Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

Drew Gooden
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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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11 oct 2020






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Call Me Bill
Call Me Bill Hace 6 meses
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
Bread Slice
Bread Slice Hace un día
okay, bill
Gaia The Leafwing
Gaia The Leafwing Hace un mes
ParrotPlays Hace 2 meses
carealoo744 Hace 4 meses
I'd totally risk my life if it means I get to have fun for a day
carealoo744 Hace 4 meses
Haven't seen any of these shows
Toby Constantine
Toby Constantine Hace un hora
Bonded so hard over watching G4 after class
Sup Lol
Sup Lol Hace un hora
I stopped watching this video at 4:46 to join my modern music class just to talk about the masked singer-
Berghen Lenzini
Berghen Lenzini Hace 3 horas
When Drew said the ways you are suppose to watch shows in 720 p, censored, and constantly interrupted by commer - and there was commercial
Z3ps Hace 4 horas
Someone: *eating cheese* Me:*steals cheese and throws on groung* Someone:why? Me:cheese bad Someone: yes Like if agree
Admin Team gaming
Admin Team gaming Hace 5 horas
21:41 whats that? The subtitle writer mistook food for dude? I guess 5 year olds are doing subtitles now.
Maussiegamer Hace 6 horas
9:40 that was smooth
Jules Chavez
Jules Chavez Hace 16 horas
drew i am high as fuck and LOVING the passion in this video, like this is the best video essay on youtube
Elstonn Gunn
Elstonn Gunn Hace 21 un hora
The only serious cop show that is actually entertaining to me is the mentalist and that’s literally only cus of Simon baker, he literally is the star of every scene and also Tim Kant the rest are either annoying or stereotypical but Jane and cho are gud
Hengenpen Hace un día
I didn’t expect to see skip bayless in a drew gooden video but yet here we are
Tobias Taraba
Tobias Taraba Hace un día
In Germany most channels are free, and the state owned media is great for the News :>
Leticia Turis
Leticia Turis Hace un día
this is literally a copy of a show with the same name in south korea (the masked singer)
Kayleigh Hoban
Kayleigh Hoban Hace un día
Can i just say i rlly like u as a youtuber but greys anayomy is the best medical program out there
Kayleigh Hoban
Kayleigh Hoban Hace un día
Me just her while hes listing of tv shows: watched it, watched it, yes, good show , watched it , no? Mmh any way , yes, yes Edit: and alot of these are good
MoonNoodles Hace un día
The only reason why me and my grandparents have cable is : 1) Louisiana service for anything is HORRIBLY BAD ! 2) We watch a lot of local channels we could not watch anywhere else ex:( rodeos , our local news channel and weather channel ,) 3) sports
Oscar S
Oscar S Hace un día
How is this even legal
Regicide2952 Hace un día
9:35 I love how an ad plays right here
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval Hace un día
Honestly with every company I have to call and complain to pay a reasonable price. $44 spectrum tv in the app and the $89 for upgraded faster internet until I can get fiber in the neighborhood I switch to that lol besides sports it’s absurd
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval Hace un día
I just found this channel and love it lol spectrum was charging us over $200 for ONE DVR, tv+internet. The internet we have without tv is $89 lol might switch to Google lol my dad was paying for that and I had to lowkey get mad at him but regular adults just don’t know or keep track of it.
Fabio Hace 2 días
we pay for internet for like 40 dollars and cable comes for free for no reason and in my country they actually have a channel named lared thats like ten times better than the whole other channels
MrSlice Hace 2 días
My grandpa only watches cable for live sports😂😂😂
Logan Patterson
Logan Patterson Hace 2 días
i think a police like show that didnt get enough love was numbers.
Spaggity Hace 2 días
Malachi 1
Malachi 1 Hace 2 días
Listen boy criminal minds is fucking awesome
Capable Woman
Capable Woman Hace 2 días
Love you said commercial and one popped up
Anna Baker
Anna Baker Hace 2 días
Drew: "let's say it should be like, $10 a month" Me: "it's like a $100" Drew: "what's that? It's like a $100?"
Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes Hace 3 días
"who is the host of evrything else" jkghjkjbjkfs
Mr. DD
Mr. DD Hace 3 días
Before switching to government sponsored fiber in Sweden (the government sponsor the infrastructure the internet provider is still private but we have now way more options). The old internet provider we could only provided 10 mbps speed (no cap), they charged an activation fee, the subscription was pricier than our current subscription which is 200 mbps (no cap) and when we cancelled they wanted the garbage modem they provided back or else we'd have to purchase it.... for approx. 100 USD....
Terminal Cantcer
Terminal Cantcer Hace 3 días
But House MD is GOOOOOOD
Joe B.
Joe B. Hace 3 días
Credit where credit's due-- Dick Wolf has a fantastic name
TimeFind Hace 3 días
My dad has a 10$ a month thing that gives all the channels that cable does
NaTeesha85 Hace 3 días
Okay but The Rookie is actually very good and different if a little far-fetched lol.
Corn Row
Corn Row Hace 4 días
I think this channel is the only one on ESvid where the reason for your subscription was a well timed ad
CalebDaMan Hace 4 días
254 28
Tom Krupa
Tom Krupa Hace 4 días
In the UK we have Freeview, it's a free service where you get something like 80 channels, most have ads (except for the BBC) and it either comes directly installed into your TV or you can buy a separate box but it's a one time free. It lacks the amount of channels of cable and satellite tv but gives everyone an accessible means to get something
Timmy73 Hace 4 días
10:40 Or just straight up broadcasted tv
Art3mis Hace 4 días
Didn't Masked Singer come from korea? Or have i been misinformed?
Kenza B
Kenza B Hace 4 días
I swear you americans are just being ripped off from everywhere. in France we literally have cable + internet for 9bucks ... one time i had both for a year for 3 euros a month
Only Rampart main
Only Rampart main Hace 4 días
Blacklist will always be the best cop tv show
Kevin Norris
Kevin Norris Hace 4 días
My parents watch cable through Verizon but the issue is that it's internet based. Because our internet connection isn't good, the cable will tend to freeze/lag a lot. There's times where they literally can't watch cable due to the box being unable to connect to the internet, and it makes me wonder why anyone would pay for cable over a subscription from Hulu or Netflix.
In-a-daze-hays Hace 5 días
Absolutely love this video! To hell with scummy cable companies
Azidoazide Azide
Azidoazide Azide Hace 5 días
Jesus, I remember when G4 was TechTV. Cable is a complete waste of money now, there is no reason to watch anything on cable.
Jacob Pratt
Jacob Pratt Hace 5 días
I’m in the process of helping my mother move and she mentioned that she wanted the cable hooked up ASAP so she could watch tv. I told her about WiFi and streaming which she does all the time on her iPad, but it was so normal for her to always have cable that’s the first thing she thought of
Kyla Price
Kyla Price Hace 5 días
2:09 teachers when they see you talking to your friend
paradise birb
paradise birb Hace 5 días
my family pays cable but only because my dad watches the sports channel, like literally no one else watches cable. We rather watch netflix or amazon. But also cable in mexico is waaaay cheaper than in the u.s, for premium channels they charge us around $30usd a month
i will never understand why anyone providing a service or goods deliberately hides the actual price they want you to pay until the very end of the transaction.
Not Colton
Not Colton Hace 5 días
He’s right i tried typing random four letters into google and got an albanian tv service
Briggs Metcalfe
Briggs Metcalfe Hace 5 días
cobra kai
Briggs Metcalfe
Briggs Metcalfe Hace 5 días
cobra kai cobra kai cobra kai
CJ Loud
CJ Loud Hace 5 días
We need more *CAKE BAKING* competition shows
Flower Power
Flower Power Hace 5 días
This video is teaching me how much my grandparents get scammed by cable tv
POPherostation Hace 5 días
I like how when he said that it’s constantly inurupted by commercials I got a ad
Plomors Hace 5 días
8:37 👺🪟💨
William Brewer
William Brewer Hace 5 días
We have cable for trashy romantic shows like the bachelor 🌼🪴🌾🌱🌷🪵
Tony Starkwalker
Tony Starkwalker Hace 5 días
As a British person I never really think about what life must be like with cable, you can watch tons on live tv channels for free (if you choose a thing called freeview which is cool) like bbc, bbc 2, itv, channel 4, channel 5 (but we don’t talk about channel 5 And the shows on tv are nearly as good as the most popular on Netflix and Disney+, I love line of duty and I loved a 2006 (I think) show called life on Mars about a Manchester police officer who goes back in time to the 1970s and it’s really good For once I kinda feel sorry for Americans
Tony Starkwalker
Tony Starkwalker Hace 5 días
Also we’ve got a few free streaming services for the main channels like bbc iplayer, itv hub, all 4 and my 5 (which we will never speak of again) Most channels besides the bbc ones have +1 which is just the same stuff but with a one hour buffer As well as the fact that there are loads of channels besides the top 5 like (some that I like) Itv 2 Dave Challenge (sorta) In summary the tv we get in the uk is just really good Go watch some of it Americans (We’ve got great comedy too and also stop stealing our shows and making American versions)
mikeyFREAKINGv Hace 5 días
Omfg! Adult Haley Joel Osment getting arrested and dropping Kingdom Hearts voice lines was perfect 😂
MJ Hace 5 días
I just want to point out that The Masked Singer was originally a South Korean tv show. Does that make it less hilariously ridiculous? No
Wowzers Wow
Wowzers Wow Hace 6 días
Drew absolutely never rope scrubs in with those shows. All 7 seasons of that show are amazing and deserve respect
bababui Hace 6 días
Don M
Don M Hace 6 días
He did that
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright Hace 6 días
This guy sounds like Andrew from Big mouth if he grew up
Joseph Pinder
Joseph Pinder Hace 6 días
You think the masked singer is bad have you seen the british version
bennybenben805 Hace 6 días
Hulu has adds and you can pay more for less adds thats why I don’t have Hulu
Just an introvert with internet access
Yeah but the price with no ads is the same price as netflix With ads its half the price so it's a more affordable option
Taydra Cole-Williamson
both the masked singer and i can see your voice, are licenced to the us, but the original shows are korean, and a million times better.
Mako624 Hace 6 días
If you need to have live TV I definitely ecommend Sling. It has a base cost of $30 a month which basically includes all of the channels you really need for cable. It also includes some on demand programming, so you're not paying $65+ for just live tv and the ability to record shows.
the brick SQUAD 11
the brick SQUAD 11 Hace 6 días
I just got a ad right when you said "and constantly interrupted by commercials"
Operation Memelord
Operation Memelord Hace 6 días
my dad pays 600$ a month 😄👍
Patrick Step
Patrick Step Hace 6 días
I hear americans complaining about cable all the time. So my question is : why do you need to keep those subscriptions ? Doesn’t seem that anything of value is broadcast anyway.
Parker Peter
Parker Peter Hace 6 días
This video should be simply called "Drew saying fuck Spectrum for 20 minutes"
AndrewmanGaming Hace 7 días
The anti-cable revolution is the best thing to happen to consumers in a long time. Now we just need an anti-internet service revolution. The prices they charge are pretty crazy.
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 Hace 7 días
“You probably don’t like sports if you’re watching this” _me listening to this while getting a juggling soccer high score_: guess I’ll stop watching
Bayel Zhumabekov
Bayel Zhumabekov Hace 7 días
white boy problems
Aaron Murray
Aaron Murray Hace 7 días
Samsung tv is free if you have a smart tv or phone owned by Samsung. I use it personally to watch kitchen nightmares.
Sir Roman
Sir Roman Hace 7 días
"and constantly interrupted by ads-" *youtube ad starts playing*
martin clan
martin clan Hace 7 días
*Laughs in DirecTV*
Eddie Hace 7 días
In the uk quality on tv television is thriving, looking grim in America
House of leaves
House of leaves Hace 7 días
Lets be real though 90% of the people that pay for cable are older. Like my mom knows what netflix and hulu are ect. She still pays basically 200$ a month for comcast. My dad and her watch alot of westerns and wrestling and family fued for some odd reason...
House of leaves
House of leaves Hace 7 días
How you gonna arrest sora?
Hey its katie
Hey its katie Hace 7 días
"welcome back to America takes a good idea from a different country and ruins it"
Matthew Tudda
Matthew Tudda Hace 7 días
"...constantly interrupted by commercia--" ad cuts Drew off.
Joe Byethen
Joe Byethen Hace 8 días
7:28 the girl from the meme with the cat.
johann engelhardt
johann engelhardt Hace 8 días
Constantly interupted by commercials - youtube ad plays Best ad placement i‘ve seen so far😂
mylife belike yes
mylife belike yes Hace 8 días
The masked singer is actually a Korean show 😐✋
Head Trippy
Head Trippy Hace 8 días
This is why I pay for Spectrum internet and just have Hulu, HBO max, and Disney plus
Head Trippy
Head Trippy Hace 7 días
@Angel Frankie Emerson we have the internet more for gaming than anything
Head Trippy
Head Trippy Hace 7 días
@Angel Frankie Emerson the internet’s like 60 then the streaming services are 15, 14, and 7 so it’s about 96 dollars and I split it with my friend so I pay like 48 a month for it all
Angel Frankie Emerson
can you tell me more? please. is it reasonably priced
zakosist Hace 8 días
I think misleading prices needs to be illegal, I don't get why they're allowed to continue with that
Crazy Dutchies
Crazy Dutchies Hace 8 días
As a Dutch nationalist I'm somewhat angry you gave credit to nbc for thinking of the voice when it was bought from a Dutch media company... 😂😕
Agnes Glasscock
Agnes Glasscock Hace 8 días
I agree with EVERYTHING you said in this vid. I think of the tv executives on Simpsons. They would always say 'so and so meets such and such', never an original idea from TV. also, down w cable.
Shanyque Lennon
Shanyque Lennon Hace 8 días
Flashing back to my time as a Comcast telemarketer. Shady ass unethical company.
Shanyque Lennon
Shanyque Lennon Hace 7 días
@Angel Frankie Emerson from my experience they preyed on older people and they held us to these ridiculous ass standards for quotas. Basically it was our fault we didn't sell shit when at the time was when streaming services were a better option. They also seem to ignore the do not call list and taught us to not even mention it unless the customer specifically asked about it. You also don't get most of the channels you'd want with the cheapest cable package so ultimately it was spend all your money on premium or pay for nothing with basic. I could go on.
Angel Frankie Emerson
omg me too. wait what’s wrong with comcast
givemedepussie pliss
Fuck you criminal minds was the shit.
a s
a s Hace 8 días
I love this global scam of calling countries "developed", when the wages on average are 3 times more but they charge 10-30 times the same price of everything in my country :/
C Roberts
C Roberts Hace 8 días
not to mention that they're ripoffs of korean shows
Omega Mysterio
Omega Mysterio Hace 8 días
Okay can Drew just have his own tv show? I need to see his take on... well everything 😂 And somehow Haley Joel Osment needs to be involved in all of it!
louis george
louis george Hace 8 días
$100 a month?!?!?!?! To see ads? America, u ok???
louis george
louis george Hace 8 días
I can't believe Americans have to pay to see ads
louis george
louis george Hace 8 días
Masked singer came to the uk and I was so confused 😂
Jena Allred
Jena Allred Hace 8 días
The skit at the beginning reminded me of a Ryan George video.
ummm opps
ummm opps Hace 9 días
Arent these two very similar to those very famous korean shows? The point is, could they not come up with anything original than making an already existing thing unbearably cringe
Eoin O'Callaghan
Eoin O'Callaghan Hace 9 días
All the cable providers disliking this video
Guer1lla_Gamer Hace 9 días
9:35 I actually just got an ad then
Noel Cormack
Noel Cormack Hace 9 días
throwing scrubs into the same group as those other medical dramas is unfair. scrubs was innovative, highly innovative... what other show has the fantasy sequences or goofy humor
ju ju
ju ju Hace 9 días
I use the TV with my switch That's it
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