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Tech N9ne - "Like I Ain't"
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Hip Hop/Rap Music Video | Strange Music
Produced By: Freek van Workum, ItsNicklus & HNDRC
Kathartic Episode 2: Like I Ain't
Buy/Stream - smarturl.it/n9na
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19 abr 2019

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Comentarios 7 437
MAGaming Hace 5 horas
mindseeker Hace 8 horas
2.22 Song starts 😃
Tanya Van Meter
Tanya Van Meter Hace 12 horas
Im in love😍😘🔥🔥
Adrienne Grimmer
Adrienne Grimmer Hace 13 horas
Zvzy4hd gameing 😎🎩🎮🎧🖥
Melissa May
Melissa May Hace 13 horas
Adrienne Grimmer
Adrienne Grimmer Hace 13 horas
Tech n9ne sucks 😡😇but like his music 🎵
Kosis Snow
Kosis Snow Hace 13 horas
'Like this is tha process, tryin' to get from tha projects so i spit like I got next.' That's Real HipHop!! TY FOR BEIN U TECH!!
Shadow Caliber
Shadow Caliber Hace 16 horas
My Power Went Out, Probably Cause This Song Is So Fire.
Junta drelinger
Junta drelinger Hace 17 horas
Elizabeth Lepcha
Elizabeth Lepcha Hace 20 horas
What bugs me is people know bad and boujee but don't know Nina.
Roy O
Roy O Hace 20 horas
Song at 2:23
Abi Maxwell
Abi Maxwell Hace 22 horas
Fully o.g tech you a real one since day dot!!!!!
_01 james
_01 james Hace 22 horas
Tech n9ne oklahoma militia.. cyber warfare division..
Midwest Crazy
Midwest Crazy Hace 23 horas
Just waiting for him to bring his newest tour to Iowa
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Hace un día
Dope Tech! Fire
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson Hace un día
This song goes hard. It's 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
melody lyons
melody lyons Hace un día
Robin Williams
Robin Williams Hace un día
Tech is my favorite rapper for life n death
SneakOne_ Hace un día
Like I ain’t the greatest rapper alive -Tech N9ne
BADGERN9NE Hace un día
I'm still over here playing this non stop and still wondering what Iso was rapping🔥🔥
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz Hace un día
I got you esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Qaj9qGsdVic.html
Aaron Hagedorn aka Big True
Fuck wit me tech!
Walyko Hace un día
Where did Tech get the Daedric daggers from? Ifykyk
Neva Nelson
Neva Nelson Hace un día
I still be bumpin this song like it just came out!
Quentin Clark
Quentin Clark Hace un día
Daphne Scott
Daphne Scott Hace un día
Technician I am in life and in death
Angela Stroble
Angela Stroble Hace un día
ROBRO_45 ROBLOX Hace un día
JayRodriguez Hace un día
Lmao Like i aint finna buss when my homie make the beat drop........ Learn.
Geofrey Peterson
Geofrey Peterson Hace un día
independent HipHop at its finest
Gracie Leviste
Gracie Leviste Hace 2 días
Like I ain't stop listening to this song
MrFuchew Hace 2 días
Tech kills the hook
Low Key Macias
Low Key Macias Hace 2 días
The video real af. Hits home. This one and #icaughtcrazy
bosstown bullys
bosstown bullys Hace 2 días
Tech you just like fine wine! My dude! You get better with age!
Future Vision
Future Vision Hace 2 días
I love how he goes “ and when I get outta here, imma be a big shtar”
Däeion Fuller
Däeion Fuller Hace 2 días
I enjoyed this video 🔥🤩😍🤯✨👑 did anyone notice how King ISO was like the only one who wasn’t laughing at Tech when he mentioned he was a big rapper? 🤔🤓
Kristopher Weese
Kristopher Weese Hace 3 días
If you think that Tech N9ne is better click like. If you think that Eminem is better comment.
Kristopher Weese
Kristopher Weese Hace 2 días
@Gavin Devine it's why I posted it. I wanted to see people's opinions. I personally prefer T.N.
Gavin Devine
Gavin Devine Hace 2 días
Kristopher Weese that’s impossible to decide
kpresnell45 Hace 3 días
Episode 1: Can only be seen on Tech's "It Goes Up Tour" Episode 2: Like I Ain't Episode 3: Disparagement Episode 4: EF-U Episode 5: I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)
JobeDavies Hace 3 días
Why that guy sound like e_40 thooo
Candy Morrow
Candy Morrow Hace 3 días
Howzit, I'm from Hawaii Westside Oahu,.. I am a TechaNina.... Thanks Strange Music.. I jus freaken love Tech Like a like I ain't....
SOULS INKPEN Hace un día
You're a TechN9cian
omar abushaala
omar abushaala Hace 3 días
we are sleeping on 1 of the greatest rappers tech 9
jake statethegr8
jake statethegr8 Hace 3 días
Empire in the ZOU
southend bois
southend bois Hace 3 días
Stewart Neff
Stewart Neff Hace 3 días
Song should have 100M views
Purse Ptnk
Purse Ptnk Hace 3 días
[Verse 1] Ayy, like I ain't on 1, 2, 3-Pac Like I ain't finna bust when my homeboy make the fuckin' beat drop Bustin' a cap in the wack when I'm rappin' You really need to trust in the fact that I'm back and I'm slappin' The industry for ducking the cat when he rap with a passion When I'm in this piece, I crush in a fashion Like I ain't never ate in this game (Chuh) Like I ain't never seen or had me some big thangs Like I ain't been around the world and with so many different girls And kinky parties that it could lift the spirit of Rick James (Jesus) Like I ain't a fixture and never knew Twista And never did music for the Alpha Dog picture Like I never script the pledge in the scripture Or had a hit song 'bout my own liquor mixture Do it like I wasn't a starter that was on the Carter (Weezy) Wasn't in art of my cousin, the Water (Fizzy) Nothing was bartered, we're bussin' and touchin' the heart of People that's lovin' the hardest stuff ain't no charted (Pleasies, chuh) Like I never got signed (Woah) Not a one, not a two but three times (Chuh) Like I never did get the cheddar or see shine Like it's sleep time for peeps' minds on T9 Like, if these rhymes (What?) really never ever happened (Chuh) 'Til right now, like pow, I got it crackin' With the pen and pad, without no back end Tryna stack and get action And pull the cash in is the way that I'm rappin' [Chorus] Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool Like I ain't build a empire in the 'Zou Like I, like I ain't [Verse 2] Toured with the Jay Rock, with the homie K-Dot Like I ain't never had the allure for the pay slots Stressin', like I didn't step in the session with the Seven Never guessin' the effin' cure is to spray thoughts (Brrt) Like I never had a shot (Pow) Or a song with the white guy Dre got (Woo) Like I didn't have L.A. locked Never went on the set of Ballers with Mr. Baywatch (USO) Like I didn't meet Trav yet, like I never had assets Bad with the pen, but never cashed checks Rappin' like I ain't even close to havin' the bag yet (No) Like I'm tryna be the best up in this hip-hop (Chuh) And do a track with the king of Atlanta, T.I.P.-top (Chuh) Then turn around and go switch it up, and do big rock Tryna ride all the way up to my homie in Slipknot (Maggot, chuh) Like I never heard fans yell it Not The Calm, not The Worst, even Anghellic (Word) Before they told me that I can't sell it Before I went to the reunion of fam', Nelly Like I didn't have this new watch (Chuh) And it never would tic and never do toc (Chuh) Like I'm rapping myself into learnin' brew hops Rappin' like I ain't never did a record with 2Pac [Chorus] Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool Like I ain't build a empire in the Zou Like I, like I ain't [Verse 3] Skippin' my job, yeah (Yeah), like this is a process Try'na get from the projects, so I spit like I got next (Woo) And I trip if you object (Yeah), like I'm itchin' to fly. Tech Whipping in kitchens with Pyrex (Woo), to the mission that God set (Yes!) For me, rippin' these quick and will not rest Like no flippin', Techn9cian is obsessed (Chuh) Like I didn't know when I was droppin' (Chuh) Independent music, I wasn't toppin' (Chuh) And all the bad bitches wasn't jockin' I rap like I didn't know I'd do a record with Hopsin (Chuh) They call me Tecca N9na, I'ma shoot this If you're dissin', you really don't wanna do this Niggas wanna try me, then you're gonna lose it I rap like I never did a record with Joyner Lucas (Hungry) Like I never knew maestros Like I didn't know Trae was a asshole Like I didn't have a stash full of cash flow Rappin' like I am back in the past with my afro Like I never ever knew Strange Would put the name Tech N9ne in my shoe strings (Chuh) Like I didn't know I was spittin' the butane And I grew fame with the homie Bobby and 2 Chainz [Chorus] Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold (Yeah) Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool Like I ain't build a empire in the Zou Like I, like I ain't [Outro] Strange Music 2019 and beyond, baby This shit crazy Tech N9ne, baby
Nedim Mršić
Nedim Mršić Hace 3 días
i so wanna se him with vin jay..
Jürgen Steinwurf
Jürgen Steinwurf Hace 3 días
Here before 10 Million Clicks!!! Technician forever!!!
Jakethasnake Hace 3 días
Yknow what i always loved about tech? How hes always remained humble, and takes care of his guys under him. Much respect.
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith Hace 3 días
Tech n9ne is an underrated legend
Maverick Fisher
Maverick Fisher Hace 4 días
Best new song in a long time i fucks with it
hue janus
hue janus Hace 4 días
Like i aint
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