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Danny Gonzalez
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14 abr 2022






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Comentarios 6 974
Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden Hace 11 meses
this video is perfect for me because I wanna be a princess
ramstxr Hace 16 minutos
me too
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast Hace 2 meses
Ashe -.-
Ashe -.- Hace 5 meses
Danny? You wanna be a princess? Niceee have a crown 👑 and a dress👗 and shoes 👠
i forgor
i forgor Hace 5 meses
kade! Hace 6 meses
cellini051 Hace 11 meses
So he offers a course that will teach you how to be famous. But instead he warns you how disastrous fame can be, tells you what you should do AFTER you're famous, and then admits that the entire master class was unscripted. Perfect.
Tal Hace 5 meses
Its important to plan things out. Not for him, obviously, since it was unscripted, but yknow, for other people.
Caffinity Hace 7 meses
I wasted $300 on this info, great.
erika Hace 7 meses
@DaSleepyFox thank you?
DaSleepyFox Hace 7 meses
@erika Now that's character development
Julia Mavroidi
Julia Mavroidi Hace 7 meses
he's probably hoping people will be scared off by his Anti-Fame PSA amd never watch the rest of the video
kaamn Hace 11 meses
sheeraz: no refunds because this program is a secret danny: *shares it with everyone on youtube*
🌺Cherry Mocha🌺
Not so secret anymore aint it?
🧷💔ShelbzTV_27 Hace 5 meses
@✨Taylor’s version✨ What bro?!? You watch Danny haha
✨Taylor’s version✨
🧷💔ShelbzTV_27 Hace 7 meses
Marco Hace 8 meses
I know right
ExcitableAnon Hace 10 meses
I feel it’s very vital to point out that most celebrity women who shave their head do it because their hairdressers never let them go anywhere or do anything without getting their hair touched-up, or having it look nice for the cameras. Any person would shave their hair off if people were touching it so often, and being so controlling of it. It sounds annoying, draining, and even detrimental. I think it was either Britney or Taylor Swift who was interviewed, and she mentioned that was the reason why she shaved it all off. The older I get, the more their “meltdowns” seem more reasonable, as journalists and the public make female celebrities seem insane, crazy, and mentally ill.
WI Hace 3 días
@Pascal Simioli thank you for saying that
trapdoorguppi Hace 10 días
@dougspidermanhappy yes but it also shows up in your nails. It wasn't just that and yes I was alive I'm 31
Ember Hace 22 días
slightly unrelated but that's how stockholm syndrome came to be. The victims didn't "fall in love" with their captors. The police wanted to break into the bank and shoot the bandits with NO regards to the victims' lives. The is one lady was very outspoken about the incompetence of the cops and the sheriff just... makes up that she fell in LOVE with the captors instead of not wanting to die.
aud Hace 2 meses
@Kenny Laysh please read missingwalle's comment a bit upthread, they explain it perfectly
m1xyblu3 Hace 11 meses
Danny saying “f you” regarding the Britney Spears harassment felt so honest and was so satisfying.
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Hace 2 meses
@DeathnoteBB 💯
sm1purplmurderedme Hace 3 meses
@Brooke slay
sm1purplmurderedme Hace 3 meses
DeathnoteBB Hace 8 meses
Yeah so many ESvidrs talk about heinous shit and then go “But maybe he’s a nice guy, I don’t know” so it’s refreshing that Danny just went “No f you, dude”
Janetandamocha Hace 10 meses
I had a professor like this in college. He was supposed to be teaching anthropological methods but instead had us watch recordings of ACDC concerts and talked about how good of a guitar player he was in his youth for the whole semester.
I am very normal
I am very normal Hace 7 días
Dude, was your teache'rs name Dewey Finn?
Sofia Lafitte
Sofia Lafitte Hace 14 días
Had an AP calc teacher like that. Never taught anything because he said “if you’re smart enough to deserve to be in this class then I shouldn’t have to show you how to do it”. All he ever talked about was how cool he was to his college frat (he was in his 60s lol). And he’d pull dumb stunts, like during a BOMB THREAT lockdown he got bored and tried to make a homemade flame thrower using a can of hairspray and a lighter (which HE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL). Thank GOD he couldn’t get it to work. What a pathetic man…
Mutants and Memes
Mutants and Memes Hace un mes
This sounds like the lecturer I had recently; we (my fellow animation students and the illustration students) were meant to be learning about critical practices...instead this dude kept referring said practices back to sex bots, humans trying to give birth to dolphins and nudity. My only thought in that lecture was "What the fuck does this have to do with animation...or critical practices at that?!"
Arthur Pietro Garcia
that just like on Community, where on season 2 they learn anthropology but since the original teacher got fired(for shooting an arrow at one of the characters) the new teacher knows nothing about anthro so for the rest of the season they just drink beer and watch youtube.
josuke Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz is like that teacher who never actually teaches the class but just talks about their life instead for an hour
hahuya Hace 17 días
my careers teacher 💀
Chill out lil bro
Chill out lil bro Hace 21 un día
Yeah it goes from a conversation about “the real world” to how her nieces sister was Murdered 10 years ago. That was a thing that happened.
mars !!
mars !! Hace 22 días
ngl i kinda like that teacher or when substitutes do it for some reason
RingRung Hace un mes
He reminds me of this set teacher i had who basically expected you to already be a great artist without teaching you
kirakira Hace 11 meses
I can't believe someone is actually proud of being part of the reason Britney Spears was locked in a conservatorship.
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 14 días
Chill out lil bro
Chill out lil bro Hace 21 un día
@Gamergod98 L You really didn’t help anything at all there. You just inconvenienced someone for no good reason.
Jamie Curran
Jamie Curran Hace un mes
True it speaks volumes about the kind of 'Great guy' Sheraz actually is!🤔😂✌️
Jennifer McConnell
Jennifer McConnell Hace un mes
@C L he doesn’t see celebs as human beings
Gamergod98 L
Gamergod98 L Hace un mes
@Lank it's a long story you should honestly just look it up when you get time
Linus Ver
Linus Ver Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz reminds me of the goofy kid in school that doesn't quite fit in anywhere, but follows the popular kids around everywhere in an attempt to become one of them.
Cody Hace 2 meses
Or he studies them...
Tennessee Warminster
This was me, tbh. Only I didn't want to become the popular kid as much as I wanted to be accepted by them.
BoogerBoys Hace 3 meses
me in middle school energy
N+3ra¹hàän3r0 Hace 3 meses
@le~weirdo got news for you
RealTrey19 Hace 8 meses
Sheeraz: “I’m the biggest fame dealer in the world” Also Sheeraz: *doesnt have a Wikipedia article, while Danny does*
Yoshifan4456 Hace 23 días
😲 plus danny's google panel contains information about him and his career while sheeraz's is really just a list of names
Jimmy G
Jimmy G Hace 11 meses
Honestly, imagine being a famous dog walker and dogs get excited when they see you. Better than being a celebrity in my opinion
R J Hace 2 meses
Ngl I think that must be what heaven is like
Slav Dog
Slav Dog Hace 3 meses
Well the dogs don’t know you’re famous
Thestral: the undead
@biggrocc19 well they bark at me. 😢
KODX Hace 6 meses
@Bloblov LalaLulu I suddenly don’t want to talk to animals. I think I’d be disturbed.
Isabella Pennacchiotti
britney spears: *was damaged by paps* shazam: i paid those! michael jackson: *used literal costume masks because of the speculation about his children's apperence and was scared they would be bullied by tabloids* shananay: i paid latoya to expose his kids! so this is a how to ruin a person's life 101
raijingaming Hace 28 días
@KODX I mean I can see why you would think that but it sounded like to me that he saw everyone as an object to be used not just women
KODX Hace 28 días
@raijingaming i dont see why the laughing emoji is necessary. he seems to mostly target women. i didnt say he was a misogynist, just that some of the shit he preached had slight misogynistic undertones. for example, how proud he seemed to be that he was one of the paparazzi who caught britney spears 'going crazy'. he talks about her as if she was simply a prop or that she was just 'insane,' not that she had every aspect of her life controlled and publicised without her full consent. it just rubs me all the wrong way.
raijingaming Hace 28 días
@KODX ok it is bad but how is it misogynistic 😂
Isabella Pennacchiotti
@Cniknik98 that's why they're okay and safe today!!! he's the best father
Cniknik98 Hace 29 días
I always thought MJ was smart, keeping his kids' faces hidden from the public like that so they could grow up semi normal.
TheAMaazing Hace 11 meses
Wow, thanks for the tips Danny! I've now successfully become a princess and torn apart the royal family :)
No idea Who I am
No idea Who I am Hace 5 meses
@DingleBurrs yes, WHAT DID THEY DO?1?
DingleBurrs Hace 5 meses
What did you do to the queen.
· hijabihxba ·
· hijabihxba · Hace 8 meses
Izza Amazing
Izza Amazing Hace 9 meses
Brock Pigford
Brock Pigford Hace 9 meses
Maaz!? Dang it’s cool seeing you here
KingOfMadCows Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz should be teaching a "how to stay out of jail as a creepy stalker" or "how to accelerate the downfall of modern civilization" class.
rachl8400 Hace 5 meses
LOL this comment is underrated
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace 10 meses
Accelerating the downfall of modern civilization seems exactly like the kind of class that would be taught in a Dystopian novel, and I quite like that.
friesontheside _
friesontheside _ Hace 11 meses
Lol, yeah it's creepy.
江淑芳 Hace 11 meses
Mae Barron
Mae Barron Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz at the end of his $297 course: "Anyways guys, thanks for coming to my improv show!" As someone who has been doing improv for eight years and made about $200 total...I respect it.
Chill out lil bro
Chill out lil bro Hace 21 un día
I’ve been eating fake shoes for a month and made 10 bucks take the L
grand soup fred 7
grand soup fred 7 Hace 5 meses
@Jordan Rabbetts 50 nugget boxes !11!!!!
Chwater, Chearth, Chfire, Chair
@Jordan Rabbetts Those nuggets better make me cry on the floor and sing hallelujah if it's that expensive lol
Jordan Rabbetts
Jordan Rabbetts Hace 9 meses
@Polarcat015 you're getting ripped off at $4 per nugget
Sunny Bowos
Sunny Bowos Hace 11 meses
@Polarcat015 Les go ‼️‼️‼️
Cupriferous Catalyst
Ok but as someone who took four years of graphic design classes, you DO need a brand guide. Specifically, you need ME to make you a brand guide. Please, I need to know that everything I've learned about kerning, color theory, target audiences and the rule of thirds was worth something.
Hayley Boothe
Hayley Boothe Hace 26 días
Bruh, mood
Zaneta Hace un mes
Hey, Sheeraz said no begging!!
Caidalee Hace 3 meses
As a person who is super thrown off by uneven kerning, it’s important.
LazyBunnyLyn Hace 4 meses
Me, with only fine art degree, but know shit about graphic design: slapping my twitter @ everywhere with no consistency and whatnot
shaking like milk
shaking like milk Hace 5 meses
Unironically, this is genius marketing. Best luck to your venture my dude
Michael Patras
Michael Patras Hace 11 meses
Danny: I’m not sure why they are targeting me… why would I want this? Also Danny: Buys the course
No. Hace 10 meses
If you can’t fight them, join them
RustedSteele Hace 10 meses
Thank you SO much for the verbal flashing light warning. My partner has epilepsy and it allowed him a second to shield his eyes. Usually it's a real fight to watch things, so I really appreciate it!
the mind palace
the mind palace Hace 2 meses
yes it's so awesome! i have light sensitivity (obv not as dangerous as epilepsy but still) and it's so nice when youtubers give clear, noticeable warnings so i know to look away or close my eyes
Ash S.
Ash S. Hace 4 meses
@Kelsey Williams absolutely. I admire when people make an effort to upload custom captions and alt text, and give warnings to people that might need it. the world deserves to be a more accessible place for everyone, that's what technology is for
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams Hace 6 meses
As a disabled fan, I wish that we had more allies on ESvid. I love the idea of universal accessibility. The internet is all about making more and more content, when we could be focusing on making quality content accessible for everyone (blind people, deaf people, people with photosensitivity, speakers of all languages, etc.)
OreGroup Hace 11 meses
Danny is such a kind guy, he’s showing us the perks of stalking celebrities and becoming famous, what a chill dude!
Chill out lil bro
Chill out lil bro Hace 21 un día
@MoonJelly damn which one I’m stuck under the bed and can’t leave please make a noise
Charlie Hace 9 meses
@Don't Read Profile Photo ok I won’t :)
Leelu Hace 11 meses
@Kelvin molly percocet
Glittery Kittery
Glittery Kittery Hace 11 meses
Conall Hace 11 meses
Damn right !!!!
Walter H. White
Walter H. White Hace 11 meses
it’s crazy how he’s so famous but i’ve never heard of him until now
Aeris My Love
Aeris My Love Hace 11 meses
I got a weird vibe from that guy.. I felt like there were some very misogynistic undertones there. For whatever reason almost all the people he claims to have "made famous" were women. He also started out by alleging that he knows of so many celebrities that "got famous by sleeping with people," which is definitely something women are accused of doing for "fame" and careers all the time, regardless of the industries they are in. Nothing that he claims to have done sits right with me at all.. He is beyond sketchy.
KekkleDotPNG Hace un mes
@capybapysaurus nuh uh ur silly biwwy
KekkleDotPNG Hace 2 meses
cookie meeat! classic pete! stork incoming! grab my feet and get funkay! (bow) get fonkay! (baaa-baaa-ba-ba) yeah! ooooh! yeah! get-get
Persona 3 Portable for Playstation Portable
the way he talks about megan markle is also a really huge giveaway. like i dont care for her actual reasons, but painting her as this woman who got married and took every action she did only so she could be a "princess" is like. super fucking gross it makes my skin crawl
yes Hace 3 meses
@Kelsey Williams fastforward now, Meghan marries Prince Harry after he sees her Snapchat dog filter pic on their friends insta 😂
seth Hace 10 meses
I love that after buying the course it makes a point to tell you it cannot be refunded, and then he immediately tells you why being famous sucks and you should not have bought the course. It’s just a big prank
Kreisverkehr96 Hace 11 meses
Small Video Correction: The picture of the castle you used at 10:11 is not actually in the Country of Lichtenstein. It's the Lichtenstein castle in Baden-Württemberg, Germany near Reutlingen where I live 😄😄 PS: Pretty happy to see a picture of my home area in one of your videos!
Some random producer
I used to live in Reutlingen to!
Milow Kallus
Milow Kallus Hace 20 días
Cool danke für die Info 😁
A.A.G. H.
A.A.G. H. Hace un mes
666 likes-also that castle looks v cool
Imie Mark IV
Imie Mark IV Hace 2 meses
I was your 600th like
Caidalee Hace 3 meses
@Kreisverkehr96that’s such a cool backstory!
Dani Rudy
Dani Rudy Hace 10 meses
I had a professor in college that dedicated his classes to showing us how many people were emailing him trying to hire him and showing us his portfolio. And then telling us we’re idiots if we don’t have our own blogs. Very Similar energy here. Except I paid $4000 for that class and it was mandatory for my degree. So.
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun Hace 11 meses
We’ve learned how to be rich. We’ve learned how to be healthy. Now, we learn how to be famous. Danny truly is a jack of all trades
Rakki Star !
Rakki Star ! Hace 10 meses
He also taught us how to become a princess 😔👊
Keila B
Keila B Hace 11 meses
@Bea Alternatively, sleep on 7 almonds
Bea Hace 11 meses
If you wanna be a princess, eat 7 almonds
Ghoul Hace 11 meses
A Greg of all trades
PaperArt Hace 11 meses
he is truly a danny of all trades
I'm Just A Girl
I'm Just A Girl Hace 11 meses
as a person majoring in communications, pitching to journalists is NEVER that easy as “liking” their tweets lmao, we DO advise public relations professionals to connect with journalists who cover the appropriate beats but only so when you can email them you can say that you like their latest article and why and then start pitching a story to them
KungFuPao Hace un mes
make a masterclass pls
Lycieae Hace 11 meses
Everybody's too focused on what he's saying, but not the fact he's more explaining how to be a CONTRACTER. Not a famous person, more akin to a construction contracter. Dress well, know what you're doing, make connections so you can network and get jobs. Finally I've been taught how to become a successful small floor installation company.
Bum bum aaaa
Bum bum aaaa Hace 8 meses
Danny: “Changing font doesn’t matter” Also Danny: *changes font on one video opening scene and whole subreddit goes wild*
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo Hace 11 meses
the "I wanna be a princess" clip gets funnier everytime it's shown. I'm seriously crying right now
Ruby Hace 9 meses
"How to become the next Kim K!" "rule 1 - Don't sell your body" does.... he know Kim K's origin story?
autin jones
autin jones Hace 23 días
@SALTYGOOSE UNDERTALE no probs! Always happy to help.
Dang man thanks for responding so fast
autin jones
autin jones Hace 23 días
@SALTYGOOSE UNDERTALE if you met the super villain thing. If I'm not mistaken she also had the most expensive wedding in human history to a guy she didn't really even know purely as a publicity stunt And she divorced him a month later.
Manishio Hace 11 meses
Danny made him more famous than he would have ever been.
DeathnoteBB Hace 8 meses
@Adriana Campos It’s scary how much shit this man has done and nobody knows who tf he is. Like I wanna go to the media or some shit. “Yeah turns out this one guy Sheeraz is the cause of Britney’s Spears’ 2007 breakdown”
your local short person
I didn’t even know who he was before danny
Zak1999 Hace 8 meses
Frick Frack
Frick Frack Hace 8 meses
Who? (This is a joke)
ActuallyRandomPerson Hace 11 meses
the fact that he's acting like you need shit like a google panel to _become_ famous is so strange. its like 'here, take my masterclass on becoming famous. step one: already be at least moderately famous'
Elly ZE SAVAGE BANANA Hace 11 meses
I relate so much! You don't know how many times I've run into presidents of literally giant companies. It's insane. 🙄
Eva Hace 10 meses
Right? Step one was literally "be insanely lucky"
SaigieBoy Hace 3 meses
it's concerning how many people would probably pay Danny for an only fans
kindauncool Hace 11 meses
His whole tip about journalists is funny because on two separate occasions, I have personally reached out to the writers of some articles that I really liked, and on both occasions, they have ignored me 🥲 I WISH they were as attention-starved as he claims!
Inverted Free Solo
Inverted Free Solo Hace 3 meses
I laughed so hard at that Lichtenstein joke
Maddy Gray Gubler
Maddy Gray Gubler Hace 11 meses
Let’s all thank Danny for spending $1000 NO! ONLY $297 on this AMAZING fame class!
NightSky Hace 7 meses
AND a math class!
fran Hace 8 meses
@Leo Creates so i thought i was the only one who noticed that..., hello fellow gubler fan!
Pale Rider
Pale Rider Hace 8 meses
such a deal
Zak1999 Hace 8 meses
Auden Komsic
Auden Komsic Hace 8 meses
6.9k likes... Nice
Garrett Baird
Garrett Baird Hace 11 meses
17:24 Danny’s handwriting matches his personality so well
somer_omguy2_3442*2 Hace 10 meses
ZyMon Simons it's tear, not team
Rakki Star !
Rakki Star ! Hace 10 meses
I wanna be a ✨princess✨
GippyHappy Hace 11 meses
I swear I've never seen google get someone's height right. Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzales have all said it was wrong.
Bri Studer
Bri Studer Hace 9 meses
kurtis too!
Beans Cottrell
Beans Cottrell Hace 11 meses
And everyone from the lunch club.
Beans Cottrell
Beans Cottrell Hace 11 meses
And jerma, and oneyplays.
Alexa the Merwitch
Alexa the Merwitch Hace 5 meses
I just realized something. This guy is giving a course on how to become famous, like the people that "he made famous". But the entire course teaches you how to become like him. This is a course on how to become someone who MAKES PEOPLE FAMOUS
Sophbloxe Hace 3 meses
It still doesn't change the fact that sheeraz also makes famous people's lives miserable
Jade O'Malia
Jade O'Malia Hace 9 meses
Dude I have some shitty things going on in my life atm and honestly your brand of humor is getting me through. Getting ready for work listening to your videos and dying laughing. Thanks man.
no Hace 10 meses
love how danny gave us some 300 dollar lessons for free
couch Potato
couch Potato Hace 11 meses
Class #3 was so good and informative that Danny didn’t share it with us because he wanted to use all of those secrets for himself
Khaos Hace 11 meses
@weloveyoimiya that reply wr lmaoo???💀💀💀💀
weloveyoimiya Hace 11 meses
@Khaos not 🧢 at all like i totally bought the course and class 3 was so good like totally
Khaos Hace 11 meses
Devon Sanders
Devon Sanders Hace 11 meses
@andy maybe you could meet him and work together
andy Hace 11 meses
I should go buy the course then! Danny will not be the only one doing the stalking
saproelizah Hace 11 meses
sometimes I forget that Danny is technically a legend from vine tbh I just like his commentary vids
The_Almighty_Jack Hace 11 meses
Funny enough, this is probably the best Fame Master Class on the market. Like, they are all scams, don't get me wrong, but he's literally the only person who gives somewhat real advice even if a lot of it is skeevy, but that's what makes you realize he's being honest about fame and marketing yourself unlike the dozens of others who have these types of classes.
Dramurgy Hace 3 meses
stephen curry and gordon ramsey
Lilith Lu
Lilith Lu Hace 11 meses
Does he speak some truth? Maybe. Are you actually going to achieve fame from it? Probably not.
TheSportsGuru Hace 11 meses
Imo there's just enough to where he will get good reviews, but not nearly enough to where it's even close to worth it. Like sure, that first point about having a strong sense of spirituality to stay sane, that makes sense. But isn't it also, like, common sense? Pretty certain it is.
Lauren L
Lauren L Hace 9 meses
Danny's exasperation with sheeraz' accusatory delivery is so fucking funny oh my god.
0mni8 Hace 11 meses
I love how Danny paid for this masterclass so we could all watch it and become famous
juliet Hace 3 meses
the way hes charging $300 for the course and danny just showed it to us for free 😭
Banshee Neet
Banshee Neet Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz seems like the kind of guy who's gonna threaten to slap Danny with legal, so you know this is a good video.
Alison Purgatory
Alison Purgatory Hace 10 meses
@Liss Belfort the best would be to just totally ignore him, hopefully shiraz has a meltdown over not being given attention or money for 5 minutes, and maybe someone will stick a camera in his face all the time so he can experience a tiny percentage of what being Britney Spears was like
Abhishek Hace 10 meses
@Pumpkin every channel is Drew Gooden.. Hes the only ESvidr
Pumpkin Hace 11 meses
Dude wrong channel this is Drew Gooden
Blackfish Hace 11 meses
how can he slap?!??
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Hace un mes
Danny standing up for Britney is everything 💖🙌🙏
F Vegas
F Vegas Hace 11 meses
Him saying all that creepy stuff about 'Lethal Fame' and following it up with 'you need an x-factor' made me laugh ... because... the serial killer BTK called the thing inside of him that made him kill 'factor x.' I now believe no-one should have any x nor factors going on. ever.
Mr. DNA Hace 9 meses
I love how Danny takes a course on how to become famous while having 5 million subscribers.
Russell my Georgies
Russell my Georgies Hace 11 meses
I feel like the editor of this video, be it Danny or anyone else, will never get enough credit for the cut at 11:35, had me actually exhale slightly more than usual haha
Kell Medd
Kell Medd Hace 10 meses
I wanna hear Danny give a class how to become famous, for free. Just for fun.
Safy Hace 11 meses
I think the fact that he paid a man 10k to throw champagne over Tana to get people talking about the wedding, and yet I've never heard about that incident before today says enough 💀
Aeris My Love
Aeris My Love Hace 11 meses
It's so weird that he thinks no one who follows those influencers would be talking about their wedding. I'm definitely not the target audience for either of them, but I don't think people with millions of followers need help getting attention on social media. They're already good at it? That guy is such a scammer.
Adi Hace 11 meses
I knew the wedding, I know Jake and Tana but like I couldn’t care less nor remember it happened. It happened in 2019 and people were talking abt it for a while and then corona happened and everyone forgot abt it
Stephen Beaty
Stephen Beaty Hace 11 meses
lol right? that and the energy drink I'm just like "uhh you sure you know what you're talking about bud"
Charly S
Charly S Hace 11 meses
I remember someone punching someone in the face at that wedding. i watched several videos about it but no recollection of someone throwing champagne over tana
Jack Hall
Jack Hall Hace 11 meses
Him trying to instruct a crowd on how to sing happy birthday really sold it for me
Badzylla Hace 9 meses
I remember when sheeeaz came to my country (tunisia), and was treated as an expert, and seeing the journalists being so serious talking to him made me chuckle ngl.
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace 5 meses
I hadn’t rewatched this video since it came out, but seeing it again now, I gotta say I’d call it one of Danny’s most underrated videos! Seriously, every joke is just hilarious!
Troveion Hace 11 meses
this guy is the definition of easy said than done, all of this sounds fun in theory but its not just as simple as walking up to a celebrity and becoming world famous unless you are hot then yeah this is pretty accurate and it will be that easy
Follower Of Duck
Follower Of Duck Hace 9 meses
thank you danny for passing along this crucial information to us!
Octavian Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz seems like 100% the kind of guy to threaten legal action over this video... just you wait. Then he'll claim he made Danny famous by making a scene over suing him.
Iam Pidgeon
Iam Pidgeon Hace 7 meses
Sheeraz just shows up at his house and he's never seen again
Annie TheSpider
Annie TheSpider Hace 8 meses
He’ll just have to review his legal options 😏
ZombieFinger Hace 9 meses
The follow up video is coming ik it
Greg Greg
Greg Greg Hace 9 meses
seems like quantum tv's alter ego
Maruhodo Hace 9 meses
@RiYu he's not a queen.. yet
Susandwyer Hace 11 meses
It's an old but not classic con. You pay for a course, and are then coerced to not pursue the goal of your own accord, and not because the con artist cannot deliver their product, rendering the process of getting your money back, difficult if you even bother.
Dragon Miracles
Dragon Miracles Hace 11 meses
The hair change is the real kicker. Love to see how much time progressed and too see how long the video has been in the making.
gallawace Hace 8 meses
He actually just saved us $1000- I mean- $297 on a master class
*sniff*... Hace 11 meses
Danny is literally the best human being on this planet, we do not deserve him. but we all do deserve to watch him every second of the day
Kiyopawn Hace 9 meses
He could've framed the 2nd class better, the whole thing about getting Journalists to notice you. That's basically just marketing. I'm a game dev, and that's fairly similar to getting article writers to write about a game. You prepare a press kit, and send it off to about 200 journalists. If you get about 5 journalists to notice you, that's a win. Same thing for contacting youtubers for lets plays or gameplay videos.
domino Hace 11 meses
wow... so proud of such a small creator taking classes to be famous. really taking his content into his own hands!
menotes Hace 11 meses
@M0bZ0Mb!3 yeah
M0bZ0Mb!3 Hace 11 meses
Was it known that Danny's name is actually Daniel??? I was not aware of that🧐
Bella Hace 11 meses
@menotes really…dang it I thought it was from Logan Pail
menotes Hace 11 meses
@Bella no. drew gained his subscribers because of the jake paul course
Rosy Delamarter
Rosy Delamarter Hace 11 meses
Honestly Sheeraz has a really soothing manner of speaking. Dude could rock an ASMR channel. It's a shame he's such a creep
Daydream51 Hace 28 días
@KODX I felt intimidated by him too
KODX Hace 6 meses
Yeah, it’s pretty smooth and it’s got a nice depth to it. Although, he can’t seem to choose a volume lmao I also just felt intimidated by him so that’s probably just me
lali cloud
lali cloud Hace 11 meses
danny is so naturally funny it must be so fun to be around 🤣
That_ Spider_From_Deepnest
danny: fonts dont matter. also danny: *changes opening font on one video and whole community freaks out*
Raffaella Garone
Raffaella Garone Hace 11 meses
That was very informative. Your transitions were flawless and that wardrobe change....what can I say....dazzling. I'd love to say more but my fresh direct order just arrived.
Jacey Disharoon
Jacey Disharoon Hace 10 meses
u a dazzler??
Rory Giambalvo
Rory Giambalvo Hace 10 meses
Thank you for tearing stuff like this apart, and also for the flash warning!
Ellie C.
Ellie C. Hace 11 meses
you would think that if this guy has all the keys to being famous, more people would know who he is
uRyLthyHoly Hace 7 meses
@AxxL ily
Bro what the actual fu-
@Emily Grace A GAME THEORY
Blue the Lucario
Blue the Lucario Hace 11 meses
Dare you say… famous?
D&D Owl
D&D Owl Hace 11 meses
he guides others to a treasure he cannot possess
Crobat Hace 11 meses
@AxxL wrong app
Grezle Dragon
Grezle Dragon Hace 11 meses
still laughing over "I👏DIDN'T👏TELL👏YOU👏SHIT" 13:30
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Hace 20 días
That whole section is my favorite especially Sheeraz insisting that we’ve established our “X Factor”. Sheeraz, Drew showed us the course and you never said anything about an X Factor
amber. Hace 11 meses
danny is quite literally the only youtuber that makes me laugh with every video
Chance Will
Chance Will Hace 4 meses
Ok I had to take a break at the Britney thing. I was never much of a fan of her (I mean she's great, just never really was my thing) but I've heard what she went through. Hearing people say bad things about someone we know has been in a terrible situation is just monster behavior. She's incredibly brave and strong and I can't handle someone ridiculing someone else for their struggles
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams Hace 28 días
What happened to Britney is explained by a combination of ableism and sexism. If society thinks someone is "crazy," they are mocked and mistreated. And women are much more likely to be labeled "crazy" and lose their autonomy because of it.
Bella Walker
Bella Walker Hace 11 meses
The very quick euphoria and breaking bad bit made me laugh way more than it should have
Jello Hace 3 meses
I work in marketing and it pains me to say how accurate a lot of what he's saying actually is. Having a consistent brand across platforms, having a google panel, and networking on twitter by approaching journalists are all legitimate ways to improve your visibility and brand recognition. The problem is that you can have the best marketing in the world and get absolutely nowhere if you have no talent or financial backing.
Sapphic Sakura
Sapphic Sakura Hace 11 meses
Danny's content has been transitioning way more into more skit focused content, with less reactionary stuff and more opportunities for skits, and I've really been enjoying it! I think it is a really good balance of "oh my god wtf is this person doing" and "oh my god what is danny doing".
YouNique Lubom
YouNique Lubom Hace 8 meses
@It Is Oylenox 🤨🙄
It Is Oylenox
It Is Oylenox Hace 8 meses
@YouNique Lubom you new around here? Or just doing a bit to be funny? Because if not the whole Drew=Danny is an inside joke
YouNique Lubom
YouNique Lubom Hace 8 meses
@It Is Oylenox its not ,It's Drew Gooden a youtuber
YouNique Lubom
YouNique Lubom Hace 8 meses
@Inklow Drew Gooden he actually the one in the 1st comment he's a youtuber,
MushroomMayhem Hace 11 meses
I like that shirt Danny! Reminds me of my favorite jacket when I was a kid. It was flannel in those colors and had a metal zipper and fringe along the arm in a weird 90's/70's mash up that for some reason I just loved lol. I appreciated the flashback. 😂
Zulma Dominguez
Zulma Dominguez Hace 11 meses
Hi Danny I look forward to your videos they’re informative and funny. Thank you for your work 🙂
Big Daddy Beef
Big Daddy Beef Hace 7 meses
As a person who spent a lot of time in rehab this sounds like the most scuffed NA meeting I’ve ever seen “don’t bang people for drugs”
itsT Hace 11 meses
the best thing about this is the fact that Danny actually is Sheeraz's ideal candidate for this program 😂
Biraven Hace 10 meses
Danny, now's your chance to be a big shot.
Skyler Witney
Skyler Witney Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz has the most insane backstory. By pure dumb luck he got a TV show and access to Hollywood's most famous celebrities, the literal definition of falling upwards
Rolo0o Hace 11 meses
@Em J lmao you started this by replying to the original comment. Also imagine getting triggered by MY word choice right after using the word inane… If you read the original comment then ur misplaced frustration makes even less sense. Ur mad at the person explaining a concept instead of the person stupid enough to not understand it…
Nathaniel Whitney
Nathaniel Whitney Hace 11 meses
I think your family just deleted one on my last name letters
Em J
Em J Hace 11 meses
@Rolo0o smh of course I read the comment. "I implore you" omg get over yourself. I honestly think you don't understand, otherwise you wouldn't have started this. We're done. Good luck and goodbye.
Rolo0o Hace 11 meses
@Em J we all know it’s obvious nobody is arguing that it isn’t. we get your point, the issue is you are blatantly ignoring the context. Once again I implore you to read the comment midnight Cupid is responding to.
Em J
Em J Hace 11 meses
@Rolo0o why are you getting involved? You're telling me it really needed pointing out that Britney has different spellings. Are. You. For. Real? Everyone knows that. Talk about stating the bleeding obvious.
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen Hace 11 meses
I was crying when I started watching this. Thank you Danny you can always make me feel better 😭
KODX Hace 6 meses
Obviously a bit late but I hope you’re doing better! Danny’s videos are definitely one of my favourite ways to cheer up
Ollie Fischer
Ollie Fischer Hace 11 meses
Gosh you're videos are perfectly put together and hilarious. My husband loves watching your videos with me.
Rea Dragonfly
Rea Dragonfly Hace 9 meses
Danny: “who am I trying to impress by having a consistent font??” Me: “your entire subreddit apparently”
Stever Robbins
Stever Robbins Hace 11 meses
As I'm watching this, you're #9 on Trending. Looks like the masterclass worked. I think you should post an apology video 😏
KODX Hace 6 meses
… oh no, did he end up stalking someone?? 😦 /j
Moopie Hace 8 meses
Yep, his class definitely worked, I watched halfway through it, took a nap and then I had 12 new followers 😨😱😱😱
Ser D'souza
Ser D'souza Hace 11 meses
I can't believe that Danny saying "walk me, daddy" is a real thing that exists
Chiaros黒 Hace 11 meses
@no peace heard it a whole 13 mins ago and im still thinking about it 💀
Mel S
Mel S Hace 11 meses
@no peace for real
Maria Wagner
Maria Wagner Hace 11 meses
@no peace same lmao
ElbeeKnope Hace 11 meses
5:20 if anyone wants to hear it
Might Be Toad
Might Be Toad Hace 11 meses
@Serenity Tehe up good (:
Eric Alex Anderson
Eric Alex Anderson Hace 11 meses
lol Danny, you're pretyy much already famous. Can't believe i've been watching you for so long now! And you're still making us crack up thanks dude
Anthony McPherson
Anthony McPherson Hace un mes
you're humor is what i love the most about your vids
flo_flo on the go
flo_flo on the go Hace 5 meses
I’ve been binging Danny for the last few hours while drawing in my sketch book anf now I have 2 pages of drawings that look kinda like Danny
CaroDame Hace 8 meses
I can't believe there is a single person to blame for Britneys breakdown and that we found him...
90’s baby
90’s baby Hace 8 meses
Appreciate Danny for giving us a $300 class on how to be famous for free 👏
Ry Show
Ry Show Hace 11 meses
Sheeraz: prominently advertises his connection to Kim k who got famous because of a sex tape Also Sheeraz: Don't sleep with people to get famous
rover Hace 7 meses
Sheeraz definitely slept with someone to get ahead in the business lol
Ink Sans
Ink Sans Hace 7 meses
​@xsuns =)
xsuns Hace 7 meses
@Ink Sans u just ruined my day
Rintinsin Hace 11 meses
This is so much more chaotic and unhinged than I could have ever expected I am laughing so hard
C4d3n Hace 11 meses
I love how Danny showed the classes so its like hes Giving out free sheeraz classes to everyone watching, nice.
Yvaia Hace 8 meses
I’m laughing so much at what Danny’s business expenses must look like
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