TFUE tweeted out his KEYBINDS so I COPIED them... (made me better)

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TFUE tweeted out his KEYBINDS so I COPIED them... (made me better)
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13 mar 2019






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Pinky Hace 8 días
Actually might keep playing with these keybinds... 😎 Tfue's tweet: twitter.com/TTfue/status/1091430104377511938
xd return
xd return Hace 3 días
+TW_alexbananasyt wait no that was old one
TW_alexbananasyt Hace 3 días
Isit his building binds c e q thumb 5 thunb 4 edit v and interect f nani
TW_alexbananasyt Hace 3 días
Isit tfue edit v?
xd return
xd return Hace 4 días
Can you play duos with me because no one will play with me
Freddie Shoesmith
Freddie Shoesmith Hace 5 días
Your better than ninja
Mikey Stewart
Mikey Stewart Hace un hora
If the like button is grey on my comment you are trash at fortnite
LRN_Pxnic Hace 9 horas
His keybinds are c e q and a mouse button wtf
nst. Aqua
nst. Aqua Hace 15 horas
I use wall: Z stairs : X floor : C Roof : L-Shift Trap - T Loot - E Sprint By Default Edit - L-Alt Cursor Mode = `
Aliaxe Hace un día
4:40 😂
It’s Alex
It’s Alex Hace un día
4:20 that was a smooth 90
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hace un día
TR EE Hace un día
Mine keybinds T for stairs C for wall Q for floor roof choose your keybind trap choose your key
TCA_SkyleF Hace un día
Sub to me
InAk_Frosty btw.
InAk_Frosty btw. Hace un día
I think he switched up edit and interact
missab michu
missab michu Hace un día
Whats ur dpi and sensitivity
Jorii Oldunn
Jorii Oldunn Hace 2 días
10:23 my dad also said that😭
Qwerty Hace 2 días
Let binds dont make you better just try to make your own binds or binds that you can use I made my own binds my friends helped me so please just know that u play better with your binds or binds that you are used to
Fuzion Blank
Fuzion Blank Hace 2 días
Pinky I think I can beat u in a 1v1
Sam Swisher
Sam Swisher Hace 2 días
He has new binds
Googleuser 777777777
RaVe_HaVoK Hace 3 días
These aren't tfue binds he uses v to edit and f to pick up
Димитър Тодоров
My binds: Wall:Q Floor:LShift Stairs:M5 Roof:MiddleMButton Edit:F Interact:E LShift is floor because i have the setting "allways run" and thats it. Try it i allways do my ninetees and i have over a thousand wins
Димитър Тодоров
N0 ScOpe
N0 ScOpe Hace 3 días
Best key binds even though I aint on pc. Wall= q floor=x or c and stair= z or x. Idk about roof
Blue Dubs
Blue Dubs Hace 3 días
Hello tfue
Avast Solar
Avast Solar Hace 3 días
So I need 5 mouses okay
asdf Wuvvits
asdf Wuvvits Hace 3 días
These aren't even his key binds lol look on his yt videos or streams they're different.
Ricey Ryan
Ricey Ryan Hace 3 días
Anyone else use custom keybinds for the inventory or am I just weird
PattyCake Hace 3 días
What does it mean by mouse 4 or 5? Does it mean you literally press a button 4 times
Christian Yoon
Christian Yoon Hace 3 días
Tfue said beginner keybinds lol His keybinds are: Q=stairs E=floor C=wall V=edit F=interact Mouse 4=trap Mouse 5=triangle Numbers 1-6=weapon swaps L-shift=crouch M=map I=inventory Plz like I went through the trouble of doing this
Matthew Monkey
Matthew Monkey Hace 3 días
do it
dogster 27
dogster 27 Hace 3 días
He toxic AF when he got tfue controls pls change back. Lol
Ryze Hace 3 días
And those aren’t even his keybinds, but okay.....
Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero Hace 3 días
Omg I got 6 wins from it it’s the best
Bobby Fedato
Bobby Fedato Hace 3 días
ges how meany win's I have
Sg blaze99
Sg blaze99 Hace 3 días
Those aren't his key binds it is just a suggestion for beginners
Top notch Cixi ツ
Top notch Cixi ツ Hace 3 días
“Oh thats just toxic, innit bro”
Hardcore Gamers
Hardcore Gamers Hace 4 días
How’s your pinky doing Pinky?
KingKhan07 Hace 4 días
3:12 hitmarker and 5:06 hitmarker the two hitmarker that should have game ended him.
utwfortnite Hace 4 días
those are his binds
william cruz
william cruz Hace 4 días
4:21 where Dem 90s come from WITH TFUE KEYBINDS
Fritz Eckig
Fritz Eckig Hace 4 días
He got Killer by randumb
High Hope Stables
High Hope Stables Hace 4 días
Ninja is the best
Gaming Focus Games
Gaming Focus Games Hace 4 días
pinky i could beat you in a 1v1
Noob Studio
Noob Studio Hace 4 días
Your the next Tfue
Playy Hace 4 días
Those aren’t his binds
Tyler Covey
Tyler Covey Hace 4 días
These are my key bonds now
Tyler Covey
Tyler Covey Hace 4 días
The King
The King Hace 4 días
Pinky 1v1 me bro i want to see how good you are in person
Fluid.Joker Hace 4 días
what if ur mouse doesnt have the mouse buttons?
Nazman K
Nazman K Hace 4 días
Hey can you help me get a win pls my fortnite name is NazmanNinja
Young Monster
Young Monster Hace 4 días
Can i join yours clan please
Ieuan playz
Ieuan playz Hace 4 días
Does he play stretched?
PartyQueen Hace 4 días
Honestly i have no idea why but i thought u gpt 100 kills smh
Hello n
Hello n Hace 4 días
20 fps video ?
Oh no no
Oh no no Hace 4 días
Stinky could you please add me in connorpom98 and I have barely any friendship
Voldeq Hace 4 días
Pls tell me how do your game look so nice as on a ps4 pls pls
Joku Topi
Joku Topi Hace 4 días
Could you do a gaiming setup please BTW your the best
Epic Cat
Epic Cat Hace 4 días
Shark Hace 4 días
Tfue doesn’t use these keybinds though. He uses C, E, Q mouse 4 and 5
oana oanaaa
oana oanaaa Hace 4 días
U died to a obay member
dude in the background
SplashFN Hace 4 días
“giving away codes” for like 3 4 months to get to 100k😂💀
SplashFN Hace 4 días
It’s crazy how you cheated to fame
Octavio Kantarcioglu
You guys do realize that his keybinds are on the bottom right of the screen when he is streaming
I play on consle....
Khoi Vu
Khoi Vu Hace 4 días
No I meant randumb
Khoi Vu
Khoi Vu Hace 4 días
Nick kill you on his video
Infinitesidedice Hace 4 días
6:40 *Ali-a intro plays*
Bryson tube
Bryson tube Hace 4 días
for you pinkey esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6Xv6V6C4cvM.html
Bradley Huang
Bradley Huang Hace 4 días
For the 1% that sees this good luck in the future!👌❤ I'm subbing to people who subs and like this comment comment below when you are done
Omar gamer200
Omar gamer200 Hace 4 días
Diablo Souls
Diablo Souls Hace 4 días
Do you know there is a thing called auto open doors
Mobile master mess Man
Pinky sounds like E.B from HOP
teki08 gg554
teki08 gg554 Hace 4 días
A chanale of a finger,✌✌✌
oliver hughes
oliver hughes Hace 5 días
u played like shit then at 4:00 you played like a god. hmmm hella sus. i dont think it was you playing
Ryan Hace 5 días
only people who are subbed to PewDiePie can like this
Anti Xmc
Anti Xmc Hace 5 días
Wanna know how pinky git his name So there was a little boy he got 💉 drugged when he got drugged he fingered his dogs butt whole then he smelled it and There ya go
play warframe NOW
play warframe NOW Hace 5 días
My personal keybinds are Wall c Floor x Stairs f Roof g Edit r Interact e Reset edit: right mouse I have shit internet atm bc of house moving issues and its pretty good
stinky zarang
stinky zarang Hace 5 días
Lets Play later dou
Lost Hace 5 días
Ur cringey and kinda bad
Taxanka Hace 5 días
Adam El moussaoui
Adam El moussaoui Hace 5 días
Dn PikaDemon
Dn PikaDemon Hace 5 días
1v1 me botfue
1134 subs sin un solo video?
yo europe is infested with bots
Sebastian Reyes
Sebastian Reyes Hace 5 días
Tfues edit button is v 😂
Faris Jneidi
Faris Jneidi Hace 5 días
1v1 me pinky
Faris Jneidi
Faris Jneidi Hace 5 días
Who wants to 1v1
ReVerse_ Trixy
ReVerse_ Trixy Hace 5 días
Your trash 1v1 me
MikeandIke Hace 5 días
Where those aren't the key binds that Tfue plays with but they're what he said are good beginner controls
Nico06 · Nicodoff
Nico06 · Nicodoff Hace 5 días
Only Who hate people doing this thing can dislike this
Ly Ho
Ly Ho Hace 5 días
mavrick 2244
mavrick 2244 Hace 5 días
try console
Armaan Gill
Armaan Gill Hace 5 días
He actually is playing like tfue
Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison Hace 5 días
WHAT!!! 9:54
Yo can I join your clan my name is tulu5150 plzsss
Nub 123
Nub 123 Hace 5 días
I got 0 kills and i placed #99
The most epic gamer
The most epic gamer Hace 5 días
AxL_78 My dudes
AxL_78 My dudes Hace 5 días
How can i join the stinky clan?
The Turtles Will Take over
You sound like XD mccreamy
That Rocket Boiii
That Rocket Boiii Hace 5 días
Hey pinky, one quick question, what sens do you play on?
SynonymXBL Hace 5 días
@Pinky i have a idea. Every time you get a kill or die you have to use a different streched res.
electricman Hace 5 días
What’s thumb five
Zstrike 202
Zstrike 202 Hace 6 días
Those aren’t Tfues controls
lorena andrade
lorena andrade Hace 6 días
Dont show kaidoz love hes scum
Kingston Hunter
Kingston Hunter Hace 6 días
If I was u I would suck cause I play ps4
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