Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS 

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Check out the highlights from the fight between #teofimolopez and #jamaineortiz. #boxinghighlights #teofimoortiz
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7 feb 2024






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Comentarios : 2,7 mil   
@landorslam Hace 12 días
Stevenson thinking “ that was an action packed fight “ lmaooo
@user-xs3os3ez5h Hace 11 días
He probably already on a marketing channel saying Ortiz won haha Shakur wished his named was tupac cause sadly he's the weakest ever associated to Shakur
@whenwedecay Hace 10 días
Shakur: I better pick up my game. These two are killers... 🤣🤣🤣
@laloc312 Hace 12 días
Watching the highlights this morning after falling asleep during the fight
@TB12DAGOAT Hace 12 días
@Idunno-gl1wz Hace 12 días
Same but tbf I was drinking pretty heavy so that definitely contributed
@cleanuptomcat2 Hace 12 días
real shyt 😂😅
@user-zo3vu7pv1e Hace 12 días
@Ponytown00 Hace 12 días
yoo I was in the 11th round, then this morning I realized I had passed out and missed the decision 😂
@alcorraalb6029 Hace 12 días
Imagine chasing that belt you’re entire pro boxing career,just to run from it when it’s in front of your face
@SSS-ie6mh Hace 11 días
@zaboxingnation9351 Hace 11 días
his plan was to box smart & take as less punishment as possible.. but you cant do that when in the ring with the champion... you have to beat him undeniably. meaning don't leave it to the judges.
@TimCarter1 Hace 11 días
Thank you
@user-xs3os3ez5h Hace 11 días
Thats why theres one fighter in every 40 years haha they think its like a breeding farm of champs just cause they trained boxing hahaha you might be practicing the art, don't make you a champion at heart hahaha
@@zaboxingnation9351Only flpyd could do that, and even he would trade in the pocket sometime
@user-du4ir2gn4g Hace 12 días
How they found 2 minutes of highlights, when Ortiz ran the whole fight is actually inpressive
@JROMUSIC405 Hace 11 días
Bruh 😂
@dtxeddie649 Hace 10 días
u stole this comment
@nasifurrahman2641 Hace 10 días
shame on u for stealing that comment
@DogsterrKane Hace 8 días
@@nasifurrahman2641even misspelt impressive hahah literal copy n paste
@zec-manzec5542 Hace 7 días
Bruh didn't I just see someone else say exact same thing. You even misspelled impressive incorrectly like them to. Your Ill for that lol😂
@baruchsalgado1790 Hace 12 días
Had a crazy headache so chose to watch the highlights the next day. Glad I called it a day 😂😂😂
@iamnoone9353 Hace 12 días
Some of the boxers in this era basically inspired by Usain Bolt 😂
@cesarrodriguez-yl3ck Hace 11 días
Floyd doings
@jrcuartz1829 Hace 11 días
@whenwedecay Hace 10 días
🏃💨💨 🤣🤣🤣
@jaime4421 Hace 12 días
Imagine Ortiz vs Shakur?😂🤣🤣🤣😆🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽
@dewmontain123 Hace 12 días
Itd be a marathon 😂
@wraithny1 Hace 12 días
Imagine who outruns who
@quayshawnaustin9335 Hace 12 días
Styles makes fights... Ortiz vs Shakur would be similar to Shakur vs Jamel Herring...From the start and mid rounds it would be what YOU considered 🏃🏾 and then on Stevenson would do exactly what he did to Herring in the later rounds
@Vidsofthe_Day Hace 12 días
Shakur ran on his last fight Devin was running on his last fight are the same energy? 😂
@donttreadonme838 Hace 12 días
Bro tell me Ortiz don't look like Rollie Stevenson😂😂😂😂😂
@john.a2647 Hace 12 días
I slept from 3rd round waking up to decision.. im glad i did. Highlights looking more competitive 😅
@user-yc5eg5ng7g Hace 9 días
Teofimos straight to the body to come up stairs with a follow up straight right was insanely quick.
@Samual_33 Hace 12 días
Bro you know its a bad fight when it goes 12 and the highlights are only 2 mins long
@miguelchavez-qk3vg Hace 11 días
@globalcombattv Hace 11 días
Top Rank are always doing 2 min highlights no matter what.
@Samual_33 Hace 11 días
@@globalcombattv I'll take your word for it buddy
@Zstxx Hace 10 días
Yea tru Sammy.. this is what top rank does on all fights. But I’m sure as far as I’m hearing these highlights shown were then only given in this fight. Apparently it was a track meet.. smh eh I still believe both fighters will do a lot better in the future. Hopefully. Boxing looking weak asf rn
@dontaelucas59 Hace 9 días
That part
@MushrooMania888 Hace 12 días
I know this fight wasn’t great but I was just watching how explosive Teo is and his fast twitch movement its insane.
@wuddayameen Hace 12 días
Did I miss something? Where were the FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS?🤣
Do us a favor and please never ever put Shakur and Ortiz in the same ring pleasee 🙏
@izaiahfischer440 Hace 12 días
Can’t no more shakur quit boxing lol
@quayshawnaustin9335 Hace 12 días
It would be a totally different fight
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 12 días
@@izaiahfischer440na he yappin on twitter 😂
@JudgePhilosophical Hace 12 días
Why you don't like track and field 😅
@jasbadsirron6424 Hace 12 días
No No no...please DO put them in the same ring...it will spell the end of this fake fraudulent US Thug Life gangsta boxing culture and replace it with more than just track athletes who just want to be in a rap video throwing $100 bills around. We all know the same people that run and finance Hollywood and the rubbish US music scene, are the same ones who fund all these thug life wanna be US fighters. Teo called them all out - said he was offered $$$ by the 'Illuminati' and he knocked them all back....hence: The Takeover. He's doing it his way, not their fake way.
@user-ms9cu8xk9b Hace 11 días
Had a crazy headache so chose to watch the highlights the next day. Glad I called it a day
Never Watching a Fight of Shakur or Ortiz!!!
@dame2690 Hace 12 días
Glad i fell asleep instead of stayin up to watch this
@oscar9mx512 Hace 12 días
Never watching an Ortiz fight again omg. Idk who did it better. Shakira Twitterson or Ortiz MARATHONS. Talking about “Ima KO Teo”
@Mike-wq7mw Hace 12 días
Let me guess you are another Teofimo account?
@fidencio0 Hace 12 días
@@Mike-wq7mwnah it’s true ortiz ran
@gustavofontalba Hace 12 días
​@@fidencio0These casuals will see a guy moving backwards and will call it outboxing lmao
@o.d.b.5344 Hace 12 días
@@Mike-wq7mwpeople are tired of This. Fighters like Ortiz make boxing look bad.
@mr.brightside6576 Hace 12 días
@@gustavofontalba nah its quite different on how floyd does the outboxing...
@TranThiTuyenchannel Hace 11 días
Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz: when your fists do the talking, but all I hear is 'Please pass the popcorn, this is getting good.' 🍿🥊
@AngelFlores-rh3ef Hace 12 días
Imagine boxing all your life and you finally make it to the big stage for a chance to win a title and make a name for yourself just to run and not engage
@thomassaballa Hace 12 días
That entrance walked by teo was the best part of the fight !! Lol
@ramonmedina1303 Hace 12 días
Buen trabajo Teofimo como siempre dando un buen espectaculo saludos de otro Catracho estamos orgullosos de ti.
@danielmulero Hace 12 días
Cállese mojado ilegal…😂
@vhrr68 Hace 12 días
I was so sleepy that I didn't watch the fight ( had to work early) and I'm glad 😂
@SinCityRaider81 Hace 12 días
How they found 2 minutes of highlights, when Ortiz ran the whole fight is actually inpressive 😂
@altagraciaadames3483 Hace 12 días
He Outlanded n out threw Teo, 😅😅😅😅
@apccmen4595 Hace 12 días
Yeah with pat jabs and shit. Atleast teo trying to engage and throwing bombs 😂
@EternoAprendiz1991 Hace 12 días
@sammyfullbuster24 Hace 12 días
​@@altagraciaadames3483 lol. That's not boxing that is marathon for ortiz 😂
@lokostill Hace 12 días
​@@altagraciaadames3483 Ortiz landed 2 more punches then Teofimo lol It was close but the judges were swayed by the slightly more aggressor in Teofimo.
@meeemeee432 Hace 12 días
Oriz was training for the Olympic running team in this fight
@danielgray5756 Hace 12 días
That low-high straight on the same side form Teofimo on Ortiz was nice. You see him land it several times.
@JorgeGarcia-ku2xp Hace 12 días
Foat like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee and run like Usain Bolt😂😂😂😂
@ChispinRodz Hace 12 días
Ortiz vs Shakur on the tracking field. MAKE IT HAPPEN TOP RANK !!!😂😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
@noblesse7013 Hace 11 días
i thought it was gonna be k.o because it was only 2:35 😂😂 thanks for saving my time.
@valvenus5715 Hace 12 días
Teo needs to fire his pops. He ain’t improving under him.
@DentDocs Hace 12 días
He sucks that’s why they bring in coaches.
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 12 días
Na he can have him there just bring in another trainer thats his pops
@RulaDaProphet Hace 12 días
Didn’t say that when He fucked Josh Taylor up
@altagraciaadames3483 Hace 12 días
Fire 🔥 is such a evil word. Maybe the conversation goes like this. Of course papi , you could still ne in my corner. Applying the Vaseline giving me water an screaming 😱 strictures, while I'm fight. TURN THE OTHER CHEEK
@DoritosResidue Hace 12 días
No ring cut off
@robloxubg Hace 10 días
This video is awesome!
@jostlingj4807 Hace 12 días
I was there live and Teofimo such a good entertainer and always does his best to give the people a good show. This was a close fight, but I have no problem with Teofimo winning, he was the aggressor and landed the harder shots and was waking Ortiz down all night
@Finnegan.Reilly Hace 12 días
Did I miss something? Where were the FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS?
@L2blefClips Hace 12 días
Este chaval sí que es el orgullo de muchos hondureños 🏆 Esas 5 estrellas bien alto teofimo López, eres grande 🇭🇳
@brodash505 Hace 12 días
Asi es
@arielenamorado7080 Hace 12 días
🇭🇳 💙💙💙💙💙💙
@francoferri1462 Hace 11 días
Thank you sir.
@AlbertoPerez-gl7fk Hace 11 días
De un mexicano. Este hermano tiene huevos. Siempre pone el box primero. Un muy buen atleta ❤❤
@aaceret Hace 12 días
Teo keeps this up he gon be fighting on Wednesday mornings 🤦🏻‍♂️
@Uppercut_TV Hace 12 días
@mellyalmighty1859 Hace 12 días
If he have to chase the fighter all night it will look like this, you can’t fight someone who doesn’t want to fight
@papidetroit6632 Hace 12 días
You acting as if it was his fault 🤡🫵🏻
@aldocuacuas5838 Hace 12 días
It was Ortiz fault lil bro🤣 He’s now part of the shakur, haney sleep klan 🤣😴😴😴😴
@imyours7177 Hace 12 días
I Can't Imagine After That Jamaine Ortiz Expect The Win This Fight Tha Hands Is Up 😅 What The Hell 😂
@four6ix_adrian Hace 12 días
2 min fight highlights is crazy
@four6ix_adrian Hace 12 días
just watched the whole thing and holy crap that was it? 🙂
@blinksstayfresh2524 Hace 12 días
My fav fighter, the promo work is really good 👍 thank you Mr Lopez!
@2023C8HTC Hace 12 días
You have to actually take the fight to the the champ to get the belt.Man,what a runner
@JonnyJames26 Hace 11 días
The fact that teofimo thinks hr's a big draw still makes me laugh so hard
@etherthedragon2273 Hace 10 días
Who cares. He's beating everyone. Haney don't want that smoke I promise
@JonnyJames26 Hace 10 días
@@etherthedragon2273 you on crack?😂😂😂😂😂
@oscar9mx512 Hace 12 días
ESPN needs to fire Bradley. He said ORTIZ GAVE TEO A BOXING LESSON. MADE HIM MISS MADE HIM PAY!? Bro what??? You gotta go
@eddiecaradinejr.4056 Hace 12 días
Which 7 rounds did Teo win?
@Mike-wq7mw Hace 12 días
This bots lol
@Frappuccino-Jr Hace 12 días
@o.d.b.5344 Hace 12 días
Bradley BEEN a hater. He wasn’t calling out any of Teos power punches. Just praising Ortiz for moving with no effectiveness.
@BlessedRarity Hace 12 días
@@eddiecaradinejr.4056even better witch rounds did Ortiz not run
@javiergamez3343 Hace 12 días
2 min of highlights, I imagine how good was the fight, wow
@sergiozamora1757 Hace 12 días
Lol 😂😂Tim Bradley was acting like it was a robbery lol😂
@Ralphunreal Hace 12 días
ortiz got robbed
@user-xs3os3ez5h Hace 11 días
Who that haha bradley career so sorry he still has to work as an analyst cause his fights didn't earn him retirement money haha
@HectorLopez-dl2hi Hace 11 días
TIm need to GTFOH a cheerleader for black fighters
@Carolinaslimdud Hace 11 días
It was a lot closer than the judges scored it. It could have easily been a draw or loss for Lopez. He is overrated. I don't like Bradley as a commentator but he was involved in some of the most action packed fights of this century. He ain't broke.
@user-xs3os3ez5h Hace 11 días
@@Carolinaslimdud hahaha no no no haha dude, Loma was getting work so bad he couldn't even get in his groove. Lomas able to dominate Haney cause Loma has good footwork but Teo's footwork and ppwer was superior haha it wasn't even a close match. Loma didn't even want tp exercise a rematch cause he knew he had no answer for Teo haha stop it
You Fought Moving Backwards & Get Mad At The Decision🤦🏾‍♂️Dudes Crazy
@ismaelontiveros2140 Hace 12 días
I don’t know why people were confused with the Decision Ortiz made him miss a lot of shots but he was running the whole fight and the champ was being the aggressor is he there to win the belt or not ?
The title says “highlights”, but I didn’t see any 😂
@kenethkeneth273 Hace 12 días
Ortiz 408 throw punches Landed 80 (20%) Teo 368 78 (21%) I’m glad that teo won bc who tf wants a trackstar as a champ ??? Man was just running
@Frescothadon1089 Hace 12 días
Facts ortiz said he was gunna knock teo out looked like he was scared to get hit and engage you don’t win a fight like that especially a championship fight let’s be foreal
@miakalifa535 Hace 12 días
Just looking at their faces tell you who landed more shots lol teo beat Ortiz
Boring ass fight. 😴 but who gonna chime I'm and defend 117-111? That's like Canelo vs GGG 118-110
@lilsstrunks Hace 12 días
@@miakalifa535 he got hit with a headbutt lol you guys are morons lmfao
@Vidsofthe_Day Hace 12 días
Tell that to shakur last fight and Devin Haneys last fight I bet you won’t be the same energy if no STFU 🤫
@FamousHub. Hace 12 días
Ortiz looks Just like Jermell and Shakuira running cowardly, they all want to be like Floy Runhug
@Samual_33 Hace 12 días
They just run and haven't got the skill to fight in the pocket like Floyd did
@pharoah1200 Hace 12 días
You mean those two undefeated guys?
@The053199 Hace 8 días
The people that get annoyed by the quote "you gotta take it from the champ" are the same ones swearing that cutting off the ring is a real thing🤦🏾‍♂️ these rings are 24ft. Unless that ring is 16ft like in the amateurs then all youre gonna get is dudes like charlo, ortiz, and shakur.
@687donny Hace 12 días
They was gettin busy ! That's a good ass fight
Need to see Matias vs Teofimo next
@nachovamerica Hace 12 días
Fans dont wanna pay to watch runners in the sport of boxing. It's a fighting sport.
@DentDocs Hace 12 días
They’re ruining boxing
@lilsstrunks Hace 12 días
fans want to see people get their head knocked off then go watch bare knuckle boxing.. but yall dont so most of you infrequent watchers dont know wtf you want
@real-nt9qy Hace 12 días
You dont pay for anything. just cut it out casual
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 12 días
@@lilsstrunkshuh bro heavy weights boxers do it all the time ? Knock each others dave off lol ortiz just had the worst new trainer ever
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 12 días
@@real-nt9qyyou corny lmao cause the truth is you projecting what you do 😅 not pay cause you broke
@user-wt1pi6lp8r Hace 12 días
I slept from 3rd round waking up to decision.. im glad i did. Highlights looking more competitive
@fredpc41 Hace 12 días
It’s like is the broadcast waiting for just 1 punch to shout Tiofimo doing well. Lol
@darwincruz9373 Hace 12 días
Honduras en la casa papa 🇭🇳🇭🇳
@eastsideLowBottoms Hace 12 días
@user-rr7pk4er5z Hace 12 días
First Devin Haney vs Loma now this 😂😂 just putting it out there
@Morefirecutz Hace 12 días
By only Watching these highlights, you’d think no running was going on 😂
@oceanamaya Hace 12 días
That guy didn’t come to fight. He came to run.
@Samual_33 Hace 12 días
Feel bad for the people that bought tickets
@6k_627 Hace 12 días
After all is he is called the technician he not built for this crazy life
@pht9317 Hace 12 días
He still won tho
@DanielTreFive Hace 12 días
Just look how many times you see Ortiz backing up in this 2 minute video. He did this the ENTIRE fight. That man did NOT want to fight
@user-un2es6fj6n Hace 12 días
2 minutes of highlights is just about right.. Could have been compressed into 30 seconds though.
@user-zs6lm5gr6o Hace 7 días
Those hands look fast
@tonycruz5643 Hace 12 días
Top rank crazy with the edit i watched it it didn't look like this
@araww9217 Hace 6 días
Post the highlights of teo all the times he taunted him🐐‼️
😂. No mames ortiz!!! Vete ALV con ese estilo caribeño de correlon! 😂😂😂
@draco2xx Hace 12 días
he's a runner, he's a trackstar 🏃‍♂️💨💨
@Gary_Winthorpe Hace 12 días
@6oulx615 Hace 12 días
@@Gary_Winthorpe1 like casual
@lad-bo9ll Hace 12 días
@@Gary_Winthorpesalty teo still on tol hahah😂
@Just_The_Don Hace 12 días
He was down the block 😂
@bushybrow7430 Hace 12 días
he gon run away when it gets hard 🏃‍♀️💨
@jeromepowell6077 Hace 12 días
It made me feel bad for him when he pulled his hat down after they read the decision lol
@BlackCheckrdVans Hace 12 días
The question is: If Shakur and Ortiz fought, who would run from who? 🤔
@ytyahudah5046 Hace 12 días
The difference between Ortiz and Shakur is that Ortiz run backwards and Shakur hop and jump backwards.. 😂😂
@pharoah1200 Hace 12 días
And, they both won their fights, but they stole this one from Ortiz.
@user-et8fn8fu7u Hace 12 días
Whoever said he was running is crazy that’s moving around the ring at least what I can see form the highlights he was throwing punches in bunches and teo was throwing single counters or single shots.
@Ishbikes Hace 9 días
Nah, he was. These are the the best *highlights* of a 12 round fight? If you’re going to make someone miss, make them pay? Don’t keep backing up. Floyd made dudes pay for missing!
@robloxubg Hace 10 días
So cool, I love it!
Never watching Ortiz again... what an absolute cowardly "fight" plan. I would pay to NOT watch him!
@magacop5180 Hace 12 días
You could not pay me to waste a night watching him fight again. 😂
@andymccreight3175 Hace 12 días
Two idiots. He won the fight pretty comfortably
@juniorvargas9862 Hace 12 días
​​@@andymccreight3175I can't tell by the highlights it didn't show any of his punches land
@surside1333 Hace 12 días
you would pay to NOT watch him lmaooooo ... that's funny AF
@miguelmojica5665 Hace 12 días
It's called boxing not slugging
@walterjohnson2031 Hace 12 días
Boxing is like playing poker, you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them. In boxing you got to know when to punch them and when to move. It may not look pretty but the entire objective is to hit the opponent as often as you can and not be hit yourself. If you are fighting an opponent who is an inside close style fighter don’t play his game. Keep it at range and keep moving so can’t get into position. Many times this upsets the opponent and he gets careless while trying to hit you and leaves you an opening to strike him. Boxing is a mind and strategy game as much as pure punching power.
@danielmulero Hace 12 días
And this is the guy who wants to fight Matias ? 😂
@maxmiddlebrough9904 Hace 12 días
Hard to fight someone who just runs. Who has matias fought?
@Cocina_Creativa Hace 12 días
@thejoker9602 Hace 12 días
The challenger is the one that supposed to impress the judges not the other way around
@daveo643 Hace 12 días
if those were the "highlights" of the fight, I don't feel bad missing it....
@grandizer4531 Hace 12 días
Can someone please let me know when the highlights start?
@Aztec_Warrior1 Hace 11 días
At 2:35
@xrp-ben2723 Hace 12 días
You do not control the fight by running. Run Ortiz run! 🏃‍♀️
@tekkchronicles5646 Hace 12 días
U don’t stand in front on a boxer too. This isn’t MMA
@DentDocs Hace 12 días
@DentDocs Hace 12 días
@@tekkchronicles5646you don’t want a guy to get momentum
@cameronprewitt Hace 12 días
Where can you run to ? They in a ring
@xrp-ben2723 Hace 12 días
@@cameronprewitt away from the other fighter in circles ortiz can show you… 😂
@cometias23 Hace 12 días
Ortiz es un gran peleador y muy técnico el tipo esta para grandes cosas en el boxeo me gusta cuando hace combinaciones en esta pelea no me gusto mucho por el hecho que quiso llevarsela por la manera de decir asi “segura” y mas cuando esta un titulo en juego pero espero verlo pronto y mejorado igual dudoso el resultado pero tambien se que disgusta este estilo de igual manera bien por teo
@setgomez8910 Hace 12 días
Dudoso el resultado...??? Era el campeonato del mundo, y qeria ganar corriendo, estas loco 😂😂😂 el q tenía q proponer era el, pero fue alrevez pareciera q el tuviera 10 títulos y no qeria arriesgar... Y el campeon q no tenía nada porq ir a buscar era el q lo hacía, definitivamente este mundo está loco.
@cometias23 Hace 12 días
@@setgomez8910 aunque no te guste pero es valido ese estilo de pelea y era parte de su estrategia ademas me gustaria ver boxeadores que pudiesen descifrar de una forma mas correcta como ganar este tipo de pelea hubiese estado mas interesante ver como teofimo pudo haber parado a alguien que se movia mucho pero no pudo; no esperes que todos los estilos sean iguales y se queden parados en el ring aparte él como campeon debio de demostrar también, no solo ortiz 🙄
@joelvillarreal2802 Hace 12 días
TI needed 5 cups of coffee to stay awake on this Ortiz running boxing style.
@ricardodeharo3519 Hace 12 días
Bradley watching another fight or he's blind
@RandomGuy42016 Hace 12 días
Sucks that we have to put the fight on mute to watch. The favoritism of certain fighters sucks.
@youngking248 Hace 11 días
You know it’s bad when the highlight vid is 2 mins
@oddiepowell9270 Hace 12 días
If a person is running the entire fight he lose period
thats how it works. they mad but tell ya boy to grow bigger balls (pause)
@gerryboy3699 Hace 12 días
i disagree, if the guy is moving but landing punches and you cannot hit him then I say you lose. Not up for the tickling but surely its who lands the most real punches?
@Frescothadon1089 Hace 12 días
@@gerryboy3699 yea I’m pretty sure teo landed the cleaner punches he weaved a lot Of ortiz punches and ortiz hit alot of glove watch the fight in slow mo wit no commentary
@TheBf666 Hace 12 días
teo was too dumb to not cut off the ring, so what do you think is going to happen? He let ortiz do what he wanted.
@terryduckworth5105 Hace 12 días
@@gerryboy3699there is moving and there is an unwillingness to fight. Lopez wasn’t good enough to close the ring off enough but come on, you have to show some dominance.
@user-pz4yh9pr8d Hace 7 días
That's how I watched a boring 12 round fight, hugging and running. Must be F. Moneyweather is his mentor😂
@brucenino4938 Hace 11 días
Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the cure to insomnia. Ortiz vs. Stevenson!! 😴
@CustomMad3 Hace 12 días
Soon as Ortiz felt that power he went running like a trackstar 🏃💨
@donnyamador2205 Hace 10 días
Almost thought I was watching may weather lol 😂 😂😂😂😂jk
@MatthewGarcia-pl5tg Hace 12 días
Ortiz reminds me of shakira tweeterson a bit
@samlee7420 Hace 8 días
Ortiz head movement for that 2 piece combo and going in and out was working. I wonder if he saw some other windows and got out smarted.
@Sean_03_636 Hace 2 días
Crazy how casual fans call boxing on the outside running 😂
@regularbob Hace 12 días
@octofish Hace 12 días
Even the highlights make for a boring night light. No fight broke out. Shocked those judges didn't gift it to the marathon runner. That's their gig.
@apachedr34 Hace 12 días
Is this another “Shakira Tweeterson” ?? 😂😂😂
@alexyo2440 Hace 12 días
Ortiz vs Haney next fight for pillowmaster belt
@tristc6909 Hace 12 días
I bet you say Haney's name in your sleep
@shinestar2912 Hace 12 días
Ortiz vs Shakira in a dance marathon
Haney beats teo this was embarrassing😂 he barely beat a former 135 guy that lost to loma already. Haney smoked the champ in his first 140 fight
@emjay3066 Hace 12 días
Teo smoked the champ in his first 140 fight
@BenjaminTapia1 Hace 12 días
I think Haney is a great boxer, but that pillowmaster belt title comment is too funny lol
@Wilma-Ackerman Hace 11 días
Holy shit how Lopez got that 2 punch in to land flush with so much snap while coming off the first punch is insane iq at 0:43
@MrRod269 Hace 12 días
Viva Honduras! 🇭🇳 Latinos stand up! Nice job Teo! 🔥
@patsnationok1373 Hace 11 días
Everyone talking so much about Ortiz running yet teofimo couldn’t finish him off 😂
Make this Ortiz guy fight Shakur or Haney, get your pillow and blanket 😆😆😆
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 12 días
Hilarious 😂😂😂
@upthebeatonpath Hace 12 días
@shavoylawrence Hace 12 días
Devin would wash Ortiz
@boyetmarcelo7539 Hace 12 días
@besttex4735 Hace 12 días
​@@shavoylawrenceno shit he's just sayin boring fights
@1623ALBERTO Hace 12 días
Espn announcer Teofimo wasn't undisputed @135 he didn't have the wbc belt.
Teofimo Suriel Matías te está esperando 😂
@user-is6rg1ff7y Hace 12 días
Looked like a good fight
@gemini-mg6sc Hace 11 días
Why was the fight on Thursday night?
@FilipinoNino Hace 6 días
The Super Bowl weekend.
@djgot141 Hace 12 días
Ortiz vs Stevenson that would be a great matchup 😅😂
With Rigondeaux or Mayweather as the trainer for these "boxers". Let's get it on.
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