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Tech N9ne
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Tech N9ne - "I Caught Crazy! (4Ever)"
Buy/Stream - smarturl.it/n9na
Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music
Tech N9ne's album 'N9NA' - smarturl.it/n9na
Produced By: Michael "Seven" Summers
Tech N9ne on Twitter - twitter.com/techn9ne
Facebook - facebook.com/therealtechn9ne
Instagram - instagram.com/therealtechn9ne
Soundcloud - bit.ly/1eiIevd
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8 mar 2019






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8bezzie foshezzi
8bezzie foshezzi Hace 12 horas
Tech the best hands down!
Sammy Carstairs
Sammy Carstairs Hace 15 horas
Just thank you. 💚 i dont comment often on youtube but thank you, tech. When someone like you and rap can actually tug my strings of my heart and send tingles down my body, they deserve praise. Thank you Tech. 💚💚keep it up booboo
Amanda Ohrt
Amanda Ohrt Hace 23 horas
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥i woke up to like i aint 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥made my fuckin day🔥🔥🔥🔥I LOVE TECH!!! HES THE BEST.....BEEN THE BEST SINCE THE 90S....🔥🔥🔥🔥ill never forget when we first met i went to a show and he grabbed my hand and called me princess and handed me a cd... in nashville tn with icp kotton mouth kings abk!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥you da one 🔥🔥🔥
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz Hace 15 horas
Everything on strange music was released in 2000's really. I got you tho 😂
Steven Vialpando
Steven Vialpando Hace un día
420 dislikes don't change that!!!!
Hunter Lehman
Hunter Lehman Hace un día
That moment when your sister Kristen been w tech for 5 years now.. sucks cause I still never met the dude
Kimberly Robicheaux
Kimberly Robicheaux Hace un día
Just when I thought we couldn't see further into his beautifully hurt soul.....DWAMM
Mr Strawman
Mr Strawman Hace un día
Strange Music saved my life. ^S^
Caitlin Moss
Caitlin Moss Hace un día
Thank you.
Mo- Mo
Mo- Mo Hace 2 días
I literally listen to this song 50 times in one day
norcal cwb
norcal cwb Hace 2 días
I thought jelly was suppose to be on this
Adam Abrigo
Adam Abrigo Hace 2 días
dope af dope af dope af dope af dope af
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Hace 2 días
Tech. Man. The realness that comes from you bro. Crazy. Man I just wanna say thanks for all the music you’ve done. Shit like this gives me hope that real hip hop/rap will never die. Been a fan since I was a teen. Listened to every song you’ve ever done. And hands down you are my favorite rapper point blank. Much love tech. Keep this shit coming man. Long live Tech n9ne.
Aries D
Aries D Hace 2 días
Damn this track so chilled and amazing in every way
Zach Chase
Zach Chase Hace 2 días
Hhhhhbghhyyuhyghyygtdrdrerefdrdrtfgvghjikoojkkl,klollklllklkkkkkkklll Jim,..egnh 6(*(minutes ttyuggyrty245$5644&$$$$””:;:, bmuyhgm
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn Hace 2 días
Addicted to your music
Cody_King1994 Hace 2 días
Needs a music video
Jerrold Lynch
Jerrold Lynch Hace 3 días
Sup guys. I made a Tech N9ne Type Beat, Check it out on my channel.
SometimesTurtle Hace 3 días
Tech, man, your music is so godly! Been my favorite for 15 years of my 26 years of living and never miss-stepped once along the way. You do not know how much your music has help me although I'm sure many have said the same.
NyEemah Suber
NyEemah Suber Hace 3 días
My biggest Inspiration 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta Hace 4 días
I learned to call “crazy” something else- “greatness” -a long time ago. I’ve done well, since.
Cerberus Audio
Cerberus Audio Hace 4 días
A tech n9ne and Bones collab needs to happen
Eddie Bacon
Eddie Bacon Hace 5 días
This shit go hard. Like the dark days of kod
Cody Edwards
Cody Edwards Hace 5 días
thank you so much tech you do this for me every day!!
pacerboi15 Hace 5 días
Man i got so drunk to this song. Ended up in jail for 5 damn days. Got damnit tech
YourBoyRoar Hace 5 días
There’s a lot of things I want to do musically that don’t really fit the conventional mold. Not saying that that’s even a good choice, but it’s what my brain dictates. And I got to appease my brain or else it’s going to find a way out of my head.
Chris Romero
Chris Romero Hace 5 días
They think they crazy but they ain't crazy, let's face this SHIT, basically we alll) crazy..... this life is about to end..... so wh0 crazy?????^%$#
BlaQ Batman
BlaQ Batman Hace 5 días
Man that shit is hard as hell
LiL DoUbGeE Hace 5 días
Fire bro, Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
kenny johnson
kenny johnson Hace 6 días
Tell going hard
Nicole Glaze
Nicole Glaze Hace 6 días
I vibe so hard on Tech's shit- it's insane🤘🖤
Bryan RA. Thul
Bryan RA. Thul Hace 6 días
Dope (most Excellent)✊😎
Josh Bertram
Josh Bertram Hace 7 días
Yes yes yes 😍
Luis _Darkwolf_Game
Luis _Darkwolf_Game Hace 7 días
🔥 fiire 💯
It's what You make it
Been locked in his, and all of STRANGE flow. I sometimes get weak when I listen to others or search for new, new.... My highest self always brings me back! 😉🙋👥✨💞🙏
kamikazi Nottz
kamikazi Nottz Hace 7 días
Authorized User
Authorized User Hace 7 días
And I plan on keeping that shit
RaiseUpKeNzz Hace 7 días
Finally 1M😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
COLD Hace 8 días
Scorpio1988 Hace 8 días
I think it's funny how much tech got rid of the mask and face paint. He only wears it for part of the live show and I rarely see it on him in any new pictures. He is slowly phasing it out I thought people would complain more. Lol
ryan pecaut
ryan pecaut Hace 8 días
Goat forever
Christy Thornton
Christy Thornton Hace 9 días
Non military female w) CPTSD . I wont born this way ; caught it frm crazier fkrs . Better believe crazy's contageous .
screwyfella IV
screwyfella IV Hace 9 días
It makes the crazies, true! Embrace the crazy and live it! Chyeah!
Cristiano Hace 9 días
Bruh Em and Tech man only this guys. I have nothing else to say
Woodrow Crowe
Woodrow Crowe Hace 9 días
Thanx Tech. This one of those ones that is getting stored in my heart. I caught crazy, and I plan on keeping that shit!
Vasko Chicago
Vasko Chicago Hace 9 días
Thank you Tech N9ne.
Deborah Borst
Deborah Borst Hace 9 días
Preach Soul Brotha! 🙏✨🌠✨✨⚡🔥🎶💜🎶🔥⚡✨😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Tyler Raisl
Tyler Raisl Hace 9 días
Tech really is sumn else...... i cant believe so many ppl sleep on him. Their truly missing out.
Flacko Sanchez
Flacko Sanchez Hace 10 días
TECH N9NE u should put out thE song The Speed Of Sound Remixed with the Original Bone Thug Verses or make a new version and throw Twista Twisted Insane Rittz and King Iso with u dammmmn
Eli G.
Eli G. Hace 10 días
#DieHardFan #RDV#FTI #6688846993 #KnowWhatImSizzlin It hurts to love you Tech
Madimoo0413 Hace 10 días
Jesiah Martinez
Jesiah Martinez Hace 10 días
joelxeazy Hace 10 días
Tech Asked Who Else To Catch well He Caught Crazy #CrazyAndILoveIt
tech killa24
tech killa24 Hace 11 días
This album is going to be one of the best. I feel like its going to be so heartfelt music. This gonna hit us very different maan.
Jesse Spellmeyer
Jesse Spellmeyer Hace 11 días
Up until now mmm and klusterfuk was my shit this one gave me goosebumps sht dope af you still got it tech 💯
SKOL NATION Hace 11 días
WizardCow Hace 11 días
mmawilldesha Hace 11 días
Too be successful in some way I guess have some type of crazy.
Bryan Lambert
Bryan Lambert Hace 11 días
Tech if you see this just want say thank you for all the great music throughout the years it's been an honor to be a fan and a technition recruiter for long time now you never let us down and it's been fun to be apart of your amazing career for sure.
Blue Clo
Blue Clo Hace 12 días
Essrom Britcher
Essrom Britcher Hace 12 días
I caught crazy. Ahoo Ahoo Ahoo!!!!!
Jake Ebey
Jake Ebey Hace 12 días
It's crazy, most time when I look at the comments on Tech's songs or posts, its full of negativity and hatred, but this thread from what I've seen has been all positivity, its good to see.
BRUCE ASKEW Hace 13 días
This shit hard as fuck doe tech
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Hace 13 días
Tech n9ne started the underground rap and didn't ever have to prove he's the best rapper alive turned down mainstream for his team and friends bc he didn't need it.
Mr.Grizzly Hace 13 días
accidentaly yelled tecca nina as i was putting it in my gf this morning, it was a little aquward. my crush has gone too far.
Amber Perry
Amber Perry Hace 13 días
I’m like dying to know who the female voice saying “forever” belongs to since they aren’t credited. Sounds like Noah Cyrus.
Jon Do
Jon Do Hace 13 días
4Eva is a mighty long time
Brian Wiech
Brian Wiech Hace 13 días
Techs one of the only mcs to make it feel alright bein in my head
Leonardo Hace 13 días
FluffyNailz VoidNinja
FluffyNailz VoidNinja Hace 14 días
Halfway thru, I felt like I heard it a million times and started backin them '4evers'.GG yo, I dig.
Atom Ariola
Atom Ariola Hace 14 días
I'd rather sit through a root canal than listen to this, Aaron.
J’s ADVENTURE Hace 14 días
I love this song, fire.❤️
wedo chris
wedo chris Hace 14 días
. Did he make a diss towards Eminem in the song I thought I heard something saying Slim Shady and something about him and Slim Shady going at together..? For the craziness towards the middle of the song
Happy days 101
Happy days 101 Hace 15 días
This is like one of the only song I hear every day it's so amazing art 🐍⚡tech 9 your the coolest g in the rap game #2019
tylerleon8926 Hace 15 días
This is just too damn good, the flow ,beat , seriously crazy
Sitdown Hace 15 días
Needs a video like ebah or im I a pyscho
Keely Holland
Keely Holland Hace 15 días
Cj Mouser
Cj Mouser Hace 15 días
One of the best from tech in awhile lets hear some more 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏
Gripz Hace 15 días
Fire!..work ethic is unreal..salute gz! -Gripz
Heather Hill
Heather Hill Hace 15 días
Thank you 🙏 infinity and beyond
Heather Hill
Heather Hill Hace 15 días
This was actually very very good
SpañiardTV Hace 15 días
And this is why Tech N9ne will always be the no1 rapper/MC...
Happy days 101
Happy days 101 Hace 15 días
Tech 9 🐍⚡real music 🐍⚡
lee dunlap
lee dunlap Hace 15 días
ghost in the shell
Shay Ditmars
Shay Ditmars Hace 16 días
Sorry I was never good writer but if you want to talk to me my numbers 195-634-4461 that's a landline to its older than you been alive so use it don't be scared to reach out got people out there to support your music so you need to get back to your fans my friend
Shay Ditmars
Shay Ditmars Hace 16 días
Once again the number is 1925 634-4461 that's a Contra Costa County phone line in the Hidden Valley my friend everything's going to be okay just trying to make waves that's all I'm trying to do you little pussy
Shay Ditmars
Shay Ditmars Hace 16 días
OK Tech I guess I'll call you out first but you know some shady Marshall Mathers is Xanax right is an x-ray We're translating this year for people look at this I don't take Xanax I don't do anything like that I don't translate for you you know translate for me so with that said you got understand what I see you got to see clearly my G you got to know that you're not OG mother f*** you got to earn that between me and you g okay you little f****** f***** I'll call you if I get to your face b**** where you going to come find me where I live like I said I'm going to win you I'm going to win Slim Shady Marshall Mathers Eminem Who the f*** he may be b****** dead by now right just like you kid
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz Hace un día
How high were you here ?
Shay Ditmars
Shay Ditmars Hace 16 días
And we got to fix Google because voice activated text messaging sucks a big that came out clear though
Shay Ditmars
Shay Ditmars Hace 16 días
Okay for all the ones out there that can translate that if tech nine and Marshall Mathers Slim Shady Eminem think they are the top rappers of all time please please please please save me the time and I meant that you lose my friend in the end everything is going to be alright I'll wink winky face winky face those are supposed to be in emojis but it's all good not scared of you or any of your peeps my friend so bring it anytime any day of the week I'll make time for you because your s*** stinks winky face winky face get me right got to make waves in this world sometime
D trife
D trife Hace 16 días
If I ever could work with tech that would be the biggest blessing ever this man's music has got me through so much I can't even give back the thanks he's has done so much for me and my life just there was music and I've only met the man once during a meet and greet Tech never stops with the real music🤘🤘🤘🤘
Happy days 101
Happy days 101 Hace 16 días
Tech 9 is amazing I would love to do a rap with him 🎧🔊who wouldn't want that he is still on top in 2019 with real music strange music 🎧🐍⚡
Samuel Neal
Samuel Neal Hace 16 días
RandomStranger420 Hace 16 días
This new albums gonna be 🔥
tech killa24
tech killa24 Hace 14 días
This album is about too make him even higher then he is now. This going to blow us away. 🔥
Cash Money
Cash Money Hace 16 días
I love you techy ur the blessed
Sharon Mcdonald
Sharon Mcdonald Hace 16 días
I love this song I keep on listening and listening to it TECH N9NE what an AWESOME!!!!!! Song 👍💙🔥🔥🔥
Ashly Hood
Ashly Hood Hace 16 días
I just caught crazy! And I'm keeping that shit!
Devin Selle
Devin Selle Hace 16 días
love this song
sexiepd Hace 16 días
I have been listening to this man for 19 years and he only gets better! F'kin love you Tech N9ne
Midnite Shadow& Nikki White
Im in love !!!! I love me some Tech
FicklesMagic Hace 17 días
I love this... I caught crazy years ago in the trailer park. *HONK* *HONK*
Tommy McCloud
Tommy McCloud Hace 17 días
I'm 42 tech and I've heard some of the best hip hop that's ever blessed us while i was a freshman in high school but this this shit! Touches me me personally. I'm fucking nutz and it's made me who I am. Thank you and forever
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