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What do Taco Bell and Cotton Candy Randy have in common? They both make interesting chocolates! GMMore #1480
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11 feb 2019

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Comentarios 953
Z Mythos
Z Mythos Hace un mes
Why in the closed captions does it say "Chase" in brackets when it's in fact Josh speaking?
Jack Caldwell
Jack Caldwell Hace un mes
Popular opinion: jordan has always been god and is only just now admitting it
Albert Escobedo
Albert Escobedo Hace 2 meses
Oh my Randy 😂😂💀
fillup912 Hace 3 meses
When I find a gmm video I haven't seen 😊❤❤
GlumGatsby Hace 3 meses
Ooo choco-Bell
inbal Hace 4 meses
I want to make one thing clear... Cotton Candy Randy is the peak of humor.
Carl Hace 5 meses
josh left some of his pubus on his face
Toni Taylor
Toni Taylor Hace 6 meses
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh oh oh oh somebody is sucking all the air out the room, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I had to pause I couldn’t even finish it, much like Link 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and his trying to get through his chocolate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....... alright let me empty my bladder then maybe, just maybe I can finish this episode.... had to watch the end 3 times before I could get all of it through my tear induced laughing fit... oh my sweet Lord uuuuuuh too much 🤣🤣🤣
Cheryl Berg
Cheryl Berg Hace 6 meses
lol @ what was the fight about? who was going to be the next god
Sonya Lillis
Sonya Lillis Hace 6 meses
They should make a movie based around cotton candy Randy or a season of buddy system
Deja W
Deja W Hace 6 meses
This show is quickly spiraling into degeneracy. When Link bit into that mass of hair I nearly gagged. I love this show 😀
akaiyukihana Hace 6 meses
That prop is cool
fate_clotho Hace 6 meses
Omg, my favorite Cotton Candy Randy visit, yet!
jen willis
jen willis Hace 6 meses
I've missed cotton candy randy 😂😂
Aorielle Hace 6 meses
Josh is a rockstar.
Eric RH
Eric RH Hace 6 meses
Uhm but I WANT CCR to haunt my dreams forever...?
Anmaree Erickson
Anmaree Erickson Hace 6 meses
Cotton candy randy is amazing. 😍
ThisIsMyPanic88 Hace 6 meses
Watching Link's whole demeanor change whenever he sees Randy appear is the BEST.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
My favorite character 😂 contton candy Randy.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Link says: Rhett there should be a taco bell secret menu, chocolate covered options. Raspberry and blueberry flavored chocolate, with a side of French vanilla whip cream.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Oh man jorts 😂 like that you guys though that word up
The Universe Collective
Cotton Candy Randy, man...idek what to say 😂 Speechless every time, besides the increased amount of times I have to say "wtf" after every appearance
HeatAuraPete Hace 6 meses
The crunchwrap does not have the quintasential taco Bell flavors trust me
chey sechrist
chey sechrist Hace 6 meses
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders Hace 6 meses
Cotton candy Randy is my favorite thing about Good mythical morning honestly
Nick W.
Nick W. Hace 6 meses
That was nasty 🤢
Wanmohan Hace 6 meses
If you get tired of the mythical society 3:35
texting genius
texting genius Hace 6 meses
ha ha ha ha awkward face
RadenWA Hace 6 meses
That Jorts kid was Jojo af
Daniel Huddleston
Daniel Huddleston Hace 6 meses
Yay! Let’s break the guitars and instead of throwing in the trash, let’s give it away! Haha
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight Hace 3 meses
but not to just any beast. blah
Natalia Potter
Natalia Potter Hace 6 meses
I like CCR, and I really like Jordan, but this was my first dislike in a video of yours. I know it doesnt affect you but i had to Say it.
Desiree Mathews
Desiree Mathews Hace 6 meses
Lol I work at taco bell
Laly Alvarez
Laly Alvarez Hace 6 meses
Why do they always pick on Link? Rhett is the one who acts like a jerk most of the time.
Emily Rankin
Emily Rankin Hace 6 meses
did Josh dye his mustache?
Lexi Pearce
Lexi Pearce Hace 6 meses
Seems like Linkita and LoRhetta would have quite a few interesting Valetine's Day stories :)))))
Alex Farr
Alex Farr Hace 6 meses
Can we please get a Mythical Restaurant?!?!
Abigail Serenity
Abigail Serenity Hace 6 meses
The BEST randy episode so far!! Oh my god I love him
Tammy Stratford
Tammy Stratford Hace 6 meses
Was it a random pick from the entire base, or just the premium members?
Alex Macafee
Alex Macafee Hace 6 meses
Can we get more randy? Just.. Please...
Mr12Relic Hace 6 meses
Plot twist: That was Shaggy's hair.
Tab Adab
Tab Adab Hace 6 meses
Cotton Candy Randy showing up made my day! Cotton Candy Day is always my favorite Daddies!
DumaDoobie Hace 6 meses
The Next God Will Be Poppy
Jeff Willison
Jeff Willison Hace 6 meses
Jordan is so got dang quick witted. I love when he's on.
Mahmoud Hanafy
Mahmoud Hanafy Hace 6 meses
More Cotton Candy Randy
Jace Magnus
Jace Magnus Hace 6 meses
Cotton Candy Randy for president 2020
DollhouseBunny Hace 6 meses
We stan Cotton Candy Randy
Aria Briar
Aria Briar Hace 6 meses
COTTON CANDY RANDY!!! Omigosh!! I missed you!! 🤣🤣🤣 You’re awesome!!
JoraffProductions Hace 6 meses
Am I the only one who’s not a big fan of Jordan/Cotton Candy Randy? I just find something legitimately off-putting about his mannerisms and humor. (Although “who will be the next god” was damn funny!)
TGYTS Hace 6 meses
So..... have to ask: is the Mythical Society thing a knowing ironic reference or are you guys actually Freemasons (Skull and Bones ect.)?
TGYTS Hace 6 meses
It's called a drawstring, Mr. cincher-strap.
Josh G
Josh G Hace 6 meses
I like to watch you guys because my daughter is running around and you are pretty family friendly, but that creepy old man calling you "Daddy" is not. It's weird man. Creepy.
Mark Topp
Mark Topp Hace 6 meses
"The Deification of Cotton Candy Randy" I would definitely watch that movie, listen to that album, and/or join that church.
prem vikash
prem vikash Hace 6 meses
Consider donating to TPRF for gifticality
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Hace 6 meses
Hello, Humans.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 6 meses
#46 on trending
Marcus Wells
Marcus Wells Hace 6 meses
I have never not been entertained by this show. But with that being said the episodes with either Cotton Candy Randy or Damnyell/Richard are the ones that absolutely destroy me. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at Randy.
Bundy the Geek
Bundy the Geek Hace 6 meses
I hate my life… can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t bury my wife in the backyard.
deutschesmaedchen Hace 6 meses
Rhett is Jordan's no. 1 fan.
- Platypus -
- Platypus - Hace 6 meses
"I’m petrified" me too Link
Dakota EarthHorn
Dakota EarthHorn Hace 6 meses
I HATE you
georkost Hace 6 meses
7:18 when he sakd Randy you could clearly hear him say "you're so fired!" 🤣🤣
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 6 meses
TACO BELL + CHOCOLATE = HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Earl's Chibi Phantom
Yaaay!!! Randy is back!!!
LegendVania Hace 6 meses
dude that would've been funny if link just stood out of his seat and started eating his face of cotton candy
Mystic Crewman
Mystic Crewman Hace 6 meses
"Over who will be the next God..." I'm dying....
Thermite Kitty
Thermite Kitty Hace 6 meses
Cotton Candy Randy has the greatest mythology of any GMM character.
Lori Austin
Lori Austin Hace 6 meses
Tim Choate
Tim Choate Hace 6 meses
Keep it up, son lol
Dennis van Mazijk
Dennis van Mazijk Hace 6 meses
Cotton Candy Randy is king!
kill le kill band
kill le kill band Hace 6 meses
Drew got jokes
Drew got jokes Hace 6 meses
Starts at 3:35
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight Hace 3 meses
Not a society member either? Unless you meant something else and I'm still feeling sort of gut punched about the thing and haven't learned to just let it go.
Jessica Reitmeier
Jessica Reitmeier Hace 6 meses
"Can we fire Randy?" -Probobly what Link is thinking
Hold My Hot Chocolate
BmnGameBoy Hace 6 meses
They're getting close to a chocolate taco shell
epicgamerboio Hace 6 meses
I’ve always hated sausages but I don’t hate link 😉
Silent Rose
Silent Rose Hace 6 meses
There always on trending
Mad Rian
Mad Rian Hace 6 meses
Sorry guys, I really can't afford to be a mythical society member, but I lovelovelove that tiny guitar. Any chance I can still enter to win it? Pretty please with a cherry on top?! (p.s. You two and I have a lot in common, we graduated high school in the same year and all got engineering degrees (I was a MechE) that we no longer use! YAY US!)
Corinne Hale
Corinne Hale Hace 6 meses
Obsessed with cotton candy Randy lol
Lol yeah guy If you ain't Tipsy and ain't Trippin than you ain't Livin. Awesome video, great job as always. Cheer
Werepyre Hace 6 meses
#37 on trending
Puddi Panda
Puddi Panda Hace 6 meses
I thought you were gonna cover tacos and burritos in chocolate :o :3
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