"TAKE COVER!" Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Insider Tour

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The new attraction at Disney Land's Galaxy Edge, Rise of the Resistance, opens at Disneyland on January, 17. The ride's creators give us an exclusive look at the design, from the queue design to the ride systems that send you darting through a Star Destroyer, trying to escape Kylo Ren.

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17 ene 2020






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Mark Potts
Mark Potts Hace un mes
Hey, everyone! I shot the video, rode the ride, did all the Star Wars stuff. Thanks for watching and let me know if you want to know more or need advice on Galaxy's Edge.
Mark Potts
Mark Potts Hace 27 días
No problem! The drop is maybe, like 10-15 feet. But it’s awesome and not crazy fast like Tower of Terror. I’m not a fan of intense drops and I thought this one was really fun.
JustZiri Hace 27 días
@Mark Potts not to be asking to many questions, but my cousin is terrified to go on the the ride without knowing alot about the drop. Do you know around how many feet the drop is?
Mark Potts
Mark Potts Hace 27 días
@JustZiri Yeah! It's a great drop.
JustZiri Hace 27 días
if im correct 13:54 is a drop right? just making sure :)
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace 29 días
Great work Mark. This is the most thorough review I've seen of this ride.
Deb Explores
Deb Explores Hace 27 días
Amazing ride! Or more, experience. We rode it opening day at WDW. I’d love to see a behind the scenes of operations video on how it all operates.
Deb Explores
Deb Explores Hace 19 días
Nick Pelayo unfortunately not as in-depth as I was hoping for from it. Maybe one day once more have been able to ride it :)
Nick Pelayo
Nick Pelayo Hace 21 un día
Check out the series finale of The Imagineering Story on Disney+ and you will get a behind the scene’s look
ThePumpkinSpice Hace un mes
Too bad I'm too broke to experience this
John Horton
John Horton Hace un mes
Fantastic video!! Best ride that Disney has ever built!!
Rude Earther
Rude Earther Hace un mes
Haven’t you heard? Star Wars is dead! It was murdered... By Walt Disney, for the love of money!
Clay3613 Hace 29 días
Delusional crackpot.
gissneric Hace un mes
@Rude Earther ..dropping delusional false information fyi. It's also Saturday morning and I'm busy at work but still have time to trigger you cause I multitask like that.
Rude Earther
Rude Earther Hace un mes
gissneric dropping information was my purpose, triggering people like you is just a bonus! Oh and it’s 9:15am Saturday, I’m replying out of boredom and the pleasure of triggering you!😭😭😂😭😭😂
gissneric Hace un mes
@Rude Earther Well, if your purpose is to trigger people then it worked cause I won't stop meddling so your goal is reached. Believe what crazy conspiracies you want to believe in your own world. You're most likely triggered too cause you're answering back.
Rude Earther
Rude Earther Hace un mes
gissneric oh, and the new run of starwars movies, they are shit, and have forever ruined a decent franchise, it’s like having a female black James Bond-ridiculous.
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