"That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life" | Kitchen Nightmares

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It looks it too.
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17 abr 2019






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Birdscout Hace 6 horas
"That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life" Pete: I disagree with you
zacktrap_22 Hace 15 horas
What episode
Its Deajh
Its Deajh Hace un día
Even my dog has higher standards then that.
Mark Tang
Mark Tang Hace 2 días
Gotta love when they add the squish sound effects.
Wojciech P
Wojciech P Hace 3 días
7:25 :D
Aayush Agrawal
Aayush Agrawal Hace 4 días
I wont even feed it to my dog She's serving the same thing to her customere
lik everytiem
lik everytiem Hace 5 días
people sending food back like that is whats discussing. This is obviously done for the TV. But in any restaurant these customers would have been kicked out for sure. I mean if you dont like it that much why eat there and then as for a new food. İts like they are starving and its the only food source there. İdiots.
Mohit Bhadra
Mohit Bhadra Hace 5 días
The amount of food I see wasted in all this restaurants....
UnorthodoxRomance Hace 6 días
0:14 - Oh my gosh she sounds exactly like Kristen Schaal (voice of Louise, Mabel Pines, Sarah Lynn, and Trixie)
Jvac 11
Jvac 11 Hace 6 días
So glad for the most part I've never really encountered restaurants like this. Just gross.
Marcus Whitlow
Marcus Whitlow Hace 6 días
"We're going to eat somewhere else!" Translation: "Even though we eat shit like this everyday, we're going to pretend to be appalled to hopefully get on the TV show! WHOOOOOO!!! GO RAMSEY!!!!!!!!"
Marcus Whitlow
Marcus Whitlow Hace 6 días
"I wouldn't feed it to my dog" Bitch, you know you ate that shit yourself everyday you worked so shut the eff up and stop trying to look good for the cameras because, no matter what, you won't look good...
Humberto Torralba
Humberto Torralba Hace 8 días
Me eating that like yea it’s good cause I’m hungry
Lalit Star
Lalit Star Hace 9 días
I feel something in my heart when I see a whole Plate of food go in the trash😣
Felix Tsang
Felix Tsang Hace 10 días
Pro tip: don't eat at Gordon Ramsay's location when he's making a hell's kitchen episode
Sir Lancedog
Sir Lancedog Hace 10 días
why am i thinking about a prototype pokeball when i see this pizza? xDD
banemszokás Mordor
banemszokás Mordor Hace 11 días
But I like the guys in the background I mean they are just serving what they expect from the chef they can’t cook they think they running just a mac
Michael Parra
Michael Parra Hace 11 días
For an expert chief I was surprised he has respect to fast food
Drago's Life
Drago's Life Hace 12 días
gordan you messed up the title not seen but heard*
Elijah Jonas
Elijah Jonas Hace 12 días
2:28 when I wake up and feel something crawling on my legs
Anglo Aussie
Anglo Aussie Hace 12 días
I'd rather go to maccas or KFC for a better food experience lol
ra1zoo Hace 12 días
What I understand is that I think the dogs might like this place.
Shailen Naidoo
Shailen Naidoo Hace 13 días
Kitchen Nightmares has got me paranoid about all the restaurants I go too 😭
M14Beatz Hace 13 días
pizza covered in ranch dressing?? 🤮🤮🤮
Shayne Hughes
Shayne Hughes Hace 14 días
"an insult to fast food" Damn, it must be truly garbage then
Loltroll842 0
Loltroll842 0 Hace 15 días
Honestly makes me sad, the owner sounds like he wants to die
Nicklas VEVA
Nicklas VEVA Hace 15 días
"We got a 16-inch pi-" Didn't expect him to say pizza there.
Judas Hace 15 días
Alternate title: "That's The Saddest Excuge I've Ever Seen For A Pizza In My Life." 0:35
Steve Bell
Steve Bell Hace 16 días
dogs dinner embellishment
Sexual Taco
Sexual Taco Hace 16 días
Ok but the excuse that it's cheaper to buy frozen is so stupid, making your own pizza crust cost less than freaking ordering it
OmikronWeapon Hace 17 días
Why do the servers always come back with feedback like "they didn't like it"? I know the chefs are mostly not interested, but if they were that's not gonna help them determine what was wrong, will it?
Donald Ranski
Donald Ranski Hace 17 días
And this is the reason , I cook at home 🤔 these restaurants are disgusting and overpriced .
Haha P
Haha P Hace 19 días
Why does the chick and the dude always keeps blaming the John guy? Are they both not owners as well. And if so, all them are messing up this restaurant. You got 3 owners. Work together to achieve the common goal.
Luki Austria
Luki Austria Hace 19 días
Which episode?
Liasos88 Hace 19 días
"The quality of the food is not there, I wouldn't feed it to my dog" -OWNER
STEVE P Hace 20 días
They need to hear those things. Gordon's just telling it like it is and being completely honest.
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell Hace 20 días
1:57 I thought she was wearing some sort of strange hat.
Dr. Vanilla
Dr. Vanilla Hace 20 días
You know you're failing when chef ramsey disgraces you by calling your food a insult to fast food
MakeSh00t Hace 23 días
They need to be closed for ever and to pay 1.000.000 for having food in no standart.
DOG Chocolatemilk
DOG Chocolatemilk Hace 26 días
Even the owner said she wouldn’t feed it to her dog🤣
Splero Spleriia Kerano
1:17 Gordon: God Bless Middle America *Welcome to America*
BikeLife POV
BikeLife POV Hace 26 días
Carla Luu
Carla Luu Hace 27 días
Pizza with the toppings on only one half is literally my one of my worst nightmares.
Marc V
Marc V Hace 28 días
My god the owners are annoying, it's YOUR restaurant, if you don't like what's happening, do SOMETHING instead of blaming it on the guy YOU put in charge
forcedentry2010 Hace 28 días
The fact that the owners are blaming the guy they hired for the shit quality of the entire restaurant is hilarious. You are the owners. If he's doing a bad job, get rid of him and hire someone that will do a good job. You can also, ya know, look into everything yourself to make sure it's what you want.
penguins can fly
penguins can fly Hace 28 días
Owner says she wouldn't feed the food to her dogs but has a house full of paying customers and kids and feeds it to them for a price. that place should be shut down I wouldn't eat there
Spencer Chase
Spencer Chase Hace 28 días
Gordon Ramsay in the house and everyone’s a food critic. Bet they all would have eaten that trash if he wasn’t there
Shiirow Hace 28 días
"I wouldnt feed it to my dog." says the _owner_ Good god woman, then get them to stop making shit food, you're in charge.
JamieTurd Hace 28 días
Shaochong Zhang
Shaochong Zhang Hace 28 días
That shit truly looks disgusting. One of the few times that even I can tell the food is disgusting on this show.
Gary Quail
Gary Quail Hace 29 días
Imagine that all that food going to waste there are people that are extremely homeless that might eat the leftovers.
Horcrux Ava • 40 years ago
The only thing I'm worried about is how much meat they waste.
Brian Chartrand
Brian Chartrand Hace 29 días
I’ve never sent a meal back, even if there was something on the plate I didn’t like I would just leave it there and pick at it. Sometimes I feel like people send it back just to cause a scene or get camera time.
Mr Barnard
Mr Barnard Hace 29 días
1:00 i legitimately thought he was holding a severed finger.
John Wick
John Wick Hace 29 días
I am really sorry but i accidentally disliked can anyone help what do I do now
TGT travel tim gladman
Even Domino’s pizza looks better
Steve Salt
Steve Salt Hace un mes
No one says 'It's a fucking disgrace' with as much conviction as Ramsay 😂
Charlie Mason
Charlie Mason Hace un mes
All the bad restaurants are In America but the only good one was in BRITAIN✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼
Melanie Candelora
Melanie Candelora Hace un mes
god bless middle america LMAOOOO
Patrick Builds It
Patrick Builds It Hace un mes
I think it’s funny when the customers suddenly become food connoisseurs. I’m sure it’s just to get on the show because I worked in a fast food place and a mediocre restaurant in high school and watched similar types happily shove far worse down their gullet. Most food you eat when you eat out is frozen or prepackaged. For example, they’ll go down to Chili’s, thinking it’s an upgrade, and get the same frozen chicken off the same delivery truck.
Jplayzgamez Hace un mes
I feel like people hear Gordon Ramsay in the restaurants and all of a sudden start hating on the food “It’s too greasy” then when Gordon touches the food he doesn’t complain about the greasy but the frozen part.
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris Hace un mes
Mayo pizza
Omar Zaifulizan
Omar Zaifulizan Hace un mes
I work at mod pizza, and i've seen worse pizzas. One time some dude just wanted red sauce on his pizza and nothing else...
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard Hace un mes
If you're at a Restaurant.... And Gordon Ramsay shows up... WALK OUT IMMEDIATELY!!!! Do Not pay your bill..... If arrested.... Wait for the show to come out . ( One of the reasons why show ended....)
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard Hace 24 días
@Galaxy Bread One shouldn't Bitch about spelling, when one misspells shit on it's own. With all that goes on in the world.... Spelling is not my biggest concern.
Galaxy Bread
Galaxy Bread Hace 24 días
@Robert Leonard I know, i added that on purpose to make it more o r i g i n a l
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard Hace 24 días
@Galaxy Bread EXCUSE ME !!!!! p.s.... Milk is spelled with one "I" not two....
Galaxy Bread
Galaxy Bread Hace 24 días
Yan Dzivinskiy
Yan Dzivinskiy Hace un mes
I wouldn't feed this to my dog Proceeds to feed people with it
radioactive gaming
radioactive gaming Hace un mes
"i wouldn't feed it to my dog" she feeds it to other humans
Dicki Monster
Dicki Monster Hace un mes
“Its a insult to fast food” - Gordon Ramsay Me : any fast food = nasty
Dicki Monster
Dicki Monster Hace un mes
“Welcome to pizzapizza”
Momo The wolf
Momo The wolf Hace un mes
0:03 they don't seem like bad people I mean they're not yelling at the customers not arguing where they can hear anybody I think it's just the food but if there is any arguments just tell me and I'll reply
Rod Jose Nico
Rod Jose Nico Hace un mes
Only stupid restaurant invite this man who is the idiot man
young &talented
young &talented Hace un mes
"I wouldn't feed it to my dog" ok that's a lil dramatic don't you think?😂🤣dogs have a stronger system than us I mean they've some of them are wild and strays they eat raw flesh
ninefoxstar Hace un mes
oh I remember my old workplace used handmade chicken for pizza but then change it to frozen chicken and the pizza quality dropped, even some of the customers noticed it lol
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Hace un mes
0:11 he looks like the toy story 3 dude from the chicken toy store
Boobalopbop Hace un mes
This place doesn't look so bad... It looks like a "greasy spoon" type place. You don't go for the best food ever. You go for something fast, filling, fatty, fried and cheesy. I know Gordon has a show to produce, but not every restaurant is meant to have a Michelin star.
friend bud
friend bud Hace un mes
Why does Gordon constantly look away when he's talking to the camera man outside
Nintendo Overdrive
Nintendo Overdrive Hace un mes
I assume he is talking to another camera or another person
DatGrA2b Hace un mes
Owner: the quality of the food isn't there it's embarrassing I wouldn't feed it to my dog Me: no you would just feed it to your customers
e d
e d Hace un mes
They don't record the people who say it's the best thing they ever tasted.
D3ve Hace un mes
It's the poor and bad version from the pizza from food wars.... Where are my weeb friends
Ronald Cox
Ronald Cox Hace un mes
Is the food really that bad or are they just shooting really picky eaters? I've never seen this kind of stuff in real life.
Maxamillian Steele
Maxamillian Steele Hace un mes
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