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Tech N9ne - "EDI's"
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Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music
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Produced By: Freek van Workum, ItsNicklus & HNDRC
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8 mar 2019






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Letsgetit Hace 21 un día
Steven Vialpando
Steven Vialpando Hace un mes
Tech nine has thousands of Lowe's and unlocks a new one each and every song he makes!!!!
Kevin Bomberry
Kevin Bomberry Hace un mes
This make me wanna buss a mutha fucka over the head with another mutha fucka
SourPatcHKid 95
SourPatcHKid 95 Hace 3 meses
It works now!!!
SourPatcHKid 95
SourPatcHKid 95 Hace 3 meses
N9NA I love your music especially this last album. I know it may not be your fault, but this specific song won’t play on YT music and it irritates me. I can listen to every song on the album no problem and it only errors on this one and doesn’t play. B’mon ESvid or whoever is IT fix this....please.
Empathic Paradox
Empathic Paradox Hace 3 meses
Takes right to cypress hill
Liebe an N9na
Nick Wills
Nick Wills Hace 4 meses
This song is one of the best on the new album...being slept on heavy
Lamark Eaton
Lamark Eaton Hace 4 meses
137 ppl don't have ears
Lucas Ettinger
Lucas Ettinger Hace 5 meses
Jon Federico
Jon Federico Hace 5 meses
This albums is completely getting slept on...such fire!
Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA
Tech is one of the greatest rappers EVER.
Nathan Henderson
Nathan Henderson Hace 5 meses
God damn 🔥🔥🔥 litty
Bradley Warren
Bradley Warren Hace 5 meses
Noto Xigentia
Noto Xigentia Hace 5 meses
Whoever says the chorus doesn't give them an "Ass Like That - Eminem" vibe, they're lying to themselves! Lmao I love this song though! Absolute fire.
Atriotic Hace 4 meses
it literally sounds nothing like it?
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Hace 5 meses
Continuing to evolve. I feel like I'm growing with the music. Or it's growing with me. Either way, we are both evolving in the same direction.
Mitch M
Mitch M Hace 5 meses
Sugar stoned! I’m rEDI for Tech to come to The Land.
DNA Tru Lyricist
DNA Tru Lyricist Hace 5 meses
Hold up! Gawd damn!
Adam Groth
Adam Groth Hace 5 meses
anyone know why the chorus sounds so damn familiar?
Christian Smothers
Christian Smothers Hace 5 meses
Love the album man tech n9ne still got it
Trey Proper
Trey Proper Hace 5 meses
This track hits harder than my step dad
STEVE121 Hace 5 meses
Tech will always be in my list of the best rappers and there r no numbers to count how many I consider the best rappers
Karissa Lux
Karissa Lux Hace 5 meses
Went from some crazy shit in T9X to EDIs, v v proud of him getting clean AND both songs go hard af.
Matthew Everhart
Matthew Everhart Hace 5 meses
The year is 1859. You roll into town on a horse dressed in hatchet red and a boombox
Bridget Lee
Bridget Lee Hace 6 meses
❤️The Shiza ; the shit in German ❤️
Harpskid Hace 6 meses
Another meme song. The beat is shit. Might bump if someones got a really good sub/amp but for me it sounds like a wet fart.
Fawuyk Yuumeen
Fawuyk Yuumeen Hace 6 meses
charlie bradley
charlie bradley Hace 6 meses
Gotta put some Rock and roll on this live!
Patrick P.
Patrick P. Hace 6 meses
Cloudy Eyed Stroll, is the song that got me hooked in his earlier days.. Can't seem to stop listening to Edi's though.. it's another classic.
Lee Lou
Lee Lou Hace 6 meses
Perfect song for 420 2019! Like if your a real tech n9ne fan and love Edi's!
thefatalveli1 Hace 6 meses
TECH is simply untouchable.... Living Legend !!!
Grizz C
Grizz C Hace 6 meses
102 dislike still on Reggie LMAFO or that dumbass K2 shit😎
masterpwn3r Hace 6 meses
Contact Game Developer "CD Projekt Red" in Poland! This song would be perfect for a future Gametrailer because the local currency in CYBERPUNK 2077 is called "eddies" - short for Eurodollar. Cyberpunk 2077 will be the next blockbuster in gaming - The Trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 is currently sitting on 15 Million Views here on ESvid. The Style of the song also perfectly fits into the Cyberpunkish feel of Cyberpunk 2077. DO IT NOW TECH
Milli Macro
Milli Macro Hace 6 meses
Omg I preordered the album but when I heard this song, I wasn’t ready for the beat 🔥🔥🔥 I lost my shit
Aakash Khamaru
Aakash Khamaru Hace 6 meses
I didn't know songs could get you high
40 KEVINS Hace 6 meses
Louis Rouxel
Louis Rouxel Hace 6 meses
Nealon Manning
Nealon Manning Hace 6 meses
"That shit German"
YourMomsAFurry Hace 6 meses
ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓕⓞⓝⓣ ⓘⓢ ⓤⓢⓔⓛⓔⓢⓢ
Kasey Willer
Kasey Willer Hace 6 meses
My fucking dude!!!!
Renato Maverick
Renato Maverick Hace 6 meses
to touch tech the goat as rapper your mindstate needs to be thugish dark and creative and you need to have killer ear to make evergreen music everybody is listening and his music his fans are listening daily and mostly old shit.idk any other rapper who got music like tech
D chow
D chow Hace 6 meses
This should be on an action movie
EMII STRANGE Hace 6 meses
He’s a fucking legend!! He’s put so many albums out and they’re always so consistent. He’s the King of the Underground, for sure. I can’t wait till this album drops 😍❤️
Rosco P.Coltrane
Rosco P.Coltrane Hace 6 meses
Who else thinks Tech is the most underestimated rapper of all times! I've been listening to Tech for many Years Now!
Eric Niemi
Eric Niemi Hace 2 meses
Lol he's not underestimated. Everyone knows he's the 🐐. Easily the best lyricist of all time and everyone knows it.
KUSH Ahamkara3
KUSH Ahamkara3 Hace 6 meses
The second puff on the screen for “Edi’s” in the chorus is mistimed. Tech, plz fix, unwatchable
STORCK Hace 6 meses
cause we Scheiße - the shit in german 🤣
Dark Maπer
Dark Maπer Hace 6 meses
Nina never disappoints.
Dimension Omega
Dimension Omega Hace 6 meses
Fucking awesome. Tech the G.O.A.T.!
Jonelle O'falt
Jonelle O'falt Hace 7 meses
I just popped an EDI as well 🔆❤
Doubletap com
Doubletap com Hace 7 meses
Tech N9ne zerstöre weiter so den beat und er bekommt Angst 😂😂😂 translate
T9 GAM3R Hace 7 meses
Miguel Magana
Miguel Magana Hace 7 meses
🐐 🐐
Chris Romero
Chris Romero Hace 7 meses
Like icp.we follow God....and so does edis....teck nizzl......strange....
Aaron Weaver
Aaron Weaver Hace 7 meses
You need to clolab with Scarlxrd that would be epic
HC Erocdrah
HC Erocdrah Hace 7 meses
Tech will you please please upload Disparagement omg i love that song
brandon mullin
brandon mullin Hace 7 meses
one of the only who can "recycle" parts of old lines and make them dope as fuck again.
Dycevalo Mike
Dycevalo Mike Hace 7 meses
N9na the GOAT
Frankie Cady
Frankie Cady Hace 7 meses
Tech is better than Em now. But he wasn't back in the day.
Sitdown Hace 6 meses
Go listen to all of techs discovery its unbelievable especially calm b4 the storm
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler Hace 7 meses
Please label him the BEST EVER!!!!! I still remember him from a teen in the 90's and the ONLY one still dropping tracks now.
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