TEKKEN 7 - Fahkumram DLC TWT Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

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Introducing Muay Thai champion Fahkumram -- He's ready to enter the ring to fight for his family's freedom!
Prepare to add this fighter to your roster with the TEKKEN Season Pass 3: bandainam.co/Tekken7
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8 dic 2019






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St97ing Hace 2 horas
1:35 When you see something incredible in an online shop & decide to order it... 1:41 When you meet the product in reality.
Baisangur Hace 2 horas
whats written on his thai box shorts and where can i buy them
HACKER GAMES Hace 5 horas
The new Bruce
Tawan chaiwisad
Tawan chaiwisad Hace 6 horas
Виктор Салимов
Бл с начало показалось будто Байзон Сагата скинул,думал снова противостояние намечается уличных бойцов против
kundan kumar naik
kundan kumar naik Hace 12 horas
Who win fahkumram vs Leroy smith
KiRyu HaHa
KiRyu HaHa Hace 17 horas
call_me PALM_plz
call_me PALM_plz Hace 20 horas
Unbelievable ! มาเป็นภาษาไทยด้วย~~~
Fedencio Gonzalez Jr
Fedencio Gonzalez Jr Hace 23 horas
I was like is this a ripp off of SAGET" from street fighter... waiting for him to say TIGER UPPER CUT "lol
พิทวัส บุญวงศ์
Hardish Panesar
Hardish Panesar Hace 23 horas
i feel cheated out of a bruce reveal
Potato Lemon
Potato Lemon Hace un día
N.A Flogio
N.A Flogio Hace un día
Honestly for me, he looks like Sagat from Street Fighter with a little touch of anime ideas such as Baki and Kenggan Ashura.
Faris 21
Faris 21 Hace un día
I need kunimitsu not this!😒
Nasir Carroll
Nasir Carroll Hace un día
I wish fahkumram is going to be op character in tekken 7
Peoples Yemi
Peoples Yemi Hace un día
So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that he’s a remake of sagat from street fighter? Ok!
JETSADA J.D Hace un día
Yousef Tube
Yousef Tube Hace un día
Here is my Season Pass 4 and hopefully the final one for Tekken 7 "because I'm sick of it" list : Returning Characters *Bruce Irvin *Christie Monteiro *Ancient Ogre *Jun Kazama Debut Character *Shin Kamiya Special Guest Character (NJPW/Bullet Club) *Tama Tonga Stage *NJPW Tokyo Dome Returning Mode *Team Battle + Versus CPU Please Harada Make It Happen!
Furioso Nicholas
Furioso Nicholas Hace 2 días
He is the best
Angel Velez
Angel Velez Hace 2 días
Lame he towers over the guy by like a foot in one scene then he’s shorter than him in the next 🙄
Pablo S12
Pablo S12 Hace 2 días
Até o Eddy Levou um Sacode kkkkkkkkkkkk
KING1911 Hace 2 días
🗑🗑🗑 🗑
Enrico Fermi
Enrico Fermi Hace 2 días
We want gatling kicks
Yuri Vladimirovich
Yuri Vladimirovich Hace 2 días
We already have Josie as a replacement for Bruce. Still Namco decided to add another one Bruce (imo one of the most boring characters and fighters).
สวย นาม
สวย นาม Hace 3 días
Aaron Dears
Aaron Dears Hace 3 días
Bruce: I'm your worst nightmare! Fahkumram: "ฉันจะจบอาชีพของไอ้นี่ทั้งหมด "
rolando medina
rolando medina Hace 3 días
UmDer Physics
UmDer Physics Hace 3 días
Final Destination 👍😇
John Doe
John Doe Hace 3 días
Man he would of looked better if they removed the face tattoo and made his body look less like Bane.. idk I'll still play tho
Nathaniel Hace 3 días
Need his theme asap
awokai Hace 3 días
Same grab from Bruce
อัษฎาวุธ คะเณย์
LilVamped Hace 3 días
I dig the muay Thai style
manut na
manut na Hace 3 días
Fahkumram He appeared I Can feel aura savage
Vxneji Hace 3 días
When does he come out?
Nemesis X
Nemesis X Hace 3 días
dude this music is way too cool does anyone have a idea about where we can get it
EvilEd89 Hace 4 días
Note that it say’s “Footage is taken from content still in development” down at the bottom when it cuts to the gameplay. Hopefully they make him taller in the gameplay when he’s released.
PS4 & Stuff
PS4 & Stuff Hace 4 días
This guy out?
Harlam Space
Harlam Space Hace 4 días
great muay thai technique
WOLF -D- ISMAEL Hace 4 días
woow the best character
Mücahit kara
Mücahit kara Hace 4 días
Fury regen?
Lara Kizzia
Lara Kizzia Hace 4 días
Is that the old brother of bruce
PEEXGOD X2 Hace 4 días
Paweł D
Paweł D Hace 4 días
1:35 Him on tinder 1:41 Him in real life
Витя Николаев
Удары дибильные в 2020г а такие эффекты пзд
Turkish Rose
Turkish Rose Hace 4 días
marduk is 2m14 and fahkumram is at least 1 head taller that means he is about 2m25-2m30 he looks so small because he kneels it is the typical muay thai position. (Sry for my bad english)
Flukegy 4740
Flukegy 4740 Hace 5 días
Troy Dix
Troy Dix Hace 5 días
Почему искры летят когда бьют по телу ?
M-pass Hace 5 días
Sukda Kongsro
Sukda Kongsro Hace 5 días
ฟ้าคำราม!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! มีใครชอบ DLC บ้าง
Marduk: I'm number one! Fahkumram: Hold my beer
ArmKung ZaChTv
ArmKung ZaChTv Hace 5 días
นกแล้ว นกอีก
Oh My God 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
King Kong
King Kong Hace 5 días
หน้าจะมี จระเข้ ฟาดหางด้วยนะ
lucid truth
lucid truth Hace 5 días
Wish it was Jun.
PØŁŁÜX PUBG Hace 6 días
PØŁŁÜX PUBG Hace 6 días
romario H
romario H Hace 6 días
I love how tekken doesnt do that short pause between hits
krishna dipayana
krishna dipayana Hace 6 días
Tiger tiger Tiger.. uppercut 🥊
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