Tapas Tour & OLDEST RESTAURANT in The WORLD in Madrid Spain

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On this food adventure, I went to tour the San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain. This is a great place to visit, sampling some of the best Madrid's market food has to offer. After the market, I went to El Sur to eat gambas which is shrimp with garlic sauce, and I had some Cuban pulled pork. That pork was my favorite dish there. For dessert, I ate churros with hot chocolate, and this place was incredibly packed so get ready to wait in line! To end my food day, I went to one of the oldest restaurants in Spain, Botin and it's famous for its roast suckling pig!
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✧ Mercado San Miguel (Madrid) Market
✧ Taberna el Sur
✧ Viandas de Salamanca
✧ Bar La Campana
✧ Chocolatería San Ginés
✧ Restaurante Botin
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science poli
science poli Hace un día
So similar to german food
Edna Noguera
Edna Noguera Hace 2 días
Have you done a food tour at New Orleans? My boyfriend and I love your videos!!! We are going to Vietnam and following your food guide!!🤗 Thank you for all your awesome videos!!!✌️🍽
Jita'ame suluma
Jita'ame suluma Hace 3 días
tapas are meant not to be eaten as a meal , they are a snack you nibble while your drinking to stop you getting drunk, so the salt percentage will be higher because your not meant to stuff half a pie in your mouth at once , roflmao , your so funny
Jita'ame suluma
Jita'ame suluma Hace 3 días
btw if you cook the pork i said , take the skin off before you soak it , salt and oil it and roast it
Jita'ame suluma
Jita'ame suluma Hace 3 días
if you can only get sweet cider use cooking apples and do not let the onions caramel before adding
pan B tiến Dũng
pan B tiến Dũng Hace 5 días
Nhiều món ăn ngon quá bạn ơi
Lyn's Cuisine
Lyn's Cuisine Hace 6 días
visit Portugal on your next travel for sure you will like it there😀 . They have delicious foods and rich culture.
technofreak Hace 6 días
Crazy, never saw a line like that in San Gines when was in Madrid 😂 We just walked in and where served in like five minutes. Guess I was lucky!
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel Hace 7 días
I really like that you don't drink, Mike. Because you show you can enjoy life, flavours, and pleasures without doing alcohol. Good on you!
Derpy Potato2
Derpy Potato2 Hace 9 días
1:48 there's a sea monster. It's called rape
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Hace 9 días
Way better than Mark Wiener
Kevin Nix
Kevin Nix Hace 9 días
Was that ham raw? I've never seen it like that. Personally I like my ham dry.
Monica G. Davis
Monica G. Davis Hace 11 días
Mike is playing with his food AGAIN! 😋
Ireshani Hace 12 días
Again, mikey got me mixing curries at home
Kp S
Kp S Hace 12 días
Glad to see mike following tourist 101. If ur from north americs and travel... Canadian flag on luggage and yourself for better service qnd treatment. Never fails.
Fuchuan Li
Fuchuan Li Hace 13 días
hey Mike , tumbs up for your channel!! love your vibe!! if u came again to spain text!! you missed all the good seafood !!!
Melvin Palisoc
Melvin Palisoc Hace 16 días
Hey Mikey, which one is better, Lechon in Cebu Philippines or this one in Madrid Spain?
exlibrisas Hace 17 días
That's Europe for you. I remember dining in the cellar of 19 century Palace in Latvia.
Kyle Jiang
Kyle Jiang Hace 18 días
It really is 油条 😂😂
Ana Falcão
Ana Falcão Hace 21 un día
Someone knows if he's already went to Portugal?
Charlie1821 Hace 22 días
meat to bread ratio in most of Europe is always off
Grace Victoria White
Grace Victoria White Hace 24 días
Love the open sandwich/pork /potato/prawn/garlic butter bread . perfect tapas surf n turf .
Ale norig
Ale norig Hace 25 días
Who records mike when he eats??? Like at 2:09
HikaruRain Hace 25 días
The reason why Paella tastes so bad here in the US is because they use a premade mix from a box and canned seafood in their Paella. It is actually disgusting. I prefer fresh ingredients they taste so much better.
{CEB} Hace 26 días
15:18 poster of a model in a pile of potatoes xD
Nathan Kuhn
Nathan Kuhn Hace 26 días
Mikey has the biggest stomach known to man.
Nathan Kuhn
Nathan Kuhn Hace 26 días
Did anyone see the sign on the huge fish that said rape
Agatha Peaches
Agatha Peaches Hace 27 días
It’s not bacon it’s jamón, also jamón can not be juicy because it been cured, the ones that you buy at a supermarket is mushy.
Death Hace 27 días
Gross, very over weight neck beard man bun soy boy.
Steffei Hace 27 días
what I learned from Mikey Chen is how you combine dishes super yummy.
Bb Hace 28 días
Glad you enjoyed it! That woman offering you a bit of her porra is what Spain is all about; sharing what we love and welcoming everyone, even when eating :)
Mike H
Mike H Hace 29 días
Spanish food don’t look to good or the taste imo.
Andy Reed
Andy Reed Hace un mes
Spain was already on my world tour list. You are not making it any easier. 😳
CBR_Jay Hace un mes
Spanish food is by far some of the best. I’m not just being biased, I’m from Mallorca haha.
omar lala
omar lala Hace un mes
Im i the only personal who thinks the meat here is raw.?
krystal guzmán
krystal guzmán Hace un mes
I swear while he was eating what looks like a mini pie for a brief second I thought I smelled chocolate 😂 😂
Csenge Bardosi
Csenge Bardosi Hace un mes
A lot of the foods you ate were made in Spain. Of course it’ll be amazing quality
Calysto Hace un mes
Am I the only one who noticed the lady casually strolling by with a hatchet in her hand at 5:07 ?
Figuring It Out
Figuring It Out Hace un mes
I can't eat things that still have eyes on them
cracked obsidian
cracked obsidian Hace un mes
sofia atok
sofia atok Hace un mes
its been a long time since I watch your vlog but still 2million still.... what happen are you still active online
heavenknows1977 Hace un mes
Thanks mikey for visiting us and im glad you enjoyed the food.. And probably i am the one who prepared your suckling pig and lamb.😁😁. Hope to meet you in person when you get back to visit madrid. Un abrazote muy fuerte!. 👌👌
Sparkiewolf17 Hace un mes
1:08 hahahahaha
Mo Hunter
Mo Hunter Hace un mes
The tag next to the sea monster at 1:47, does it say Rape on it? O.o
Rudy Klobas
Rudy Klobas Hace un mes
Does Mike travel with someone or is he by himself throughout these trips?
Luis Miguel Luna Pais
Spanish don't know how to eat, if you want some very good fresh seafood you should come to Portugal, have you see any sea near Madrid? Not fresh.
Mehmet Emre Yıldırım
Great bro but you should go Turkey especially Istanbul :)
jackielynne76 Exaxtly
Ahhhhh...this videos food looks amazing...how is the pricing...curious about that from other countries
LordBaconXVI. Hace un mes
No croquettes tho? :S
Yvonne Thai
Yvonne Thai Hace un mes
Lol at the nice lady who said no dinner after that churro girlll he's mikey chen whatchu talkin about hahha
Coli Flower
Coli Flower Hace un mes
Next time try some original local places... That was not the best choice
jambroqc Hace un mes
Food is miraculously good in all of Spain but the true heaven is in San Sebastian.
aingea v
aingea v Hace un mes
next tapas tour you do, you HAVE to go to Dali in boston. amazing place and the decorations are so cute
Aubreylovell Hace un mes
Wish I was there the food looks so amazing!!! I think I definitely have Spain on my places to visit❤️🧡❤️
Matt Connors
Matt Connors Hace un mes
Deadheads are everywhere! 23:14
Matt Connors
Matt Connors Hace un mes
The look of pure joy 22:06
Mark Torres
Mark Torres Hace un mes
Coincidentally, I went to Madrid 3 days after this video. Had that pork cheek at El Sur and it’s as good as you said it was! The meat pie from that sandwich shop was amazing too!
Juan Antonio Luna Hernández
Y el bocata de calamares?
Juan Antonio Luna Hernández
Ok, I saw it... Sorry Mike, you got the respects
D H Hace un mes
Dude! Pork and apples is classic...
Mimi zuki
Mimi zuki Hace un mes
Madrid is overpriced and the best tapas are in Andalucía Andalucía the best seafood is in the north, not in Madrid
Sergio Hace un mes
adripo95 Hace un mes
that's not paella buddy, im sorry, we call that rice with things
Leon Flores
Leon Flores Hace un mes
That food must be awesome because you didn't even notice all the beautiful girls walking around you. You're a professional for sure. 😉
Badgirluu 1994
Badgirluu 1994 Hace un mes
I’m really happy that you enjoyed Spanish food this much 😊 makes me feel proud of my country 😌💪🏻
Badgirluu 1994
Badgirluu 1994 Hace un mes
I wish I had known you would come 😭 It would have been a pleasure to meet you 😊
RK800 CONNER Hace un mes
Do you wear Canadian shirts places because you don't want anyone to know you're American bc if so I don't blame you lol
Luke Price
Luke Price Hace un mes
San Miguel totally overrated and very expensive. Shame to see you didn’t explore Museo de Jamon, Casa Labre and Las Bravas
Leo Ventimiglia
Leo Ventimiglia Hace un mes
How many calories does he consume a day? As much as a sumo wrestler?
zJ Grain
zJ Grain Hace un mes
1:47 The Rape Monster
DateMost Hace un mes
Next time you are in Madrid, hit me up, I'd like to show you some more interesting spots where you can get very interesting food!!!
TheRiceguy78 Hace un mes
Mikey The wasabi is in the fish eggs !
Peed FN
Peed FN Hace un mes
11:22 the Bear in the background is like : "Give me that!" xD
Jay R
Jay R Hace un mes
Haha olive pac man
Belinda Ng
Belinda Ng Hace un mes
This make me miss Madrid so so so much!!! There's so much more to Spanish food than San Miguel. And yes the suckling pig at Botin? OUT OF THIS WORLD
Whitelavender66 Hace un mes
pork is dry. tuna is dry. what do you expect lol. sorry but spain has some of the worst food in europe. the fruits are good though lol
Retro Topia
Retro Topia Hace un mes
1:47 uuuhhhh mike you might wanna censor that fish name though it’s name it literally rape
Walt Ye
Walt Ye Hace un mes
goin 2 spain ths summer
Laura Ossorio
Laura Ossorio Hace un mes
next time you have to try tapas in Andalusia, Madrid tapas are not the best...
Chris Hall
Chris Hall Hace un mes
Thanks for the video! I'm glad you enjoyed the paella, but just wait till you get the real deal eaten from the paella with beautiful socarrat.
Pineapple9 Hace un mes
....where do you pack all that food.....? Man, because of you, I have to go there..... I am going there..... !!!! Great video.... great narrative.... you are a pro..!! Thanks a whole bunch...!
Vesty Steiner
Vesty Steiner Hace un mes
i Hala Madrid !
Andiez Nutz
Andiez Nutz Hace un mes
Yo Spain food just doesn't look good. Had a friend who went there and did not like the food
Airports  Hotels
Airports Hotels Hace un mes
Now we miss Madrid!! :) Your videos are awesome btw!
Jan Smith
Jan Smith Hace un mes
You know the suckling pig is good when it makes his eyes roll back in his head!
GeckstarGrows Hace un mes
"You don't get dinner after this" Laughed at that and my very thought was, Uhhhh....you are talking to Mike 'Hollow Legs' Chen!
anghel edardna
anghel edardna Hace un mes
Wow...Amazing Spainish dishies and that's why the Philippines have a similar food taste.
Amber Ancheta
Amber Ancheta Hace un mes
Come back here in the Philippines and try the fried calamari in Hap Chan or in Classic Savory, 100% the best calamari we ever had!!!
Ez Wp
Ez Wp Hace un mes
You're the worst! You make me freaking crave in all of your foddiegoddie!!!
Rae Rae
Rae Rae Hace un mes
We were at Taberna El Sur last May and every dish we had were fantastic!
Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase Hace un mes
Book my ticket now! LOL thanks for the video!
VR1 Hace un mes
1:47 Care for some rape?
Limit Lee
Limit Lee Hace un mes
The guy who is making the panet looks like post malone
Fariston Hace un mes
Hala Madrid
Kabuno San
Kabuno San Hace un mes
Probably Michael Jackson goes to that restaurant lmao
mrs mayers
mrs mayers Hace un mes
Michael Yang
Michael Yang Hace un mes
This guy really looks so much like Jackie chan! His cousin ? No ???
Kadir Demiralan
Kadir Demiralan Hace un mes
Those garlic shrimp dish look delicious.
Life, Paws and Hoofbeats
Ack deep sea fish are the stuff of nightmares lol, hope it tastes better than it looks
C M Hace 2 meses
sorry it is not bacon it is prosciutto!!!! 🥰
snebleh66 Hace 2 meses
I think when Mikey says he had to go take a nap I think he secretly means he needs to take a poop to make more room for tasty food 🤗
litov13tgerl Hace 2 meses
Omg, that bear made me do a double take when you leaned back to eat the sandwich meat at 10:28
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