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A lawyer (Taraji P. Henson) tries to prove a teacher (Cecily Strong) took advantage of her student (Pete Davidson) but instead learns the affair only had positive consequences.
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12 abr 2015

SNLSaturday Night LiveClipCourt CaseTeacherEpisode 19TV ShowCecily StrongTaraji P. Henson (Film Actor)Pete DavidsonAffairKenan ThompsonEmpireTrialSchoolTeacher TrialRudyLawyerKate McKinnonBobby Moynihan






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Comentarios 4 320
Adog Hace 3 horas
Gudder Games
Gudder Games Hace 5 horas
Tarji looking good in that dress.
Mr. Kiwi
Mr. Kiwi Hace 9 horas
Basically real life lol
Robert RR
Robert RR Hace 9 horas
Fred pimpstone LOOOL
David Rochullo
David Rochullo Hace 12 horas
the boy who live😎😎😎
eric bot_420
eric bot_420 Hace un día
B Reelz DaTruthseeker
The boy who lived. Yooooo I'm done. Dont smoke weed and watch this. I pissed myself
The ClockWork Insomnia
Didn’t expect a magic the gathering joke
Sakshi Tripathi
Sakshi Tripathi Hace un día
1:20 the way the judge looks at him kills me 😂😂
Samuel Gebeyehu
Samuel Gebeyehu Hace un día
"After school special" and Fred Pimpstone"😂
Samuel Gebeyehu
Samuel Gebeyehu Hace un día
"She's over there looking all fine" got me 😂
Scott Little
Scott Little Hace 2 días
The boy who lived
Tyler Curtis
Tyler Curtis Hace 2 días
I think it wouldve been more funny if at the end they found her guilty anyway.
Charles Stewart
Charles Stewart Hace 3 días
fred pimpstone
Ass Master
Ass Master Hace 3 días
Sir Pimpsalot
Dominic Way
Dominic Way Hace 3 días
And he who has sex with teachers 😂
YourMajesty Hace 3 días
Liberal democrats will very slowly but surely introduce rights for pedophiles.
Herbert Erdferkel
Herbert Erdferkel Hace un día
awww look, a poor conservative being concerned for his backwards ideals and jumping to extremes again to paint an irrational picture of his opposition. The US cavemen are so funny when it comes to consensual sex, nudity, homosexual relations etc., still bugging into the personal affairs of people as if we would be in the dark ages of puritanism. Hilarious those inconsistent US state laws and legal ages for harmless things without a victim ... but hey, not surprising coming from a nation of morons, where the large majority still believes in a magic, allmighty skywizard and where the people keep killing each other in numbers other nations didnt even managed during a civil war.
Mzingaye Mubaya
Mzingaye Mubaya Hace 4 días
As Birdman Says This is NOT a crime, The visual evidence speaks for itself
Uddeshya Singh
Uddeshya Singh Hace 6 días
The judge thow
Howard Tessler
Howard Tessler Hace 6 días
wow, this is so incredibly funny that you almost forget that "South Park" covered this topic way better and at least 10 years earlier. * SNL has never been lamer . SMDH .
Neil Bins
Neil Bins Hace 7 días
This some sexist-ass bullshit
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh Hace 9 días
Can’t believe people are going to jail for this shit
Milk Kun -
Milk Kun - Hace 9 días
Domestic no kanojo
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores Hace 11 días
Taraji P. Henson looking like a snack😍
Alcir Figueroa
Alcir Figueroa Hace 11 días
Supercalafragalistic-this-be-suc-h-a-dope-kid 😂😂
Richard Calisi
Richard Calisi Hace 11 días
how come this never happened to me when i was in school? I wish my teacher came on to me...she was smokin hot.
Christopher Ramsey
Christopher Ramsey Hace 11 días
I would describe it as the end of the movie “Rudy”. And I was Rudy.
James Doherty
James Doherty Hace 11 días
That truly was just some harmless fun and a great SNL skit , one of the best come on that’s been going on since the 60s we can’t still laugh at that then this society is way too uptight
Pope Bender
Pope Bender Hace 11 días
Not bad. Not bad
Dan B
Dan B Hace 12 días
Its beyond me how a single person found this funny. SNL is not what it used to be.
Swapnil Singh
Swapnil Singh Hace 12 días
The judge's reaction after extra credits cracks me up every time...."Look at you"..
Amirul Hayat
Amirul Hayat Hace 12 días
My maaaaan
Johnny Broadway
Johnny Broadway Hace 12 días
Cathair 929
Cathair 929 Hace 13 días
Maitreya S.
Maitreya S. Hace 13 días
"The One"
Andy Pysadee
Andy Pysadee Hace 13 días
The teacher was fine
chris madsen
chris madsen Hace 13 días
There was a wrestling coach that had sex with all the girl wrestlers but they just let him quit. He became a referee for wrestling
evetrix Hace 13 días
That's that Adam Sandler movie
Michael LUIS
Michael LUIS Hace 14 días
The judge is the best part😂😂😂😂 I swear
lil Lennon
lil Lennon Hace 14 días
The end of the movie Rudy
Yoyoitsbenzo Gaming
Yoyoitsbenzo Gaming Hace 15 días
Magic the Gavining.
Comedy Gold Man
Comedy Gold Man Hace 15 días
Best thing yet
Critical Creature
Critical Creature Hace 15 días
Five Glorious Weeks Ma'am 😁😂
Bubba Hace 15 días
After school special😂😂😂
SAVAGE ASSASSIN 47 Hace 14 días
Fred pimp stone
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis Hace 15 días
Kierstin Alise
Kierstin Alise Hace 16 días
My birthday is April 15!!
crazy world of fake reality
cecily is nice .... ooooweeeee
Fly Ejeezy
Fly Ejeezy Hace 16 días
New York post.... but takes place in Florida 😂
Prashant D
Prashant D Hace 16 días
Laura Nelson
Laura Nelson Hace 17 días
A continuación
rip maverick
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