Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

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Acetheigloo Hace 3 días
He’s like magneto lol
Felix3_D Hace 3 días
Chr Lol
Chr Lol Hace 5 días
Not my ULT... OUR ULT!!!
Voxel Rush
Voxel Rush Hace 5 días
Sylas the communist
LvL4MGTOW Hace 5 días
Sylas took the Red Pill.
Fischstäbchen Moluna
Valmen Hace 8 días
Not gonna lie. the best character trailer ever made by riot video game company
Scarlet Psycho Wolf
Scarlet Psycho Wolf Hace 8 días
They should have Ekko guard him for whenever he tries to ult
Rework do Ryze De 2016
And now this champ is a trash
what 2006
what 2006 Hace 11 días
Literally a freaking communist
EmirERC 3152
EmirERC 3152 Hace 11 días
still wacthing
Eugeo synthesis thirty two
Why is everyone here starts talking about ml?
Eugeo synthesis thirty two
@omar salah I see....another copy from LOL
omar salah
omar salah Hace 7 días
Search mobile legends terizla trailer
EnlightenedLotus Hace 14 días
* Soviet Union Anthem *
Call me Panda
Call me Panda Hace 17 días
no one: that guy plays ml:hey the introduction lools like tirezla introduction i bet i know who copy
kidimaus1 Hace 17 días
Dusk Sorrow
Dusk Sorrow Hace 18 días
GL!TCH Hace 18 días
Lol: **releases sylas trailer** Moonton: *pay attention everybody!!*
Yap Stephen
Yap Stephen Hace 19 días
Every comment here is about moontoon copying from LoL. How sad you guys dont realise that LoL is a copy cat too.
Top Fan
Top Fan Hace 10 días
@Yap Stephen Then tell me. Kindly state everything you know die hard ml fan.
Yap Stephen
Yap Stephen Hace 16 días
@Top Fan oh i know something alright;)
Top Fan
Top Fan Hace 17 días
Ohhhohohohhhh. Make sure you know something before stating that kid :)
Spliting Stick
Spliting Stick Hace 21 un día
*NOw INsErt MObilE LegenDs*
Amarok Hace 21 un día
Mobile Legends: "Ooooh yeaaaah, let's copy it"
*H M M M M M M M *M M M M M M M M
*_"ReAlEaSe ThE dEpRrEsSiOn"_*
xX N4ŦĤĄŊXx Hace 22 días
Terizla 10 years Sylas 15 years Wtf....
Euphraxia ツ
Euphraxia ツ Hace 22 días
*Sylas Trailer just got stolen by a Mobile League Ripoff.. Lmao Even tho Sylas Ultimates Moontoon steals Ideas*
Fulano De Tal
Fulano De Tal Hace 18 días
@Aiman Sa'ari rubick steals abilities and actives , sylas only steals ults
Aiman Sa'ari
Aiman Sa'ari Hace 18 días
Rubick cough2...Ehm
Gao Zhen-Ning Blade
Gao Zhen-Ning Blade Hace 21 un día
可愛い子Senpie you sure?
可愛い子Senpie Hace 21 un día
Euphraxia ツ league of legends is an ripoff too..
ThreeForTwo c
ThreeForTwo c Hace 23 días
Is it my idea or does Sylas sounds like a commie
KatieIsntReal Hace 25 días
Mobile Legends copied you guys againnn
可愛い子Senpie Hace 21 un día
Katie Playz yep
Meliodas Sama
Meliodas Sama Hace 25 días
To clean my eyes after watching terizla trailer.
Kris Gerzon
Kris Gerzon Hace 19 días
ya i thought it was the same but..NO
Bryan Maguid
Bryan Maguid Hace 24 días
Kazu Ayudar
Kazu Ayudar Hace 25 días
another victim of moonton's copying skills...what a sad day for gaming
M Matute
M Matute Hace 25 días
The champion my communist self doesn't deserve but desperately needs.
Pan Cakes
Pan Cakes Hace 25 días
I heard mobile legends came out with their own copy of this lmfao
Jayson Santiana
Jayson Santiana Hace 25 días
Oh yeah completely forgot about that.sorry i only play ml cause i have no pc so i have no experience in lol sorry.
LeBlanc Hace 25 días
@Jayson Santiana Terizla s1 copied from Aatrox old W, s2 copied from Aatrox new Q and his Ult copied from Aatrox E
Jayson Santiana
Jayson Santiana Hace 25 días
Well the introduction almost but the skills nah
KASTUR SHACKS Hace 26 días
Moontoon copy sylas trailer RIOT PLS BAN MOONTOON A.K.A MOBILE LEGENDS
Top Fan
Top Fan Hace 17 días
@Jayson Santiana every champion in mobile legends has similarities with Lol and World of Warcraft.
John Mark Bago-od
John Mark Bago-od Hace 20 días
@No U whut? It took me 1 and a half month to mythic, its not that i would say something without getting good at it
No U
No U Hace 20 días
@John Mark Bago-od so how many days you've been grandmaster?
John Mark Bago-od
John Mark Bago-od Hace 23 días
@No U whut? How is a LoL player be noob in a trash easy game
Jayson Santiana
Jayson Santiana Hace 25 días
Well the intro yes but the hero nah
Miho Desu
Miho Desu Hace 26 días
This is your father terizla
Frankiss Kilzkoy
Frankiss Kilzkoy Hace 26 días
i came here because Mobile Legends is ripping your game again.
Yeet the Wheat
Yeet the Wheat Hace 26 días
Sylas must hate Garen.
k i n g
k i n g Hace 26 días
You do know that Moonton made an exact copy of this trailer, right?
anak melayu
anak melayu Hace 26 días
Haha terizla
Lil' Bitch
Lil' Bitch Hace 26 días
And thus, the most cancerous league champion was born...
Giomon gta
Giomon gta Hace 23 días
iSniff Teemo
iSniff Teemo Hace 26 días
GIDEL 18 Hace 26 días
Hindi ka maiintindihan hahaha
Meme Gaming
Meme Gaming Hace 26 días
Sylas: *exists* Mobile Legends: Hey can I copy your hero again?
Harith Galib
Harith Galib Hace 13 días
Terizla: Trailer of Terizla: Sylas trailer Skills of Terizla:Aatrox skills
John paul De guzman
John paul De guzman Hace 23 días
Next yugi the magical dog
Hatsune Otonashi
Hatsune Otonashi Hace 26 días
Congratulations, coz now your predictions come true
John Mark Bago-od
John Mark Bago-od Hace 26 días
Lmao their new hero terizla is just frikkin ripped off Kit = aatrox Trailer = sylas
Meme Gaming
Meme Gaming Hace 26 días
@StarMadness Gaming Basically every Mobile Legends hero ever lol
NoobPl4yz Hace 26 días
Moontoon: I'll remake this video
john mark sesbino
john mark sesbino Hace 26 días
Ml remake this best trailer to a trash one
Brolythetics Hace 27 días
Anyone here after the trailer reveal of Terizla from Mobile Legends ? xD they copied Sylas..
βeélzebub Hace 26 días
Even the chains, they only changed its color. lol
k i n g
k i n g Hace 26 días
Yuki Shinoda
Yuki Shinoda Hace 26 días
Yah. Came here when i saw terizla trailer. 15 years of imprisonment vs 10 years hahah
epicgamer 412
epicgamer 412 Hace 26 días
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Hace 26 días
Brolythetics hi
Cherry Kaguya
Cherry Kaguya Hace 27 días
I just watched this again because the trailer of the new hero of mobile legends, Terizla, is almost the same, and there are frames that are the same with the trailer of Sylas. Omegalul
Jinxer Gamer
Jinxer Gamer Hace 27 días
Wow mlbb has yet copied this trailer
Trickter 07
Trickter 07 Hace 27 días
what is terizla doing here in league of legends
99eva Hace 27 días
who else came here because of the new ml hero named Terizla?
S471D Hace 27 días
Hi Terizla.. 🥺
I like Hentai
I like Hentai Hace 27 días
Ml copied this trailer
MIQFIN Hace 27 días
Only couble things
Peter Perez
Peter Perez Hace 28 días
So basically he wants to have a Democracy
Fulano De Tal
Fulano De Tal Hace 18 días
He wants no leaders. He's an anarchist.
Indiong Malaya
Indiong Malaya Hace 28 días
Uh no?
Cagaanan Earl
Cagaanan Earl Hace un mes
So Sylas is a communist?
Naughty Ozzy
Naughty Ozzy Hace un mes
best champion ever designed
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace un mes
Prometheus ;) Greek mythology
Xildean Hace un mes
Legit gave me a hearthattack when i saw the opportunities he has
The Hardwood Butcher
Even when my team is losing and it's better to steal Braum or Lux's ult, I still steal Teemo's and watch him get destroyed by his own shrooms.
Devastator Hace un mes
The Comunist Mage lel
Mohamed Amine CHATTI
When u skip leg day for 15 years
Torokmaktu J
Torokmaktu J Hace un mes
This guy is like Magneto🤔🤔
Louis Estobanez
Louis Estobanez Hace un mes
Yasuo: I got ult Sylas: Our ult. Yasuo: I got W
Fulano De Tal
Fulano De Tal Hace 18 días
Mylifeis funny
Mylifeis funny Hace un mes
hes op
Andrew David
Andrew David Hace un mes
Next champ gonna steal ur b***h
Kayn & Rhaast
Kayn & Rhaast Hace un mes
I got emotional and started crying anyone else?
Kayn & Rhaast
Kayn & Rhaast Hace un mes
1:03 from that moment i started to have goosebumps all over my body lol
DespacitoDaniel Hace un mes
Rubick but cooler
Nezka ID
Nezka ID Hace un mes
Watch the Spanish Latinoamerican version, i think it's better
Minhaz Samin
Minhaz Samin Hace 2 meses
Best champion trailer
Darkin Hace 2 meses
Me: AY DATS MY ULT. Sylas : OUR ULT. *Soviet anthem starts playing*
desc h
desc h Hace 2 meses
This trailer actually made me shiver, amazing!
Facu Schauerte
Facu Schauerte Hace 2 meses
"Whatever they bring, we'll macht it" - Basically the Cold War
Yasser Lemfeddel
Yasser Lemfeddel Hace 2 meses
RIP SYLAS 2019 - 2019 .... buff his E cooldown to 15 not from 12 to 18 that huge .. and his W level 1 should max damage at least without ap scaling deal 85 to 90
Ron Dolor
Ron Dolor Hace 2 meses
1:32 Is that Lux??
Arnau Gómez Del Campo
This is the coolest thing ever
Jaja Dick
Jaja Dick Hace 2 meses
Wait wait wait....let me get this straight So ur telling me J4 is ok with having a half dragon lady in demacia but god forbid somebody cast wingardium leviosa? RIOT WHAT IS YOUR LORE TEAM DOING?
R1P_PT Hace 2 meses
uno reverse card
ACE Hace 2 meses
Lets make a champion that steals your lp.
Fedkio Hace 2 meses
Misaki Chan
Misaki Chan Hace 2 meses
i really dont like the way he looks.... the chains look so annoying
Ondra Branzovsky
Ondra Branzovsky Hace 2 meses
I hope they will create General Du Couteau one day.
Owrange Moosic
Owrange Moosic Hace 2 meses
Oh my God imagine him with Pyke ult
Luka jancer
Luka jancer Hace 2 meses
lol he must be a frenchmen he starts so many revolutions
Kernelly Hace 2 meses
I've never seen a champion that reminds me so much, no lie, wtf.
Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Perez Hace 2 meses
What happens in a blind pick game where a sylas ults another sylas???
SparkledCock Hace un mes
"Nothing to steal"
E17 BORA Yalniz
E17 BORA Yalniz Hace 2 meses
Swag BRUH Hace 2 meses
Playing sylas Steals the ult Enemey: Hey thats my ult! Sylas: You mean *Our ult?* *Soviet russia anthem plays*
Tsusuda Hace 3 meses
"all it takes to start the fire.. is one spark." lUX'S ULT IS CALLED FINAL SPARK DOES THIS MEAN SOMETHING
NukeBluff Hace 3 meses
Give's me shivers every time
Yolaan Fernando
Yolaan Fernando Hace 3 meses
whatever sylas is selling im buying
Nathan Papa
Nathan Papa Hace 3 meses
sylas is the new cancer.
NoiseFire Hace 3 meses
Justice, honor, Reinhardt Reinhardt REINHARDT!
Markangelo Guevarra
Markangelo Guevarra Hace 3 meses
Ardyn in league ahsha ffxv collab
NukeBluff Hace 3 meses
Mom: You won't go out until you are finished with your homework Me:
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark Hace 11 días
Jack Marek
Jack Marek Hace un mes
RIZA s Hace un mes
Natsu Fullbuster
Natsu Fullbuster Hace 3 meses
0:23 "After 15 years in the dark, I was illuminated" Nani? How did it need 15 years to escape the prison, when he could have had many other chances to steal other's ultimate and escape?
Emperor Ampora
Emperor Ampora Hace 3 meses
i'm surprised it took demacia 15 years to decide to execute him.
Mute Mon
Mute Mon Hace 3 meses
i legit recreated that garen kill and got a quadrakill with pykes ult in urf
Eren Ünal
Eren Ünal Hace 3 meses
Demacia Revolution ✊
Get Ganked
Get Ganked Hace 3 meses
hahahha garen ez 1 shot this dude what u mean
Marth Vader
Marth Vader Hace 3 meses
So basically communism
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Hace 3 meses
Those goosebumps
Anxiety Cat
Anxiety Cat Hace 3 meses
Tbh I would date him,I mean who wouldn't?
LoL Darth Ynot
LoL Darth Ynot Hace 3 meses
Google search: Lux buscu Sylas
Dark Firer
Dark Firer Hace 3 meses
This is in my opinion the single best league trailer you ever made. It feels so powerful and emotional. Really gets me hyped
Kirk Santiañez
Kirk Santiañez Hace 3 meses
He is hard to play champ, even sometimes never mastered
Ren Mechs
Ren Mechs Hace 3 meses
riot pls more yordle instead
Lux Hace 3 meses
Oh, Sylas... Why did it have to be this way?...
Josh Dorantes
Josh Dorantes Hace un mes
marvinhannah6721 she didn’t bail him out.
marvinhannah6721 Hace un mes
Thx for bailing him out Luxanna
Josh Dorantes
Josh Dorantes Hace un mes
For your own good little light
jisung's belly button
Nexoner 5
Nexoner 5 Hace 2 meses
Doxics Hace 3 meses
He would make a great communist leader
Sylas Brautigam
Sylas Brautigam Hace 3 meses
This is the weirdest thing. I have never met someone with my name before and I have never seen a character with my name before. Sylas has always been a unique name to me and now this...
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