Tesla Model Y Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time...
Official site: tesla.com/ModelY
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15 mar 2019






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Comentarios 80
Dave Ta
Dave Ta Hace 29 días
FH2O Tech
FH2O Tech Hace un mes
Surapureddy Srimanth Niketh
When is the review coming?
John Smith
John Smith Hace un mes
Im ready for the cybertruck personally
Carpe diem
Carpe diem Hace 2 meses
Who is Joe?
pablo rages
pablo rages Hace 2 meses
This model might actually save Tesla .... at the base price they should sell lots .... and might actually make a profit for the first time ... but it's going to kill Model 3 and X sales
Danplays Hace 2 meses
penghamba boba
penghamba boba Hace 2 meses
If I was Elon I would continue the line of production with model B, I, T, C, H, 3, and back to S. Wdyt??
LEO Senpai
LEO Senpai Hace 2 meses
Fun fact that went we combine all the last letters of Tesla lineup we would get the word SEXY
Nostalgic-Being Hace 2 meses
Who here’s Dexter Pick It up at the beginning of the video
Rommel V
Rommel V Hace 2 meses
C'mon man. Third rows are always meant for children in any car.
David Buckley
David Buckley Hace 2 meses
It probably tracks down the leakers and hides them in the desser that being said I don’t class this as an suv I say the government style black trucks and all would be more suvs then this
harry camper
harry camper Hace 2 meses
I bet you are regretting buying that POS Porsche
georgianborat Hace 2 meses
Buy Model 3, install coil spacers and here you go!
dre857 Hace 2 meses
Pontiac did a fairly good job with the Aztec redesign
TheTyphoon365 Hace 2 meses
Extremely ugly car
TheTyphoon365 Hace 2 meses
@Brandon Y It looks like a mom's soccer minivan who's trying to be sporty to impress her middle school sons' friends
Brandon Y
Brandon Y Hace 2 meses
TheTyphoon365 not
Venkatesh Baskar
Venkatesh Baskar Hace 2 meses
Exactly 1 year after this video- Deliveries start. Tesla is getting good at this.
Lucia Hartoko
Lucia Hartoko Hace 2 meses
Model 3+X: Y
Andrew Masters
Andrew Masters Hace 3 meses
How perfect is this video was published on March 15th??
Like Totally 80's
Like Totally 80's Hace 3 meses
Paid for reviews in full flow...
nut day5
nut day5 Hace 3 meses
when you do it again, what's the height of the rear lip? (re; dogs jumping in/out) thx.
Andy Casbo
Andy Casbo Hace 3 meses
S3XY CARS = Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Cybertruck ATV Roadster Semitrailer
Paul Wharton
Paul Wharton Hace 3 meses
Excellent video - Many thanks Mr. Brown.
Pedro El Grande
Pedro El Grande Hace 3 meses
This will be the best car ever
EveryDay Carry
EveryDay Carry Hace 3 meses
Ok , white for $1000 less or blue or black for $1000 more ??
Brandon Y
Brandon Y Hace 2 meses
Get white and wrap it in any color you want
YouFoundLev Hace 3 meses
Hi! My family won the Model Y referral raffle giveaway! We will be receiving the Founders edition next month! It’s crazy!!
Fman1292 Hace 3 meses
im debating on model Y or mach E from ford now
Aaditya Shah
Aaditya Shah Hace 3 meses
Personally seeing the Mach E I don’t really like it
Raul Roca
Raul Roca Hace 3 meses
another ugly car
BlaxKid22 Hace 3 meses
thanks for being black and smart. really cool 2 see
pear7777 Hace 3 meses
Back seats will suck.
SevenDeMagnus Hace 3 meses
Model Y is just a confusion to the Tesla Models. Not sure what it's for.
MoD Hace 3 meses
First Name Second Name
For the uk market it’s the Polestar that’s going to make the headway, Volvo dealerships as a service option and Tesla even at this stage of evolution are still yet to establish any real presence in Blighty 🇬🇧
Dennis Boyd
Dennis Boyd Hace 3 meses
CARS S3XY Cyber Truck, A? Roadster, Semi, Model S, Model 3 Model X Model Y
QuestionMan Hace 3 meses
Like wow... I did not know you did Tesla reviews. Nice.
TRICKSTA Hace 3 meses
I want to be rich too.
Rav D
Rav D Hace 3 meses
Just another awful looking Tesla
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Hace 3 meses
Rav D Very unpopular opinion, but this is America...
quest 77051
quest 77051 Hace 3 meses
TJ Amos
TJ Amos Hace 4 meses
Elon in the Tesla Js
James M
James M Hace 4 meses
Buying it
CALIBOI TrueTruong
CALIBOI TrueTruong Hace 4 meses
Thanks for very very detailed about Y
Don Keyballs
Don Keyballs Hace 4 meses
I like mbkhd , everything apple pro shows that money changed him
abcd Hace 4 meses
Model Y is non good as Etron and EQC
Noor Nisa
Noor Nisa Hace 4 meses
Review nokia phones and why dont you geta mi band?
demon6garra Hace 4 meses
When you sit in the car did it feel like an SUV or just a regular sedan but a bit higher?
Xanthopteryx Hace 4 meses
Strange. Seems that the light projection from the front light is a straight line. Is that normal in the US? In Sweden, they have to light higher in the right side (since we have right hand traffic) to light up the road side and walking paths and so.
Dylan Payne
Dylan Payne Hace 4 meses
Your commentary is great. Keep up the good work!
jopageri1964 Hace 4 meses
I'll wait for the airborne version. 2022.
jake vittayanusorn
jake vittayanusorn Hace 4 meses
Why the front always look like a ducktail the back it look so sexy but the front should be improve. Model s look very sporty the design upfront superb.
JaredSVX Hace 4 meses
Lol confirmed Casey has bigger guns than mkbhd :p
Hanane Bahoury
Hanane Bahoury Hace 4 meses
The new Bmw MX6 design ! That's what I call a SUV
Liam Alkaseer
Liam Alkaseer Hace 4 meses
Tesla needs a new design department. Everything's getting ugly.
Aniket Khosla
Aniket Khosla Hace 4 meses
Congrats ten mill
Imon Islam
Imon Islam Hace 4 meses
S3XY😂 I love Elon for that 😂😂
BR5491Z1Z Hace 4 meses
casey neistat liberal jackass..peace out
Timothy T.
Timothy T. Hace 4 meses
An ad for Rick Ashley's _Never Gonna Give You Up_ played before your video. I just got Rick Rolled... In 2020...
ArticNexas Hace 4 meses
Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Y’all know that spells S3XY
Glitchy Soup
Glitchy Soup Hace 4 meses
1:15 You know, you could use your phone, which is capable of propper framerate (60fps). And it would look better that way, because of sharpness, when something moves. No more blurry motionblur and stutter.
Noah Gary
Noah Gary Hace 4 meses
That nasty bass at 0:09
qhamarii0 Hace 4 meses
I’m mad it has regular doors
jenny lee
jenny lee Hace 5 meses
When they make a black Freddy Kruger movie this guy should go audition
Richard van Tricht
Richard van Tricht Hace 5 meses
Modely does look sexy.
Cesar Abraham
Cesar Abraham Hace 5 meses
Stick with selling whether is good or bad! lol
Rene G
Rene G Hace 5 meses
Where are 7 people going to put all their suitcases????? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ultra Man
Ultra Man Hace 5 meses
2020 sucks
2020 sucks Hace 5 meses
It looks very low to the ground for a SUV.
Don Lee
Don Lee Hace 5 meses
honestly, the model y will probably be my first Tesla. The X is too big and expensive. This would be perfect for a city car. Yes I said car.
johnyjoe2k Hace 5 meses
"For the 4 of you who don't know..." I literally just found out about it!
Harrison West
Harrison West Hace 5 meses
🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:26 💚💯 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💗
ZiggyZeg 2005
ZiggyZeg 2005 Hace 5 meses
The blue version looks like it has chrome tho...
Kalcho Kirov
Kalcho Kirov Hace 5 meses
The line up will be S3XY CAR
Rando 416
Rando 416 Hace 5 meses
Marques, “literally impossible to shoot the top window,” Thomas Edison, “am I a joke to you?”
Kingg Willy
Kingg Willy Hace 5 meses
I have a question bro. I’m interested in the model y also. But was wondering if you knew - is there gonna be a standard version AWD? I want the AWD but don’t need the range as much. So I’m confused of what’s going on with the Y. I just want a standard Y All Black AWD.
Win Latt
Win Latt Hace 5 meses
I need your help buying tesla
Alin Mustata
Alin Mustata Hace 5 meses
i wonder if the long range also have awd, does naybody know?
Sudarshana Perera
Sudarshana Perera Hace 5 meses
By the way i like background music 😐 🎶
GenAfterNextTactics Hace 5 meses
The only thing i don't like about the Model 3 and Y is that it doesn't have an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.
Luke Hace 6 meses
No suicide doors . Y?
Clement Ho
Clement Ho Hace 6 meses
So it’s S3XY CYBERTRUCK subliminal messaging, I’m telling you
Vincent T
Vincent T Hace 6 meses
I want that shirt bro.
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