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Tech N9ne
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Tech N9ne - "I Caught Crazy! (4Ever)"
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Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music
Tech N9ne's album 'N9NA' - smarturl.it/n9na
Produced By: Michael "Seven" Summers
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8 mar 2019






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Eric Novak
Eric Novak Hace 10 días
Man that instrumental...as soon as it hits. Soooo satisfying!!!! I lovvvve the chime sound and the guitar line in this. The tone overall is insanely amazing.
Reloader 308
Reloader 308 Hace 12 días
I'm a overall wearing homemade camouflage paint job on my 4x4 wearing John deer hat chewing tobacco long beard driving bear foot old stick shift and got the base up bumping this down the road lol the looks I get
Mary M Rivera
Mary M Rivera Hace un mes
Hurry Up if u really want to... if not let it be clear
will maughan
will maughan Hace un mes
I knee... I pray.. one lord one savior everready for that klusturfuk
Cam James
Cam James Hace un mes
Figgiddyiggiddy FIAH SON! PURE MOLTEN.
Cam James
Cam James Hace un mes
Hot hock spit. Lava!!
Scott Goulet
Scott Goulet Hace un mes
Liked, shared, subscribed. Much love. facebook.com/indieraps
a b
a b Hace un mes
Nina9 get my mind right! Tuff luck!!! No pain! CRAZY NEVER ACT RIGHT!.. This ring... For ever and ever and ever.... CRAZY!!!!!
Tofu Lemonade
Tofu Lemonade Hace un mes
Tech is by far my favorite rapper. This cover art reminds me of Xxxtentacions Memebers Only Vol. 4. Anyone else?
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck Hace un mes
Quarantine song like a motherfucker amirite
Chris Webster
Chris Webster Hace 2 meses
Lolo Mizuki
Lolo Mizuki Hace 2 meses
Why does this "Forever never never never" part sounds so much like BTS's from Young Forever
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 Hace 2 meses
This helps me relax. Thanks Techn9ne
Leah Yaytes
Leah Yaytes Hace 3 meses
Sucking a banana pop jamming this song 😛
Leah Yaytes
Leah Yaytes Hace 3 meses
Tech9 😎
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
Gone Lacy Anne Knightly
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
For Lucy.
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
I told you so. I met the 7. Im Lucky starved
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
Electricuted in a storm. Extorted Porpoiae. She's talking to Kendal. Where's Kenny? And Robert? FromCenterville. My exact thought "that's a big D"
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
I always find first than they categorize so I reorganized to discovery
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
Southbend. St Louis. Lake in Louisiana
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
I'm Witchita, KS. AZ, and CA
Distorted Porpoise
Distorted Porpoise Hace 4 meses
I didn't sing as much Tech last summer. You're right MarzBar... Look- shit Bricks!.. if you are, why don't you? So I called you... I'm calling again. Witchita
James Coffin
James Coffin Hace 4 meses
Timeless that's some next level alacard shit
Nick Mortensen
Nick Mortensen Hace 4 meses
If you ain't some type of crazy YOU AINT SHIT....
Cherry Chicken
Cherry Chicken Hace 4 meses
This is my second favorite song of Tech's. First one is Am I a Psycho. It's weird because I had said to my ex "my crazy and your crazy, whoa baby" before this song came out. 😂😂
tony merritt
tony merritt Hace 5 meses
Norfolk hear I come!!! My neck of da woods
Juanito Morán Music Channel
🔥🔥🔥 Damn, I love Tech.
Li Mo
Li Mo Hace 6 meses
Were my Technicians at? 😎 any real OGs? Been listening since the angelic albem.
Cynthia Here
Cynthia Here Hace 6 meses
My favorite song forever
Krissy Bousquet
Krissy Bousquet Hace 6 meses
Luv thiz one
SHITER TV! Hace 6 meses
How I feel in the real.!
Hollister Rum Runner design
If you ain't some kinda crazy you ain't shit.
Catrina Trudeau
Catrina Trudeau Hace 7 meses
Ur music has helped me more then u will ever know it's so crazy everything u talk about I went threw or are going threw it and wats crazy is this shit is Real Shit but u have saved my life more then u know thank you for letting me know I ain't the only one going threw demon shit alone
white felon
white felon Hace 7 meses
Everyone is "crazy" til they meet a real crazy person...badass track though
Redrum 187 781
Redrum 187 781 Hace 7 meses
This shit is good!! TECHN9NE is not like anybody out!!
Disgruntled pacifist
I'm mostly into metal but i can dig tech.
Richard Hill
Richard Hill Hace 8 meses
Strange ^S^ muzik, tech n9ne. This needs to be a video. God damm is this banger jammer me to a T. Straight up. Facts. I love you...thank you for the krazi good truthful muzik. 👊 some caught krazi some needer
Invalid I.D
Invalid I.D Hace 8 meses
I was feeling the hole Play List until I hit the last Song and I noticed it Was Tom McDonald... I mean he's got skill but wow does he whine a lot XD
adrianna2288 Hace 8 meses
Don't hide it!
Cloud Star
Cloud Star Hace 8 meses
This sound makes my OCD and ADHD Friends. What I would do to skip down a hall with you in masks. Mmmmmm RAWR!
this my jam
this my jam Hace 8 meses
no it's called being delusional. thinking your talking to people but your only talking to yourself. catching feeling for no one on the other side of this glass. no one's there except me looking at myself. delusions that words or messages sent to me but that's not my name .but why does it feel like it was sent to me. why do I feel all the the real person with false names. hear their voices talking to me. why do I feel connected . what is after me. why has this destroyed everything in my life. and I'm supposed to be happy and grateful for their unknown presence. for I'm just a sick person. alone and desperate. loving someone who doesn't know I exist. getting hurt because of it. privacy and credibility. how please explain this to me. you can't because there is no one on the other side of this glass. it's all a fabrication in my head. that has cost me everything. I will never win looking at myself waiting for an answer a clue. I'll make my own and imagine it's true. the pain is real I'll tell you that. but delusions come with emotions. and it's hard to turn back. it's just an empty black void in the internet. never to really fulfill the empty dark void of myself. the delusions are mental torture for myself. I must hate me. because I'm addicted to it obsessed to it and always leaves me alone dying inside.
DysFunktional Hace 9 meses
Fuck being anything else
JayOmerta #SoulOweByDesign
Phrenic Hace 9 meses
1 love hommie facts
Mat Mythology
Mat Mythology Hace 9 meses
I Can relate....I Caught Crazy (4EVER) TECH N9NE
Olivia Goodman
Olivia Goodman Hace 10 meses
Watch I'm gonna be one of the badest bitches in the retirement home blasting this. STRANGE MUSIC!!!!
Share My Dreams
Share My Dreams Hace 10 meses
I wanna finally put my demons in their pit........ Anybody else on the same page? God bless everything and everyone!!!!!!!!! Angels watch over us and are right by our sides, whether you believe it or not!
VJ Joseph
VJ Joseph Hace 10 meses
Woooooooah Babbbyyyyy..... Those sizzlingg WORDS and your style. Its freaking SWEET.
Stalkie McStalkerson
Stalkie McStalkerson Hace 10 meses
Lucas Nascimento
Lucas Nascimento Hace 10 meses
this guys knows the formula to rap, holy shit he only delivres gold
Chad Levell
Chad Levell Hace 10 meses
I love her voice
Rotbart Hace 10 meses
2:55 minutes of master art
Smakah Or
Smakah Or Hace 10 meses
Watching you grow is such a blessing. Great Job TECH!!! Let goooooo!
Lucifer bonilla
Lucifer bonilla Hace 10 meses
I'll never ever hide my craziness never again I'm just going to show it now I'm going to let it all out
Don D King
Don D King Hace 10 meses
As of above.. So below..
Red Pool
Red Pool Hace 11 meses
"If you're fakin that's so...Shady." Me: Ha! Lol.
EvilRumZ781HeCallzMeDeath ThaFreestyleGodz
This shit sicc bro frfr
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis Hace 11 meses
thomas gladue
thomas gladue Hace 11 meses
Tech still proves hes the best real topics, real shit, and the realest way to spit
Cider Ed
Cider Ed Hace 11 meses
A1 In my class, ( of fucked up) 'spect,,
Jeff Froment
Jeff Froment Hace 11 meses
Song is 🔥
Randomness 1984
Randomness 1984 Hace 11 meses
Love it
Shinigmi Blacky
Shinigmi Blacky Hace 11 meses
are the roots growing?
D Bolden
D Bolden Hace 11 meses
Harley Hammons
Harley Hammons Hace 11 meses
My crazy vs your crazy ohhh baby that was 🔥 🔥
MisterUrbanWorld Hace 11 meses
I think I've caught Lazy// theres no exercise regimen that can SAVE ME// All I want is cookies & pastries// Mmmm how Tasty!
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez Hace 11 meses
This song is great for working out.
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez Hace 11 meses
Thank god for music
Taylor’Gabi Brown
Taylor’Gabi Brown Hace 11 meses
Imma eventually meet you! Love from SE Oklahoma! Thanks to one of my x’s back from 12 showing me your music been blasting since then ❤️❤️❤️
Channel Surfer
Channel Surfer Hace un año
you still sound like ur old u
JC Kuks
JC Kuks Hace un año
Art in such a pure form! Couldn’t ask anymore of anyone!
LSDelta92 Hace un año
Tech fucking killed this beat. Like not even a little
MisterUrbanWorld Hace un año
Tech good but K-Rino Is the best rapper on Earth
Lezketit Hace un año
I thought this song was new but the lyrics were around for 2 months now. Oh well.
Must Kill
Must Kill Hace un año
Subscribed And I plan on Keepin that Shit.
third3y3 proph3t
third3y3 proph3t Hace un año
Addicted 4ever!💯
GILFHunter121 Hace un año
Anyone know if that part with the chick singing "forever" is sampled from something? Seems so familiar...🔥
Alex D Stroya
Alex D Stroya Hace un año
This song is amazing. Just wish it were longer!
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