Beyoncé - TEXAS HOLD 'EM (Official Visualizer) 

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10 feb 2024






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Hace 9 días
I'm not usually a fan of country music, but this one is different ❤
@elijahisback07 Hace 9 días
@tristancameron4 Hace 9 días
Why Because Beyoncé singing is cool and nice But Morgan Walken is killing the country music it’s giving gospel & country music 😂
@jamiesontu7944 Hace 9 días
cuz this one is actually authentic
@Skullcandyfan101 Hace 9 días
This ain’t country. 🤣
@kaiya691 Hace 9 días
@@Skullcandyfan101it’s under country on apple music 🤷🏼‍♀️
@blakeclark1133 Hace un día
I don't know whether to laugh or cry 😂
@manyoyablues5889 Hace un día
Honestly.... Yeah I feel that too I was expecting something really great when I heard Beyonce was doing a country song. But it was kinda disappointing and generic.😢 Edit: Some people are saying it's from a film. If so then that explains why it sounds so generic. It probably wasn't a song she was invested in with her full heart, so that makes sense.
@6.0king Hace un día
I dont think the blue collar boys are gonna be blaring this one on the job site 😂😅
@endrykperez412 Hace un día
I just got one question for you..... Is you mad or naw??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@emberfields3441 Hace un día
Why be mad? Shes the one embarrassing herself 😂​@endrykperez412
@endrykperez412 Hace un día
@@emberfields3441 you literally just proved my point 💯💯😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 who's embarrassing who???
@jvilas.1544 Hace 21 un hora
In the year 3024, archaeologists Will dig up this banger and wonder what kind of ritualistic dance we performed to summon rain.☔️💃🕺
@arethareereec61 Hace 13 horas
@turbokimmy2 Hace 9 horas
I'm getting Hannah Montana "Hoedown Throwdown" vibes.
@kt254jjp Hace 9 horas
@justinchapman4971 Hace 11 horas
I’d love to hear her voice with just a acoustic version
@Rob-sr9rj Hace un hora
You won't. Because it's auto tune
Is this what we call a music video in 2024?! I miss MTV and VH1. Take me back….
@ducciwucci Hace un hora
it's called a visualizer. music videos not out yet, boomer.
@donnamagrath1820 Hace un hora
What is this video clip? I'm so confused. Is it to fit in with the very short attention spans of Gen Alpha? I'm not being sarcastic. I honestly don't understand this.
It’s just a moving picture before artist would release their song before the video. It would just be a still picture
@Grammyy Hace 55 minutos
@@donnamagrath1820 instead of a still picture as album/song artwork it just moves lol
You’re breaking the internet agaaain!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Like if you think She’s the Greatest in the WORLD🥵
@safiyahbrown_xo Hace 10 días
@ryanhowe2891 Hace 10 días
And where here for it🎉
@piperdoss7300 Hace 10 días
@curlyankh4781 Hace 10 días
Bless to have her in my lifetime 😩
@sirwongalot7918 Hace 10 días
Before 10k
@jamesmahle1259 Hace 4 horas
I don't know what's more impressive: the song or the guts it took to cut it. There are a lot of Honky Tonks outside of Texas and if I heard a piece like this emanating out of one on a Friday night, I would definitely go check it out. And no doubt, the place would be hopping.
@user-ro2im6rv6e Hace 2 horas
black folks found out that country and rock are the only two genres of music that still get bought for cash so they tryin their best to play country rather than shuck and jive and make black people look bad for the approval of the small hats. culture vulture anyone?
@imaslowlerner Hace 10 horas
Choice of costume definitely needed to be reconsidered.
@stephenwalker5264 Hace 9 horas
I could not disagree more.
@CozyDirtbag Hace 8 horas
No way, this outfit is dope
@susanharris8626 Hace 8 horas
Desperate and insecure not a reason in the world to display your breasts to sell a song. No Celine No Barbra.
@heatherrae4126 Hace 8 horas
@jenniferbolton9106 Hace 8 horas
I don't understand how this is country, cuz it's on a country beat? Nothing bout the outfit says country and the multiple shooting fingers is just supporting gun shootings
@Vbanksy85 Hace 49 minutos
Catchy! 😊🤩🇺🇲 I think its really good! Think country music has made it into the main stream for yeeeeeeaars! Lady A, Shania Twain, Tim Mcgraw, Dolly Parton. Go on yonce. Dip yo toe in that country pie! 😅😂
@darrenfonzseau5832 Hace un día
Love, that down home Crounty Beat. Rock N Country.
@donnalarson1660 Hace un hora
Holy cows county music just got a new hot COUNTRY GAL! ❤ YOU BEYONCE
@mayadones Hace 10 días
all of a sudden a country fan in 2024
@kw1111 Hace 9 días
@zaidrasheed7738 Hace 9 días
​@@kw1111country music is 🗑️
@KairoK Hace 9 días
Baybee! I'm about to learn how to line dance
@nya55155 Hace 9 días
beyonce wants to be lana del rey so bad
@ashley1919100 Hace 9 días
@@zaidrasheed7738not when black people make it
@LindaKIson Hace 10 horas
Idk if I would call it country, but I like it.
@gooofballgamez1997 Hace 5 horas
Thats what I'm saying sounds the same as her other songs just a guitar an shit instead of a sick ass beat lol.
@laurynjoleigh2691 Hace 3 horas
It's definitely country lol
@LB-tw7gg Hace 2 horas
@laurynjoleigh2691 Her voice was country, the music not so much.
@laurynjoleigh2691 Hace 2 horas
@LB-tw7gg what are you hearing? Lmao okay. You're right ✅️
@robertturak7547 Hace 46 minutos
More like Americana actually but I'd say it is as country as most of Zach Bryan's songs so I guess that passes for Country nowadays.
@renelledaigle Hace un día
Just showed this to my mom to get her reaction and she goes... "Isn't her mom the one who makes her clothes? You would think she would cover her up more !" 😂
@hopelove1595 Hace un hora
Exactly 💯
@jazmynhinton2620 Hace un hora
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s right mom I like mom
@BambazandCindy Hace 19 minutos
I don't think Beyonce knows how to sing without showing her body. i like a comment Adele made..I make music for ears not eyes
@SpecialK323 Hace 9 horas
Is this a joke?!? 😂😂😂 she’s really reaching for her Grammy!! LMAOOO Is that her country moves? Pow pow…🤣🤣
@lauriemtz8616 Hace 37 minutos
It’s not a joke… it’s a song. Thought that was pretty clear.
@mslove1980 Hace 10 minutos
Are you dumb or slow she been winning
@liendiep3404 Hace 5 horas
Ok let’s all agree why everyone is watching to this song and it’s not because the lyrics are the greatest.
@tonberry2670 Hace 4 horas
Because I want to hear this cool new song. I think it's time we mature past the age of 13 and realize that the mere presence of sexuality doesn't devalue someone's art 😌
@sherriweibert3311 Hace 3 horas
Yeah. Soft porn country! It will be a hit! 😂
@johnmcook1 Hace 2 horas
@@tonberry2670 lol dumb kid
@tylerhindes8980 Hace 2 horas
@tonberry2670 come on… man what art? It sucks but her body doesn’t that’s why she has those views
@kyce2742 Hace un hora
​@@tonberry2670well it sure ain't for this shit sorry excuse for country
@jessicacamargo6764 Hace 2 horas
It does sound like the Franklin the Turtle theme song lol
@swiper66mainwest21 Hace 12 minutos
Sounds like Taylor swift😂😂
@chicken Hace 9 días
I’m leaving this comment today so after a month or a year, when someone likes it, I get reminded of this masterpiece ❤
@4crashbantit Hace 9 días
Get tf outta here nobody want u here
@FitFreshMiami Hace 9 días
Clout chaser…
@yoyo-jr5ho Hace 9 días
Its doo doo
@ChrisSmith-ew9fp Hace 8 días
It's trash and culture appropriation. Just like her blond hair. Country music isn't rap. She should stick to what she's been doing. No other culture can have braided hair even if it's dated back thousand years. Because some black people claim it so... But she can have blonde hair??? #black privilege 2024 Year from now. Hope you see this message with your "masterpiece" stfu 😂😂
@marion882 Hace 8 días
It’s finally completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L7bp9FAY-ZE.htmlsi=h6avVqp2ouxhsRck
I freaking love it and I always loved a few country songs… especially Sweet Home Alabama ❤😂
@JayDC-zr2fy Hace 10 horas
She’s good the goods and such a beautiful voice…
@lukiep89 Hace 8 horas
Too me three times watching this to realise theres a song in the background 😂
@taljan57 Hace 20 horas
I actually like this better than her regular stuff. 😆
That Vortex is the Prettiest You know why? Mirror mirror on the wall told Me ❤😌
@briwolfe8694 Hace 10 días
A Beyoncé country line dance hit was not on my bingo card for 2024 😂 BUT IM HERE FOR IT
@itsalllove4355 Hace 10 días
@Cwtiepie Hace 10 días
She’s doing a homage to black music House, Country and Rock n Roll (Act 3 will be rock n roll)
@briwolfe8694 Hace 10 días
@@Cwtiepie that’s what I figured. I can’t wait. Went to the Nissan stadium show in Nashville
@kakussubrado8966 Hace 10 días
​@@Cwtiepie omg it would be an iconic move if this is the plan! When did she explicitly revealed this?
@Herdatomboi Hace 10 días
@themanifestorsmind Hace un día
I don't really care for it. I really love Bey...but I also live a cowgirl life and actually love country music too. This sounds like 80s and early 90s country music. It has an old fashioned feel to it, and I like more modern country and especially Southern Soul Country music (black folks country music). I guess I'll just check out some more of her country songs...I'm sure I'll find something I like.
@yodaibe1175 Hace 2 horas
I'm getting ready to learn how to do the Country Electric Slide ~🤗
@contentking_9 Hace 50 minutos
I feel like im in a different universe rn like the R&B beyonce never happened but the country beyonce did 😂😂
@user-vm2yh4gu8s Hace un día
Best version of this song I've ever heard!!
@jackie812001 Hace 53 minutos
Is this a joke? 😂😂😂😂 what is this video?😂😂😂😂 Queen B. Thank you for this laugh. The tune is catchy.
@itsalllove4355 Hace 10 días
Now, her outfit at the Grammy's makes so much sense now. The Queen was giving a hint of what's to come. LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@demimari11 Hace 9 días
the horse in renaissance
@whuwatwinwear6786 Hace 9 días
Yup! I said the same thing. Chess, not checkers!!
@biancagerman9808 Hace 9 días
@itsalllove4355 Hace 9 días
@@demimari11 OMG....Yez!!!!
@ShardayeSanders Hace 9 días
I knew it!!! I told someone I think Bey is gonna make a country album.
@user-pg3rh6pu6m Hace 2 días
Increíble temazo❤❤❤❤❤ lo adoro
@dorotheaslife6596 Hace 18 horas
I like her new twist genre! I can see doing a new line dance to this song💞💃
@user-zl2kd6kv1x Hace 4 horas
I am not a big fan of country but this hits different I hear it all over tiktok and ESvid make more please hug fan
@XandiMars Hace 4 horas
Never listen to any of her songs till now!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT
@kathyeveringim634 Hace 3 horas
Check out her song If I Were a Boy.
@ShawtyKnox Hace 41 un minuto
Wow any woman or man can go country song 🎵 I believe it goes like that !
@ztwilisrealm Hace 10 días
She's really reclaiming the black music genres and bring them back to its roots. First it was house music, now it's country. Can't wait till she redeem rock and roll next.
@Solomon5436. Hace 10 días
She’ll make Tina proud ❤
@mochasandmimosas Hace 10 días
This! ❤
@georgiak6641 Hace 10 días
Don’t tease me with a good time! I love rock and roll
@jadendorsey4189 Hace 10 días
Bro if she makes a rock album I’m gonna die of excitement
@herFLYness79 Hace 10 días
Oh yes!!!
@nadinethomas3654 Hace un día
I have been waiting for Bey to sing country!!❤❤
@Badboislikeme Hace un día
Lesgoo beyhive lets make it #1 billboard for next week
@feliciashea3506 Hace 6 horas
Great job , you know , most people don't realize that country Music does have a deep root connection to black american history.. Why anybody would object to her being in this genre? They must be crazy or they must be racist.. It's about time. I hope this grand lady crosses into every genre of music out there. Next I expect to see her on broadway winning a tony good job girl!!!
@nolak8122 Hace un día
Love this!!!
@mackposey476 Hace 8 horas
Sound like R&B .....no bellowing ....no sign of slight depression...no twain....no nothing ....
@kizito5676 Hace 9 días
'Daddy lessons' being my favourite song is finally paying off😂
@ak-xp4hp Hace 9 días
How I felt about Blow and Renaissance
@MasonHeaux Hace 9 días
exactly! 😭😭😩
@user-ok8su8rq8h Hace 9 días
@shabyheltay Hace 9 días
How I'm going to feel with 'Don't Hurt Yourself ' and a rock album I really hope she'll put out next
@jaylahamilton964 Hace 9 días
@@shabyheltaygirl we up next I feel it don’t hurt yourself and angel gone get some siblings ❤️ I’m excited for daddy lessons and her new siblings
All Hail the Queen 👸🏾 we have to give Respect where it's due
@michellestokes1574 Hace un día
I love this. I can't wait for more.
@purplepear8505 Hace 2 horas
Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw!!! 🤠 Nah bruh! Hold deez!!!! 🥜🐿️🌰
@sharonburns9541 Hace 2 horas
Look at one of our musical LEGENDS ( Beyonce ) 👏
@phoebeurquhart8621 Hace 7 horas
And she strikes again! 👩🏽‍🌾
@Briellemonroexo Hace 10 días
Leaving this comment so we will remember that this woman was actually uploading in the middle of the Super Bowl!!!! Love her ❤
@RSpark Hace 6 días
I covered Texas Hold Em, would love if you checked it out, thx!🤘
@RSpark Hace 6 días
Tysm for checking me out! ❤🙏🏻☺️
@mj-cd9lk Hace un día
This is absolutely awesome. I love country music when it has a slightly modern twist on it. Beyoncé just served us a real yeeee hawwwww bop and I’m here for it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🤠
@SanjoLocs Hace 22 horas
You must also like the taste of poop
@regnorse Hace 20 horas
@moondancer6488 Hace 20 horas
I see you're here alone.
@regnorse Hace 20 horas
cuckoo cuckoo@@moondancer6488
@lysmalls658 Hace un día
Bey you did a Excellent job I’m a Country Music Fan
@jasoneaton9477 Hace 2 horas
Shine more light on the COWBOYS OF COLOR beyomce.. were waiting ⏰⏰
@udemeeee Hace un día
Love this song so much!
@insanewoman389 Hace un hora
Not bad! Just wish she had a country twang/accent and it’d really be full country for me, but it has a nice country song vibe and is a good song all together. It does remind me of the Franklin tv show theme song though 😅
@dondyvastarr9029 Hace 10 días
She really threw this visual together and said " Here peasants " 😂😂😂
@np-gi6vz Hace 9 días
These r probably leftover props from RWT 😂😂
@tatiane5564 Hace 9 días
Bey said: "Here, done, ya'll can't ask me for nothing no more" 😂
@nya55155 Hace 9 días
beyonce wants to be lana del rey so bad
@Jimmy_Strand Hace un día
She says i need to go country to have my grammys album of the year i bet Taylor is smiling
@hollywilson1927 Hace 13 horas
she needs to have a popular album to get album of the year, silly girl!
@@hollywilson1927*popular white girl
@Giselle_Glam594 Hace 12 horas
Smh...she needs help
@bkay4485 Hace 12 horas
Whole genre shift i agree, def taking some notes on how to do it out there. Girl power at its finest ❤️
@ChicagoClout Hace 11 horas
@user-qk9cs4vr9h Hace un día
When this came out I was homeless, on drugs, and then jail. I now have a house, job, and husband. This song and “Clover Cage - In The Sky” are the two songs that helped get rid of my depression. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you ❤️🎉
@kevinmcknight4807 Hace 8 horas
Not a country or pop music fan, I’m a rocker, but this is really good 👍
@veronicalamb5330 Hace un día
Heavenly father, please protect this queen!
@Crissy991 Hace 2 horas
I been a fan of country from Dolly Patton until now. Congrats Bey
@foxylee88 Hace 9 días
She said black history month baby don't forget where most music genres were birthed 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@jamman9569 Hace 9 días
Except Country was influenced by European music too.
@zenpeamusic8893 Hace 9 días
​@@jamman9569nah we dont rly have a history of country music here in europe, what are u talking about
@akinatsukana Hace 9 días
​@jamman9569 not true
@Prettyscorp80 Hace 9 días
@realfelix8851 Hace 9 días
@@jamman9569even the banjo instrument what is used in country music came from Africa.
@reverendscar9689 Hace 11 horas
Congratulations to Rick Flair for getting on the track. Whooo!
@mstoniwill Hace un día
Definitely a line dance song😊
@pipikatchusbaby Hace un día
@Sarah8561 Hace 6 horas
If folks want a Grammy they need to explore new genres because Taylor takin em all. Pretty soon we gonna see Billie singing gospel and Lana doing r&b
@mjlesq Hace un día
This is great. That beat sounds like an Old Baptist Church.
@Job-gk4uk Hace 9 horas
I think taylor has a good career ahead of her if she dosent sell out
@Sara_007 Hace 9 días
I always asked myself why didn't she make more songs like Daddy's Lessons and now she's giving us an entire country act? I'M SPEECHLESS, THE TALENT! Thank you, Queen ❤️
@d1boundkj Hace 9 días
It’s finally completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L7bp9FAY-ZE.htmlsi=h6avVqp2ouxhsRck
@benjiikins Hace 9 días
i hope the whole act aint country ngl
@lilsouth01 Hace 9 días
Definitely country, and i fuck with it. The last act might be soul, blrs and rnb. ​@@benjiikins
@xxselenaxx2142 Hace 9 días
I’m excited
@caitlingeary4902 Hace 9 días
Daddy Lessons is the most underrated Beyoncé song out there 🔥
@bubbalance1 Hace 14 horas
Beautiful job beyonce
This proves there is nothing Beyonc'e can't do. RID'EM COWGIRL !
@alexclark6777 Hace 8 horas
Just wanna say a big congratulations to ChatGPT and Beyonce's team of writers for putting out yet another song that rhymes and has lyrics.
@alexmontelongo4927 Hace un día
This is far more country than most songs in the country charts lately.
@robbieallen1489 Hace 2 horas
O yes I couldn't wait hopefully jayz will sing back up and snoop dog play the fiddle!!!!
@soniawelch5824 Hace 50 minutos
@Fodderforthesoul Hace 10 días
Forget the half-time show, this is the full time show! Beehaw!
@marsanto224 Hace 10 días
Beehaw!!! ☠️
@Tanya-rf6kl Hace 10 días
Beehaw 😂😂😂😂
@naominlord Hace 10 días
@NaomiB_ Hace 10 días
Not beehaw😂😂😂😂
@kc87557 Hace 10 días
@Manii1108 Hace un día
A master piece indeed ❤
@1995-- Hace 22 horas
I give her credit for trying something different. This wasn't too bad.
@MichaelObi-nd4hv Hace 6 horas
crazy how bey can make me like any genre of music!!
@jokerski3250 Hace un día
It’s not a bad song it’s just hearing her sing country knowing she isn’t country brings it down a notch.
@sadiechacon1543 Hace 7 horas
Hopefully she gets a grammy this year
@f1awss Hace 10 días
@tonikajacks9565 Hace 10 días
@kiaracouch9315 Hace 10 días
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 GON' GURL!!!!
@alonzorodriguez8878 Hace 10 días
Yessssssss😂😂lol 😂
@BHNative Hace 10 días
@abbied Hace 10 días
@@kiaracouch9315What does this mean though? (Just asking lol)
@mattdowning7281 Hace un día
I'm not a big fan of Country, but I am impressed!
@Crusader1984 Hace 8 horas
She did nothing in this video, but just stand there with her two fingers you’re saying this is actually creative talent? Are you fucking kidding me?
“Don’t be a… come take it to the floor now ” is such a vibe
@ericearl5958 Hace un hora
I ❤🎉 love this 😢❤ I’m criying watching with joy
@ladymckinney Hace 10 horas
I gotta say, before this morning, I would have adamantly said that I don’t have a damn thing in common with Country Music fans, (and I live on a farm LOL) but now I’m questioning everything. Look at Beyoncé making people question their own preconceived notions. You trying to bring people together with that honey voice Queen B? I LOVE IT! Count me in! Yeehaw! 😂🤠❤
@user-dx1lc9vz2z Hace 7 minutos
I love this song ❤️ something different I like
@THEE_CHOSEN_1 Hace 10 días
@FerimaFaye Hace 10 días
Not I
@sha8046 Hace 10 días
Always got to sleep with one eye open messing around with Beyoncé !
@guilbertsilva9736 Hace 10 días
@Tanya-rf6kl Hace 10 días
So excited! This is my Superbowl 😂😂😂
@HoodatHunny Hace 10 días
Not us-es!
@thatomagono6806 Hace un día
Haters aside..this is a lovely country song❤
@cliffpowell6513 Hace 18 horas
Sounds very beautiful
Wow, just wow! Ya, hard no girl!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
@Parssel Hace 2 días
Wow, this ain’t her first rodeo. 🔥
@jazmynhinton2620 Hace un hora
I think she’s trying hard to get the album of the year award it’s all she ever wanted
@heehee4750 Hace 5 días
We ain’t Bee-Hive no more… we are BEE-HAW 🤠🐴🐝
@mc_brendalynn Hace 5 días
@TheLigthbringer Hace 5 días
@indiadanielle4047 Hace 5 días
@IAMJEWEL7 Hace 5 días
😂😂😂 naw sis we still the Bee Hive but just with a cowboy hat and diamond cowboy boots
@TX-xq6dx Hace un día
Why do I like Beyoncé's country music more than her other music? Lol I'm with this. 😊
@AssassinFemme Hace 20 horas
Cuz it ain't country
@shelbywallace6866 Hace 14 horas
@@AssassinFemme yeah it for real ain't country
@MonaLisa.16 Hace 14 horas
​@@AssassinFemme How is it not country?
@Oz521 Hace 14 horas
@@shelbywallace6866its #1 on the country billboard 😂 if white ppl like it then its country lol dont worry black ppl will come up with a dance for tall soon just be patient lol
@cynthiastevens8302 Hace 13 horas
Me too I dont, care for her other music and I'm not a country music lover but this song is nice.I hear talent go B.Very nice song
Great song !!! Good for u Lady B
@dingansich19 Hace 5 horas
I thought Texas was on shhhh list of The Opps.
@matheusfranca1905 Hace un día
Simplesmente perfeita em qualquer ritmo que se propõem
@ms.adverb3096 Hace 4 horas
Franklin the Turtle is mad AF. This is his song!! She did it again! 😡
@jonellerocke2602 Hace 10 días
Dropping your song during the Super Bowl! BOSSSSS MOVE!!!!
@detranewhouse5341 Hace 10 días
First she teased us at the Grammys ‘and THEN sis dropped her song during the Super Bowl. Boss B!tch moves fo sho and I 👏🏽 AM 👏🏽 HERE 👏🏽 FOR 👏🏽 IT 👏🏽
@joeljackson445 Hace 10 días
That’s what I said
I saw her and Jay Z at the Superbowl 😊
@jonellerocke2602 Hace 10 días
@@detranewhouse5341 every move calculated! This girl don’t miss!!!!!
@RSpark Hace 6 días
I covered TEXAS HOLD 'EM and would love if you checked it out, thx!
@jking3892 Hace 14 horas
Thats a Real Country song,, and it sounds good
@sheckz5 Hace 58 minutos
BeyHive! "Texas Hold Em" has debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 after only 4 days on the charting week. The song is projected to go #1 next week! 👑🐝
@maryanderson5751 Hace 3 horas
It reminds me of The Git Up. Saying similar words the hoedown and the shouting but hers louder..