Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Trump, Twitter, Job Cuts, Recession Risks

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Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk discusses his planned acquisition of Twitter Inc., his view that a US recession is likely, and the outlook for job cuts at Tesla. In an interview with Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait at the Qatar Economic Forum, he also comments on supply constraints and whether he would support Donald Trump in the next US presidential election. Qatar's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Investment Authority and Investment Promotion Agency Qatar are the underwriters of the Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg. Media City Qatar is the host organization.

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20 jun 2022






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Aaron Scheiwiller
Aaron Scheiwiller Hace 4 días
0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Status of Twitter Aquisition 2:45 - General state of economy 3:35 - Twitter and Freedom of Speech 7:25 - Becoming CEO of Twitter 8:00 - Tesla and Competition, Constraints 11:00 - Debunking Tesla Layoffs 13:45 - Politics, De Santis, Moderate Super PAC 15:45 - Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin 17:30 - Tesla Bot 18:30 - Google LaMDA 19:30 - Outro I hope this helps someone :D
justsomeguy Hace 11 minutos
Legend thanks
Johnny Ludlow
Johnny Ludlow Hace 57 minutos
Thank you for your service
TAN TECK LENG Hace 2 horas
Interesting, how come we can't see Elon's ears😂😂😂? Is he an alien? 😀
Marty Cech
Marty Cech Hace 3 horas
Thank You!
Mr. R
Mr. R Hace 8 horas
@Max Kick 13:45 - Politic Trump/Desantis
mrsharbormaster Hace un día
Impressive interview. Great appreciation for your open discussion and answers regarding your many endeavors. It is plain to see you are always considering the health of humanity and the planet with your forward movement. I am grateful and comforted that you are willing to take on the hardest issues at this critical time. Kindest regards, A fan
Janni Chi
Janni Chi Hace 7 horas
An earlier comment to Ronny DeSandbrush was "Elon, Elon, does Mommy have to spank you again?" Glad he clarified he doesn't KNOW about the 2024 race. Still a fan, does he really Want to get outta his LANE so soon? Maybe his comments will Push Congress to Do something to regulate and write rules for social platforms for consistency sake?
Janni Chi
Janni Chi Hace 7 horas
Interesting if Twitter is in his control. It's inevitable he plays a role in the D.C. stage. Who knows, 'well see what happens'😮
Simulation K
Simulation K Hace 7 horas
not giving a straight answer - definitely on the road to becoming a corrupt politician.
Janni Chi
Janni Chi Hace 22 horas
🤠well said, from another of his many fans💞👍
Ann💋Touch. Me. I Will Turn You ONN
0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Status of Twitter Aquisition 2:45 - General state of economy 3:35 - Twitter and Freedom of Speech 7:25 - Becoming CEO of Twitter 8:00 - Tesla and Competition, Constraints 11:00 - Debunking Tesla Layoffs 13:45 - Politics, De Santis, Moderate Super PAC 15:45 - Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin 17:30 - Tesla Bot 18:30 - Google LaMDA 19:30 - Outro I hope this helps someone :D
Rivka- ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳
0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Status of Twitter Aquisition 2:45 - General state of economy 3:35 - Twitter and Freedom of Speech 7:25 - Becoming CEO of Twitter 8:00 - Tesla and Competition, Constraints 11:00 - Debunking Tesla Layoffs 13:45 - Politics, De Santis, Moderate Super PAC 15:45 - Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin 17:30 - Tesla Bot 18:30 - Google LaMDA 19:30 - Outro I hope this helps someone :D
Michael Whitfield
Michael Whitfield Hace 4 días
Elon (in my opinion) is usually very positive and consistent in his answers. Many interviewers try to walk him into problems or try to make him say things that will get him into trouble. Hats off to the guy for sharing his brillant mind and viewpoints with us given his mountain of responsibilities.
Bobby Hace 31 un minuto
You should be on Top
Jorge J
Jorge J Hace 8 horas
Given the type of questions to him....This is the "Level-headed guy" that "they" are afraid of. "are you with us?" is more of their issue.
BTCTV Hace 4 días
To those who question the layoffs: Companies and strong leaders have to make tough decisions. Laying off 4,000 employees today can mean the difference of not laying off 10,000 6 months from now. Any truly great leader of a company would understand that.
Charles Balliet
Charles Balliet Hace 26 minutos
all the while making Shure that everyone els is screwed to save the shareholders incremental gains.
Reconcile mE
Reconcile mE Hace 3 horas
This is yet to be concluded. Don't be so sure with ur conclusions that 10,000 employess in 6 months from now wont be layed off. I dont believe that will be the case but this statement is a bias statement by your statement of saying a truly great leader of any company would understand that. No hate I just value truth more than all
Maricel Gabatan
Maricel Gabatan Hace 2 días
Thank you muaaawh.
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez Hace 2 días
While the CEOs save millions for themselves. Nice
Sean Borland
Sean Borland Hace 2 días
I think the real question everyone has is not that he’s laying off 10k but if this is a result of his recent remote policies etc and him just trying to get in front of it or control the narrative. This is what I hear most often, not saying I agree either way, just clarifying a bit.
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Hace 4 días
I'm glad I watched this. Elon is much more reasonable than most of his fanatics, and I wish him the best. edit: He might be the right person to help start a new, moderate party - he has enough money as well as the social and political capital. But he has so much going on right now.
Roma Simpson
Roma Simpson Hace 4 horas
He cannot be President he was born in South Africa so I thought you had to be born in America to qualify also I think his ideas for the environment is brilliant but some of his other ideas is a bit strange and his business brain is top but it is his personal life and how he handling it is worrying he does not find stability and way he can be in a serious relationship or marriage and the next month he is with a different person and seems to need a woman in his life as he has stated he does not like to sleep alone he has a young family and I think he would need to give them better example in treating people in his private life especially how to treat woman and as we have heard why most of his relationship with women fail is because he treats them like employees expect them to look and behave a certain way unfortunately for him those days have gone I would love him to find someone who would like and trust and especially love him and make him happy
Thee Unlimitedproccess
@kik locus independent; white ⚪ black ⚫🥋
Jared Kaiser
Jared Kaiser Hace 4 días
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
Doable Films
Doable Films Hace 8 horas
what the hell do you know about putting on media events and livestreaming? I'm guessing jack squat
The Barefoot Millionaire
I assume since Elon would be so busy he wouldn’t have allowed a sound check and would have come online 3 seconds before they went live
Ranjith Powell
Ranjith Powell Hace un día
What echo?
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam Hace 3 días
@Synapse2k probably need higher quality headphones to hear the echo clearly. it's a pain
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam Hace 3 días
oh man that echo is super annoying. it even threw off musk lol. hearing 2 voices out of sync is such a pain to listen to
𝐍𝐢𝐧@ ^𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐞K #ɪᴛ#🔥
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
I would not write off Volkswagen- when they switch to “only electric” they have much bigger client email list than Musk can imagine!! Millions of users so in this aspect if VW does it good they will wipe off the market for sure!
Zalman Hace 2 días
His laugh after that was awesome. Highly confident this dude... Deep belly laugh = genuinely amused.
Global Communications
dang I wanna be behind you
Frank M.
Frank M. Hace 2 días
hehehe followed with "I disagree.."
Guangyuan Liang
Guangyuan Liang Hace 4 días
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
CaptnDirt Hace 3 días
Pretty sure Elon could make anyone uncomfortable in an interview situation.
S. Hinch
S. Hinch Hace 4 días
There are reports....... in other words, u qualified people making a guess... typical reporter
Anna L. Vajda
Anna L. Vajda Hace 4 días
Yeah they just invite him there to get some idea how influential his twitter opinion will be to the stock. The New York times ran a hit piece on Tesla once too hurt his sales and stocks lots of manipulation goes on and he's just trying to improve the platform not so concerned with stocks he is already the worlds wealthiest man.
Esmee Gerda
Esmee Gerda Hace 14 horas
Informatief. Het is triest dat veel mensen hun kapitaal verliezen door gebrek aan kennis van het vak of gebrek aan discipline. Dit was mijn geval totdat ik de heer Gerard stuks vorig jaar op een conferentie ontmoette, het is nooit te laat om te beginnen.
Esmee Gerda
Esmee Gerda Hace 13 horas
Gerardstukes is zijn actieve tag
Esmee Gerda
Esmee Gerda Hace 13 horas
Hij is actief op Telegram
Susanna Claudia
Susanna Claudia Hace 13 horas
Kun je me de contactgegevens van Gerard geven?
Isabella Nadia
Isabella Nadia Hace 13 horas
Ik besloot toen ik veel getuigenissen van verschillende investeerders over Gerard stuks begon te zien, ik besloot hem eens te proberen en zie, hij was degene naar wie ik al die tijd op zoek was, handelen met hem was zo lucratief, leerzaam en winstgevend.
Ineke Marjan
Ineke Marjan Hace 14 horas
Het is mogelijk om winst te maken met handelen en beleggen als je de juiste bron volgt en een mentor hebt om je te adviseren over de te nemen stappen en acties. Ik doe ook mijn investeringen via het Gerard's platform en het is zeer gunstig voor mij geweest.
Alan Felch
Alan Felch Hace 2 días
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Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Hace 9 horas
Interesting. Thanks
Raph Ael
Raph Ael Hace 19 horas
Micheal Henderson
Micheal Henderson Hace 2 días
I'll always pick trading over Holding cause I had a hard time trying to profit from crypto as a newbie until I was recommended to Mrs Stacy, she's very good with her trades. You only have to stick with her strategies.
David Lee
David Lee Hace 2 días
Investing is how you create Wealth, I started investing from pandemic crash
Donald Marshall
Donald Marshall Hace 2 días
Now should be the best time to buy and trade on Bitcoin because currently the profits are good and going up to a standard rate in less than no time
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •Ivy•
0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Status of Twitter Aquisition 2:45 - General state of economy 3:35 - Twitter and Freedom of Speech 7:25 - Becoming CEO of Twitter 8:00 - Tesla and Competition, Constraints 11:00 - Debunking Tesla Layoffs 13:45 - Politics, De Santis, Moderate Super PAC 15:45 - Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin 17:30 - Tesla Bot 18:30 - Google LaMDA 19:30 - Outro I hope this helps someone :D
matmaism Hace 4 días
Hack interviewer is such a weasel. Brilliantly handled by Elon.
Theodore Van
Theodore Van Hace 4 horas
Absolutely 👍
Kush Sheth
Kush Sheth Hace un día
Fr fr exactly 💯
±1⑧⑤⑥⑤③④④⑤⑨⑨👈watsapp me
Messeg me 📩📩⬆️⬆️
jack farland
jack farland Hace 4 días
Very interesting content. Always enjoy hearing what Elon is working on.
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik Hace 4 días
@Juan Montano I agree! It reeked of desperation for a headline.
Juan Montano
Juan Montano Hace 4 días
Lol they're the typical repetitive questions from activists in the mainstream media
shirley lake
shirley lake Hace 4 días
Wouldn't it be great if more leaders had insight and commonsense Elon? Thankyou for doing this interview.
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Hace 9 horas
Sure would!!
Vidalsky Ociosen
Vidalsky Ociosen Hace 4 días
If that would happen, the system will collapse.
Johnny Weihan Chen
Johnny Weihan Chen Hace 4 días
VW and other big German luxury auto brands are even more reliant on China for revenue and production..same goes for GM…Tesla was smart to work out a more than fair arrangement with China to have Giga-Shanghai up and running so quickly so he can grab the market leader position in the world’s largest auto market and supplying rest of Asia Pacific..that’s how real progress are made in the 21st century, not like plenty of Western press/politicians these days who prefer to play the dumb and destructive geopolitical finger-pointing game while letting their countries/people become increasingly complacent, backward and uncompetitive drowning in debts
Debojyoti BasU
Debojyoti BasU Hace 3 días
Whatever u just said makes no sense at all. Tell me a single industry in which any American company has a major market share in China. Smartphones / other consumer electronics / home appliances / automobiles / FMCG / pharma / etc anything. There is NONE. Whereas both American and Chinese companies manufacture their goods in China and dump it in the US. It's just as simple as China exploits USA to the fullest while American companies can never become a significant player in the Chinese market (although not having enough market share in the domestic market of China itself, US keeps on manufacturing there for it's own & the rest of the world). So that 'finger-pointing' game needs to be played unless USA wants to become the dumping ground for China made goods, a very one-sided tilted trade deficit and give up the position of the "world's largest economy" to China very soon by shooting in its own foot. And btw Tesla owners in China are harassed too, too often by the CCP. You just need to go through some authentic news sources.
fltadams2 Hace 3 días
@GB Harald Jan Dahle Petrofilm . Check this out, please
Marilyn Steckly
Marilyn Steckly Hace 4 días
His responses are positive, thoughtful and intelligent.
Doable Films
Doable Films Hace 8 horas
what else should they be? Wow he's so THOUGHTFUL!! he's a rich smart guy being thoughtful and intelligent should be the bare minimum requirement for someone with his money and power...get off his nuts
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Hace 9 horas
Brad Guzman
Brad Guzman Hace 4 días
RJT Hace 7 horas
Vxs Hace 4 días
Very selective and considered responses by Elon, mostly because the Interviewer was lighting fuses in his path and asking loaded questions.
777jones Hace 23 horas
Loaded questions are a major reason why the press is held in such low esteem. Much of their work has no journalistic value.
D Hace 2 días
Because he never makes sense. At this point he is rediculous.
Old Seadog
Old Seadog Hace 3 días
Loaded questions? What's the point of the interviewer if they only ask fawning sycophantic fanboi questions? And as for asking some tough questions, this interview isn't it, he was given a free ride.
Essa0601 Hace 3 días
I was wondering why would they ask questions that will incriminate him such "investing advice"
Abdifatah Ali
Abdifatah Ali Hace 4 días
Cody peterson
Cody peterson Hace 18 horas
silliva peter
silliva peter Hace 15 horas
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David Larabie
David Larabie Hace 15 horas
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Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Hace 15 horas
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jim gottom
jim gottom Hace 15 horas
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Zalman Hace 2 días
Elon has an awesome laugh. Love this guy.
tom shuo
tom shuo Hace un día
Elon seems well, not letting the pressure get to him and he’s still making the difficult decisions! He’s the highest high roller betting on humanity!
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik Hace 4 días
How Elon responds says everything. Interviewer had almost nothing but "gotcha" questions which makes interviews pointless.
Heath Wirt
Heath Wirt Hace 7 horas
@Doable Films The interview should have been hosted by a Musk sycophant like yourself. You could offer up softball questions and kiss his feet after every nonsensical answer.
Doable Films
Doable Films Hace 8 horas
Should he ask him what good movies he's seen lately? This isn't TikTok, the grown-ups are talking.
Paint Daddy
Paint Daddy Hace 9 horas
@J Z this
Heath Wirt
Heath Wirt Hace un día
@Marty Teevan When have "restrictions" ever limited what comes out of Elon's mouth?
Marty Teevan
Marty Teevan Hace 2 días
Agreed. Interviewer knows Elon is restricted from discussing any specifics of the transaction or material non-public information MNPI. Yet, he still asks. Elon handled very well.
Crunchy Shad
Crunchy Shad Hace 4 días
Elon seems well, not letting the pressure get to him and he’s still making the difficult decisions! He’s the highest high roller betting on humanity!
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green Hace 9 horas
@polly v or his desire for everything trans…
Ima Savage
Ima Savage Hace 9 horas
Elon is a savant. He has a sane, sensible approach toward social networking . And he is also reaching for the stars, SpaceX wise. African American super hero.
Janni Chi
Janni Chi Hace 22 horas
And after a very successful launch weekend, two within 36 hours! Amazing
Thom Devine
Thom Devine Hace un día
@GB Clearly you haven’t looked into hyperloop.
GB Hace 2 días
@Thom Devine why you so butt hurt. did he hurt you personally by putting out an idea others couldn't implement. the guy has literally never failed at business. he creates multiple multibillion dollar companies. the only private space company to take people to ISS. the car company that survived to mass production in 80 years. i smell resentment and jealousy. get a life
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto Hace 2 días
Elon is such a smart dude. I love how he wants too set the preferences of Twitter Too get the data haha. I dont use Twitter though. i just use FB
Capitalism Not Socialism
He’s a bozo democrat
Bob Weiram
Bob Weiram Hace 6 horas
He's a conman and a hypocrite.
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Hace 9 horas
Same here!
John Carver
John Carver Hace 4 días
So unimpressed with the interviewer, and so much more impressed with Elon than before I watched this. Great job Elon!
crypto is the go to
Same here
nobody Hace 4 días
@KinkCurlandGo bring on the tough questions. Elon is capable, unlike our president.
KinkCurlandGo Hace 4 días
Horrible interview. All fluff
Patrick Malarkey, an old Irishman
Elon a recession depends on FED interest rates being too high, too long. Alan Greenspan would wait for inflation rates in a variety of categories, to come into more acceptable range, then loosen monetary policy. What do you think about the FED watching economic growth rates in general, to judge when to ease monetary constraints?
𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le!💋
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Hace 2 días
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
Lea! 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
Amy Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
(𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐚) 𝐟𝐮𝐜* 𝐦E 𝐜𝐡EС𝐤 -ɪᴛ-💖
I wasn't financial free until my 40’s and I’m still in my 40’s, bought my third house already, earn on a monthly through passive income, and got 4 out of 5 goals, just hope it encourages someone that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of them right now, you can start TODAY regardless your age INVEST and change your future! Investing in the financial market is a grand choice I made. Great video! Thanks for sharing!
smithy2170 Hace 4 días
He’s doing work that we want to see done and he’s proving the haters wrong
KGM Industries
KGM Industries Hace 3 días
@Dwight Vietzke Part of the issue is that countries like the US have a huge amount of land. This is good for growth and resources, but bad for travel times and for infrastructure costs. Implementation of the public type "rails" costs multiplicatively more here than in smaller countries, which is one reason why its not as viable an option.
David C
David C Hace 4 días
@Dwight Vietzke LOTS of people live where there are NO rails...public or private. We SHOULD have more public rail...especially bullet trains that move faster than the ones in the US currently do. Almost every major developed country has them. Bad OIL, Auto and Aviation Industries fight against it.
Dwight Vietzke
Dwight Vietzke Hace 4 días
...or, we could just support public transportation like light rail and car free city zones.
Uche Joseph
Uche Joseph Hace 4 días
I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income . Unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investment in the real deal
Ronald Mulvey
Ronald Mulvey Hace 4 días
Ronald Mulvey
Ronald Mulvey Hace 4 días
Telegram 👇
Evan Dimattia
Evan Dimattia Hace 4 días
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Agnes Mack
Agnes Mack Hace 4 días
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Anernermus Hace 4 días
I disagree, I think it has shown that everyone is highly vulnerable to the government's reactionary choices. Multiple streams of substantial income is nearly impossible, so it's probably safer to just commit to one source. If you CAN commit to two substantial sources of income, sure, that's smart, but simply unattainable for most. Furthermore, your employment income is likely the safest form of income at a personal level, and the least effected form of income at an economic level. If people can't go to work, the stock market will go down, bonds will go down, inflation will go up, etc...
GMChessPlay Hace 4 días
Elon: "Yes we will be unveiling a humanoid robot September 30th." *September 30th* Elon: "Hi guys, I am the humanoid robot 👋."
rands999 Hace 2 días
again with the imaginary robot 🙄
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson Hace 3 días
Well to be fair, did he specify the year?
State of Opportunity
@Maria Umana Watch his interviews with Tim Dodd at Boca Chica. His hair flies all over the place.
Patricia Otoole
Patricia Otoole Hace 3 días
He's funny
Cloven Beast
Cloven Beast Hace 6 horas
My only concern is that he is too good to be true. I love some of his controversial remarks. He's outspoken smart and I watch them land a rocket ship upright which by the way if you haven't seen the video is something of awe. Is it possible for somebody of power to be so based?
Charlotte Dale
Charlotte Dale Hace 3 días
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Charlotte Dale
Charlotte Dale Hace 3 días
Charlotte Dale
Charlotte Dale Hace 3 días
You can communicate with him on telegam with the user name below.
LongTheWorld Hace 4 días
His responses will certainly echo through the listeners...
Debra Cargo
Debra Cargo Hace 11 horas
Sounded like Elon was speaking to us from Mars
Debra Cargo
Debra Cargo Hace 11 horas
Herbie Marais
Herbie Marais Hace 3 días
lol, I see what you did there :-)
Synapse2k Hace 3 días
Andrew Stockton
Andrew Stockton Hace 4 días
Drives you mad don't it. They could have muted their end when he was speaking.
Johnny B
Johnny B Hace 4 días
The interviewer is trying to dig up dirt. Bloody awful interview. Unprofessional. Well done Elon for sticking your heels in and blanking him!!
chico malo
chico malo Hace 4 días
Yeah right off the bat calling his political expressions "provocations" so basically calling him a troll. It gets old watching every journo try to milk their moment in the limelight.
Alex Presa
Alex Presa Hace 4 días
You can tell how disinterested Musk got over time after he found out how bad of a job the interviewer did. Still handled it with dignity though.
D Hace 2 días
Actually that has more to do with the fact that Elons life is a mess. Even his own family and employees hate him. He's a jerk and he cannot answer questions anymore because he makes no sense.
Eric B
Eric B Hace 3 días
@DyslexicStoner240 hahahah, making out ESvid as the most adult platform is the most hilarious thing I will hear today. Thanks.
Overman Hace 3 días
At 3 AM nonetheless!!
DyslexicStoner240 Hace 3 días
@Eric B This isn't twitter, there are adults here. We want actual information, not a rehash of the week's news articles.
Gator Nuggets
Gator Nuggets Hace 3 días
It's Bloomberg, nothing special.
Laci Marie
Laci Marie Hace 4 días
Elon is amazing!!!
John de Haan
John de Haan Hace un hora
The economics of cause and effect in the context of globalised supply chain solutions, far outweigh the political outcomes that are of domestic concern. China knows this America knows this and Elon knows this.
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes Hace 4 días
Elon does have the solution for twitter I hope the deal goes through.
GB Hace 4 días
@Arie Verkaik that's been tried with youtube. the network effect is almost impossible to overcome.
bob sacamano
bob sacamano Hace 4 días
who cares?
Hey Hace 4 días
@Arie Verkaik I agree with you totally.
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik Hace 4 días
I hope not. Twitter is a dumpster fire. Might be easier to take the $1B hit and start from scratch… but I’m just an armchair quarterback lol
Raktakamal Roy
Raktakamal Roy Hace 4 días
It's lovely to hear Elon.. He is simply brilliant in his attitude.
Michael W
Michael W Hace 3 días
"A lot of people who are not that wealthy have encouraged me to buy DogeCoin.. " Should we really think he's taking advice from the poor? To him "not that wealthy" means less than half a billion in wealth.
B Bodziak
B Bodziak Hace 3 días
A self-serving statement.
7Jahson Hace 4 días
He always makes he interviewers seem so unprepared. Intellectual dominance.
David C
David C Hace 4 días
There are better interviewers. He does some great interviews...but they don't ask him crap questions.
Jameel Hace 3 días
I guess after September he'll be saying, "we'll be increasing production as fast as Tesla Bot possible"
John Shaw
John Shaw Hace 4 días
Elon was much more effective by trying to "inspire" rather than waiding into the political morass of this world Sad
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik Hace 4 días
Agreed! Political tribalism at its worst. Any decision instantly makes 50%+ people dislike you. Not good business
Jeff Andre
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Investory Hace 4 días
Tesla - dragging humanity in to the future ! Elon for president of the WORLD !!
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik Hace 4 días
He is doing just fine where he is. What we lack is true leadership in our politicians which makes us gravitate to industry visionaries.
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik Hace 4 días
@samuel glover thanks for the laugh! Lol.
samuel glover
samuel glover Hace 4 días
He's not going to sleep with you. He's never going to be your pal. Sorry to break the hard news to you.....
💝𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐟𝐮𝐜* 𝐦E 𝐜𝐡𝐞С𝐤 -ɪᴛ in profile 💝
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
Alex Jansen
Alex Jansen Hace 4 días
Bloomberg has all this money, and they couldn't figure out how to isolate audio.
Annuit Cœptis
Annuit Cœptis Hace 9 horas
Right...thinking the same thing...pretty annoying!!
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam Hace 3 días
@saywhaaat no lol why would elon be listening to himself lmao. it's clearly the other end
BayAzn Hace 3 días
Tunah Xu Shi
Tunah Xu Shi Hace 3 días
@Mikael Soltaniha ... All of the above you are correct....
lookpollyitsmagic Hace 4 días
@JA26 Also they are private and not public. Bloomberg should be forced to go public due to Mike Bloombergs political positions
Артур Автух
A sober-minded CEO.
Chow KT
Chow KT Hace 4 días
interviewer has just blown the goodwill that Elon agreed to this interview, with his dull questions
Firs Argentum
Firs Argentum Hace 4 días
The interviewer came across like a star-struck sycophant from the get-go. Could even articulate his questions very well...
Chris Hardin
Chris Hardin Hace 4 días
​@Dwight Vietzke well, he is consistent.
Chad R
Chad R Hace 4 días
I agree it was Luke warm at best.
R S2002
R S2002 Hace 4 días
Quit your sycophancy. This man is no demigod
Dwight Vietzke
Dwight Vietzke Hace 4 días
...which Elon answered with the same old responses.
clive marriott
clive marriott Hace 4 días
Elon looks fairly human for 3am. Ive seen him doing these late night videos about crypto currency and he looked completely wasted, wiped out. Really bad for your health, Elon take a rest from working sometimes. Their very rapid expansion of car factories seemed a bit optimistic a few years ago and now seems like a perfect call. Tesla need to put most of their resources into even more factories in more parts of the world. On the politics side funding a moderate and centrist super PAC would be just great. Lets resist extreme politics of all stripes Red Blue Green or polka dot. Great idea Elon, bring back moderate, sensible, centrist politics.
Davis Holman
Davis Holman Hace 4 días
I remember reading about successful men being ‘workaholics’ when I was a kid. I thought that meant they were the last person to go home or worked on Saturdays quite often. Now I realize, what it meant was they never went home, only slept in two hour increments for only four or five hours a day, & never take a day off, period.😳
clive marriott
clive marriott Hace 4 días
@Catherine Jane Yes it sounds like an excellent location.
Creepa Hace 4 días
some people are born to and life to work, we can be happy that elon is pushing so many types of technologys and is advancing humanity. I think it would be unhealthy for him to stop working, he maybe would even get sick.
Catherine Jane
Catherine Jane Hace 4 días
Giga factory in Australia please Elon 💚🌍
Dave William
Dave William Hace 2 días
I’m of
just texting
just texting Hace 2 días
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SWEET DoNuT Hace 2 días
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John Miley
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JJJ Hace 3 días
Yes! Regulatory governing body for ai is logically and makes a lot of sense. Should platforms like twitter have referees too?
Flemming Sorensen
Flemming Sorensen Hace 3 días
The guy is up at 3:00am to do an interview. Says it all. He is 🐐
peter janoff
peter janoff Hace 4 días
Elon sounds and looks cool, calm and collected even at 3 AM.
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Hamed Adefuwa
Hamed Adefuwa Hace 9 minutos
8:15 LOL John: "I've seen a forecast" Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you!"
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Elizabeth Matl
Elizabeth Matl Hace 4 horas
His company is a giant think tank and the people who he hired are people who he's recognized as developers creating the future technologies that will run the world. Genius selections... Of future corporate leaders in business that didn't realize there own potential now giving there genius to him making him wealthy off their dreams and knowledge.
trupti patel
trupti patel Hace 4 días
I am so glad he picked up on twitter..Twitter... great job Elon musk
Russ Bowman
Russ Bowman Hace 4 días
Some one please pass this along to Mr. Musk: Excess electricity on down times pushes an electric freight train over a mountain range to to the summit. When peak demand happens, the train goes down hill to generate extra electric power. The train goes up and down, both ways, transporting heavy goods and serving as a dual purpose method of storing energy. The Sierras and the Rocky's would provide excellent examples to start. Russ Bowman
Paul G
Paul G Hace 4 días
Look up the “Tajo de la Encantada hydroelectric plant” It’s the same concept as your idea, but low running costs and way less energy wasted compared to powering a freight train, friction from tracks etc. But it’s a great idea none the less, the hydro dam uses energy when there is a surplus I.e. windy night where windmills are producing a surplus amount of energy. It pumps water to a reservoir on top of a hill. In times of high power demand, it lets the water flow downhill into an electric turbine
Karen Fox
Karen Fox Hace 4 días
He's right about bots on twitter. In fact, bots are causing real harm in the world. Half of replys you get on twitter are bots. Bots argue with other bots. Its out of control.Every user needs to be verified as a real human.
Jim Chrisman
Jim Chrisman Hace 3 días
geezer Hace 4 días
send me a photo of your government issued ID and social security number so i can verify you are a real human
Everything Outdoors
Everything Outdoors Hace 4 días
8:30 = gold. Micklewait may be smart but imagination is more important than knowledge, this is why Elon is the genius of our time.
Ajinomoto Hace 4 días
Say what you will about the man. If the world's wealthiest man was focused on the things Elon is working on, I'd say our future in the year 2040 is in good hands
🍑Loiza C̴h̴a̴t̴ ̴ Me̴ n̴Ow̴- CHECK MY PROFILE
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
ArSniper98 Hace 4 días
16:33 - Best moments from the interview!!!
Rambler Andy
Rambler Andy Hace 3 días
Q: Do you think we should be concerned about AI? Elon A: [I have being saying this for about a decade now] Yes, I believe there should be some sort of regulatory body concerned with the safety of AI towards humamity. How many times does he have to say this before somebody listens? One of the reasons why they are developing General AI at Tesla is that they want to be amongst the first and be beneficial to humanity rather than take advantage in various derogatory ways. OK, there are people who believe that General AI will never be a threat to humans. But isn't it prudent to make sure?
Aldraz Hace 2 días
Although I agree with him, it's pretty much impossible to have regulations over every AI algorithm. It's like trying to ban all programmers from doing certain thing. You just can't. So only big companies that are running the biggest AI's on their cloud could be regulated, otherwise it's not really possible. But even if you regulate these big companies, any hackers could just obtain few hundreds of GPUs and run the same AI algorithms in their basements for any purposes and undetected, so yeah.. it's a hard problem and we have to hope that we come up with more solutions to these problems
BOSSMATE Hace 4 días
Elon is just a great guy ! I’d love to power my house with the sunshine and car woe let’s hope the prices come to the common man soon
David C
David C Hace 4 días
@mohammad zohorul Baloney. Already working fine. Much cleaner and not subject to blackouts, if you have battery storage.
mohammad zohorul
mohammad zohorul Hace 4 días
As an electrical engineer, the solar panel technology is not advanced enough to do it cost-effectively. Plus it also depends on where you live.
The sober mind
The sober mind Hace 3 días
These are the constructive discussions that we need with drivers of our modern industrial production.
Elvia Monti
Elvia Monti Hace 4 días
Free speech all over the world Elon Musk 🙏🏻
Richard Baran
Richard Baran Hace 4 días
At about the 10 min mark, Elon begins to get a serious face and talk about constraints with regard to the supply chain and lithium ion batteries...you can tell he has major concern with China having access to rare minerals (in many cases, a monopoly) and it is critical for Tesla to be in bed with China as a part of their economy to endorse the allocation of resources necessary to sustain the company 25-50 years from now. Scary stuff. Luckily the people of China want Tesla's and the market proves it.
fltadams2 Hace 3 días
@yuesheng zhao Harald Jan Dahle Petrofilm
yuesheng zhao
yuesheng zhao Hace 3 días
We don’t want Tesla, we just don’t care to a big extend so that we didn’t ban Tesla. I wonder will America ever dare to completely open the market (with no or less tariff) for Chinese EV brands I am curious.
Wealth Hace 4 días
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jlucasmsantos Hace 4 días
Wow... 75 bot replies... that's some kind of record
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Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh Hace 4 días
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Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm Hace 4 días
Defining him as a capitalist at the outset was obnoxious. How can ppl take the interviewer seriously if he thinks VW will surpass Tesla in EV?
Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm Hace 3 días
@free roamer 'capitalist' connotes financial greed. Musk has stated multiple times that is not his motive. call him a philanthropist, that would be more accurate.
Username1369 Hace 4 días
More models, cheaper cars, brand recognition, and Germany doesn’t mess around.
free roamer
free roamer Hace 4 días
Somehow I can't imagine Musk having any objection to being heralded a "capitalist"! 👍
Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm Hace 4 días
@Amy Rogers because Tesla has the lead in manufacturing. And GiGaberlin isn't even ramped yet.
Patrick Hace 4 días
VW has already surpassed Tesla in EV in Europe. It's only a matter of time....
aussiecossie Hace 4 horas
It still blows my mind that here we have the biggest genius of our time, who will be remembered throughout history for his contributions to technology and science, and yet, he is a supporter of politicians like DeSantos and Trump who are so clearly opportunistic, pathological liars to anyone capable of objective thinking.
Theodore Van
Theodore Van Hace 4 horas
Maybe rethink your options of Trump and DeSantis based on their jobs and not their personalities. Seriously give it a thought. Cuz, you're right about Elon being a genius, it's sad people overlook his brilliance because of his personal opinions. 👍🇺🇲
Fred Psimas
Fred Psimas Hace 4 días
Amazing leader Elon Musk is!
Eva 25 y.o - check my vidéó
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
Joy Joyful
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Shelley Kennedy
Shelley Kennedy Hace 4 días
Elon it was a good interview. I like how you presented yourself. Much better than the weird stuff on youtube.
BlindHurricane5 Hace 4 días
Me: Elon looks tired. There must be a crisis on the job. This doesn't look good for the future outlook. Presenter: It's 3am in Texas. Me: Ahh.
D Hace 2 días
Boohoo.. poor Elon. Always poor Elon
natasja mare
natasja mare Hace 4 días
Watch wion news his got problems at home.
Rodney Josephson
Rodney Josephson Hace 4 días
Hung over. I was in thesame acting business in Asia for roleplaying business men. We had great parties.
Laurie Hace 2 días
Tough questions and thoughtful answers clearly presented. He has the best laugh.
Shannon Innes
Shannon Innes Hace 4 días
Bottom-line is that inflation is actually above 10% whilst interest rates is sub 2%. Cash is still trash.
fltadams2 Hace 3 días
@Obi Juan i would say inflation is way higher but i agree with you. Gold and silver would also be higher but-it is obviously manipulated through the futures market. When Bitcoin strarted the etf and micro futures that was the end. The Fed pumped 2 trillion before Coved was ever known-in 2019.
Obi Juan
Obi Juan Hace 3 días
@Nick S. If from Jan 2022: you held cash you would be down about 9%, which has to be added to the other losses when its converted to cash. if you held stocks you're down 20 to 40%. If you held crypto you're down 57%. If you held gold you would be up 2%. Still for every category you are ALSO minus the 9% inflation once you convert your asset to cash, because cash has still lost its value. ANY investment would need to be UP 9% just to break even.
Nick S.
Nick S. Hace 3 días
Cash is trash except when you buy an asset at all time high because people tell you cash is trash and then everything crashes. Then cash is king.
Brice Hutchison
Brice Hutchison Hace 4 días
Cash is trash until the crash Then let it rip
Lonny Self
Lonny Self Hace 4 días
hit the nail on the head social media should be able to do so without becoming, hyper sensitive keeping it fact base without all the tracking and manipulation of bad players, and available to everyone, securely .
Jorge J
Jorge J Hace 8 horas
Given the type of questions to him....This is the "Level-headed guy" that "most politicians" are afraid of. "are you with us?" is more of their focus. Level-headed = want to or attempt to do the right thing .
Watcharat Phairatphiboon
If you understand how Elon’s mind works, you would understand why he is undecided on supporting Donald Trump. It depends who is running against him. Elon accounts for everything no matter how small. And there is a possibility that there could be somebody worse than Trump, even though it seems unlikely. It doesn’t mean he supports Donald Trump. He resigned from Trump’s advisors when Trump dropped out of the Paris Agreement.
SiLo Mixing and Mastering
'And there is a possibility that there could be somebody worse than Trump' Like Joe Biden? 🤣🤣 Trump being elected in 2024 is the best thing that could happen to the US in the near future
gijbuis Hace 3 días
I have no doubt that Elon Musk was always a great fan of Asimo - so my guess is that this where his humanoid robot is coming from! Somehow - around 2008 the development of Honda's Asimo seemed to come to a halt (probably no more money), so it would be great to see an new Tesla Asimo take off!
Dariusz Smulski
Dariusz Smulski Hace 4 días
June 21’22. Tesla Inc. shares are up ⬆️ 11% as of 12:33 pm. IMHO, the interview in Qatar helped to clarify some issues. I really like 👍, Elon comment about Tesla Inc. : “ Tesla it is not car 🚙 company”!
Obi Juan
Obi Juan Hace 3 días
@Dariusz Smulski 1100% was because I sold my stock. I wanted to sell last December, but I waited for the first trading day of 2022 so I don't pay capital gains until 2023. If I was still holding TSLA I would be down that 40%. I could buy more shares today with the same (1100%) money at this point and be ahead of the bag holders who lost 40%. Tesla is a growth stock that depends a lot on ESvid videos with Musk hype, and the fact that Musk is selling cars to the upper middle class and above with ZERO competition in the EV market. Tesla's actual sales revenue is less than the top 15 car companies. Legacy car companies, especially Toyota, do not want to build BEV's, but now they are being forced to by governments with 'zero-emission' laws. That is not good for Tesla. Musk's main customer base are the tree hugging liberals concerned about the environment. Yet, Musk attacked them last March and publicly said he was joining the political party that says Climate Change is a hoax. Musk makes these statements, just as car companies are introducing, their competition to Tesla. Also, the competition is already providing an SUV for $20k less than Tesla's cheapest car but $70,000 less than Tesla's SUV. If Tesla is surviving by selling cars that only the upper middle class can buy, how long before that market is saturated? The only way Musk can survive competition is to lower prices, which is lower profit margins. The biggest slice of the car market is the middle class buyer. If I can get an electric vehicle for $20,000 less than a Tesla that has and equivalent range and a real dashboard and not that silly huge screen, I will buy the less expensive car, so will most people. Tesla might do well the next 2 or 3 years but they cannot have a P/E ratio of around 100 or more for long, or a big crash will come once the novelty of Tesla is gone. We are coming into a recession period with high interest rates, and most likely higher unemployment. People will buy what they can afford. For most Americans that's not a Tesla.
Geoff Carr
Geoff Carr Hace 4 días
@Dariusz Smulski Elon doesn’t think, that’s the problem
Allen Mukaida
Allen Mukaida Hace 2 días
Actually, Elon being a billionaire, I didn''t see dollars floating out of his mouth. His answers were very general and not very specific - I can't see the head of any large company being able to run it on such few words. If you paid him to talk - you didn't get your money's worth. He doesn't seem to have much of a personality. But the news about robots was the most exciting thing I heard.
I Am the Great
I Am the Great Hace 6 horas
If Elon Musk comes out as Libertarian, it would bring a whole new 3rd Political Party to the US Government. We are all tired of Democrats vs. Republicans for the last 250+ years, we need a 3rd Party, and we need to allow ranked voting, so People actually vote for a 3rd Party and not fear having their Vote not be useful.
Contact Cyber_lord01 On I.G
Thanks to him ☝️☝️ for helping me recover my founds and investment
Dianne Goodrick
Dianne Goodrick Hace 4 días
"There's a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of preach." May Elon's words enter the comprehension of the masses!
JC Denton
JC Denton Hace 3 días
@Wonka Bar the state, the state representation, and the state's public school curriculum. Cry about it. What he banned was not helpful for kids.
JC Denton
JC Denton Hace 3 días
@zack worrell ukraine flag in dp
zack worrell
zack worrell Hace 3 días
I like Elon's intellect but his childish ranting on Twitter is pathetic and quite embarrassing for someone in his position to be engaged in.
Bidemi Akinade
Bidemi Akinade Hace 3 días
freedom of reach
Almaz Abraha
Almaz Abraha Hace 4 días
Smart, kind and love his attitude.
SoccerRockNY Hace 3 días
Terrific insightful interview; thank you, Bloomberg.