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Hi.. Ive missed you. I hope you enjoy Ryland and I trying the glorious foods from the dollar store.
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16 sep 2019






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LeShady Potato
LeShady Potato Hace 3 horas
Maybe the dollar store is a place brands out there new ideas they have to see if anyone will buy them along with failed and extra products because those popcorners chips they had they now have a Costco and the are bomb
K S Hace 5 horas
Morgan is..........so pretty!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Villasenor
Sarah Villasenor Hace 5 horas
My foot does the same thing
Aubree Radford
Aubree Radford Hace 6 horas
I can do the same thing as her but all you are is double jointed
Libran Child
Libran Child Hace 7 horas
OMG! Lol! Morgan: "I'm ready for my first frat party!" while gyrating and sucking a popsicle. Lol!
Selena Vlogs
Selena Vlogs Hace 8 horas
3:41 i still can’t get over this 🤣
a e103
a e103 Hace 11 horas
wish someone would be obsessed with me like Shane is with root beer.😂
ZJKimbley Hace 14 horas
Y'all would've been better off getting that lobster egg roll than those veggie meatballs, lol. I've had them and they're fairly decent. The chicken and the shrimp ones are pretty good too. 'Who grocery shops here?' We do, Ryland. The rest of us poor fucks who ain't got no money, that's who.
Ericka Daze
Ericka Daze Hace 14 horas
"Just made 6 figures off a fashion nova ad!" -misses mouth entirely-
Ericka Daze
Ericka Daze Hace 14 horas
Wait, i didn't know the dash crosses words out in comments. Lmao. Welp
Fucked_up_ solby
Fucked_up_ solby Hace 21 un hora
Idea from Jake webber ? esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-mqkfrKHGhYQ.html
Alyssa Villagomez
Alyssa Villagomez Hace un día
Where did Morgan get that top
Alyssa Villagomez
Alyssa Villagomez Hace un día
I spend this video up 1.5x and it was interesting 👩‍🦲
Peter Blume
Peter Blume Hace un día
*Eats moon pie* Morgan: I’m not gonna finish it. If I was alone I would eat the whole thing but right here right now I’m not going to. Me: OMG! Literally me eating ANYTHING!!!!!!
rhianna mae
rhianna mae Hace un día
They are my spirit animals😭💖
Samantha Sanders
Samantha Sanders Hace un día
Morgan talking about phone call anxiety, I relate 100000%!
Melissa Chavez
Melissa Chavez Hace un día
sitting there trying food with your jeans un-done, is LITERALLY ME!! This was hilarious!!
Chelsea Rae
Chelsea Rae Hace un día
My feet do the same weird cracks :p
Angel love
Angel love Hace 2 días
Me and Morgan can crack out toes lol i can do that too
Immortālem Vēritātis Textor
Wait! Dollar Tree has cheese Whales!? Oh my god! I know where I'm going tomorrow! 8D Also, that's a hedgehog, not a porcupine.
Hey There Itz Evee
Hey There Itz Evee Hace 2 días
Honey smacks
Nellie S
Nellie S Hace 2 días
finally someone else that hates summer!!! love you morgan
Brittney Carter
Brittney Carter Hace 2 días
Literally Morgan is me 😂 finally someone I can't fully relate to on ESvid
Brittney Carter
Brittney Carter Hace 2 días
I literally love those rice sticks 🤤🤤 dammit now I need
kaylin.d54 Hace 2 días
12:01 mins does that too
Lil Pancake
Lil Pancake Hace 2 días
Whales are better than goldfish
quince maxwell
quince maxwell Hace 2 días
Pancake on a stick is good well at least what my school gives is good
Tearyu Hace 2 días
i got really happy when morgan said august 23rd since that's my birth date :,) i know i'm weird for being excited but hhh i just was
Jannifer Black
Jannifer Black Hace 3 días
Paul Cornum
Paul Cornum Hace 3 días
I love pop rocks
Madeline Kincer
Madeline Kincer Hace 3 días
I definitely grocery shop at dollar tree, don’t come for me
Luis Trujillo
Luis Trujillo Hace 3 días
Isabelle Paal
Isabelle Paal Hace 3 días
Morgan why the hell are you so beautiful I wanna be u
Sarah Young
Sarah Young Hace 3 días
Actually rockets are a rip off of whales. Whales aren't really just a dollar store thing. You can get them at Walmart and everything
KT J Hace 4 días
How come people never go there to grocery shop? Welcome to my life Morgan! 🤣
hy s
hy s Hace 4 días
you can put the moon pies in the microwave
King Melancholy
King Melancholy Hace 4 días
My dollar store is dirty af, shits on the floor, drunks wandering around and dusty old produce, their dollar store looks like a target
Sarah A
Sarah A Hace 4 días
mama carebear
mama carebear Hace 4 días
what is something you have tried that you will never try again.... me: EVERYTHING ON THIS TABLE!!!!
Jannie : ]
Jannie : ] Hace 4 días
The cheddar fries also come in hot fries and the hot fries are to die for
Chloe's Doin-Whatever Channel
12:00 oh yeah same
laxative queen
laxative queen Hace 4 días
morgan is so pretty wtf
House of Locas
House of Locas Hace 4 días
I wish you were showing the food a little more categorized, for example comparing 3 types of chips, etc. it was a little underwhelming
Trinity Salinas-Harwell
5:20 when Morgan misses the popsicle had me dying
Mr. Caption
Mr. Caption Hace 5 días
Moon pie is the rip off of chocopie from korea
Xavier Contreras
Xavier Contreras Hace 5 días
16:38 😂😂
Roberta Delgado
Roberta Delgado Hace 5 días
Love this idea . I appreciate it .
i have village inn in my state
Lea Ortiz
Lea Ortiz Hace 5 días
Morgan is so nice 💕🥺
Briley Malone
Briley Malone Hace 5 días
Morgan and Ryland walk in : We just got back from the store ! Shane : .... Morgan and Ryalnd : We got you root beer pops! Just for you Shane : OMG?!
Zeebia LPS
Zeebia LPS Hace 5 días
Mac n cheese bites aren't a weird dollar store thing, a lot of places sell them, including 3+ star high street RESTAURANTS
Faith Torres
Faith Torres Hace 5 días
everyone’s feet do that 😂😂
Chestnut Unicorns :3
Your videos always keep me smiling
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson Hace 6 días
It’s the dollar store with Morgan Bebe if you haven’t seen the dollar store with Liza koshy watch it
Nykko Raski
Nykko Raski Hace 6 días
Don’t judge me but I like whales better than goldfish
Elizabeth Jean
Elizabeth Jean Hace 6 días
Moon pies are a huge southern thing and they have all kinds of flavours like banana and lemon that really slap 👏🏻
View Skirted
View Skirted Hace 6 días
Watch from 17:23 😂 literally made my day
Alex Justus
Alex Justus Hace 6 días
3:56 the most smol pure smile.
Sara Hace 6 días
Did he just call a recorder a flute
Roy Ward
Roy Ward Hace 7 días
wtf morgan
Natalie Hace 7 días
I would grocery shop at Dollar tree when I was poor.
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