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A lawyer (Taraji P. Henson) tries to prove a teacher (Cecily Strong) took advantage of her student (Pete Davidson) but instead learns the affair only had positive consequences.
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12 abr 2015






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Comentarios 4 341
CSG Hace 16 horas
Aren’t lawyers not supposed to ask questions they don’t already know the answers to?
Victor Hace un día
0:59, it's him again yess
Cheddaisgood Hace un día
It was like the final scene of Rudy😂😂
Azure Fortman
Azure Fortman Hace 2 días
Taraji looks absolutely stunning in this skit.
Hamad Osuna
Hamad Osuna Hace 2 días
J.r. Kees
J.r. Kees Hace 2 días
Gota do it for the extra credit ya know
Klemen Grm
Klemen Grm Hace 3 días
The boy who lived
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts Hace 4 días
I’m British btw.
Eeli Hakala
Eeli Hakala Hace 4 días
Thing that have happened on April 15th. The titanic sank The Notre Dame church fire started And this
Grant Smith
Grant Smith Hace un día
No u
Charlie Dovlander
Charlie Dovlander Hace 5 días
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Hace 5 días
Pete Davidson is not funny, the material is. If you think he's the best cast member you're probably a woman
Luke Ashton
Luke Ashton Hace 5 días
Who wouldn't? If Pete Davidson were my 16 year old student, I'd fuck him too.
YDKM Gaming
YDKM Gaming Hace 6 días
lol "The One"
Volkhova Hace 6 días
we shouldn't joke about this kind of thing....
Almendra Cephei
Almendra Cephei Hace 7 días
this is so disturbing...
Lydia Dickinson
Lydia Dickinson Hace 7 días
this is a fucking copy of thats my boy
Behroz Baloch
Behroz Baloch Hace 7 días
Keenan is wonderfully funny
I tried to keep a straight face but then he said "Fred pimp stone"🤣😂
UnSafeNinja 47
UnSafeNinja 47 Hace 8 días
after school special! I’m so done 🤣🤣🤣😭
ITrynda Hace 8 días
This should be considered as the best sketch of Pete Davidson.
isha singh
isha singh Hace 8 días
Fred pimp Stone lol 😂 😂 😂 😂
Supercalifragilisticdizbesuchadopekid! :^)
Against -
Against - Hace 8 días
Jasper Arce
Jasper Arce Hace 9 días
the boy who would be king
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia Hace 9 días
Had some meet and greets 😂😂😂
RedFlamee Hace 9 días
*Great The Gavin*
ytub yt
ytub yt Hace 9 días
That smirk from the judge tho........LMFAO
Cienna Mendivel
Cienna Mendivel Hace 10 días
Lee Gonzales
Lee Gonzales Hace 10 días
Watching it because its April 15
SuperSouthpaw Hace 10 días
Today is April 15th😂😂
Queen Aisha
Queen Aisha Hace 10 días
Go check out @10k.a on TikTok 🔥🔥🔥
Kyle Christensen
Kyle Christensen Hace 10 días
5 *glorious* years ago to the day
Sher Tanumihardja
Sher Tanumihardja Hace 11 días
The writers for this skit missed the opportunity when pete not flirting with taraji
Avery Brandt
Avery Brandt Hace 11 días
of course its my county
the man
the man Hace 12 días
Yo it meee the man
lemon with a Q
lemon with a Q Hace 12 días
A true classic.
Ray Sarte
Ray Sarte Hace 12 días
One of my favorite skits
RHETT BELL Hace 12 días
Maybe my favorite recent SNL SKIT
Joe Fords
Joe Fords Hace 13 días
What a proud dad
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Hace 13 días
I almost had the chance to bang a teacher when I was a young lad, but, she was obviously a nut job...whom would have given me, a nut job. *sighs * C'est la vie,non? roflolmfao
Gavin Vincent
Gavin Vincent Hace 13 días
Screw The Net was she hot
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Hace 13 días
This is definitely Chad
The Night Sky
The Night Sky Hace 14 días
UnknownStuff Hace 14 días
thought this was real for a second.... LMAO THOSE NAMES THOUGH
Lucas Grooters
Lucas Grooters Hace 14 días
Brandon Minikwu
Brandon Minikwu Hace 14 días
The Boy Who Lived! Lol
Nathan H
Nathan H Hace 14 días
I wish this happen to me.
shania gaming
shania gaming Hace 15 días
Mine last name Arnold but I am black
John Neveu
John Neveu Hace 15 días
Strong is a smoke show in this sketch
alyisdead Hace 16 días
“Not until you pound it!” Pretty sure he already did that, your honor
Music Is Passion
Music Is Passion Hace 14 días
TAYLSE MUSIC Hace 16 días
Listen to my new song
Death Pixel
Death Pixel Hace 17 días
Me: *hears hot for teacher* Also me: Van Halen starts playing in head
Chris S
Chris S Hace 17 días
Why is Taraji looking in such an odd direction lol i just hate the way she moves her lips
Adam Katt
Adam Katt Hace 18 días
Still this one isnt as good as the skit with both women.
Renatta Rivero
Renatta Rivero Hace 18 días
He who has sex with teachers Me: laughing so hard
Samuel Turner
Samuel Turner Hace 19 días
My hero 😂😂😂😂
Johnathon Wooters
Johnathon Wooters Hace 19 días
Switch roles and it's not okay? Like I'm a high school teacher....why can't me and the 16 yes old girls get down.????!?!??
elias borsov
elias borsov Hace 19 días
“He who has sex with teachers” 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Almighty Avocado
The Almighty Avocado Hace 20 días
“What can I do for extra credit and it was on “😭
wack Hace 20 días
Who else lives in Hillsborough County
stetboy Hace 20 días
Wish that would happen in real life
Joseph Bayer
Joseph Bayer Hace 20 días
I Know
Talon Slaton
Talon Slaton Hace 20 días
" i just remember giving thousands of high fives "
Werner Ernst
Werner Ernst Hace 21 un día
I think I pissed my self from laughing too much
C Black
C Black Hace 21 un día
Now let’s get a sketch making a joke about an underaged female having sex with a male teacher .. oh wait we won’t because SNL is so far left that they’re allowed to get away by the double standard leftist law
Aleczander Smith
Aleczander Smith Hace 21 un día
They took out Ronda Rousey
EM EM Hace 22 días
i laughed so bloody hard,,, then i felt wrong ..oh my gawwwd
Jamila Juicey
Jamila Juicey Hace 22 días
The defendent is funny as fuck
Lucid Clip
Lucid Clip Hace 22 días
Afterschool special baby
Isa Sukhra
Isa Sukhra Hace 22 días
Oh hell no they did not say that the affair happened on April 15 my birthday
RoboBlox TM
RoboBlox TM Hace 22 días
This is what SNL should be.
Lil Pistol
Lil Pistol Hace 22 días
pimpy longstocking
Don Henry
Don Henry Hace 22 días
Taraji looks really good with the glasses..
jashna kapadia
jashna kapadia Hace 22 días
So corny
sofia gamer
sofia gamer Hace 23 días
Wow now he is dating a much older lady irl
Zack Hunter
Zack Hunter Hace 23 días
This is kinda not funny
CarolinaBaby _
CarolinaBaby _ Hace 23 días
Bruh I was almost him in 10th grade. Ms. Sultana. Was totally tryna get extra credit from her. Brazilian big boobs pretty face with a fatass. Was like 28 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
Matt King
Matt King Hace 24 días
This show is just horrible anymore. Lorne Michaels needs to retire and end this stupididty. The show actually died about twenty years ago.
Thata Oduetse Seleka
Thata Oduetse Seleka Hace 24 días
AfterSchoolSpeical. lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thata Oduetse Seleka
Thata Oduetse Seleka Hace 24 días
Fred PimpStone 🤣 lmao
Darel Halgarth
Darel Halgarth Hace 24 días
Haha, isn't abuse of power funny? I really loved the monotonous delivery of the lines too.
Darel Halgarth
Darel Halgarth Hace 24 días
Haha, isn't paedophilia and abuse of power funny? I really loved the monotonous delivery of the lines too.
James Kim
James Kim Hace 25 días
Welcome to Florida everyone.
StillJustDreaming Hace 25 días
"After school special" 2:26 :-D
Killa Beez
Killa Beez Hace 25 días
Pete Davidson is the man😂
RAID3R63 Hace 25 días
I was Rudy
10,000 subs with no videos
“He who has sex with teachers”
EveryDayLife4you #EDL4Y
Lmfao this is so true 😂😂😂😂 shit like this needs to be real but no they say the female teacher broke the law😡
FunkySableye Hace 24 días
EveryDayLife4you #EDL4Y rape is so funny isn’t it......
Poppy Pulp
Poppy Pulp Hace 25 días
April 15 is my bday
Fatima Amerson
Fatima Amerson Hace 25 días
"Your mother said that you came home feeling sick?" "Yes ma'am. " "I asked for Tylenol because I was fist pumping all the way home, so my muscles were a little sore." 🤣🤣😱
Octo Geek
Octo Geek Hace 25 días
I am just speechless I got nothing LMAO !!!
Fuck Ass 99
Fuck Ass 99 Hace 25 días
SNL sucks ass nowadays. Shits not even clever any more.
Mathias Voorhees
Mathias Voorhees Hace 26 días
Why do these videos have the same garbage laugh track? They would be ten times funnier without.
Mathias Voorhees
Mathias Voorhees Hace 26 días
Who plays the black judge? I love that man.
willburd bath
willburd bath Hace 26 días
that lawyer😍
Victor Muthoka
Victor Muthoka Hace 26 días
Fred Pimpstone? Y'all 😂😂😂.
Sean Gleeson
Sean Gleeson Hace 26 días
Why does the lawyer remind me of jujubee
JustusGregorius Hace 26 días
"He who has sex with teachers."
Yousif Omer
Yousif Omer Hace 27 días
I just wanna punch pete In the fucking face goddamn
Alois Trancy_1212
Alois Trancy_1212 Hace 27 días
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