Tacko Fall Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids In 2019 NBA Summer League! Celtics vs Cavaliers

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Tacko Fall Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids In 2019 NBA Summer League! Celtics vs Cavaliers 2019 NBA Summer League | July 8, 2019 NBA Season
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9 jul 2019

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mamy Diop
mamy Diop Hace un día
Proud of you bro
quête Hace un día
wong joman
wong joman Hace un día
People are just tired of threes 😁
Farra Fall
Farra Fall Hace 2 días
Thank you my friend Tacko fall from Senegal 🇸🇳
papis diouf
papis diouf Hace 2 días
7,7 he is just a huge wall
Makhtar Faye
Makhtar Faye Hace 2 días
🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳😂😂😂😂😂cva saufé
_ Harbinjer
_ Harbinjer Hace 2 días
i didn't think people could be this tall. This guy in the NBA is just ridiculous, he doesn't even have to jump to put the ball in the basket, good lord.
El Che
El Che Hace 2 días
Am ptoud to you. Am from senegal
Gallassndiaye Touba
Gallassndiaye Touba Hace 2 días
Bint Moustapha
Bint Moustapha Hace 3 días
Tacko will not fall😉, he's a lion from Senegal🔥💪❤
Alioune Diop
Alioune Diop Hace 5 horas
Bint Moustapha yeah indeed
Ssonko Charles
Ssonko Charles Hace 3 días
Fall your so talented bro
Litutu General
Litutu General Hace 3 días
So long the guy lol
Baba Samb
Baba Samb Hace 3 días
Happy brother tako fall happy for my country senegal
TORODO TV Hace 3 días
C'est le sénégalais qui gagne
TORODO TV Hace 3 días
Non ki ndiol na 😂😂😂😂😂
Ousmane Ndiaye
Ousmane Ndiaye Hace 4 días
Senegalese player tako fall . 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳
Khadim Seck
Khadim Seck Hace 4 días
Tacko tuesdaaaaay💪💪
omar ndiaye
omar ndiaye Hace 4 días
I’m happy for my brother allez tacko 🍊😊🇸🇳❤️
ed mackabee
ed mackabee Hace 4 días
Apparently most commenters don't watch b-ball or all would have seen this guy play. Leaving FL.ST. and going to boston will effect the nba in a major way. Wonder if KYRIE left on his own or got kicked out. (if so, this would be second biggest mistake in his career and may not win another ring). This guys starting for CELTICS AND THEY'LL DOMINATE DEFENSIVELY AND WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP IF HEALTHY.
assan sousa
assan sousa Hace 5 días
Gambia is almost part of senegsl ( boarder line)
ndelamadiordiouftv Officiel
🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳. Senegal reck !
leBaolbaol Tigui
leBaolbaol Tigui Hace 5 días
tacko is very clever and power full..........
Javus Bonmon
Javus Bonmon Hace 5 días
My Philippine Schemes
He will be at Taco Bell in a few years
My Philippine Schemes
Just being tall won’t get you anywhere in the NBA
M Alam
M Alam Hace 5 días
Just imagine Tacko with Hakeem Dreamshake style, Kareem Skyhook, and Manute Bol 3Pts skill. Pretty sure he would destroy the league smh
ANDY WAN Hace 5 días
Wow that would be insanely unstoppable
Akon Basséne
Akon Basséne Hace 5 días
Bon continuation frère fall
Sokhna Rasoul Seck
Sokhna Rasoul Seck Hace 6 días
S'espére que le coach sénégalais va le sélectionné lors du World cup
smith Israel
smith Israel Hace 6 días
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Ninja Yorky
Ninja Yorky Hace 6 días
La Shaball
La Shaball Hace 6 días
Africa got some tall men.
Baba Yaya
Baba Yaya Hace 6 días
You fall but you tall
moise andre
moise andre Hace 6 días
His surname is pronounced Faall not fooll
Ly mamadouly210182 ly
Tacko fall fierté sénégalaise
souare youssouf
souare youssouf Hace 6 días
Sénégal 🇸🇳 for ever
Ligaya Primobelle
Ligaya Primobelle Hace 6 días
Tako fall stays too long than 3 seconds under the hole makes him tough to stop
mor blinde
mor blinde Hace 6 días
Tacko fall 🇸🇳🇸🇳
Feuz john jay
Feuz john jay Hace 7 días
Кинг Конг
Кинг Конг Hace 7 días
Керемет қо, бойы қанша екен мына жігіттің
Mohamed Diop
Mohamed Diop Hace 7 días
We grew up in the same neighborhood in Dakar. He was very cool as a kid.
GM5 Media
GM5 Media Hace 7 días
esvid.net/show-UC73PjEH6IyJJAPY3orBZxjg Please subscribe my chanel
Jo Luxy
Jo Luxy Hace 7 días
It just tall.. that,s all..
قدورة قدورة
افلام سكسي
قدورة قدورة
أفلام سكسي
KLAW Hace 7 días
He will show all the teams iin the league that how can a mountain move 😂
조우창 Hace 7 días
한국인 아무도 없어..?
Macoumba Fall
Macoumba Fall Hace 7 días
Masha allah!
Bamba Gassama
Bamba Gassama Hace 7 días
Nbi amena ganne ahahahhaha
Nikki Versoza
Nikki Versoza Hace 7 días
played 2k today, and 1st time to see this guy. haha hes too big. i keep feeding him the ball and we win over the bucks eith 10point lead. hall of fame difficulty.. he can push centers in the post. haha
黄超 Hace 7 días
MNRH investigator MNRH investigator
He lacks off tactics ,let's hope that he will perform in few times like this Soudanese boy .
Royston Gibbs
Royston Gibbs Hace 7 días
Wish the Nets picked him up. He was right in Brooklyn on draft night.
Dioud Ba
Dioud Ba Hace 7 días
Machallah fall ndiaga 🇸🇳🇸🇳
S.modou Habdoullah
S.modou Habdoullah Hace 7 días
Thieuy segn takko amngap takhaway dh😂
apolo kabali
apolo kabali Hace 7 días
He has a better post up game than Embiid. Poor east the celtics are lastly back in the mix.
Mame-alé - Officiel
Réma Wade
Réma Wade Hace 7 días
Dac Hace 7 días
That's not fair😃
Elimane Gningue
Elimane Gningue Hace 7 días
This nigga crazy 😂
ManDogVlog Hace 8 días
Tacko Buku Mandingo Fall
Atomic Reaper
Atomic Reaper Hace 8 días
Tacko Fall gonna Do Good in the NBA
Lahad Gueye
Lahad Gueye Hace 8 días
Papi diagne
Papi diagne Hace 8 días
Senegalese we are🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳
Khalifa Diouf
Khalifa Diouf Hace 8 días
We are behind you
Ansou Koulibaly
Ansou Koulibaly Hace 8 días
afair bi gnounn la sadio meugui falé tacko mongui fi 💪💪🇸🇳🇸🇳
MrGOBLACK1 Hace 8 días
👑King Fall #Senegal
Mdimran Hasmi
Mdimran Hasmi Hace 8 días
Ali Gaye
Ali Gaye Hace 8 días
Wawawe Fall Ndiaga Yaram
Nosink Nos
Nosink Nos Hace 8 días
Tinggi banget
gaye Abou
gaye Abou Hace 8 días
Proud of you Tacko Fall our Senegalese player
Kevin Sawyer
Kevin Sawyer Hace 8 días
He's got the sky hook !
Rowen Rivas
Rowen Rivas Hace 8 días
Capre hahahahah
tourky abdoulaye dia
SENEGAL is proud of you❤
haider madrid
haider madrid Hace 8 días
He look like kevin garnett
Gora Ndiaye
Gora Ndiaye Hace 8 días
Game Game
Game Game Hace 8 días
😂😂yhea I like
mboup ibrahima
mboup ibrahima Hace 9 días
Thank you tacko
Adnoh traoré
Adnoh traoré Hace 9 días
Senegalese players,good look tacko fall
secka lata
secka lata Hace 9 días
Pourquoi il vient joué o Sénégal pour
Omar Pasha
Omar Pasha Hace 9 días
You have to go directly at Tacko Fall without fear, and put moves on him to avoid getting your shot blocked. You must get him going one way, and you quickly go the other way! I'm not against him! I'm just commenting about how to make an impossible looking situation possible!
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