Taylor Swift - Delicate

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Fatima Rahman
Fatima Rahman Hace 10 horas
This was my favourite song back in 5th grade. I still remember I used to listen to this everyday. Thanks for this fantastic creation Taylor. This really shows my personality, how I am an outsider. Love this even now when I have become a 7th grader...😇😙
Min Minn
Min Minn Hace 10 horas
I love how shes being herself for 4 minutes
Mariana Bellei
Mariana Bellei Hace 11 horas
Delicate and lover, best videos!!!! I love it 💕
Olivia Van Camp
Olivia Van Camp Hace 11 horas
i love how Taylor still puts out music and doesn't lisen to haters
Maria Halac
Maria Halac Hace 11 horas
3:37 did abby lee train her or sumthin !!!
Ana Paula Vasconcelos
Ana Paula Vasconcelos Hace 13 horas
Kat Kay
Kat Kay Hace 13 horas
This is like my #1 song during qurintine
abhishek sinha
abhishek sinha Hace 14 horas
From now my life dedicated to my love Taylor 😍
abhishek gond
abhishek gond Hace 15 horas
Love from INDIA ❤️❤️
Aybüke Geçim
Aybüke Geçim Hace 17 horas
is that sia clip
whatever whatever
whatever whatever Hace 17 horas
she looks beter skinnier
YewTV Hace 19 horas
That Joe Alwyn reference 3:30 “Joe’s Deli” ❤️
meh Hace 20 horas
ASD Classroom
ASD Classroom Hace 20 horas
I love you Taylor swift so much as you are 🦄 love youacorn
Nurul Muzirah
Nurul Muzirah Hace 22 horas
Lydia Pramono
Lydia Pramono Hace 22 horas
is there anything that she can't do
SARKAR BK Hace 23 horas
Nice dear song
luis 13
luis 13 Hace un día
This song has something special that I don't know what it is, I still love it the same as I love Taylor Swift 🥺💖💖💖
ShadowMasterGamer SMG
I know that place that's the biltmore hotel
Pin Pecheata
Pin Pecheata Hace un día
That is my dream 😂
faizul raihan
faizul raihan Hace un día
Love you Taylor 💘💘💘
suneil agrawal
suneil agrawal Hace un día
Damandeep Kaur
Damandeep Kaur Hace un día
Every time i listen to this song it makes my heart and soul delicate
Anonymous Hace un día
Love this song and choreography
The Lion & the Lamb
The Lion & the Lamb Hace un día
The cute sweet Taylor I miss.
N E E N Hace un día
2020 it's still Delicate
Detaari Yanto
Detaari Yanto Hace un día
😂 freedom..
Good Warrior
Good Warrior Hace un día
AyanaKitty Hace un día
April 2020? This song never gets old..
🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening every day This performance is amazing 1:24 💜💞 👇💘
Pınar Hace un día
actually this song is about joe alwyan not all of it but i think during these times they are dating
P J Hace un día
Yes it's about the early stage of their relationship when they weren't official yet.
Raja Yaqub
Raja Yaqub Hace un día
Nobody: Truly nobody: Me at the night: Isn't it Isn't it Isn't it My mom:😞 My neighbors: 😑😑😑 ME :🤭🤭
Sarah Burkett
Sarah Burkett Hace un día
That awkward way she dances is how I feel when I’m listening to her music. 🤪🤪🤪
stuti verma
stuti verma Hace un día
Selena and Taylor make 100 billion views worth song😊😊😊 agree?
0 citruside
0 citruside Hace un día
Im just gonna look at this like a 123 year old
Reputation Hace un día
Noone Literally noone Me:She has been in the same dress during the video 🤔😉
Nick Campo
Nick Campo Hace 2 días
405 210 080
GACHA REN Hace 2 días
This is such an amazing video
Jai Krishan Joshi
Jai Krishan Joshi Hace 2 días
Just here to see how many are here after Corona
RubenJames BullPlume
Just kidding not kidding
RubenJames BullPlume
I love u taylor swift
Victorious Yey
Victorious Yey Hace 2 días
2:25 : me during quarantine
Karina Lara
Karina Lara Hace 2 días
Es tan bella ♥️
Phoenix Alexander
Phoenix Alexander Hace 2 días
Lol when she starts dancing
Phoenix Alexander
Phoenix Alexander Hace 2 días
Me in my room lol
lilmix 6ixx
lilmix 6ixx Hace 2 días
1. Sia 2.Taylor swift 3. Melanie Martinez 4. Adele 5. Beyonce 6. katy Perry
lilmix 6ixx
lilmix 6ixx Hace 2 días
Who ever disliked this song don't know true talent
Alan Alborn
Alan Alborn Hace 2 días
how do you come up with these awsome songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fredric Hace 2 días
As Stewie would describe her: 😬☺️😇 "She's more than a singer.....She's a Gazelle in a high-waisted Swimsuit"
Iqtada yasin
Iqtada yasin Hace 2 días
0:55 so cute😄
Iyan Revaell
Iyan Revaell Hace 2 días
aku suka
Younwoo Shin
Younwoo Shin Hace 2 días
my favorite song
ml addictor'ss
ml addictor'ss Hace 3 días
Knock(2) r U guys still here at 2020? 😜
Edward Zaleski
Edward Zaleski Hace 3 días
Do you have plans for the octavator in the future?
Yusra Narais
Yusra Narais Hace 3 días
Wow she can dance
Jade Hace 3 días
Those guards must have had a hard time keeping a straight face at 1:22 :))
Snow mana mee
Snow mana mee Hace 3 días
I love you for you! ❤️
why angel why
why angel why Hace 3 días
This song means so much to me. I love Taylor’s lyrical genius and her saucy dance moves too ;) 5 stars
Lara Hammer
Lara Hammer Hace 3 días
Who else thinks Taylor swift should go back to country music
max fury
max fury Hace 3 días
Splits takes lot of time and effort to learn... She did it... 😍appreciate that.. ❤
Lalkhawlien Infimate
Tailor is the best producer
frrr r. frías
frrr r. frías Hace 3 días
Man, this song is great but we just can’t ignore the fact that “Getaway Car” deserved more its video instead. :(
Mariana Bellei
Mariana Bellei Hace 11 horas
frrr r. frías getaway car>>>>>>>>>>>>> ready for it.
Krishna Thapa
Krishna Thapa Hace 3 días
How abt taylor and shawn song together
Nicole A
Nicole A Hace 3 días
My Favourite Song 💙💙 REPUTATION is a masterpiece
J MB Hace 3 días
I love this song!F*cking masterpiece!
Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie Hace 3 días
1, 2 , 3 LET’S GO B*TCH
fg_ maf
fg_ maf Hace 3 días
Taylor dancer of the nation
fg_ maf
fg_ maf Hace 3 días
Oooooh this is the same place of BTS' Black Swan MV. It's cool
xXRawritskelseyXx Hace 3 días
Am I the only one who is confused why Taylor swift and her bodyguards walked 2 steps backwards? Ovo
P J Hace un día
She is trying to see if she has any personal freedom to move where she wants, but they follow her every move. So they make her feel more trapped.
andrew furnell
andrew furnell Hace 3 días
Poor lass turned Harry Styles gay. He's still so far back in Narnia but we all know Harry. It's ok, there's nothing to be afraid of
andrew furnell
andrew furnell Hace un día
@P J Think again. Which guy wears a blouse and a pearl necklace?Something my granny used to wear. Tell you now that he will come out one day.
P J Hace un día
Harry isn't gay, he dated Camille Rowe in 2017. His current album is all about her.
Gowtham Ravi
Gowtham Ravi Hace 3 días
Awesome song
mohammed ghouse
mohammed ghouse Hace 3 días
I love u Taylor Swift
Aygun Ahmadzada
Aygun Ahmadzada Hace 4 días
Life is too short if you pretended that you don’t like Taylor😊
erin hills
erin hills Hace 4 días
why’s everyone just coming here now lmao
Emma D Gallagher
Emma D Gallagher Hace 4 días
2:30 is that the same place BTS filmed black swan?
queen kawaii
queen kawaii Hace 4 días
Dianna Rose
Dianna Rose Hace 4 días
Look out for me Joseph Andrew Andy Velousky
Hishiko Hace 4 días
"This aint for the best, my reputation's never been at it's worst so, you must like me for me." Yeah, I see a hidden message here. Taylor's reputation has been ruined after the EDITED call, and Taylor telling her fans to just like her for being Taylor. ❤
P J Hace un día
My reputation's never been worse* and yes it's not a hidden message, it's literally the main lyric of the song.
Nick Campo
Nick Campo Hace 4 días
405 008 042
What i kepp seee ing uuu
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore Hace 4 días
At 2:44 it says on the wall "Track 5"
P J Hace un día
This was the 5th track of the album, and every 5th track for her is the most vulnerable song on the album
Through The Phone
Through The Phone Hace 4 días
3:08 I'd dance in a storm in my best dress FEARLESS
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Hace 2 días
She's being Fearless. This is the time where she Speaks Now.
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