TFUE tweeted out his KEYBINDS so I COPIED them... (made me better)

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TFUE tweeted out his KEYBINDS so I COPIED them... (made me better)
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Pinky Hace 2 meses
Actually might keep playing with these keybinds... 😎 Tfue's tweet: twitter.com/TTfue/status/1091430104377511938
xd return
xd return Hace 2 meses
+TW_alexbananasyt wait no that was old one
TW_alexbananasyt Hace 2 meses
Isit his building binds c e q thumb 5 thunb 4 edit v and interect f nani
TW_alexbananasyt Hace 2 meses
Isit tfue edit v?
xd return
xd return Hace 2 meses
Can you play duos with me because no one will play with me
TTV. Freddy_shoes
TTV. Freddy_shoes Hace 2 meses
Your better than ninja
He spared you backstabbing noob
Pulse Aidan
Pulse Aidan Hace 24 días
Lilnai Gaming YT
Lilnai Gaming YT Hace 26 días
TheLemo267 Kirk
TheLemo267 Kirk Hace 29 días
Lol Tfew🤣
GHOST Beaver Here
GHOST Beaver Here Hace un mes
I hate fortnite but i like watching you pinky
Amar Kalender
Amar Kalender Hace un mes
And you did,t use the right building key binds
Cooleranka 9
Cooleranka 9 Hace un mes
This isn t tfues keybinds
Default_Noob Hace un mes
Cool vid
J_Sniper_10 !
J_Sniper_10 ! Hace un mes
9:52 look at the health (OCD)
tfaultboy jr
tfaultboy jr Hace un mes
Those are recommended keybinds for beginners u dumbass🤦🏼‍♂️
xy yx
xy yx Hace un mes
Your the best
1000Subs before 2021
Tfues edit button is V home alone looking ass
CraziestRex Hace un mes
Stinky Dicky 1v1 pls
Void.Furious Hace un mes
TaMmiE :3
TaMmiE :3 Hace un mes
Shuld i change from Xbox to PC?
Zesp Dnkz
Zesp Dnkz Hace un mes
only nibbas with a mega huge schlong can like this
Not tfue
Not tfue Hace un mes
GG dude
PondRyder Hace un mes
E / F are by far the best edit keys on #Fortnite no doubt about it i use F now.
Grayson1005 Hace un mes
It’s pronounced TFOO
Krouk _Pubg
Krouk _Pubg Hace un mes
What is your sensitivity pinky?
Peffy Hace un mes
i use Wall: Q floor: X stair: C pyramid: V edit: E interact: F
J2XG Hace un mes
My keybinds Wall: F Floor: mouse 5 Ramp: mouse 4 Roof: Q Traps: middle click scroll wheel Edit: tab Sprint: caps lock Crouch: shift Interact: E Inventory: V Hotbar switcher: C Pickaxe: ~ Weapons are in numerical order weapon slot one is 1 slot two is 2 etc
paradox elite
paradox elite Hace un mes
you sound like joshy
Echo_ Galaxy
Echo_ Galaxy Hace un mes
If you’re bad than I horrible
Veezy Hace un mes
Just look up his keybinds on YT, that’s what I use lmao
Jiggles Hace 2 meses
Wall:mouse button 5 Floor:F Stair:mouse button 4 Roof: 2 Pickaxe:q 1 :1 2: mouse scroll wheel 3:3 4:4 5:5 6:6
Miguel Priego
Miguel Priego Hace 2 meses
Don’t think these are his keybinds m8
Kid 1913
Kid 1913 Hace 2 meses
Those aren’t even his binds
Solar Reacts
Solar Reacts Hace 2 meses
This is showing how muscle memory works boys
it cryptic
it cryptic Hace 2 meses
There his old keys btw
Cqb King
Cqb King Hace 2 meses
Pinky my guy ur the goat
Kaedyn Hace 2 meses
7:12 lol
Unknown Player
Unknown Player Hace 2 meses
Donate for his pinky its now 1cm how much would you give him HOW TO DONATE PRESS THE SUB BUTTON AND LIKE THE VIDEO FOR A LONGER FINGER
Voltrex Hace 2 meses
These are my keybinds tell me your keybinds Q: Wall F: Stairs Mouse 4: Floor V: Cone E: interact CTRL: crouch C: edit builds MMB: Picaxe 1: Shotgun 2: SMG 3: AR Z: Sniper/deagle/flint knock/RPG X: Medkit/shields/chug jug/Glider redeploy
o_0 BOI
o_0 BOI Hace 2 meses
To tfues
o_0 BOI
o_0 BOI Hace 2 meses
You didn’t change your controls
Mikey Hace 2 meses
If the like button is grey on my comment you are trash at fortnite
LRN_Panic Hace 2 meses
His keybinds are c e q and a mouse button wtf
nst. Aqua
nst. Aqua Hace 2 meses
I use wall: Z stairs : X floor : C Roof : L-Shift Trap - T Loot - E Sprint By Default Edit - L-Alt Cursor Mode = `
Aliaxe Hace 2 meses
4:40 😂
It’s Alex
It’s Alex Hace 2 meses
4:20 that was a smooth 90
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hace 2 meses
TR EE Hace 2 meses
Mine keybinds T for stairs C for wall Q for floor roof choose your keybind trap choose your key
TCA_SkyleF Hace 2 meses
Sub to me
hendrikfro Hace 2 meses
I think he switched up edit and interact
missab michu
missab michu Hace 2 meses
Whats ur dpi and sensitivity
Jorii Oldunn
Jorii Oldunn Hace 2 meses
10:23 my dad also said that😭
RealQwertty Hace 2 meses
Let binds dont make you better just try to make your own binds or binds that you can use I made my own binds my friends helped me so please just know that u play better with your binds or binds that you are used to
PuRe Blank
PuRe Blank Hace 2 meses
Pinky I think I can beat u in a 1v1
Sam Swisher
Sam Swisher Hace 2 meses
He has new binds
Googleuser 777777777
RaVe_HaVoK Hace 2 meses
These aren't tfue binds he uses v to edit and f to pick up
Димитър Тодоров
My binds: Wall:Q Floor:LShift Stairs:M5 Roof:MiddleMButton Edit:F Interact:E LShift is floor because i have the setting "allways run" and thats it. Try it i allways do my ninetees and i have over a thousand wins
Димитър Тодоров
N0 ScOpe
N0 ScOpe Hace 2 meses
Best key binds even though I aint on pc. Wall= q floor=x or c and stair= z or x. Idk about roof
Blue Dubs
Blue Dubs Hace 2 meses
Hello tfue
HappyAYAYA Hace 2 meses
So I need 5 mouses okay
asdf Wuvvits
asdf Wuvvits Hace 2 meses
These aren't even his key binds lol look on his yt videos or streams they're different.
Ryan Yoon
Ryan Yoon Hace 2 meses
Anyone else use custom keybinds for the inventory or am I just weird
PattyCake Hace 2 meses
What does it mean by mouse 4 or 5? Does it mean you literally press a button 4 times
Christian Yoon
Christian Yoon Hace 2 meses
Tfue said beginner keybinds lol His keybinds are: Q=stairs E=floor C=wall V=edit F=interact Mouse 4=trap Mouse 5=triangle Numbers 1-6=weapon swaps L-shift=crouch M=map I=inventory Plz like I went through the trouble of doing this
Mushi Munshi
Mushi Munshi Hace 26 días
inventory says i but its secondary bound to left alt
Jordan Johnston
Jordan Johnston Hace un mes
Lageyoutube mouse 5 is triangle/cone/roof
Lageyoutube Hace un mes
+Pump Shotgun oh (I play Geometry Dash too btw)
Pump Shotgun
Pump Shotgun Hace un mes
+Lageyoutube the roof/cone
Matthew Monkey
Matthew Monkey Hace 2 meses
do it
dogster 27
dogster 27 Hace 2 meses
He toxic AF when he got tfue controls pls change back. Lol
Fiji Ryze
Fiji Ryze Hace 2 meses
And those aren’t even his keybinds, but okay.....
Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero Hace 2 meses
Omg I got 6 wins from it it’s the best
Bobby Fedato
Bobby Fedato Hace 2 meses
ges how meany win's I have
Sg blaze99
Sg blaze99 Hace 2 meses
Those aren't his key binds it is just a suggestion for beginners
Top notch Cixi ツ
Top notch Cixi ツ Hace 2 meses
“Oh thats just toxic, innit bro”
Hardcore Gamers
Hardcore Gamers Hace 2 meses
How’s your pinky doing Pinky?
Aashir Khan
Aashir Khan Hace 2 meses
3:12 hitmarker and 5:06 hitmarker the two hitmarker that should have game ended him.
Persona Kay
Persona Kay Hace 2 meses
those are his binds
tonkaguy2 123
tonkaguy2 123 Hace 2 meses
4:21 where Dem 90s come from WITH TFUE KEYBINDS
Fritz Eckig
Fritz Eckig Hace 2 meses
He got Killer by randumb
High Hope Stables
High Hope Stables Hace 2 meses
Ninja is the best
Gaming Focus
Gaming Focus Hace 2 meses
pinky i could beat you in a 1v1
Noob Studio
Noob Studio Hace 2 meses
Your the next Tfue
Playy Hace 2 meses
Those aren’t his binds
ty Covey
ty Covey Hace 2 meses
These are my key bonds now
ty Covey
ty Covey Hace 2 meses
The King
The King Hace 2 meses
Pinky 1v1 me bro i want to see how good you are in person
CrustyJoker Hace 2 meses
what if ur mouse doesnt have the mouse buttons?
Nazman K
Nazman K Hace 2 meses
Hey can you help me get a win pls my fortnite name is NazmanNinja
YT-CallMeDre Hace 2 meses
Can i join yours clan please
Ieuan playz
Ieuan playz Hace 2 meses
Does he play stretched?
PartyQueen Hace 2 meses
Honestly i have no idea why but i thought u gpt 100 kills smh
Hello n
Hello n Hace 2 meses
20 fps video ?
Oh no no!!!!
Oh no no!!!! Hace 2 meses
Stinky could you please add me in connorpom98 and I have barely any friendship
Voldeq Hace 2 meses
Pls tell me how do your game look so nice as on a ps4 pls pls
Joku Topi
Joku Topi Hace 2 meses
Could you do a gaiming setup please BTW your the best
Epic Cat
Epic Cat Hace 2 meses
dk Hace 2 meses
Tfue doesn’t use these keybinds though. He uses C, E, Q mouse 4 and 5
oana oanaaa
oana oanaaa Hace 2 meses
U died to a obay member
dude in the background
SplashFN Hace 2 meses
“giving away codes” for like 3 4 months to get to 100k😂💀
SplashFN Hace 2 meses
It’s crazy how you cheated to fame
Octavio Kantarcioglu
You guys do realize that his keybinds are on the bottom right of the screen when he is streaming
I play on consle....
Khoi Vu
Khoi Vu Hace 2 meses
No I meant randumb
Khoi Vu
Khoi Vu Hace 2 meses
Nick kill you on his video
Dyc_e Hace 2 meses
6:40 *Ali-a intro plays*
Bryson tube
Bryson tube Hace 2 meses
for you pinkey esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6Xv6V6C4cvM.html
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