TEN HAG Press Conference Reaction! Man City vs Manchester United

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Ten Hag's Press Conference Reaction ahead of the Man City vs Manchester United Manchester Derby in the Premier League. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm​​​​

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29 sep 2022






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mike D
the only person Maguire needs protection from is himself he makes his own problems both on and off pitch
Sean Koopa
The English BIAS is insane I remember last UCL Jamie and the other guy forgot his name saying that they are only realizing that Benzema is "AS" good as Harry Kane I was Baffled really
Akhilesh joshi
Lisandro Martinez honestly deserves PL POTM
Darsh Shah
I can already feel like it's gonna be 3-0 to United 🔥🔥 lessgoooo...... Ron hattrick incoming ❤️
Canady Canady
Ten hag deserved premier league manager of the month
g co
The good thing for us is all the so called experts have already said that haaland will destroy Martinez and score any time he feels like it. Even though the past meetings of both going the complete opposite. And for some reason past few seasons the majority of the time the away team in the Derby has done better. Here's hoping it will continue on Sunday
Xeena Gao
Fantastic video ,Mark ,everything you said is so logical 😘
Eric ten Hag, my Manager!!!👏👏👏
Michael kamfwa Kunda
Honestly speaking, listening to ETH press conference, I feel he put MAGUIRE under the bus/carpet... On MAGUIRE he comes out like , " he is a good player and I believe in him and so is the coaching staff and all the players. I coach him. He knows what I need if him. He's listening to my instructions and he will get there. The centre backs now are if high quality and MAGUIRE has to work hard to those levels...... OMG... dear supporters, is there any one out there who thinks Maguire can improve his game to the level of Verane and the Butcher boy of Argentina???? FOR ME....NO WAYS
Jamie-Williams Arts
Is Erik Ten Hag going to break the Manager of the Month award curse(?) What a match to do it in
Ma Do
How did Rashford get player of the month? Jesus , he’s been ok at best. 5-6 United players who’ve been much better
Ross Benners
Maguire: Capable backup defender.
Alexx Cloud
I’ve said it a thousand times. We don’t hate Harry as a player. Or because of his form. That’s something he can work on. We just want him to take accountability. We want him to take responsibility for his actions. We want him to be a good person. I’ll take poor form and good character over good form and poor character.
Ten Hag, Klopp & Guardiola knows how shut the MEDIA down 😂
Stone 420
If Reporter's faces and names are known.. We could get rid of nonsensical questions from useless reporters. 😎
With all of maguires fault the hate he gets is unreal but he shld learn from mctominay , a player who was more of a joke , has now come back and shut us up, earned our respect… another person is David moyes, an up and coming manager got destroyed when he took up Man U but after years being written off is back and again earning plaudits at West Ham…
Mark Gabriel
A Man United Manager hasn't won thier first Manchester Derby in the league since sir alex in 1987!Don't mind ten hag losing,but how United play this game matters even if they lose
Asif Iqbal
Congratulations to ETH. The real test would be October.
Christopher Schmidt
I want to meet this man, speaks so well and has great ideas and thought conclusions! Could listen all day!
malcolm hakim
Martial big W🤩