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We test and review Dremel's Digilab LC40 laser cutter, a 40 watt hobby laser designed for personal workshops and maker spaces. We go over its setup, safety features, and capabilities, including the differences between it and other glass tube lasers in its class. There's a lot to like here!
Find the laser cutter here: amzn.to/2LS4dqA
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Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan
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10 abr 2019






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MURRAY BROWN Hace 18 días
Thank You! Excellent!
Kevin the2nd
Kevin the2nd Hace 2 meses
Glowforge: 1. Great community support 2. Monthly payment option Dremel: "Yeah...we don't have that"
MostlyRandom Hace 3 meses
they should put a recess in the front with a magnet to hold the puck. I know for a fact I would lose that puck I'm the kinda person who is using pliers, put them down on my desk, turn around to get something turn back and they are gone they are not on your desk, remember you went and got a coffee, your pliers are in the fridge :)
Aaron Hamilton
Aaron Hamilton Hace 3 meses
if youre thinking about a glowforge and comparing it to the dremel i love mine and you can save up to 500 dollars with this link @t
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez Hace 4 meses
Can you make electric tag lamacoids and cut the material? phenolic/Plastic
jason whitman
jason whitman Hace 5 meses
We had great customer service directly from Dremel. Set up was pretty easy. With external fan and pump going we're gonna have to rethink our meeting/maker space, but so far we're pleased with and looking forward to having a new tool in the shop.
Mac Swanton
Mac Swanton Hace 5 meses
Seems to be a lot "going on" you're "unaware of"
Cristina209 H
Cristina209 H Hace 5 meses
Please compare the Dremel vs Glowforge vs Muse.
P J Hace 26 días
Cristina209 H the Muse is from Full Spectrum Laser its the same as the Dremel....
Nicky Nada
Nicky Nada Hace 6 meses
Look at that sexy ass Trotec speedy 300 in the back
ThyerHazard Hace 6 meses
How could you ever justify this at this price? For hobby stuff you could just send of items or have items Laser cut for far far cheaper and get an incredibly high quality product, And if you wanted a small laser for home you could get a K40 for $350US Spend $150US on some mods and have a laser that performs the same as this $6000 laser... For $6000 you could buy, A 3D printer, a used lathe, a used mill, an X-carve and a bunch or other assorted tools and items and even maybe still have some money over for the K40 laser, Who is the LC40 marketed to? Brain dead people? Or people with tons of money who can justify $5700 more just for a nice sleek appearance? Ill admit it does look really sleek and nice, but is the appearance and 'buying experience' really worth this?
josh bindemann
josh bindemann Hace 6 meses
You guys have 4.3million subs and you said "ah" and "um" like 600 times. Work on your delivery honestly
Mark Langenkamp
Mark Langenkamp Hace 6 meses
Another damn "TESTED" review where you don't actually show the product in use. USELESS! I think you guys could talk 30 minutes to a busy signal.
MetalGearMk3 Hace 6 meses
40watt for 6K is over priced.
beatchef Hace 6 meses
1:22 Phased laser cutter in the 40 watt range
Rioting Lunatic
Rioting Lunatic Hace 6 meses
How does this compare to the "GloForge" ? - Because the issue with GloForge is the fact you can only use materials sold through GloForge and it's expensive AF. Can you use your own materials? Who thinks $6k is a hobby price?!
Rioting Lunatic
Rioting Lunatic Hace 6 meses
@Jason Greenwood That's really good to know. I have a friend who has one and it's been driving them crazy because of delays in getting materials. glad to know it is possible to use non-GF materials!
Jason Greenwood
Jason Greenwood Hace 6 meses
You can TOTALLY use materials not sold through Glowforge! The only thing that the Proofgrade stuff gives you is the guarantee that the material is "laser safe" (doesn't have formaldehyde in it or such), has a protective film on it to protect from scorching, and has a QR code so the Glowforge can set the right settings for you. Convenient, yeah, but not necessary at ALL. I've done my own leather, my own wood pieces, ROCKS for crying out loud, all with no problem. You just experiment with the settings, get something you like, and go for it.
Brian Dodds
Brian Dodds Hace 7 meses
Every SVG I have ever used has always had scale issues... So I never use them anymore. Now I use PDF only and it's always correct.
Ronald Hodges
Ronald Hodges Hace 7 meses
I bought my Dremel Laser Cutter in the pre-order period mid-2018. Saved $1000 off the current price. Also, they threw in the $300+ booster fan for free. It's been a great unit and other than a few quirky little things with the software, I'm very happy with the purchase. It was a risk to purchase something of this price with no prior knowledge or reviews. But, based on Dremel's reputation for making quality products, I was comfortable with the purchase. i must commend the support staff at Dremel! They helped me through some set-up issues and answered a lot of questions I had prior to pushing the BUY button. If this level of customer support continues, that's often worth the higher price that so many commenters here have complained about. My only problem now is coming up with projects to keep it busy!
Balla21 Hace 7 meses
In general I don't like the way that China does business how they steal ideas except for a but I'm almost a proponent of it when it comes to things like this period you can find the K40 laser for around $400 they can do over 95% of what this can do at $400 as opposed to 6000. If it can be crafted for that much less overseas the mark up on stuff like dremmel has to be outrageous. Yes it may have higher quality glass might look nicer but we don't care about that is obvious we just want it to work. Reliable and work we don't need all the extra flashy krapp
Balla21 Hace 7 meses
Many brands of lasers that do the same is this that cost less than a $1000 the fact that they Calling this a hobby/home laser cutter is laughable $6000 is not a hobbyist priced sorry dremmel this is for school use and small business use not hobbies
sskkuuddrraa Hace 7 meses
6k? Kiddin? Dremel did it again...overpriced.
Vyacheslav Kononenko
Too match talking, bored on the 5th minute
LoneRangerCowboy Hace 7 meses
POS buy the Muse...
Sebastien LICHT
Sebastien LICHT Hace 7 meses
Dremel : 30 years after, still have issues with carbon blocks springs . NO WAY
Doug Seidl
Doug Seidl Hace 7 meses
For testing, I will make 3-6 10mm circles. I set each with different settings within the ballpark. Print those, then repeat with settings around the best looking one. Generally two or three tests prints will get you dialed in.
zatoici hanzo
zatoici hanzo Hace 7 meses
how about engraving on a bottle?
BobTheMad Hace 7 meses
I work with these types of lasers a lot, and would LOVE to have one at home. Good luck getting information on price for one of these. All the Dremel site says is "Starts at $5,999", no way to see the cost of additional parts/accessories without waiting on them to contact you. Dremel, big FAIL - don't make interested parties wait on you for information.
Flyte Industries
Flyte Industries Hace 7 meses
We have a full spectrum laser at our makerspace. It is a TERRIBLE machine. The software totally sucks and most of the time it just won't accept a jpg or pdf or any file format. It's more expensive....but if you can afford it, get an Epilog.
Earthgiant Hace 7 meses
Would like to see a behind-the-scenes look at the 3D printing technology used for the new movie Missing Link. An article on CNET stated they printed over 100 thousand different faces for the puppet expressions.
Jason Honingford
Jason Honingford Hace 7 meses
Kubo and The Two Strings 3D printed their puppets too. It's so good it looks CG.
someonewithaguitar Hace 7 meses
... so it doesn't take DXF files? Worse than $800 chinese cutters.
Circuits and Cigars
Circuits and Cigars Hace 7 meses
Damn kids. When I was a tech in the 80's a 100 watt CO2 laser was over 100 grand and weighed half a ton or more because a slab of granite was in the middle to minimize vibration. The transformer itself was 120 pounds. Had 2 huge RF tubes .
Da A
Da A Hace 7 meses
I have a plasma rifle in the 40w range.
Garland Key
Garland Key Hace 7 meses
Tested. Please test some very low budget 3d printing, cnc and laser cutting options. Not all of your audience is rich.
Mangy_Dog Hace 7 meses
Oh wait not only is it 6 grand they couldnt even match unit scaling with the rest of the industry... well done dremel.
Mangy_Dog Hace 7 meses
6000 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no, ill get one of the fraction of the price chinese cutters that are rather popular these days... Sorry tested, im actually getting really tired of these shilling episodes :/ Youre getting damn close to getting unsubbed now. And i loved adams one day builds...
Shank Adams
Shank Adams Hace 7 meses
How many tshirts sold to buy this😒
MrMegaPussyPlayer Hace 7 meses
6k for a hobby device ... I guess I stick to the 250€ china one
rjc0234 Hace 6 meses
@MrMegaPussyPlayer do you have a link and a name, i am looking to get an affordable laser cutter, and €250 sounds perfect for the same spec as this one in the video
MrMegaPussyPlayer Hace 6 meses
@rjc0234 Yes. its on amazon . de
rjc0234 Hace 7 meses
@MrMegaPussyPlayer ok, so which one on amazonDE is it?
MrMegaPussyPlayer Hace 7 meses
@rjc0234 It's on Amazon Germany
rjc0234 Hace 7 meses
@MrMegaPussyPlayer basically the same to Ali express, which one is it?
Brainybren Hace 7 meses
6k just get a 2nd hand bystronic or lvd 3-4kw
darkquail2003 Hace 7 meses
the best thing about this BOFA filter is that is sucks BOFA deez nuts
Troy Custer
Troy Custer Hace 7 meses
Hang on, is that a Trotec Speedy 300 I see in your shop where the Universal once lived?
Magnum CHAU
Magnum CHAU Hace 7 meses
PaHenry Hace 7 meses
I must not be the target market for these “hobby” review videos. $6k for this, $1.2k for a 3d printer. Must be nice to be able to forget that $6k isn’t hobby level for most of us.
VertexDigitalArts Hace 4 meses
PaHenry I purchased a 100W RECI laser system with a 1300x900mm work space with industrial chiller and it cost $3000 shipped. Its a far larger and heavier machine, weighing 400KG’s but it provides a lot more flexibility with the option of running a production shop or running small hobby projects. I understand the certification and safety but hundreds of thousands of people use these machines on a daily basis without an issue. What i dont understand is the reason for all those sensors. Id rather learn to turn on my water pump or extractor fan than pay $5000 extra for a screen to tell me that.
IKMNification Hace 7 meses
Hopefully more of these "Hobby" units help bring the price down like 3D Printers have done recently.
pacha mama
pacha mama Hace 7 meses
Bla bla bla
dot gov
dot gov Hace 7 meses
Chinese laser so much better and cheaper
DungeonDevils Hace 7 meses
What if you replace wetter with cool water you put in your car? Would that work too or even better?
Mate2Frio Hace 7 meses
The Epilog Zing starts getting close at this price and much better. $8k ish.
Joe MacLeod-Iredale
Joe MacLeod-Iredale Hace 7 meses
Depth could be to do with the depth at which it focuses?
Hein Van Hoof
Hein Van Hoof Hace 7 meses
@32:32 It just Works. Nvidia and bethesda can learn from this.
Hein Van Hoof
Hein Van Hoof Hace 7 meses
I really like stuff from dremel even if its more expensive then other brands. Dremel know's what ppl wan't and act on it. That's some comitment.
NavalNation Hace 7 meses
think they should add a puck pocket to store the puck on the frame of the machine so you don't lose it.
Darren Tarbard
Darren Tarbard Hace 7 meses
I feel like Dremel sending them free machines clouds their review. Same with previous Dremel reviews. Dremel support in the UK is apparently bad, for example but it's made to seem like part of the high price is because of support.
Darren Tarbard
Darren Tarbard Hace 7 meses
@Sean Charlesworth What I meant was that when you have to put your own money in, that makes a big difference to how you feel about a product. You can see that from the many comments about price. I don't doubt your honesty.
Sean Charlesworth
Sean Charlesworth Hace 7 meses
It's not a free machine it is a review machine that is sent out on loan and then returned. We get no advantage out of it - I think we gave a pretty honest review.
LKDesign Hace 7 meses
Looks like an Early-Access product.
injectormajor Hace 7 meses
Weird stuff
Paul Devey
Paul Devey Hace 7 meses
Good review. Thx! I love this kind of maker content.
SquidCaps Hace 7 meses
If you want to truly help the community, do a review on stuff like MP CNC and the ecosystem around that.
SquidCaps Hace 7 meses
Your affiliation with brands known of trying to vendor-lock down their customers instead of trying to actually support makers thru open source is effing troubling sign of selling out your souls. Good luck of repairing of tweaking that unit, or finding parts that are compatible with well known standards.. Everything in Dremel ecosystem costs 3 times more than they should.
notahotshot Hace 7 meses
Yeah! Everyone else should provide thier products free and open source, so that I can produce my products cheap and sell them for profit.
dbak48 Hace 7 meses
@SquidCaps, open source material compatibility and replacement tubes for only $300 you can swap yourself without having to ship in like Glowforge? Sounds like you haven’t done your research my friend :)
BirdsEyeView Hace 7 meses
Six thousand dollars? Are you guys nuts?!? Why waste our time, and do you even know who your market is?
notahotshot Hace 7 meses
Not you. Thier market is, not you.
Mark Pendragon
Mark Pendragon Hace 7 meses
They have over 4 million subscribers. I suspect their market is quite diverse. I can't afford a $600 bit of kit, and would have to think hard for a $60. But it does not stop me being interested in how technology is developing. But considering $6,000 to be "hobby" price ... naa, reality check time!
NoNiche Hace 7 meses
Just wanna see it in action 30:28 thats only it, whole vid is just talk
Nesquick PT
Nesquick PT Hace 7 meses
Love your videos but it is starting to bother me the fact that you keep calling machines over 1K HOBBY "MACHINES". For 6K that´s NOT a HOBBY laser cutter and for the record for that price there is stuff out there which is way better.
Balla21 Hace 7 meses
@sausagemit boss laser in every single area is better
leah netzer
leah netzer Hace 7 meses
these are actually called hobby as a critic: the dremel and glowforge are simply not suitable for a production shop. they are relatively underpowered and slow, and are not rated to run continuously.
Ideal Grain
Ideal Grain Hace 7 meses
@sausagemit Those laser add ons are far less than ideal. CNC routers and such are far too heavy for good laser raster work. The gantry can't move fast enough without thrashing the machine around. My CNC can do 500IPM+ rapids, but it's still not fast enough for a solid raster engrave. They're also really not meant for that kind of wear. You're far better off with a dedicated laser cutter/engraver.
Ideal Grain
Ideal Grain Hace 7 meses
It's all relative. Just a few years ago, the idea of a "personal" laser was unheard of. Entry level into this market used to be tens of thousands of dollars. This system is expensive, yes - if it's a "just for funsies" purpose. But it offers a lot that cheaper options don't, you're buying from a reputable company with technical and warranty support. This is a machine aimed and somebody with a small home based business. It's not a production machine, but it's not a toy either. That said, closer to the $2000 range is the "Emblazer 2" which offers local control, is diode based so theoretically far more durable and longer lasting, and doesn't require a water cooling circuit. We're going to see diode lasers start to bring down cost and add reliability in the consumer market.
Reconbox1001 Hace 7 meses
Talk, talk, talk..... how about more showing than talking?
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