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Today I tried a bunch more different Kitchen Gadgets with my friend Justine Ezarik! What other videos would you like to see?
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Kitchen #Gadgets! There was a grilled cheese making toaster, spray nozzles for limes and lemons, a hot glue cheese melting tool, a knife that warms up, a spinning fork and more!
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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Hace un mes
I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite gadget that we tried? 😊❤️
Peyton Keim
Peyton Keim Hace 2 días
Pineapple Pump
Hannah Pulumbarit
Hannah Pulumbarit Hace 2 días
Chamila Kumudu Peiris
Ii like the microwave smor maker
Amelie Wright
Amelie Wright Hace 7 días
Your the best and inspire me so much in baking
Mia Hoskins
Mia Hoskins Hace 8 días
Cleaner one the last one
Arozo & Omran Ghafoori
ro, pls do a part three with justune
K Ravichandran
K Ravichandran Hace 2 horas
RO is there time for a part 3 I've watched it like5 times SUPER ENTERTAINING
Maria Aloia
Maria Aloia Hace 2 horas
2:47 ro looks like she’s seen her life flashed before her eyes 😂
Nic Hace 2 horas
Life Straw has been done with soda-many times and it doesn’t work. I’ll be surprised if the company doesn’t reach out to you for using it incorrectly and making false claims based on that incorrect use. That’s a big yikes.
Sonya Barrow
Sonya Barrow Hace 15 horas
do a part 3 plz plz
Jessica Serrao
Jessica Serrao Hace 17 horas
Part 3
Isabella Jean-Baptiste
Do a part 3 and I love you ❤️ and lJustine!
maria frazao
maria frazao Hace 18 horas
Wouldn't be shocked if they were high 😂😂 jk 😂😂
Fudgee Lavoie
Fudgee Lavoie Hace 19 horas
The language you were reading "pinces" is probably french (cause I speak french😂😂) love u Ro !♥️♥️♥️
Maria Aloia
Maria Aloia Hace 22 horas
2:14 poor ro😂😂
Nayely Mendez
Nayely Mendez Hace 23 horas
Do a part 3,plz
wild WE
wild WE Hace un día
You should do video when you are testing weird kitchen Gagits
Hannah 246
Hannah 246 Hace un día
The life straws aren't meant for soda
Hazel Vincent
Hazel Vincent Hace un día
can you do part 3?
Purple Shines
Purple Shines Hace un día
Do a part3 pls i love you ro i watch your vids from the beggining
KitKatGameing Hace un día
I laughed forever when Justine says "oops, there's a fire" and two seconds later the magnet attacks her
Liya Shaju
Liya Shaju Hace un día
Plz do challenge videos
Lance and alyssas Fun adventures
part 3 pls
Ben Gucci
Ben Gucci Hace un día
7:18 “Justine can you tell me what’s happening” hahhaaah so cute
Jaida Nelson
Jaida Nelson Hace un día
Pleas can you make a pate 3 .
Jose A. Lago
Jose A. Lago Hace un día
I never had a s'mores
crikeyme89 Hace un día
Rosanna where on earth did you get that condement gun i neeeeeeeeeed it so bad for my cousin nnnnnnooooowwwww
Brooklyn Harris
Brooklyn Harris Hace un día
Where did u get the condomite gun
Xx_GachaApple_xX Hace un día
It’s because the life straw filter 99.9% of the bacteria in things like river water so if you’re camping or something you can drink the water
Ro we haved used the Apple cuter for a long time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖💖
Jalynn Imler
Jalynn Imler Hace un día
Part 3 plz
Yeet It's Chloe
Yeet It's Chloe Hace un día
‘This one’s gonna be a juicy squirt...’ FAMILY FRIENDLY THIS IS ROSANNA’S PURE CHANNEL
elizabeth good
elizabeth good Hace un día
part 4
Belem Amaro Flores
Belem Amaro Flores Hace 2 días
I have the exact same hot dog toaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lola Hennrich
Lola Hennrich Hace 2 días
Aarunya Chowdhry
Aarunya Chowdhry Hace 2 días
" locked and loaded " that is going to be stuck in my head everytime I have hot dogs now!!!!😂🤣
Aarunya Chowdhry
Aarunya Chowdhry Hace 2 días
They both looked so fricking shocked and scared when the hot dog buns and sausages popped out of the toaster♥️♥️♥️🤣🤣🤣
Ben Cody Kirk
Ben Cody Kirk Hace 2 días
If only ESvidrs got paid for every "that's what she said" moment, this videos would have made you a fortune, Ro. ;)
Fellow Bloxy
Fellow Bloxy Hace 2 días
Oh Ro & Justin, you always make us laugh Funniest moments (my opinion): 18:02 17:08 14:01 13:45 12:49 12:24 - 12:31 9:38 8:18 7:18 (OMG TINY CUTE RO) 6:47 5:20 5:08 4:48 4:27 4:22 4:10 3:33 3:01 2:47 2:14 2:01 1:56 Hope these parts made you laugh :>
Sophia Glasier
Sophia Glasier Hace 2 días
Does any one else think that ro sounds like Penelope from wreck it Ralph
Abigail Vlogs
Abigail Vlogs Hace 2 días
The banana thing isn’t fair because she had to stop because she pinched herself but if she didn’t she would have been faster
PinkPurple Hace 2 días
🌹💌for iJustine
moon lun
moon lun Hace 2 días
part 3
Desi Quinn Creative Lab
Do a part 3
Aless Papasidero
Aless Papasidero Hace 2 días
Ro I love kiwis too!
Kim Wickham
Kim Wickham Hace 2 días
could you make a part 3??
Yoshiman Ventura
Yoshiman Ventura Hace 2 días
The kétchup one
Bea Salazar
Bea Salazar Hace 2 días
This could actually be a series!! It’s so fun watching you both try kitchen gadgets 😅
Andy Catron
Andy Catron Hace 3 días
go to 3:49 and watch ro's face
Karina Green
Karina Green Hace 3 días
I just started laughing historically as I’m in the hallway at school and ppl just look at me and I try to stop laughing but I just couldn’t. I just died 🤣
Mariane Manansala
Mariane Manansala Hace 3 días
*partially sponsered by vat19 😂
dot T
dot T Hace 3 días
You should do a part three please
Ramya Shami
Ramya Shami Hace 3 días
Hi Ro...can u please do a 'buy everything i touch video'...u rock..love u 😙
Tea Hawkes
Tea Hawkes Hace 3 días
"You didn't even dent that dog" -Rosanna Pansino, 2019
avA t
avA t Hace 3 días
Justine is literally me. When ever I go to someone's house there needs to be ketchup and it needs to be organic.
Amada Gallardo
Amada Gallardo Hace 3 días
fun to break someone
Miss.Werth Hace 3 días
Kiwi hack: U can use a carrot peeler to get the skin of a kiwi off
Michelle Alvarado
Michelle Alvarado Hace 3 días
Part 3 please!!
JolPlayzRoblox Hace 3 días
The magnet is actually mostly used to clean your fishes bowl
Emma Batrez
Emma Batrez Hace 3 días
Smores gt
Cooking with Doctor Fun
I loved part 1 and part 2 ❤️😍😊 I think you should do a part 3! I think people would enjoy that because I would!😍😝☺️😃😉
Love 6
Love 6 Hace 4 días
Do a wake up with me! Like if u agree!
Pearl Druce
Pearl Druce Hace 4 días
When video is posted ESvid: haha. I won't notify Pearl 1 month after. ESvid: let's put it into her recommended. Hi
Hannah 246
Hannah 246 Hace un día
That happend to me too
Audrey Scott
Audrey Scott Hace 4 días
Part 3 pls I love you❤️❤️❤️
Fizzy Marc
Fizzy Marc Hace 4 días
Brisa Mancillas
Brisa Mancillas Hace 4 días
For the Filter straw you shouldn't read the pool water instead
Ruby_Red Hace 4 días
what is this `` organic ketchup`` - I only know Heinz
Kerri Deuel Be the Change
You should cook a s'more in the microwave without it then see what the difference is. 😅
Amanda Topel
Amanda Topel Hace 4 días
I thought the only kitchen gadget worth having, if I was into them, last one.
Disney Land
Disney Land Hace 4 días
Please do more
Janelle fouche
Janelle fouche Hace 4 días
I love the apple slicer because I suck at cutting apples. Then end.
please do PART 3 !!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Maelee Wilson
Maelee Wilson Hace 4 días
In this episode of testing kitchen gadgets.... Ro accidentally turns her vase into a bong!🤣🤣
Leah Wawszkiewicz
Leah Wawszkiewicz Hace 4 días
How'd you and justine meet
H i
H i Hace 5 días
Maybe a part 3 plssssss
rawan sharif
rawan sharif Hace 5 días
PLease do a part 3
Maggie Gregory
Maggie Gregory Hace 5 días
If you want to find more crazy kitchen gadgets you should go too vat19.com
Karli Lougheed
Karli Lougheed Hace 5 días
Definatley a part 3 is needed 💕💕😁
Solar_ Eclipse101
Solar_ Eclipse101 Hace 5 días
OMG Eek! You two were in the series called escape the night! It was amazing!!
Regina Gálvez
Regina Gálvez Hace 5 días
Ro the Pshycopath
Nazia Jackson
Nazia Jackson Hace 5 días
1.2.3 shoot that dog- Roe
Nazia Jackson
Nazia Jackson Hace 5 días
Why don't they do a nice little ding then pop -Roe
•ItzAzarii• Hace 5 días
I've been so busy lately 😭 So I missed your videos!😕 I'm Soo sorry!
Anti Levi
Anti Levi Hace 6 días
2:15 watch and look at Ro
Stella Tucci
Stella Tucci Hace 6 días
I love your vids u are a awesome baker
Cat shark
Cat shark Hace 6 días
It's not pin·ses its pien·sas ☺
PuppyLover Plays
PuppyLover Plays Hace 6 días
Haters: Be nice! 👍🏼
LittleBird Pink
LittleBird Pink Hace 6 días
Th filter water straw is for like when your out in the woods and you can drink out of the creek or something like that not for filtering soda, just so you know
Purple Tulip
Purple Tulip Hace 6 días
Do part three kitchen gadgets
Jana Azzam
Jana Azzam Hace 7 días
Love you guys
bella escobar
bella escobar Hace 7 días
I love your vids
Timothy Walsh
Timothy Walsh Hace 7 días
you should get a sushi bazooka next 😊❤
meltinq tears
meltinq tears Hace 7 días
Would love to see part 3
Ktfinns t
Ktfinns t Hace 7 días
You can microwave s'mores?
GamerZylito Hace 7 días
My fave was the last
Amiah Givens
Amiah Givens Hace 7 días
I have the strawberry one
OSMBLSM Hace 7 días
Everything in her kitchen is very big n super tall for her. It looks like she took over the giant's house.
Disaster Master
Disaster Master Hace 7 días
Someone actually used the life straw and drank pee!!!! They said it kind of worked
Trinity Zibbell
Trinity Zibbell Hace 7 días
The magnet thing they got the idea from fish tanks in salt water it gets bacteria and stuff builds up on the glass they use a very similar object to do the same look it up I'm sure it's been around longer I know cause I have a salt water fish tank
J Fennell
J Fennell Hace 7 días
My favoriate gaget was the magnetic cleaner
Peyton Harlow
Peyton Harlow Hace 7 días
Part 3
Boss Of Bosses
Boss Of Bosses Hace 7 días
Can you do a part 3 love you Rosanna
Reese Jacobs
Reese Jacobs Hace 7 días
Avocado works I have one at home.
Jen Reed
Jen Reed Hace 8 días
Justine gettin a little savage with the knife...
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