Tarot for Beginners: How I Use Tarot Cards for Self Discovery & Guidance

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Let's talk about tarot! I've been asked about my tarot routine & how I do tarot readings for myself, so here I'm sharing my basic tips to help you get started. I'm still a tarot beginner-everything I learned was from my podcast interview with Biddy Tarot, her book and my own personal practice. But tarot has been a fun tool to use for self discovery & guidance when I need it. You'll see how tarot can be a tool to strengthen your intuition and understand what your inner voice is really saying.
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Añejo Rhum
Añejo Rhum Hace un día
Ive been reading tarot cards for 6 months and counting, in all my readings they said that im a psychic which I believed I have it and my intuition helps me a lot too and reading tarot will help me to grow my ability. Thanks for enlightened me and to start something that I'd like to do and something different. Thanks Again
Zi Chen
Zi Chen Hace 2 días
I feel like a lot of ppl associate it with some crazy witch craft or out of this world religion. Tarot doesn’t have to be associated with any religion, it’s all about how you intuitively interpret a card that ur inner voice/subconscious have been trynna tell/ warn you. It’s almost like a little adviser. That’s how I see tarot at least.
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Hace 6 días
As someone who has always been into Tarot and Witchcraft this really helps!
Katherine Mercado
Katherine Mercado Hace 6 días
I rlly wanna do tarot cards and I'm actually a witch baby but I'm still in the broom closet cuz my family is religious. My mum won't let me get tarot cards :(
HappyRichHippie Hace 6 días
Is the program you're speaking of called Scale of the Universe?
Sevinch Kalaydzhieva
You have e lot to learn. Good luck
julie Gomez
julie Gomez Hace 7 días
This video helped so much thank you so much 💞💞💞 i have the ethereal visions deck and i love it so much 💞💞
TheJuneuk Hace 7 días
As for the person who turns to mediums and to spiritists, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My face against that person and will cut him off from among his people /The Holy Bible Leviticus 20-6/ Deuteronomy @-14 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord/
angelus oculis meis
angelus oculis meis Hace 7 días
I've been telling myself to do the one card write down what it mean intuitively but I keep procrastinating. Thank you it really opened my eyes!♡
Manojkunal Barua
Manojkunal Barua Hace 8 días
Sweet looking...like that have fun in life coz it's short to live but full of happyness with no boundaries With no limit love yourself love life Be yourself be blessed
Laura Elizabeth D. O.
Laura Elizabeth D. O. Hace 10 días
I couldn't decide what tarot decks to get so I'm making my own deck with only 22 cards
Марина Мудряк
Thank you a lot ) I want more videos with taro - to go deeper
Kayla Shay
Kayla Shay Hace 11 días
I just recently got my very first tarot card deck! I'm so excited to learn how to use it
withx love
withx love Hace 13 días
Thank you for doing this
alisyn Hace 16 días
could i make my own deck? and if so, i keep seeing so many ‘categories’.. ex: i saw major arcana, wands, and cups on this website i was browsing.. it really confused me-
Lavendaire Hace 16 días
you can :) i don't see why not
Durpy_ Hace 18 días
wait, this isnt jojo
Tanya Pineda
Tanya Pineda Hace 19 días
Lovely intro to Tarot💗👍🏼
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta Hace 20 días
does doing tarot reading online better? Currently can't buy the cards.....
Valentine Lister - Twin Flame Tarot Healer
Not everyone reads the cards reversed. You can do it in whatever way works for you. So spot on in using your Intuition. I use Tarot cards everyday for myself in the morning and it's changed my life! Love how you do this.
muskan gupta
muskan gupta Hace 22 días
My friend has ordered tarot cards for me because my mother wouldn't allow to order such things.
BlueFox11 Hace un día
Thats so sweet of them! I hope you have lots of fun!
Mystic Merchant
Mystic Merchant Hace 22 días
🔥🔮🍃🌻 Only 3 More Santa Muerte Tarot Decks left get yours today! ONLY $25! #wicca #magic #witchcraft #santamuerte #coronavirus #tarot www.etsy.com/listing/764284420/santa-muerte-tarot-cards
Your Soul Warrior
Your Soul Warrior Hace 24 días
Omgggg I love The Fountain deck!!!! It's the only deck I use- so beautiful
Waki Kat
Waki Kat Hace 26 días
Can we use playing cards as tarot cards (if we place a role on every card)?
Doctor Buga
Doctor Buga Hace 29 días
work that vocal fry, it's sexy...
FizXify Hace 29 días
soooo cool!
Check our my page for wats going on astrologically and spiritually @alchemystic🔮
Lili Gomez
Lili Gomez Hace un mes
I been doing this and is so relaxing. Take a moment to yourself whether your alone. You can even make your own tarot cards with messages to yourself. This has help me get out of depression been mediating and praying it’s just beautiful
Roanna Fernandes
Roanna Fernandes Hace un mes
hi aileen! my name is roanna, and i am a writer and illustrator based in mumbai. /// this whole past year i have been immersing myself into astrology and tarot for the v same reasons you stated at the start of the video /// i finally bought a deck for myself this past saturday on my birthday, and your video was sososo helpful. i took notes!!! i randomly stumbled upon your channel and i am so glad. i love the name lavendaire and what i see in terms of your aesthetic and vibe xx
Eliana Fonseca
Eliana Fonseca Hace un mes
as an ex witch who used tarots , astrology. i had a demonic dream and woke up to saying jesus outloud !!! jesus changed my life :) these things ask for crystals , tarots , ect and found our jesus was real , stay away from this !!! please these videos led me astray and i found out jesus is the only true peace
j w
j w Hace un mes
woah this deck is gorgeous
Healing Season PodCast
Thank you!
Jocelyn Bagolor
Jocelyn Bagolor Hace un mes
I have a question😅 where you bought your cards??
Jocelyn Bagolor
Jocelyn Bagolor Hace un mes
Thank you! :)
Lavendaire Hace un mes
amazon! linked in the description :)
I need a video on oracle cards now! This was so great, I love your channel!
Alyssa M
Alyssa M Hace un mes
Thank you so much for this! You are a great teacher! 💙
Kakau's Hideout
Kakau's Hideout Hace un mes
I love your voice, do you sing?
Abigail Milcarek
Abigail Milcarek Hace un mes
your first deck should be purchased by someone! its very cool- my best friend and i purchased and gifted eachother our decks and we are so connected to the deck, whenever we read eachother we always draw similar cards and sometimes the same cards! during our first reading by another tarot loving friend we both drew queen of cups, and i think we are that for eachother. crazy! I love tarot.
MysterY MAdness
MysterY MAdness Hace un mes
I grew up in a Christian family and these things are to be considered "evil" because they say it's witchcraft. But after watching videos of tarot readings for a month, I came to realize that it's not evil at all. I actually enjoy it because it guides me through my decisions in the future. So yeah, I'm tryna buy my own tarot cards now 😄
Amber Jacquard
Amber Jacquard Hace 11 horas
YES, it is EVIL!!!! If you were smart you would turn away from this witchcraft!!!! The one & only true God JESUS CHRIST is returning soon!!!!! Do not be deceived!!! Satan HATES you & his demons will drag your soul to hell if you practice this witchcraft!!! JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!! Repent & turn away from ALL sin before it’s too late!!!!!! The scariest thing you could ever hear is God Almighty JESUS CHRIST say “depart from me I never knew you” and then your soul will be cast into hell!!!!! You will remember my warning!!!!!!!!
AppleSquish05 Hace un día
I’m Christian and i use them. They are just regarded as evil because many evil people use them, and they associate with witchcraft etc...but i think they’re great for asking god to show me something and finding my intuition
Samantha Wanis
Samantha Wanis Hace un día
sameee but my parents wont allow me to get a deck coz tHeY tHiNk iTs EviL and now im desperate :(
Shakirah Heyward
Shakirah Heyward Hace 4 días
Yeah apparently it’s evil because only God is supposed to know your future. Words from a religious person (not me though lol) but it seems to just be made up from very close minded people who didn’t understand & weren’t willing to understand at all...
kumikutitap alitaptap
kumikutitap alitaptap Hace 12 días
@avocado read the tarot as if its an archetype of a fools journey. Joseph Campbell. to guide u in your journey in this world. if u can. am curious as to which christian are u? fundamentalist, protestant, or catholics?
Kayla Waters
Kayla Waters Hace un mes
my deck doesnt have any of the 2-10 's of the cups, swords, etc. theres only king, queen, knight, page, and ace. why is that?
maidpup Hace un mes
did you buy an oracle deck?
Silver Jay
Silver Jay Hace un mes
Somebody needs their hair dyed...
Miki N
Miki N Hace un mes
you still have lots to learn
Leslie Silver
Leslie Silver Hace un mes
I love reading cards upright and reversed. When a card is reversed look at the image, and see if what is happening, in the card, changes due to its orientation. Is something that was , for example, held in a cup, now falling away, or spilling out? Or does the energy still hold firm despite being reversed? You can think of a reversed card as being a lighter, or less straight forward version of the energy of the card. So it is the card “lite” like kind of like a lite beer, not exactly, but consider that dynamic as a starting point. Cards that can be difficult , like the tower, or the Devil are less intense and usually the dynamic is initiated by you, rather than happening to you, when it is reversed. Tower vs Tower lite!
I have a deck of tarot cards i just dont know how to use them
santosh t
santosh t Hace 2 meses
I like it
Jessie Lector
Jessie Lector Hace 2 meses
tarotguide.com has been very helpful as well
ductapeplanet Hace 2 meses
I started this month with tarto.
gracelyn milne
gracelyn milne Hace 2 meses
I absolutely love your energy and I think ill definitely subscribe and watch more💞
R Rajani
R Rajani Hace 2 meses
Very good work, like ur work, thanks a lot.
White Magical Vlog
White Magical Vlog Hace 2 meses
hi there soul sister, permission to post. please check me out if you want to know more about tarot. thank you. please remove if inappropriate.
Phantom X
Phantom X Hace 2 meses
I'm here for JoJo !
kayley jorgie
kayley jorgie Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much this video was so helpful 💓💗
Aricia xo
Aricia xo Hace 2 meses
this is such a good overview. I´m not at the poit in my life were i will try Tarot, but Maybe i will come back to it later. Thank you
Mei Fenia
Mei Fenia Hace 2 meses
You have such a good energy
zelastjoker Hace 2 meses
Getting my deck this week. This is definitely the easiest video to follow.thanks love
Lester Cruz
Lester Cruz Hace 2 meses
I bought the same deck last year and I was amazed how it reveals the High Priestess as the strength of this deck. As far as I can remember, that's the first question that I asked when I was shuffling the cards. Thanks for this video. Very informative. :) I'm a beginner also in Tarot.
Yesha Zion
Yesha Zion Hace 2 meses
New Subby.here...your videos are pleasing on the eyes
Magical_Penguino Hace 2 meses
i got my first deck at spencers for $8 but i plan to get another deck when i get better 😗❤️
king of saltiness
king of saltiness Hace 2 meses
I have been a witch for 4 years and I'm still a baby and learning about tarot (is why I'm here) You did great thank you !!
Ella granger
Ella granger Hace 3 días
@king of saltiness oh ok thank you for the explanation
king of saltiness
king of saltiness Hace 3 días
1: if you have a want to become a witch than you can 2: do some research on the history and easy beginner spells to try , there is a lot of stuff on the internet about it easy to find , if you want to try some ESvid's I suggest ( the witch of wonderlusht )
Ella granger
Ella granger Hace 3 días
Hi if you don't mind me asking,how exactly does one become a witch? I'm really curious
Dana Kettaneh
Dana Kettaneh Hace un mes
king of saltiness wow I like that
Khayden Conda
Khayden Conda Hace 2 meses
I ordered my tarot deck off of amazon yesterday ad I am really excited for it, but a lot of the reviews said that the guidebook that came with it wasn’t very good, especially considering I am a beginner. What type of guide book would you suggest, that also mentions reversals that I could apply to my deck? This is way late so I hope you see this! And this video is so informative and awesome!
Beatrice Fox
Beatrice Fox Hace 2 meses
Congrats to the hair stylist who did her hair. It really pretty.
Yeontan's SugaDaddy
Yeontan's SugaDaddy Hace 2 meses
I mean it can read the future, but the future isn't set in stone so it will only tell you what happens further down the path you are currently on, any detours will change the future.
Dark Iris
Dark Iris Hace 2 meses
Just FYI, you can choose not to read the cards in the reverse position. I used to and now think it’s unnecessary because there are more than enough cards in the deck with varying reasons to cover any situation. If you choose to read only right side up, have the confidence to believe the card you need to see will show up. 😉 If any reversed cards are cast, simply turn them. around.
Tiny Tiger Gaming
Tiny Tiger Gaming Hace 2 meses
I got the set that uses cards such as the star and wheel of fortune because they look cool are these viable for twrot
Origami Air
Origami Air Hace 2 meses
yeah :)
amanda dasilva
amanda dasilva Hace 2 meses
Everybody says tarot differently
Rayn Lim
Rayn Lim Hace 3 meses
Thank You for sharing
YangYang's noona
YangYang's noona Hace 3 meses
The 12month spread is very creative! 😍 and the goal spread as well. Very cool!!
unnie_ potato
unnie_ potato Hace 3 meses
For step 2 you cannot shuffle the cards as like plsyung cards. The cards has a higher energy and shuffling it like playing cards( dime shuffle) misunterpret the energy.
the hermits corner
the hermits corner Hace 3 meses
Some say you cant use tarot for yourself..is it true
June Hace un mes
Its not true.
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Hace 3 meses
I'm making my own tarot cards
Madilyn Wilkins
Madilyn Wilkins Hace 3 meses
So, just something to say in general, and I don't mean this a place in a weird way, at all! So, when they say that the card "(calls out to you) it's basically saying that someone who has a special gift, an impath, can feel defiant emotions toward something. Me, myself an a impath, and have friends are impaths. If your in to zodiac, then you'll understand when I say this. People who's Sun sign (or zodiac, whichever you prefer) is under symbol of water ( such as cancer, picies, aquarius, and scorpio) are usually impaths. This is a gift use it well me brothers, and sisters......
S.S.N.M podcast
S.S.N.M podcast Hace 3 meses
Should you let other people touch your witchcraft supplies? Like your crystals or tarot cards? Should you let other people do readings with your cards?
Eleanore's Strawberry Milk
your cards are so cute I'm jelly ;c Also this really helped! Thank you!~
Wa Ciao
Wa Ciao Hace 3 meses
Great informations and explanations for beginners in tarot card reading!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Emily Nicole
Emily Nicole Hace 3 meses
Talk about tarot cards again please !!!! I love how you explain it cause sometimes I listen to other people and I just don't understand
jacey zembove
jacey zembove Hace 4 meses
Am super facinated by astrology and my desire to know more about it will be more easier and interesting with Lavendaire❤❤❤
Chavari Powers
Chavari Powers Hace 4 meses
Thank u cnt wait!!
ღRoyal Jasperღ
ღRoyal Jasperღ Hace 4 meses
I really wanna get tarot cards but my mom thinks they're evil so she won't let me and it made me really sad ;-;
Liz Marq
Liz Marq Hace 4 meses
Same, I want a deck too but I think my mom won't like it
Stephanie G
Stephanie G Hace 4 meses
I was kind of scared of trying tarot cuz people say it’s bad and attracts bad things but I’ve always been drawn to to it and my intentions are purely to connect with my higher self and other divine beings of love and light to help guide myself and get insight of situations, so I bought one last night! I love the deck and how it looks and I’m super excited to learn about all the cards. The deck I got is the crystal visions deck
BrentMacNair Hace 4 meses
Do you have experience with Lenormand aswell?
러브홀릭(마음공부, 명상,책읽기,행복, 사랑,감사)
THanks! I just ordered my tarot cards
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