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From Russel, Noodle, 2D, Murdoc and Ace.
Until 2019...


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29 dic 2018






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BriskTea 123
BriskTea 123 Hace un día
Music and Game
Music and Game Hace 2 días
Music theme: Lake Zurich
私はLooPop Hace 4 días
i love them Gorillaz
lu kis
lu kis Hace 5 días
0:44 cuando vez que Gorillaz tiene 5 millones de suscriptores
lu kis
lu kis Hace 5 días
sage lawler
sage lawler Hace 6 días
until 2019 folks (im exited)
Mr. Lust
Mr. Lust Hace 9 días
Happy birthday pickle boi!
Jill Msp
Jill Msp Hace 9 días
It’s 2019 now kids WHERE IS IT!!!!
the dorkz
the dorkz Hace 5 días
where is what
G0LD GUY Hace 10 días
Relless 115
Relless 115 Hace 11 días
Go to spain Girona
pectro 1
pectro 1 Hace 13 días
Hoy acabo de ver gorliaz como nunca en un gran viaje de lsd y siento que después de tantos años entiendo de verdad
Lorelai Galway
Lorelai Galway Hace 14 días
Hey, um.. it’s, uh, um.. June 1st 2019... :)
r u b y
r u b y Hace 11 días
Lorelai Galway counting the days 🥺
Kona Bainum
Kona Bainum Hace 14 días
I want them to come back xd
yes I snort memes
yes I snort memes Hace 16 días
*thats hot thats hot*
Mutunaeva Saryuna•
Mutunaeva Saryuna• Hace 16 días
Last First
Last First Hace 16 días
Hello everyone
Djredduck27 Hace 17 días
This is adorable
Six0606Unknown PS: I do YouTube and stuff.
Wait are they making a album in 2019 🤔🤔🤔
Xc Zz
Xc Zz Hace 19 días
Still waiting for you guys :((
Trevor doesthings
Trevor doesthings Hace 23 días
Gorillaz was the first album i ever saw by you guys, so much inspiration and love😁❤❤
Цукуёми Укенская
jiggly caca
jiggly caca Hace 24 días
i read the dec it said UNTIL 2019..what does that mean?
jiggly caca
jiggly caca Hace 24 días
pickle lord lost his eye
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Hace 25 días
I’m the only person that’s a child and luvs Gorillaz QwQ. Everyone in my class is like “who??” When I mention you guys ;-;
moonlight 18
moonlight 18 Hace 26 días
Ok, ok thank you for music :3
Wendigo Van Der Blitz
Wendigo Van Der Blitz Hace 26 días
... and Ace?
Josh Herbert
Josh Herbert Hace 26 días
Averie Mcglon
Averie Mcglon Hace 28 días
This came out on my birthday
Slayer Hace 28 días
Have Gorillaz burned out?
Anglomachian Hace un mes
Hah! Murdoc is the naughts and crosses girl. It's somehow appropriate that he's the guy there at night telling you good things will come in the morning.
fav cocaboycola
fav cocaboycola Hace un mes
Follow up of description. It’s 2019 now what?
Rian Power
Rian Power Hace un mes
*...Until 2019* And I was just about ready to put away my dancing shoes...
Captain Carnage
Captain Carnage Hace un mes
if noodle was 11 in 1998 she would be 31
Franklin Vornberg
Franklin Vornberg Hace un mes
thank you so mush :)
upcast Hace un mes
No thank you for the best music ever
Toast Hace un mes
2019 is here, where it at B
Sonolio Hace un mes
Murdoc dies at the end of endgame
frederp Keyes
frederp Keyes Hace 13 días
@aechmea #r/wooosh
aechmea Hace 18 días
*but he's immortal*
Nichole Ross
Nichole Ross Hace un mes
fuck you Ace
Leopoldo barragan
Leopoldo barragan Hace un mes
Hola me gusta
saris play
saris play Hace un mes
I am fox
Carissa Fei
Carissa Fei Hace un mes
Where gorillaz tv?
ambee Hace un mes
OBSIDIAN Hace un mes
i will cry
Emmyh_ Senpai
Emmyh_ Senpai Hace un mes
Me? Oh 7u7
xo_Rainii Hace un mes
Coming out with a new album? Noooo... (Yes Please.)
Agustín 07
Agustín 07 Hace un mes
Where is murdoc?
redX_roblox Hace un mes
@King Savage actually he is free now i was kidding
King Savage
King Savage Hace un mes
In Jail
Jordan Zelch
Jordan Zelch Hace un mes
You’re WELCOME ✊
ace animations
ace animations Hace un mes
its 2019 im British COME BACKKKKK
ace animations
ace animations Hace un mes
nice, fans from across the globe👌🏼@InfernalSkull
InfernalSkull Hace un mes
It’s 2019 And I’m a proud Finnish person
lps roses
lps roses Hace un mes
Omg ive listened to gorillaz since i was 4 years old
The Hype Type
The Hype Type Hace un mes
Wow, Gorillaz fucking suck now. This music sounds like shit compared to the music gorillaz made around 2010. Now everybody fetish’s the character, y’all suck
The Hype Type
The Hype Type Hace 14 días
Alex Punk Your name is Alex stfu lil skinny ass boy, broke boy got punk in his name lmao. Go listen to more Gorillaz cause your life is depressing
Alex Punk
Alex Punk Hace 14 días
​@The Hype Type Says the guy with "​The Hype Type" name, and Supreme all over his channel, ahahahah!
The Hype Type
The Hype Type Hace 26 días
noodle z your channel proves my point that the new fans are Stan’s who fantasy about 2-d legs
noodle z
noodle z Hace 26 días
LMAO are you CRAZY?
kleiosAegis Hace 29 días
The Hype Type For me, the Now Now seems to be one of the best albums so far, (Of course its not as good as Demon Days & Gorillaz (Album)) but it is an Amazing album nonetheless. What makes you think that Gorillaz sucks now (now)?
The Creepy Artist.
The Creepy Artist. Hace un mes
Is there a specific song the song in the video is? I just really like it and replaying is a bit annoying-
The Creepy Artist.
The Creepy Artist. Hace 26 días
@noodle z T H A N K Y O U. 🖤 I really appreciate it.
noodle z
noodle z Hace 26 días
Lake Zurich - Gorillaz Hehe
Young Red
Young Red Hace un mes
No, THANK YOU for making my summer the most greatest time of my life🔥🔥🔥
Mr. Blah blah blegh Blah
Can I just- steal your characters-.... e e e how did you create such amazing characters? I’ve been trying so hard to make up characters that I could hold on to and always appreciate like you do with your characters. I’ve been trying to make up a character I’ll always love but I just end up being discouraged by hate and how my characters are similar to other people’s characters. Do you have an advice? Honestly if you read this whether I know you read this comment or not it would mean the world to me.
Ultra Dip
Ultra Dip Hace un mes
I just noticed... This channel got on ESvid when i was born! 10 november 2005 and I love Gorillaz, This channel is just as old as me! So this channel on ESvid is 13 years And yes I know Gorillaz exists longer then 13 years
The Beanie headed Bandit
i thought murdock was out of jail because you see him in the G-time shorts
Kytzia Corona
Kytzia Corona Hace un mes
Connor Loutensock
Connor Loutensock Hace un mes
Is murdoc actually dead?
noodle z
noodle z Hace 26 días
Alix Hace un mes
El CaPe
El CaPe Hace un mes
Normie Normalstein
Normie Normalstein Hace un mes
Preston Heit
Preston Heit Hace un mes
Fuck you, wheres the show.
Gael Gamer
Gael Gamer Hace un mes
that one edgy kid
that one edgy kid Hace un mes
wait they are stopping the music?
thunder Hace 17 días
@Jesus Christ what
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace un mes
No, theyre just saying “thank you” because they had an amazing year. READ THE FUCKINGBDESCRIPTION it says until 2019 . UGHH FUC U AND EVERYONE EXCEPT GORILLAZ DUJM UI
moonlight 18
moonlight 18 Hace un mes
moonlight 18
moonlight 18 Hace un mes
Ahrre the intro
Eryn Dragon
Eryn Dragon Hace un mes
i cant wate for 28 i will be 18 thewn
Eryn Dragon
Eryn Dragon Hace un mes
y is mordok in prison whaaaaaaaaattt wierd
ya like jazz
ya like jazz Hace 2 meses
Damn no more gorillaz
Your band is my obsession 2d is cute and so is Murdoc so be nice to them both
damon's foot
damon's foot Hace 2 meses
Sent this to my mom Got left on read. Thank you very much beloved mother fot sharing interest in my religion.
The_Fall Hace 2 meses
"and ace" lol
Blues & Gamer
Blues & Gamer Hace 2 meses
Local58 is that you?
Tessa B
Tessa B Hace 2 meses
Thank you Gorillaz for the music and the rewind y’all are the best band ever in my opinion ❤️❤️❤️❤️
*Definitely* Solaire Of Astora
Dear, Gorillaz "Thank YOU ✊" too. -Whoever wrote this
EngiNetion Hace 2 meses
We missed Gorillaz A Lot
May GORILLAZ live on forever and then on forth may y'all ever a part of our culture
oriaM repuS
oriaM repuS Hace 2 meses
You're Welcome!
Stolen content for stolen kids Sucks!!!
0:01 192000 lines
Sonicpro Sega YT
Sonicpro Sega YT Hace 2 meses
The new gorillaz
meltstrap Hace 2 meses
The experience of listening to Hollywood live on Santiago was just surreal. You are amazing!
Jessica C.
Jessica C. Hace 2 meses
When I grow up, I want to be just like Gorillaz. I love music and I even can play guitar and piano. I'm not even a teenager yet!
lukas villar
lukas villar Hace 2 meses
"Until 2019"
Angela the kittydog loves sans
It’s 2019 where are you guys lmao
Arth3r L33
Arth3r L33 Hace 2 meses
And ace? Not me?
Arth3r L33
Arth3r L33 Hace 2 meses
Bro fist 👊
BlueyesBlackskies Hace 2 meses
0:06 im dying
NativeGamer Hace 2 meses
What the fuck does Murdock say
кирюша Hace 2 meses
I dont feel so good.
Felipe neves
Felipe neves Hace 2 meses
Pretty weak on lore, but apart from that AMAZING album
Flaming Venom123
Flaming Venom123 Hace 2 meses
Any clue what he said?
Aline Flores
Aline Flores Hace 2 meses
no se vallan :,( porfavooooooor
Elias Valdez
Elias Valdez Hace 2 meses
desaeva spiler
desaeva spiler Hace 2 meses
Come back murdoc - vuelve murdoc
Twilight Zone Official
"Until 2019..."
soniciscool 229
soniciscool 229 Hace 2 meses
reupload el mananna pls #bringbackelmananna
Fr0zen Bell
Fr0zen Bell Hace 2 meses
who is ace
Araceli Maldonado
Araceli Maldonado Hace 2 meses
I love u 2-D
Alice Watson
Alice Watson Hace 2 meses
Good bye 😢 u were really good
Brianna Paredes
Brianna Paredes Hace 2 meses
I wanna see Murdoc and Noodles together
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