TAKING ON the DRAGON'S LAIR! New Goblin Maps #21-25 | Clash of Clans

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8 nov 2018

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Comentarios 2 336
King67abc D
King67abc D Hace 12 horas
gadlygamer the meme n yeet boi
his face looks like pewdiepie
Alhaji Kanu
Alhaji Kanu Hace 2 días
16:30 is where he actually does it
TricksterS38G Hace 2 días
I killed it 100% on my 12th attempt I think it was
Rosen LPFC
Rosen LPFC Hace 3 días
Creeper 8:39
Kiwi YT
Kiwi YT Hace 3 días
12:12 "E-DRAGS"
Kiwi YT
Kiwi YT Hace 3 días
Tought luck dude.
Aaron07687 Hace 3 días
Arelynne Rivas
Arelynne Rivas Hace 3 días
You could of just used alot of hog riders
Arelynne Rivas
Arelynne Rivas Hace 3 días
Arelynne Rivas
Arelynne Rivas Hace 3 días
Arelynne Rivas
Arelynne Rivas Hace 3 días
That's so true
Bob Swag
Bob Swag Hace 4 días
I haven’t watched or played coc in years but isn’t it pronounced lavaloon?
Max Valera
Max Valera Hace 4 días
under sans
under sans Hace 4 días
He was in Poland i was i live in Poland
Wisdom&Freedom Clash TV Royale
gsx-r7502018 Hace 5 días
If I had 12m gold I'd upgrade 12 single walls. Lmao
ian n johnathan
ian n johnathan Hace 6 días
use skeleton spell to attack the dragon cave
lucky reigns
lucky reigns Hace 6 días
Biet Hem
Biet Hem Hace 7 días
Hai va
FLAMIN YHAN Hace 7 días
Elijah Grant
Elijah Grant Hace 7 días
Gobilns are rich they stole our storages and loot we could of had like 50 million gold and eilxir
Margaret Jezziel
Margaret Jezziel Hace 7 días
It's a pressure cooker! Ha! Get it?
Haydos Hace 8 días
15.45 is when it starts
Mr Chimpanzee
Mr Chimpanzee Hace 8 días
I feel like dark elixir would taste like blackcurrent
Sora Lax
Sora Lax Hace 8 días
muhammad vidi
muhammad vidi Hace 9 días
Lol idiot
Tim Bjorklund
Tim Bjorklund Hace 11 días
mumbo th9
mumbo th9 Hace 11 días
*Great vid*
STK omarb
STK omarb Hace 11 días
You can destroy like the house of the dragon with skeleton spells because he think are spells not troops
Meera Singh
Meera Singh Hace 12 días
I know this dragon
Om Kothari
Om Kothari Hace 12 días
Klaus is the onlty youtuber I know that says "Family" and not "Fam"
KanJI Hace 12 días
Im a level 5 th and i have more thank 250 gems and i thought im so good but damn you guys
Tyler Stevens
Tyler Stevens Hace 12 días
Goblins maps can look hard but once u flood with all troops its kinda easy
Cooper Olson
Cooper Olson Hace 12 días
How do u get more gems in clash of clans
M. Fakhriansyah K
M. Fakhriansyah K Hace 11 días
You pay supercell
Quang Na Lê
Quang Na Lê Hace 13 días
you could kill the dragon by skeleton spell before you place any troop because only attack troop not spell
TheFackSociety Hace 14 días
Lowkey chief pat with a deeper voice
Daily Memes
Daily Memes Hace 14 días
People think I’m rushed just because I’m townhall 8 with lvl 6 walls, every thing else is maxed
Myles Hawkins
Myles Hawkins Hace 15 días
Anyone 2019
Gabriel Hanson
Gabriel Hanson Hace 15 días
Barch is far more reliable than some flying retards
h1g1k0ll Hace 15 días
Never seen Klaus fail so much.
Jacari Catron
Jacari Catron Hace 16 días
Anyone notice how he said 5 but he dropped 4
Karim Duggins
Karim Duggins Hace 17 días
I just subscribed keep up the good work I like your videos I'm going to finish watch them now so I can learn more on how to defeat a base a strong base👌😁
Xon G4M1NG
Xon G4M1NG Hace 17 días
15:25 klaus listen im not a hater but did u just say golden elixir is that meant suppose dark elixir
semifinalXYZ Hace 3 días
listen i am not a hater but are you deaf?
For TunMisic
For TunMisic Hace 13 días
Xon G4M1NG he said gold and elixir
Xon G4M1NG
Xon G4M1NG Hace 17 días
so klaus the troop house looks like its a goblins clan castle
General General
General General Hace 18 días
Hi, I'm Rustam
Jayden Lopez
Jayden Lopez Hace 18 días
Play fortnite
Mr. Grimm_210
Mr. Grimm_210 Hace 18 días
Heres a quick tip to counter the air traps *dont use air troops* just use. Tank troops with wizard's
Onel E Riveron
Onel E Riveron Hace 18 días
"Dragon's layer" I almost quit the video just because of that
JANBABY DOLL Hace 18 días
That was Awesome.. Thanx
Ur dad 15
Ur dad 15 Hace 18 días
Ur face can so dalied
Solidwater Slayer
Solidwater Slayer Hace 19 días
the loot doesn't look worth it its takes lots of tries lol and you're probably losing elixir and dark
Alvaro rubalcaba
Alvaro rubalcaba Hace 20 días
I finish that before you
Brandon White
Brandon White Hace 20 días
You mean Germany?
Cypher Hace 20 días
Flagged for traps😂😂😂, that base messed me over and over
Abud Hace 20 días
Bro, your so greedy just request again with your 8k gems xD
no name
no name Hace 11 días
Abud I have 1k gems and I’m not spending 7 gems to request troops I’ll just wait
Ugandan Shrek
Ugandan Shrek Hace 22 días
Ever heard of using bat spells to destroy the dragons lair?
Mehu Kohli
Mehu Kohli Hace 23 días
bro ur technique good .... bro u check out taking out dragons liar with twnhall 8 video ..its supercool
Addicted Nerd
Addicted Nerd Hace 24 días
10:26 did anyone else notice the townhall fighting back 😅
AwesomezGamer_10 Hace 24 días
Elton Manoj
Elton Manoj Hace 24 días
vary vary vary vary good
Elton Manoj
Elton Manoj Hace 24 días
Inktube Hace 25 días
SHEIKH 23 Hace 25 días
Goblins are very Rich
Unstoppable Gamer
Unstoppable Gamer Hace 28 días
Can I get gold pads next season
aYelling Potato
aYelling Potato Hace 28 días
16:57 that woah was hilarious
Logan McCrary
Logan McCrary Hace 28 días
MaxiTugBoat0 Hace 28 días
Im a rushed th10 and ive made my way to paper map and im worried considering the army you used juat about did it
Riley Miller
Riley Miller Hace 28 días
When you can't do basic math🤔
Nay Khan
Nay Khan Hace 28 días
If u watched world of clash u would know that dragons hate goblins but super cell said dragon helps goblin
Burhan uddin
Burhan uddin Hace 29 días
u cant If u diploy loon without any delay
raw trout
raw trout Hace 29 días
who else tried to zoom in?
Opal v2
Opal v2 Hace un mes
Looks like I cant go in without cc troops. PROCEEDS TO SHOW HE HAS 8k+ GEMS
linda harviani
linda harviani Hace un mes
*PLOT TWIST* because the goblins are almost broke they paint the dragon gold to make it op 😂
Nerd Neck
Nerd Neck Hace 29 días
linda harviani lol na I don’t think so they only collect loot mostly so who knows or they have Kanye west over there
Creepiestcreepr Hace un mes
Did anyone else try to click return to home
Rayan Salih
Rayan Salih Hace un mes
I’m a th 11
Brock Goodwin
Brock Goodwin Hace un mes
Stop the cocaine
KrYxF Hace un mes
Wow look alike pewdiepie
SAVAGEduck44 -Roblox and Brawl Stars
13:15 his face 😂😂
BeastYT Hace un mes
can anyone subscribe to my channel and like my videos so my day will be made nicely
MARK JADA Hace un mes
I think I was the first to notice that you dropped 4 balloons at the beginning not 5, but it’s ok mistake happened at the time
Sulo Hietaharju
Sulo Hietaharju Hace un mes
U did all of them expext The last 4 with lvl 2 pekkas
Nickholas Ko
Nickholas Ko Hace un mes
He could have just destroyed the home of the dragon meaning the dragon inside would also have died
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