TAKING ON the DRAGON'S LAIR! New Goblin Maps #21-25 | Clash of Clans

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8 nov 2018






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Comentarios 1 661
Septon Sepgrafield
Septon Sepgrafield Hace 8 horas
Wow never have attacked the new maps in the goblin single player mode, nice attacks :)
Septon Sepgrafield
Septon Sepgrafield Hace 9 horas
I'm a new subscriber :)
Young SwegVEVO
Young SwegVEVO Hace 16 horas
Your video was awesome Keep bringing more please
Benjamin Champion
Benjamin Champion Hace 18 horas
I have watched this video so many times I can recite word for word until 5:30
rainbowchan 123
rainbowchan 123 Hace un día
i have a TH 9
Croûton Hicham25rocma
Slurpz Hace un día
What mac do u have
Eaze Prestige
Eaze Prestige Hace un día
Longer is better
Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett Hace 2 días
7:36 how did you place all the edrags at once
DerpyDog Tcg
DerpyDog Tcg Hace 2 días
Why does he look like a discount pewdiepie
Evan Hace 3 días
Mans needed a calculator to basically add 8+8
Dede Mahendra
Dede Mahendra Hace 3 días
👏👏👏. 👍👍👍😃😃😃
Dani 21
Dani 21 Hace 3 días
Your voice though
Jayanta Boro
Jayanta Boro Hace 3 días
i think dragons cave can be cleared with skeletons as i have seen a th8 getting 3 star from dragon's lair
Noel Ball
Noel Ball Hace 3 días
You can just use a skeleton spell on the dragon lair since they won’t alert the clan castle and if it’s a high enough level spell they’ll break it on their own and you don’t have to deal with it
Kevin Webb
Kevin Webb Hace 3 días
This the corniest cringiest mfer I’ve ever experienced
Colin Marencik
Colin Marencik Hace 3 días
They should've named flagged for traps "watch yo jet"
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed Hace 3 días
This guy sound like markiplier
Grudgekevduems Hace 4 días
Is Klaus still married?
Slade RSA
Slade RSA Hace 5 días
Wait is this chief pats brother??
SyFex Music
SyFex Music Hace 5 días
19:46 why is there a broken clan castle
The Last Reaper
The Last Reaper Hace 5 días
That is a little bit scary
Ullaya Syrfh
Ullaya Syrfh Hace 6 días
I dont know what to say
Riza Yun
Riza Yun Hace 6 días
Japan Yen
Japan Yen Hace 6 días
Bro, how big of a budget do the goblins have
rafael adlaon
rafael adlaon Hace 2 días
they broke AF but they got sponsored :3
Ricky Urban
Ricky Urban Hace 6 días
Couldn’t you just drop lightning spells on the dragon lair?
PURGED_ MEMBER Hace 6 días
Hampus Berglund
Hampus Berglund Hace 6 días
I was watching this video on my phone and the second you Said ”Boom my army is Done” i got that ”your army is ready to take into battle” message
Piet Hulshoff
Piet Hulshoff Hace 7 días
Can you guys plz link me a good max th8 base and a good th9 base cuz I dont really know what's best
Dhenzel Napolis
Dhenzel Napolis Hace 8 días
LOL TH8 Ken finish that bro
I'm almost th 12, never spent a dolar in the game...
+Fridge Hacker playing since day 1. Lol literary started playing when they launched the game, I'm upgrading to TH12 now, 12 days remaining. All free to play of course.
Fridge Hacker
Fridge Hacker Hace 5 días
OverTakerHD Hace 9 días
TF happened at: 22:48?
Cyber_C Hace 9 días
This guy is so bad
Walker Bandit2
Walker Bandit2 Hace 9 días
Draw with jazza???
dq9 Hace 9 días
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Hace 9 días
I beat the last level in 5 tries
Sazzax 123
Sazzax 123 Hace 10 días
Yiannis Kalogeropoulos
Who pressed the return home button after every battle.
Epic Wolves 125
Epic Wolves 125 Hace 11 días
A th8 did it search it up
Epic Wolves 125
Epic Wolves 125 Hace 11 días
Use skeletons spell on the lair thing he won’t come out
Railfan 4 Life
Railfan 4 Life Hace 11 días
I'm a new th 12 and looking for a good farming base to use while I'm doing the new upgrades
RVBros06 Pearsall
RVBros06 Pearsall Hace 12 días
I’ve seen a th8 beat it
marius9513 Hace 12 días
Miles Hamilton
Miles Hamilton Hace 12 días
You need a pooson for the Flagged for traps
Selena Lee
Selena Lee Hace 13 días
He low key looks like pewdiepie lol
Identification: Tree
Identification: Tree Hace 13 días
Paper map is literally anti his army
Non - Restricted Gaming
This base can be full stared with th 9
Phoenix Master
Phoenix Master Hace 13 días
i finish this map and im a top player number3 in global want gems like my base 1000000 gems
PU//Person Unknown
PU//Person Unknown Hace 11 días
omg pls give me 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 gems
ananda donelly
ananda donelly Hace 13 días
You looks like PewDiePie
iPad Family
iPad Family Hace 13 días
Stantheman132 Hace 14 días
4:20 blaze it
Emmanuel Wang
Emmanuel Wang Hace 14 días
TBN_ Stormy
TBN_ Stormy Hace 14 días
I subbed 🙂
dat spaghett boi
dat spaghett boi Hace 14 días
Chief pat?
Jose Menodoza
Jose Menodoza Hace 14 días
I'm a town hall 9 and all these defenses are insane and he just says he can take it easy. Wtf
Toxic Chuga
Toxic Chuga Hace 15 días
Santa Klaus
Noahs Not noah
Noahs Not noah Hace 15 días
Gabrelentless Hace 15 días
A damn fish
Lou Bear
Lou Bear Hace 15 días
How does he drop all of his electro dragons all at once?
Tyrese Ross
Tyrese Ross Hace 14 días
He uses multiple fingers
Johnyyy_ power
Johnyyy_ power Hace 15 días
Ist Klaus nicht ein Deutscher Name?
Aodhan Morgan
Aodhan Morgan Hace 16 días
Klaus I’ve saw someone 3 star dragons lair with a town hall 8
marvel4lyf BV
marvel4lyf BV Hace 14 días
Hathan or something was his name
Olix James
Olix James Hace 17 días
عربي هات لايك واشتراك بدربك رحم والديك
adarsh jaiswal
adarsh jaiswal Hace 17 días
RevoltCosmo Hace 17 días
Ed Kim
Ed Kim Hace 17 días
this is my first time watching this guy... i subscribed
Hunt Poll
Hunt Poll Hace 18 días
You look like cheif pat
Youtube Surfer
Youtube Surfer Hace 18 días
Looking for champion plus players to give our clan a boost or just stop in to say hi!! Clan tag of #PQR2PYCL
젬레 Hace 19 días
good video
Khairul Hace 19 días
Good very good
TonyBƏØP Hace 19 días
yo i deadass thot the thumbnail was clickbait and as uaual i clicked by once i saw it was true.....i felt the same lmao
Raphael Zuela
Raphael Zuela Hace 19 días
I'm enjoying this❤️❤️🦁🦁❤️❤️😘🇸🇽
Kaisa Houter
Kaisa Houter Hace 19 días
Im still th9 lol
Alex AF
Alex AF Hace 19 días
Amazing radio voice
entrevistas y tontos originales
You are so good
ben shepherd
ben shepherd Hace 20 días
On flagged for *TRAPS* he's like where are those traps coming from
Kìngs Rockz
Kìngs Rockz Hace 20 días
This is the first vdo I saw in ur channel and loved a lot
Kuledud3 Hace 20 días
This guy is too enthusiastic about this
Floyd Duncombe
Floyd Duncombe Hace 21 un día
Why golden dragon should of been golden pekka
Floyd Duncombe
Floyd Duncombe Hace 21 un día
But then again pekka can't attack air troops like dragon
Fortnite Playz
Fortnite Playz Hace 21 un día
ŚKÎŔMÏŞHØŘ Hace 22 días
Anyone interested in buying. My th 9 max acc??
Tudor Time
Tudor Time Hace 22 días
play the vid at 0.25 speed lmao.
Sebastian Hace 22 días
Mm nice video. Why you no use ground troops?
Jose Valdez
Jose Valdez Hace 23 días
keaton servin
keaton servin Hace 23 días
At 2:26 he said golden elixer
Rasswett XL
Rasswett XL Hace 21 un día
Josh Draws
Josh Draws Hace 24 días
His facial expressions though...
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne Hace 25 días
Th8s are beating these bases klaus
The Formal Top-hat
The Formal Top-hat Hace 25 días
Gold dragon needs to be a hero
Jacob K
Jacob K Hace 25 días
21:05 thank me later:)
Mad Player
Mad Player Hace 25 días
Все сасите
Sea Jay
Sea Jay Hace 25 días
God bless spread his word!
M YZY Hace 25 días
7:38 how th did he spawn 7 at a time
AKASH ANGOM Hace 25 días
Do you even know the meaning of million? 😂
Lukas Lindblad
Lukas Lindblad Hace 26 días
I'd call the dragon "Smaug" since he has a dungeon full of gold (like the great mines of Erebor in The Hobbit movies) and he is covered in gold (also like Smaug in the movie "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug")
Mui Goku
Mui Goku Hace 26 días
I’m a town hall 8 and I beaten Dragon’s Lair But I wasted like 3,000 to 4,500 gems to beat it But It was SSOO worth it
Sebastian Hace 22 días
Lord xmini 786 are you srious?
surpriseme84 Hace 26 días
How did u drop 3 lava hound and loons simultaneously?
Elena Galarrita
Elena Galarrita Hace 26 días
Atleast use a P. E. K. K. A.
oGreenie Hace 27 días
Bro *BET*
Sebastian Hace 22 días
oGreenie mm he only used air troops! Sigh
Bobbin Hellberg
Bobbin Hellberg Hace 27 días
The dragon is clearly called Smaug
raisqr Hace 27 días
Dude your soo good ❤️
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Hace 27 días
have you heard about a wonderful thing called healing spell
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Hace 13 días
multi targeting tho
Vigilant0 Hace 13 días
You can’t use healing spell when there’s inferno towers, too useless.
JinxRaider23 Hace 27 días
niklas johansson so true
SinisterKnightZx Hace 28 días
**Th8 can do this ** says how do th12 do this
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