Tall VS Short Battle⚔️

Peet Montzingo
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a full compilation of my "tall/short challenge" series on tiktok!


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19 may 2021






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Vonne Blazier
Vonne Blazier Hace un año
Your mom seems like such a fun person. She's got a great smile.
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila Hace un año
This is so cute. I love mom’s facial expressions! The concert, the bad guys, and twister made me laugh out loud. So creative and silly fun.
Moonlight Hace 4 meses
I feel bad for short and tall people best height is medium it’s better TvT
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah Hace un año
This is so freaking cute. I love that limbo shows up multiple times... That is a key life skill!
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila Hace un año
Hahaha right?! I chuckled at that too.
Nate’s Cats and Stuff
Lmao 😂 love the door handle bit. I absolutely can relate to that experience I have ruined so many pants due to my belt loop getting caught in door handles. I thought I was the only one in the world who has experience that.
moonbcw Hace un año
You and your mom are so adorable! I really love your mother-son relationship towards each other😊💙
The Edit Verse
The Edit Verse Hace un año
You and your mom are such an iconic duo !!!
Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un año
been wanting to put up this compilation for a long time finally got around to it !
k k
k k Hace 5 meses
Cat Mom
Cat Mom Hace 7 meses
I remember being a kid and hearing the song "Short People" by Randy Newman. Crazy if you haven't heard it.. Do.. It's funny yet offensive... However at 4ft 11 in I LOVE my height!!❤️❤️
Marcia Spencer
Marcia Spencer Hace 7 meses
This video was so much fun and it was insightful as well.
Queenie Hace 8 meses
We adore you here in Philippines. Stay sweet with your family.
Tibs Hace 9 meses
U and ur mum are cute and iconic ❤ I live u guys on ESvid shorts!
Leaf Magix
Leaf Magix Hace un año
This was so wholesome and entertaining to watch! 10/10 Edit: OH MY GOODNESS I GOT NOTICED. I 100% DIDNT EXPECT THIS. HI! and I hope you have a wonderful day ✨
69 Hace 11 meses
Rip heart
Leaf Magix
Leaf Magix Hace un año
@silberh lmao, I saw that, thx! XD
silberh Hace un año
Don't edit if you got a heart xD
BergletteMom Hace un año
I love Pete’s mom! (Come to think of it, I am a mom, and I have a son named Pete. I guess I love myself too!)
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila Hace un año
As you should. Show this to your son!
Isla Hace un año
I felt when his mum couldn't see from all the crowd. Every time I'm in some sort of crowd, I can't see ANYTHING because I'm soo short
Caitlin Morris
Caitlin Morris Hace 7 meses
@Isla oh
Isla Hace 7 meses
@Caitlin Morris oh it was just the way 'felt' looked
Caitlin Morris
Caitlin Morris Hace 7 meses
@Isla what?
Isla Hace 7 meses
@Caitlin Morris 🤦‍♀️😂
Caitlin Morris
Caitlin Morris Hace 7 meses
Tom Henley
Tom Henley Hace un año
I love watching the videos with you and your mom. Seeing the love you two have for each other is a beautiful thing!
Shannon Breland
Shannon Breland Hace 4 meses
This was awesome! You guys are hilarious! I can relate to this cause I'm 5 foot and I work around a lot of tall people and they're always hitting their heads on low hanging bars around the store (I work at a dry cleaners) but not me.😁
Aar8n Hace un año
Your mom is a hoot, Pete! 🤣🤣🤣 I love that she does these videos with you, but I think she just delivered you a "Mortal Kombat" style fatality. Mom wins! 🤛🤜👊✊ 💯
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Hace un año
I just love their relationship and understanding. P.S. superb compiled
Dani Southall
Dani Southall Hace un año
I love this, it's so funny and wholesome 😅
Banana Bicycle Seat
Banana Bicycle Seat Hace 11 meses
I love Peet and his family! I just found this channel and I just love it even though I'm probably in the older demographic.Haha
HermesGeko Hace un año
You two make me smile every video. I love your relationship. 💕
Julie Caudill
Julie Caudill Hace un año
Oh my gosh!!!! Hilarious!!!! Someone put these 2 on Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon! I just love their videos.
Kelly M
Kelly M Hace un año
This is so sweet 😭 I hope you and your mom are doing well!! ❤️
tea_rex Hace un año
Lmao!! The concerts one was way funny 😂😂
Janice with the Tarlov Cyst
I'm so happy you finally published this compilation; I adore seeing you and your Mom together!
natascha the Fallen Angelz
Lol this was so fun, haha . Enjoyed it . You and your mom are super cute.
Another Person
Another Person Hace 10 meses
I love how in some clips you can’t even see his mom😂
Eli M
Eli M Hace un año
Hhahaha Pete, you and your mother are awesome and incredible! I hope one day I get to know somebody like you and your mom
DN Kasorga
DN Kasorga Hace un año
This guy always come with brilliant ideas
Barbara Lynn
Barbara Lynn Hace un año
That was hilarious!! I get stuck on the door knobs too!!
Gauravi Hace un año
Short wins!! This is what I was waiting for 😁✌️
kaza12345678 Hace un año
Funny how when people make a "relatable" video it like overly common stuff like breathing Yet you found a clever way to be relatable by height due to your backstory
comfeefort Hace un año
"I thought the electronic voice said "Tall Winds".....I would'nt want to be a Little People, near one of those"
Katherine Witherell
Katherine Witherell Hace 2 meses
This was super fun. Love it! Thanks for sharing!
Zeidy Maturino Vazquez
I love this mother and son bond❤❤❤❤
Someone unimportant
Someone unimportant Hace un año
Hi Pete, I love your vids, your mom is so fun and awesome
Hanging with Miss Harris
Thank you for the laughs!! I needed that!!
Wayne Brock
Wayne Brock Hace un año
That was super hilarious 😆
Jim Henson
Jim Henson Hace 9 meses
Peet, anyone who gives you a thumbs down has zero soul. You however are abundant. Your mom is incredible and you are an inspiration to many. And what a voice. Good Lord! What a singer and a musician!
Ansleigh Thornhill
Ansleigh Thornhill Hace un mes
I love these kinda videos ur moms facial expressions are everything
Ranjitha Ramesh
Ranjitha Ramesh Hace un año
Oh my God 🙆🙆🙆 never knew there were these many things to life....🙈 Great compilation, appreciate all the effort🎉🎉🎉😍😍 love you guys
Andrea Ochoa
Andrea Ochoa Hace un año
hola peet saluditos de peru, tu mama es linda bendiciones para ti y tu familia.
Naomi Hace 5 meses
You know you're short when your shirt sleeve gets caught in the door knob 😂
Keely Hace 9 meses
The realness of being a shorty in a crowd, in the thick of everyone's funk deserves 2 buzzers
Jessica Fischer
Jessica Fischer Hace 9 meses
Bruh I love how at 0:36 the mom isn’t even there😂
Ivana Šestan
Ivana Šestan Hace un año
Peet, i just watched the Eurovision song contest a little bit now on tv 🎼🎵🎶, and i noticed dancers playing trombones📯and trumpets in one song, so i remembered you right away, aww, it was kind of warm around my heart 🤗, in another song, i think it's Greece, they have like a ghost 👻 dancers efect at the beginning, only the clothes are visible, without them how they dance and like the ghost invisible staircase, hm.. did you had something with that choreography heh ?! And i think what is this, i won't watch anymore, strange, i'm afraid lil, then it was a romantic song, and then again Iceland i think, the singer of the group has red hair, blue eyes, (sorry Iceland 🤦‍♀️, but Peet is more handsome and prettier :) others have red hair as well (they were interesting, unusual and funny to me with dance and choreography, i thought they might win), and i can't believe they have trombones in another song again - what a weird coincidence, i got tingles, i got a little scared, brrr, Peet help i'm afraid, what is this, weird it all somehow, and here is night p.m.
Mia Mixx
Mia Mixx Hace 7 días
Peet is the talent and mom is the star.🤩🤗
Cademan Caden
Cademan Caden Hace 11 meses
More vids with your mom please!
Carol Cline
Carol Cline Hace 2 meses
"BAD GUYS", that one killed me! Laughed so hard I nearly choked!!
sautéed broccoli
sautéed broccoli Hace un año
You really have good time with your mom.💕
PurpleLemon Hace 11 meses
Imagine being an adult and needing to have adult supervision on a roller coaster
Sarah Trimidal
Sarah Trimidal Hace un año
Peet can be so cool when he will be in the harry potter movie like the cousin of Ron lol!!!but its really true!!!!
22 Mai Nichakorn Rattano
I love their relationship.that’s so cute
Mel Plays
Mel Plays Hace un año
My First thaught when I saw his post: Why is he posting at 5 am?! Me then remembering: not the same time 😂 Greetings from Germany! 😁
andreea gherlan
andreea gherlan Hace 10 meses
@Sonnenfinsternis88 deededforeer
Elizabeth Bekker
Elizabeth Bekker Hace 11 meses
Hallo aus den USA! Ich lerne Deutsch jetzt. Es ist eine schöne Sprache! ☺️
Ralia Moti
Ralia Moti Hace un año
I'm from Kenya and confuse time around the world as well😂😂
Mel Plays
Mel Plays Hace un año
@Sonnenfinsternis88 Yay #DeutscheVibes 😂
Sonnenfinsternis88 Hace un año
Hey cool dass noch jemand aus Deutschland Peet verfolgt.🙂
your future baby
your future baby Hace 10 meses
Iloveyou❣️you always makes me laugh 😂
Deepa J
Deepa J Hace 8 meses
Always interesting Mom and Son😍😍
Being Tall Has It's Advantages & Disadvantages
Mari Ghee
Mari Ghee Hace 10 meses
There lots of advantages to being short that tall ppl can’t compare with😂
Tsicloh Hace 11 meses
The shoe shopping isn't really a clear cut win for the short people. There's the view that two people can't often get shoes in their sizes. But this also happens to short people, unless you feel like buying kids' shoes.
Bev Walstra
Bev Walstra Hace 5 meses
I love watching your videos it makes my day 😃
vinilag Hace un año
Love it!
Friede Mi
Friede Mi Hace un año
This is so funny and creative!
qweqro0 Hace 11 meses
I would say I would wanna be tall because I like it when I feet hang when I go to sleep for some reason lol Even though I am very short but I just scoot down to have my feet hang lol 😂
Braydo The Ghost Hunter (ETPS)
Pickle Peet you da best and I so adore your mom! She's uniquely cute and funny like you!
Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter Hace un año
My favorite parts are when she's not even in the shot cause she's too short hahaha
Adorable white Cat 😺
It's so cool Pete Keep up the good work and love your videos ❤💗💓💕💖💞💘😃🙂
temp email
temp email Hace 27 días
I love you both I wish I could meet you. Your so much fun. Thank you for making me laugh. I really need it. Laughter does make you feel better thank you for being you. From one of your number 1 fans. Yvonne
You and your mom are amazing😁😁😁❤
Veronica Castro
Veronica Castro Hace un año
Love watching you guys
Local Kine Tings
Local Kine Tings Hace un año
Your mom is soooo cool she is awesome I can’t believe she had a son like you you are awesomeee
Maiden Minnesota
Maiden Minnesota Hace un año
Ya gotta hand it to short people....'cause they can't reach it! LOL! I say that as a 6' tall woman. People in the store ask me to reach stuff from the top shelf for them all the time, but then I ask them to return the favor and grab me something from the bottom.
Allie Vang
Allie Vang Hace 2 meses
Tabitha Larsen
Tabitha Larsen Hace un año
This is so amazing peet I hope you have amazing day
Madeline Vera
Madeline Vera Hace 2 meses
This is adorable 😍
DatGayDangerNoodle Hace un año
Omg i love this please do more!
Anastasia P.
Anastasia P. Hace 7 meses
Someone wanted to win so badly that made the limbo episode double ))
Dayan Abeywickrama
Dayan Abeywickrama Hace un año
I like it you and your mom was doing a great job. From srilanka.😍😍😀😀😁
Starrider Kittykat
Starrider Kittykat Hace 11 meses
Ok,so back in the day,caveman day,tall people could just reach up to grab fruit out a tree,while short people had to use brain power to figure out how to get it. Short people smarter!lol
THROAST Hace un año
I haven’t watched yet, but short finna win every time
Gabz_Dances Hace un año
I loved watching this
Mecha Hace 11 meses
When you are short you have several advantages. :3
Rowan Hace 9 meses
Did, we can totally see where you got your sense of humor😜
where's perry?
where's perry? Hace un año
You and your mom is the loveliest!!!
Cathy Collins
Cathy Collins Hace 3 meses
You guys are so much fun. Your mom is so pretty.
Flying Spike
Flying Spike Hace un año
We can all relate to 1:20
Paul Yao
Paul Yao Hace un año
Love this!
Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un año
that was my favorite hahahahaha
blessOTMA Hace 10 meses
Funny! 😂
Sharmistha Mallick
Sharmistha Mallick Hace un año
Hahahaha this was fun
Jenny Barrera
Jenny Barrera Hace 9 meses
lol i relate to the selfie one toooo my arms be so short and it so close up but im not a dwarf tho just regular short
Jaimy Joy
Jaimy Joy Hace un año
It was epic! :))
Beverly Williams
Beverly Williams Hace 5 meses
Mom will always win because she's MOM!!
Kat Phipps
Kat Phipps Hace 9 meses
Love it..!
Dawn Olivier
Dawn Olivier Hace 2 meses
Too funny !!!!!
Randomsprite75 Hace 7 meses
2:01 (right side) relatable sometimes when I wear a blazer
Farwa Ali
Farwa Ali Hace 8 meses
2:07 lmao 🤣
Thunder OU Sooner
Thunder OU Sooner Hace un año
Short wins with the furniture because the furniture was made for a short person.
james doors
james doors Hace un año
You put limbo twice, you little / tall limbo addicts! ;)
Natalie Hace un año
If you win at naps, you should win it all
Ivana Šestan
Ivana Šestan Hace un año
These people who disliked the video actually wanted to press the like button 2 times but they didn't succeed so they got pissed and hit the dislike button 🙂.
Sani Saad
Sani Saad Hace 11 meses
You know what? You make me miss my mom.. hu.. hu.
The Agoraphobic Atheist
Adorable 🥰
ok Hace un año
YES epic! amazing perfect - :) yall are so amazing :) ^~^ i wish i had yalls life- :٫)
Joseph Hace 5 meses
Flawless victory!
Tega Mafiejor
Tega Mafiejor Hace 4 meses
My whole mouth was opened down smiling, I looked stupid cos I forgot to close my mouth, lol
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