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taehyung and yoongi making each other flustered

bang taened
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clingy tae and tsundere yoongi is a cute sight
taegi holding hands compilation credits: vi mulngr
taegi sweets party credits: let's ve happy
taegi dinner party credits: wooonmin2

taegi moments
taegi i love you
suga v
taegi funny moments
taegi live

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10 mar 2019






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yyoongio Hace 3 horas
Their both so whipped for eachother😂
FriskPlasma Hace 11 horas
What is the last scene from? I need to view it for... confidential purposes
Charlie Binks
Charlie Binks Hace 17 horas
Ah yes, Yoongi my bias and Taehyung my bias wrecker. Joining forces to ruin my life
Fiza Moeen
Fiza Moeen Hace 21 un hora
7:21 the way he said I love you was so funny xD
Rhoma Nuqui
Rhoma Nuqui Hace un día
This is the cutest Taegi video. Thank you.
Alina 777
Alina 777 Hace un día
Yøöngï's Lïl Hoë
Lol the fact that Jin fed Yoongi the shell made me laugh for 15 minutes straight Lmao.
saro xalil
saro xalil Hace un día
Awww that was so sweet ♥️♥️😭I love suga sooooo much 💜❤️
I like the hold hands when we don’t agree rule. I need to establish that between my friends too. And Suga not being able to say I love you, same bro, same
Legendary Bangtan
Legendary Bangtan Hace 2 días
can someone tell me the link vid of this part? 7:05
SelinaRamenNoodles '
Jin: *feeds yoongi a shell* Me: I-
Jordan Carpenter
Jordan Carpenter Hace 3 días
You don’t bug saying “I love you” is the softest thing I’ve ever seen 8:30
Yoonglesfurevar Hace 3 días
I love them cause they understand that's sometimes you just gotta scream. •-•
Eisha Penn Lita
Eisha Penn Lita Hace 3 días
Can someone please tell me what show that is at 5:41?? Why do I feel like I haven't seen it?? Help me pleaseee
정시카 Hace 2 días
it's from BTS Harajuku Sweets Party
Putri Ambar
Putri Ambar Hace 4 días
Arlena Uzamaki
Arlena Uzamaki Hace 4 días
7:56 jsjkjgahjk that was so cute 😍😍
Arlena Uzamaki
Arlena Uzamaki Hace 4 días
6:58 mood
Cat. Hace 4 días
my bias and bias wrecker (it changes depending on the day tbh)
I like chez
I like chez Hace 4 días
Tae: Knocks on Yoongi's door. Yoongi: Aw $hit here we go again
femaleforester Hace un día
Lately he has always been already suspecting it's Tae 😄
Eiaong Vang
Eiaong Vang Hace 4 días
Kathy Camila
Kathy Camila Hace 4 días
I’m found my new ship
cocoabear 2019
cocoabear 2019 Hace 4 días
7:29 Awww suga looks albino with super clear white skin and blonde hair :3 he really is a kitty Xd
sndy pdrn
sndy pdrn Hace 5 días
UWUbutHOT Hace 5 días
Suga doesn't usually show his emotions or do stupid cute stuff but with taehyung he is on a different level entirely.. Taegi for life 💜❤
Kim Hera
Kim Hera Hace 5 días
Suga!!! Your so cute
jimin's disrespectful lips
Even he didn't react to kookie in this way...he has a soft side for taehyung😄
AlexAndDougie Hace 6 días
TaeTae is SUCH a little brother in this. Always tying to get his big brother Yoongi to admit and show his love hahah
nat21myria Hace 6 días
So cute.
Rejen Inacay
Rejen Inacay Hace 6 días
Their bond was so special...... that’s why even they have diff personalities they still jive together.. 👍🏼❤️
Zamzam Adnan
Zamzam Adnan Hace 6 días
Noor Creation
Noor Creation Hace 6 días
I don't ship them but I love them Soo much... They are really good Friends ❤
Minie Min
Minie Min Hace 7 días
Taegi is real❤
Alya Kahfi Mirawan
Alya Kahfi Mirawan Hace 7 días
1:36 why namjoon face being blurred here?
xxximtrash xxx
xxximtrash xxx Hace 7 días
Riceish Hace 7 días
Gosh so cuteeee ive never seen yoobgkes so whipped 😂😂❤️❤️
Beatz Queen2
Beatz Queen2 Hace 7 días
8:33 yoongi is literally my sister when im about to leave our room
Bunny’s K-Life
Bunny’s K-Life Hace 7 días
This is so cute especially when Yoongi wanted to hold hands.
Salma Hussein
Salma Hussein Hace 7 días
Where is 2:45 from?
zia Francesca
zia Francesca Hace 7 días
Grandpa Suga
Lily Hace 7 días
When jin feeds yoongi the shell 😂 I can’t oml
lizkook shipper
lizkook shipper Hace 8 días
Im dead XD
Erikha Re
Erikha Re Hace 8 días
Saranghanda:( it's so percious when yoongi says it:(
Siti Nurhuda011
Siti Nurhuda011 Hace 8 días
HaLp MeH *IdK* *wHIcH* *ShIp* *sHOULd* *I* *sAiL* *fIRsT*
Bussaba Chokduen
Bussaba Chokduen Hace 8 días
3:35 so cute
Rayan Saad
Rayan Saad Hace 8 días
Vote for BTS everyone please esvid.net/u-redirect?event=comments&stzid=UgyYUQz6kj-11qRabPJ4AaABAg.8vayyIDUdvr8vwkOONq5LQ&redir_token=Flhuwq7EsGr3ykikNqNuFW45Dfh8MTU2MDIzMTYzM0AxNTYwMTQ1MjMz&q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.topmusicuniverseawards.com%2F2019%2F04%2Foh-music-awards-vote.html%3Fm%3D1
MinINFIRES Hace 8 días
Jin really fed Yoongi a shell and Suga's face face was like *_Im done_*
Iliketoread Hace 8 días
To my friends who when I joined the fandom a year and a half ago said taegi wasn't a thing when I insisted it was...suck it
Bean Page
Bean Page Hace 8 días
0:33 Tell me what's ep of Bonvoyage 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
mehvish yasmin
mehvish yasmin Hace 8 días
Don't ship them romantically bc their love is rlly brotherly
Kmegan Bangtan
Kmegan Bangtan Hace 8 días
when tae said yoongi sent him a long message and everyone shouted, notice it was jimin and hobi making 90% of the noise
Katrina Compendio
Katrina Compendio Hace 8 días
where is the last clip from?? i'm desperate to know
iam armyy
iam armyy Hace 8 días
เอาหล่ะชั้นชิปคู่นี้ 😂❣
emirati Army
emirati Army Hace 9 días
8:55 what vid is this
maitha alketbi
maitha alketbi Hace 9 días
Korea. Boo
Korea. Boo Hace 9 días
It's so cute how suga has a soft spot for tae and when suga said I love u back I almost died!!!
Kim sTAEgma
Kim sTAEgma Hace 9 días
They honestly have such a good bond
Taylor M.
Taylor M. Hace 9 días
Tae: I love you Yoongi: Ok Me: Dying
KimTaeTae Is Mine
KimTaeTae Is Mine Hace 9 días
3:56 Sorry, I just need a replay button
MAYLY MAYLY Hace 9 días
I just learned to love both of them, and I always will now xx
Jomie Joan Joseph
Jomie Joan Joseph Hace 10 días
One of my fav vedios Thankyou
Cleø Sháde
Cleø Sháde Hace 10 días
if only this was a video where Taehyung was hobi
oᄉ Hace 10 días
Why did u blur namjoon? 1:36
bang taened
bang taened Hace 10 días
i didnt intentuionally do that its because of youtube when i tried to click blur for copyright READ PINNED COMMENT
Hobi Taehyung-Kim Min
Hobi Taehyung-Kim Min Hace 10 días
Everyone kiss taehyungie’s cheek AND IM SHOUTING AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! 😍💜💜💜💜💜
Shut da hell up
Shut da hell up Hace 10 días
6:22 suga: Ah shit, here we go again
Francis Hace 10 días
I seriously love their bond so much 😍
Ice Axl
Ice Axl Hace 10 días
Taegi is love. our little meow meow has a soft spot for taehyungie
Embarrassed Yoongi is so cute 😍
Hallie arts
Hallie arts Hace 11 días
This is honestly too cute I ship them so much~
A.R.M.Y Forever
A.R.M.Y Forever Hace 12 días
Suga: *"holds v hands"* Me: *uwUuWuW* I felt embarrassed cuz i was in mall and i was so loud.🤣
XxRose PlayzxX
XxRose PlayzxX Hace 12 días
I'm Dee
I'm Dee Hace 13 días
Taegi like hyung and lil baby😂 hold hands!
maria tanya
maria tanya Hace 13 días
Yoongi has a soft heart to taehyung i love it 💜
Juana Rivero Fafian
Juana Rivero Fafian Hace 13 días
Suga is a rap god but onside he's such a sweetheart OMG uwu 😭🌹
likelee E
likelee E Hace 13 días
That hold hands rule
Kim TaeTae
Kim TaeTae Hace 13 días
I have a question.. Does BTS ship taegi ?
d k
d k Hace 14 días
Where can I watch the whole episode where yoongi kisses tae on his head
Min Yoongi Jjang Jjang man poong poong
Bts : HOLD HANDS!! V and Suga : *casually holds hands*
Min Yoongi Jjang Jjang man poong poong
Me : *watches this video after watching cute yoonmin moments* Jimin : *comes in my room and sees everything* Me : ... Jimin : ... Me : ... Jimin : ... Me : I can expl-
Grace K
Grace K Hace 14 días
This was adorable I don’t know what to do anymore I’m gonna cry for 10 minutes too :((
Cat girl
Cat girl Hace 14 días
6:56 Suga: AGHHHHHH!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Naida Karajic
Naida Karajic Hace 14 días
Jimin is dying inside throughout this whole vid
Wella Samz
Wella Samz Hace 14 días
Its cute how suga yells if hes shy
Wella Samz
Wella Samz Hace 14 días
Suga is a special case since he likes his own personal space but u know that is what makes him special
Riyo Nori Leynes
Riyo Nori Leynes Hace 15 días
buti am still loyal to yoongi x award
Jen Plays
Jen Plays Hace 15 días
Jimin's Mami
Jimin's Mami Hace 15 días
Shy Yoongi is IMPORTANT
dissolve Hace 15 días
Jimin is jealous
ipurple bts
ipurple bts Hace 15 días
Love taegi too much
Shiela Ilagan
Shiela Ilagan Hace 16 días
Love this 💜
Jenise S.
Jenise S. Hace 16 días
I love this video and always come back to it. And can you guys tell me where the milkshake video is from? Please
Anna Dybdahl
Anna Dybdahl Hace 16 días
Right before 1:39 they blurr our namjoons face? Why??
Lydia Quinn
Lydia Quinn Hace 16 días
I was smiling like an idiot throughout the whole thing 😂
Leanny Regalado
Leanny Regalado Hace 16 días
Maria Luisa Bautista
Maria Luisa Bautista Hace 17 días
1:01 does someone have the link for the full vid? I've been looking for it but I can't find it...
Nightcore Hace 17 días
Oh Jesus why am I crying
Nikovah Diamond
Nikovah Diamond Hace 17 días
Is there a word for a mix between the sweet and sour tsundere and the quiet but eccentric kuudere because that's what Suga is?
Jackye Villafuerte
Jackye Villafuerte Hace 13 días
Aurorahh H
Aurorahh H Hace 17 días
Yoongi oppa's smile melts my heart I'm uwuwuwuing everywhere. Send help :,) *calls 911*
ً Hace 17 días
this should be called ‘taegi holding hands compilation’ instead lmaooo
ً Hace 17 días
vmin shipper here but honestly taegi are just too cute. i would probably have taegi as an otp if it wasn’t for vmin. i love taegi so much 💓💞💕💘
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