weird celeb but i respect him now he makes funny videos and he is a nice dude
Bakita Al-hajri
Bakita Al-hajri Hace 11 horas
Jeffrie look like Brent rvara
Maylee Cao
Maylee Cao Hace 11 horas
He looked like a stone butch lesbian after the makeover.
Nikki Boyd
Nikki Boyd Hace 12 horas
I love ethan and grayson so much they’re so wholesome
Hazel Martinez
Hazel Martinez Hace 13 horas
Why’d jeffree look like lil huddy at first
Hailey Berry
Hailey Berry Hace 15 horas
jeffree falling around looks like a paper bag ing the wind
Carly xxx love
Carly xxx love Hace 21 un hora
Dolan twins: we're dairy free Jeffree Star: 😲 Me: meeeeee
Freja Gabriella
Freja Gabriella Hace un día
Omg he’s tiny 🥺
Ludmila del Rocio Billordo
The jeffree's boyfriend is like Dave franco
nil21 vlog
nil21 vlog Hace un día
I wonder how handsome Jeffrey is, if he's wearing black coat winter outfits
Elizabeth Irvine
Elizabeth Irvine Hace un día
Take a shot for every time than says gains
unknown person
unknown person Hace un día
i forgot how many tattoos Jeff had😭😭
Egypt Johnson
Egypt Johnson Hace un día
16:05 is the best part
Priya Lakkappa
Priya Lakkappa Hace 2 días
Modge Podge
Modge Podge Hace 2 días
7:29 I died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aldy Marco
Aldy Marco Hace 2 días
They drink energizer like drink mineral water 😱😨
Olivia McConnell
Olivia McConnell Hace 2 días
This is so hard to watch.
Zeba Khatun
Zeba Khatun Hace 2 días
Jeffree: what do you think CHRIS 👁👄👁
Makayla Chevalier
Makayla Chevalier Hace 2 días
Jeff Dolan kinda giving me Ruby Rose vibes
Bhagirathi Bohra
Bhagirathi Bohra Hace 2 días
Jeffrey dolan IS SO HOT AAAAA
N A T U W A Hace 2 días
This video gave me LIFE! Jeff Dolan is my white gay boy doppelgänger😂😂
all about kya
all about kya Hace 2 días
You look like swayer from Piper's channel and Kris
gachaweirdo 23
gachaweirdo 23 Hace 2 días
7:29 thank me later
Laci Christianson
Laci Christianson Hace 2 días
Steven Baker
Steven Baker Hace 2 días
Ok, I can actually relate to jeffree star in this! I couldn't do any of that stuff.
Hasan Basha
Hasan Basha Hace 3 días
Hahahahah I watch this video all the time omg its so funny 😍😍😍😍
Hasan Basha
Hasan Basha Hace 3 días
Ahahahahahahahaha I watch this video all the day
Hasan Basha
Hasan Basha Hace 3 días
Hahahahahahahahah o Jeffreeee I love you so much
Samuel Enrique González Rubio
Someone watching this during quarantine
Alex Braga
Alex Braga Hace 3 días
3:12 Forshadowing
Lara Østergaard Vittrup 6kl
Omg jeffre dosent look normal please just be your self
Valentina Vazquez
Valentina Vazquez Hace 3 días
bro jeffry look like my aunt HAHAHA
Valentina Vazquez
Valentina Vazquez Hace 3 días
2020 ?
Valentina Vazquez
Valentina Vazquez Hace 3 días
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Hace 3 días
I am genuinely sorry but he looks like freakin Kris Jenner
alex xoxo
alex xoxo Hace 3 días
3:20 well that didn’t age well
Chimchim 1003
Chimchim 1003 Hace 3 días
omg you're so hansome jefreee!!!!
naomi chi
naomi chi Hace 3 días
jeffree honestly looks like chris jenner
Catalina Fuentes
Catalina Fuentes Hace 4 días
Ethan arms my godddd🥵
carmenvonsavage Hace 4 días
Jeffries fucking BIRKIN BAG CLOSET is like no words
Carolina Ferraz
Carolina Ferraz Hace 4 días
he gave me some ruby rose vibes
Sambhav Baidhya
Sambhav Baidhya Hace 4 días
Why do i think Jeffree looks like joey graceffa😅
J FB3 Hace 4 días
This is the weirdest porno I've ever seen 😳. The one with a tank top got a big dick yo. When he was climbing that rope his junk was all flopity flop. I was like 😲.
Ava Schroeder
Ava Schroeder Hace 4 días
i’m so uncomfortable
I hear Jeffrey but I see jef 😂😂😂
Izzyswonderland Hace 4 días
I love Jeffree’s positive attitude in this 🖤
chróma oneiros
chróma oneiros Hace 4 días
when qurrantine made you rewatch this Unexpected ICONIC Colab again
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
Should do real estate with this team link below esvid.net/show-UCDZZIE_7q4HsEwm7-kIYB6w
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
Wanna see you team up with bravo for a pride housewives show theme
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
Wanna see a salon with a style for pride as the theme just a suggestion
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
Wanna see you make a pride shoe line and clothing brand with different styles for all different looks maybe with H&M or/and forever 21 just a suggestion
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
Wanna see you make your own style of a pride restaurant
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
You should try to be Hollywood medium just a suggestion
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani Hace 4 días
You have dope furniture should make a pride luxury furniture brand Collaboration
lil_bean n
lil_bean n Hace 4 días
jeffree: maybe nate will break up with me lol me watching in 2020: 👁️👄👁️
marlie Lewis
marlie Lewis Hace 5 días
I am sorry jeffree but this vid scared me so much edit: I love your tats
Donna Brown
Donna Brown Hace 5 días
Like Hilary swank in boys don’t cry lol xxx
Danilo Paredes
Danilo Paredes Hace 5 días
😮😮😮😮 hot!!!!!!
Sannah Motloung
Sannah Motloung Hace 5 días
I love how dramatic he is😂😂
tiffany jauniaux
tiffany jauniaux Hace 5 días
Months later and back again watching this video, on any bad days this makes it all better
Abhi Pokharel
Abhi Pokharel Hace 5 días
Jefree do be looking like eleven with that blonde hair tho...like if u agreeee
Jingo 1776
Jingo 1776 Hace 5 días
There workout was shit
FudgeeTV Official
FudgeeTV Official Hace 5 días
Jefree looks like the cute highschool anime guy that everyone was talking about during the first day of school.
Mariri S
Mariri S Hace 5 días
“i’m sorry i don’t wanna interrupt you guys” but continues to stay and ask for a picture LOL
Sheryl Handa
Sheryl Handa Hace 5 días
Jeffrey carrying that Hermès to the gym is funny
Addy Tope
Addy Tope Hace 6 días
i just came here for the part where they workout
Jelly Lover
Jelly Lover Hace 6 días
You actually look cute 😍that way you can try it more often 😘
Kathy Alanis
Kathy Alanis Hace 6 días
That part when they were like fuck yeah and missed the handshake made the entire video 😂 I would love to see more Jeff
Kay Tay !!
Kay Tay !! Hace 6 días
jefree is so skinny compared to the dolan twins wow lol
Tasheena Williams
Tasheena Williams Hace 6 días
Jeff was a little sexy not gonna lie
Cathy Brash
Cathy Brash Hace 6 días
what is Nate going to say, what if he leaves me dun dun dun....
Devon Hull
Devon Hull Hace 6 días
I freaking love him like this
Devon Hull
Devon Hull Hace 6 días
I freaking love him like this
Devon Hull
Devon Hull Hace 6 días
I don’t do anytype of make up but Jeffrey makes it funny and chill the only make up artist I’m subbed to unless you count Shane Dawson
Brandon Ornelas
Brandon Ornelas Hace 6 días
So much respect for him doing this. The commitment was strong.
Olivia Reeder
Olivia Reeder Hace 6 días
You know I only thought a kitchen was used for cooking and eating... but I guess it can be used as a hair salon as well😂😂
daddy xy
daddy xy Hace 6 días
Am I the only person that think Jeff looks like a male Ruby Rose???
jamie cannon
jamie cannon Hace 6 días
Now how does jefferee eat only sugar foods and all that and b soooo thin thoo
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