Tesla Model Y Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time...
Official site: tesla.com/ModelY
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15 mar 2019

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Dan Winnick
Dan Winnick Hace 8 horas
Looks like a Prius
Agunnaya Hace 8 horas
Tesla is trying to say something S- Model s 3- Model 3 X- Model X Y- Model Y R- 2nd Gen Roadster T- Tesla Model T. The pick up Truck H-??? A-??? N-??? U-??? S3XYR THAN U. Models H-U aren’t announced but this would it. This is my prediction
Kaapo Erinko
Kaapo Erinko Hace un día
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming Hace 2 días
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming Hace 2 días
Next models are the r for roster a model a model P pick up truck and the model e lol
Damian_ai9 Hace 3 días
2:30 Elon is a ThiCC boI
Princess Peach
Princess Peach Hace 4 días
Just need to make a 3 with a lift back. No one needs their cars to be old stilts......
superloose Hace 6 días
I'd be happily sick with just a 5seater Y... ?
gg Hace 8 días
ESvid captions: “what’s up guys come get the HD here”
Everette Haire
Everette Haire Hace 12 días
It's like all the best engineers are working for Elon
Learning Daily
Learning Daily Hace 13 días
getting a headache with all the shaking on your camera, before 2mins
HellsKat123456789 Hace 13 días
childhood dreams do come true!
Standupforyourself9 Hace 14 días
This is one of those cars if you have any brains at all would order them to be all destroyed.
Augusto200100 Hace 14 días
S 3 X Y
Manny S
Manny S Hace 16 días
If the Y indeed comes with the matte black accents it’ll look great in Simple White.
Electric Pro
Electric Pro Hace 16 días
S Johnson
S Johnson Hace 17 días
Looks like a hatchback
Truevan ASAP
Truevan ASAP Hace 17 días
3:58 model 3 has a panoramic sealing too
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Hace 18 días
Paul Thiel
Paul Thiel Hace 18 días
Not a fan of the Y.
Ted Hu
Ted Hu Hace 18 días
Air suspension?
Austin Wood
Austin Wood Hace 19 días
Usually for people who do buy SUV’s, they are buying them to fit their kids, so the back seats being small won’t be a problem for most people buying these. I think it looks good, even though I’m only 23 and don’t have kids or anything I would still buy this, it looks good in my opinion.. better than the model 3. I love Elon, he’s such a cool and amazing guy.
zero15388 Hace 19 días
looks pretty good to me
CharlesB Hace 21 un día
Hmmmm I like the model Y, just put some 20inch rims lower a bit and I'm set
Luan Peggy Design Photo
Can't wait for his next review on Mcdonald's chicken nuggets factory
Carter Devine
Carter Devine Hace 22 días
Mike O.
Mike O. Hace 23 días
What a time to be alive people doing videos on car companies I hope to see people excited about other car companies in the future I really hope they generate as much hype as tesla even though It most likely won't happen. Other car manufactures pay attention.
Revanth Kaja
Revanth Kaja Hace 24 días
My BMW X5 has a seven seater option and the seats back there are just as crammed as the model y. It’s good for when carpooling with kids or something.
str Hace 26 días
+1 for seeing details
Chung Kai Man
Chung Kai Man Hace 26 días
Should like model 3 max .
Joe Hace un mes
Your videos are always high quality with amazing editing
Pentastar Nate
Pentastar Nate Hace un mes
chiman bangali
chiman bangali Hace un mes
Most 3rd row suv are crammed seats .
Varhan Davitro
Varhan Davitro Hace un mes
Berore y launching = S3X.
Green Heaven
Green Heaven Hace un mes
Fortnite sees this 7:22
Terrence Ike
Terrence Ike Hace un mes
We never got an update about your Tesla ❤️
Shoeb Syed
Shoeb Syed Hace un mes
And the p100d
oxi Hace un mes
6:53 when you know that you gonna have that beast for free.
J Z Hace un mes
I see no brake calipers on this unit
Emanuel Hace un mes
You know what, the design is kinda growing on me. I like that it is a bit higher than the 3. Also love that the chrome is gone haha
Nocturos Gamer
Nocturos Gamer Hace un mes
This video is way better then the what's inside video theres was terrible
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Hace un mes
I love Tesla and I was so wanting the model y so bad then I saw a model 3 that ate to many Big Macs lol you can have the hot super model 3 or you can buy the fat lady Y who will treat you right but just doesn’t hold a candle to the 3. But fat ladies need love too so nothing wrong with buying it but who wants to pay 10% more for 10% more fat and 10% less performance. Please buy it if 10% is all you need buy you will be surprised how I fit 3 adults 2 children and 2 weeks of luggage bedding and Christmas presents on just under 1000 mile trip. If you need more than that then damn maybe you need an RV lol. Killers me when the model 3 storage is rated with seats up and the Y is rated with seats down, very deceptive you put Y seats up you have 10% more storage than model 3.
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Hace un mes
just imagine if it had falcon doors. most purchased Tesla car
Golden Brick
Golden Brick Hace un mes
Waiting for model z
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Spirit Hace un mes
You see that jerk on the bike at? 5:07 Fu#$!ng tree hugger!
savedfaves Hace un mes
On the video it's basically Indistinguishable from Model 3.
Donesan707 Hace un mes
I’m thinking of selling one of my Hellcats for the Model Y performance!!!
Donesan707 Hace un mes
CSTwister yeah, most likely the Charger. I love to much the Challenger. ( redesign model S is looking sweet)
CSTwister Hace un mes
One of? 😂😂
Slxxpy Jan
Slxxpy Jan Hace un mes
looks like VW bug but better haha
Coi AQ3D
Coi AQ3D Hace un mes
Crazy boys Show
Crazy boys Show Hace un mes
It looks like model 3
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