The 10 Most Aggressive Animals in the World

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The 10 Most Aggressive Animals in the World
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27 feb 2021






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John Thomas Connelly
John Thomas Connelly Hace 23 horas
Hungry Hungry hippos
vendese Hace 2 días
as soon as jj went quiet the video turned kinda ded
Epic Epic
Epic Epic Hace 4 días
10:41 no context
Werewolf king
Werewolf king Hace 5 días
Wake up fat neek!!!!!
Daniel Ogunleye
Daniel Ogunleye Hace 5 días
11:28 Jj's just sleeping😂
Robin Klaus
Robin Klaus Hace 5 días
I mean JJ try to stay up. Man is just tired
Suicide X
Suicide X Hace 6 días
I was with JJ on the hippos
Lina Time
Lina Time Hace 6 días
Nah but the best honey-badger is this search Stoffel the honey badger
darnoc Hace 8 días
vik tells such dead fuckin Jokes it's so annoying
DA BOIS Hace 8 días
Why u using the Mark Rober montage music at the beginning
xLazagna Hace 8 días
`wolverine mate´
Ghost AMU
Ghost AMU Hace 8 días
to be fair do
Dash Foley
Dash Foley Hace 9 días
JJ fell asleep so many times there
Amit Pal
Amit Pal Hace 10 días
When JJ goes to the zoo all the animals start sweating 🤣
Talha Mehboob
Talha Mehboob Hace 10 días
My cat at 3 am.
Burnell Burnell
Burnell Burnell Hace 12 días
Ploer bars are scary but if you have a gun it will get scary of you
ted fozzy
ted fozzy Hace 12 días
josh: oops a hippo killed 13 people me: his hat said 2013 is this a sign NANI?
O k
O k Hace 12 días
look at JJ's face at 8:36
Chelsea1905 FC
Chelsea1905 FC Hace 13 días
Jj was sleepy as fuck, 11:28 😂😂
Audain DZINDIKWA Hace 13 días
Imagine if all them ganged up They be like roadmen
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez Hace 15 días
A cool 1.8 mill views while jj almost falls asleep during video Mbn
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Hace 15 días
„So does it spin and shit“ -JJ Olatunji
Myles Koivisto
Myles Koivisto Hace 16 días
Polar bears actually have ADHD so if you are being chased by one throw or drop something
Lynx Gaming
Lynx Gaming Hace 16 días
Cassowaries are known to rip off car doors
Manav Jungbahadur Jungbahadur
jj face at @8:36 im dead
Qase Hace 18 días
Jj sleeping lmaoo
ImD1D Hace 19 días
8:56 me in math class (look at olajide)
Qase Hace 18 días
Bro fr lmao sometimes I straight up just fall asleep on my desk
Lee Gaming
Lee Gaming Hace 19 días
3:16 that look like JJ lol
ARcTIC Hace 21 un día
1:30 moto Moto does not like you
TheUltimateboi Hace 21 un día
jj is messed up
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 21 un día
The sleepy pound philly undress because beauty phytochemically embarrass for a aboard day. festive, ordinary toe
flesher junior
flesher junior Hace 21 un día
The foregoing string scientifically surround because notify contrarily smile above a depressed tuesday. thirsty, old cheese
Mr GT Hace 22 días
JJ: get me that snake But sir that snake is highly venomous JJ: get me that snake
Uzma ali
Uzma ali Hace 22 días
Oh so jj is no 5
Custer Hace 22 días
JJ is just like a honeybadger. - Is the underdog in a lot of situations - Is aggressive - If loses, wakes up with a hangover the next day
VEMBERIE Hace 24 días
This guy was a douche 😂 He said.. "If you're out in the wild and see a polar bear.. Its too late" Then he shuts up.. Giving it time to sink in😂
kaydos ll
kaydos ll Hace 24 días
I thought kangaroos were gonna make the list tbh
raymond arias
raymond arias Hace 24 días
The sloppy burglar cosmetically form because voyage conversantly meddle around a festive engineer. adaptable, waggish dredger
Barbra Ebola
Barbra Ebola Hace 25 días
Snake venom to a honey badger is basically alcohol
Beth B
Beth B Hace 25 días
“He flipped that lion like a coin” 😂😂😂
Tanish Joshi
Tanish Joshi Hace 26 días
Vik gets so uncomfortable when in talks about sex like calm down bro😭
flesher junior
flesher junior Hace 26 días
The well-groomed week splenomegaly race because teaching firstly stay till a giant couch. tranquil, shaky dragonfly
NOTED FLOWS Hace 26 días
sleep zilla
D4 DiNo
D4 DiNo Hace 26 días
2nd half of the video i was wondering why jj was acting like that..........well my man was definitly feeling sleepy (11:26)
D4 DiNo
D4 DiNo Hace 26 días
the black mamba bit jj at 8:35
IStreamYou Hace 26 días
IStreamYou Hace 26 días
That gorilla fight was just and Logan in the ring
joao lopes
joao lopes Hace 27 días
JJ’s face at 8:37 lol
lil capo
lil capo Hace 27 días
No,the most powerful dogs in bite and strength is the Caucasian shepherd and Kangal.
Game Boy
Game Boy Hace 27 días
You know Black rhino, Black buffalo Black mamba
Game Boy
Game Boy Hace 27 días
Am I the only one that saw that the top 10 list of angressive animals almost excist out Black agressive animals?
Trint Ferizi
Trint Ferizi Hace 27 días
TF2 Memer
TF2 Memer Hace 27 días
I was watching another SDMN Reacts video i fell asleep watching it and now im here so imma turn off autoplay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jamie O'Sullivan
Jamie O'Sullivan Hace 28 días
On number 4 sketch
IIRYCOII YT Hace 28 días
If your thinking about watching this video while eating... don’t if you do, skip the hippo part for your own sake. Save your selves don’t be like me 🥲
Wessel Koekemoer
Wessel Koekemoer Hace 28 días
That guy said there are no known instances of baboons attacking people? Where does he get information? I live in South Africa and people get attacked daily
Andre de Bruyn
Andre de Bruyn Hace 28 días
The sidemen should do a mad thing and come to South Africa's Kruger National Park. Witness all these animals
Abdul Tarek
Abdul Tarek Hace 28 días
Orochimaro is ehat JJ need
Almighty Pepe
Almighty Pepe Hace 28 días
I cant believe that the caped buffalo is taller than JJ.
VEGETA GAMING Hace 28 días
The gorilla one was Deji vs ksi
Rathin sheth
Rathin sheth Hace un mes
JJ's face 😂😂 8:36
Goose Hace un mes
I was nearly killed by a hippo when I lived in Chad Africa. We were on a boat and the engine wouldn’t start up and the hippo went under and was about to capsize it but lucky we were able to start the engine just in time-I was only 6 years old.
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Hace un mes
I wonder if JJ has a sleeping problem, he literally falls asleep everywhere, my uncle does it but he's like 70 😂
Chelsea1905 FC
Chelsea1905 FC Hace 13 días
Galavis232RO Hace un mes
7:05 He came at me like an angry baboon
Exauticz Hace un mes
Best part of this video is JJ falling asleep
Lei5ure Hace un mes
They forgot about the "Joburg Boet" Any south africans in this comment section?
Coconut Boi 32
Coconut Boi 32 Hace un mes
Bro wtf 3000 pounds like wtf
Lebzo Hace un mes
8:36 the fuck is that face,jj?
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
Can you imagine if jj had a normal job lol. Man's always sleeping 🤣
David Stockwell
David Stockwell Hace un mes
“10 Most Aggressive Animals in the World” At No. 10 Olajide Olatunji.
Fusco Hace un mes
Gonna start a go fund me so JJ can go get help for his sex addiction 😂
Kai W-Hardy
Kai W-Hardy Hace un mes
The ultra underpants consequently reflect because pint probably camp including a rare niece. hard-to-find, brainy science
Ole-O Hace un mes
i fell asleep right after jj did
Hearthstone Max
Hearthstone Max Hace un mes
8:36 Zoom in on JJ’s face cam your welcome
Alpha.4608 Hace un mes
All badger species are aggressive and are immune to bites and stings from animals
Alpha.4608 Hace un mes
Honey Badgers are the most fearless animals after all They even have loose skin and can survive BB guns and machetes
batou batou
batou batou Hace un mes
Did the sidemen reacted to that guy getting stung by insects and stuff ? 🤯🤯🤯
jwalton_1418 Hace un mes
Honeybdgers r the cutest most aggressive animals it’s hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maggie Hace un mes
What I find funny about the “Tosa Inu dog” is that because the tosa dog was bred in Japan, and inu is Japanese for dog So the entry is essentially “Tosa dog dog”
Jeffery Ribillia
Jeffery Ribillia Hace un mes
Yeah JJ Tasmanian devil turns into a bey blade
Cammy a
Cammy a Hace un mes
Lmaoo how is JJ sleeping during the video , it’s not even boring
Cammy a
Cammy a Hace un mes
Lmaoo only JJ would want a snake to feel throat him
JackN 15
JackN 15 Hace un mes
I heard if a human was gonna try and kill a honey badger (for whatever reason) they would literally have to shoot them in the face with a gun
Kunal Tanwar
Kunal Tanwar Hace un mes
Máťa Strunz
Máťa Strunz Hace un mes
Yoo does JJ have some problem with sleeping or what :DD
Lizzie King
Lizzie King Hace un mes
Rhinos can flip a tank they are the ones not to mess with and tigers thats why tigers are my favourite animal always have been always will be
TKM Hace un mes
Sagaliif Hace un mes
Vik needs to stop telling jj to shut up i’m really getting annoyed, let everyone do his thing, that what makes the sidemen amazing actually
Zeke Sanchez
Zeke Sanchez Hace un mes
JJ has the biggest ego after this video lol
Mr. whitè
Mr. whitè Hace un mes
Please kick out JJ and replace him with eathan
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Hace un mes
But he can't take many snake bites he can take 3 snake bites and he will be fine but if he takes more then 3 snake bite then he will go to the hospital
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Hace un mes
The man you saw get Bitten black mamba at 8:29 that man is Immune to snake venom he has been bitten by many venomous snakes and his body made a Tolerance to most snake bites
dante nixon
dante nixon Hace un mes
10:40 just look at jj
Nathan Woemmel
Nathan Woemmel Hace un mes
Vik said put the bamboo on the cricket team when it caught the food🤣🤣
Bynx Hace un mes
One thing I thought this whole video is yeahhhh but it ain’t bullet proof...
Danny zhu Youtude channel
8:36 look at jj face 😂 😂 😂
StumStumStummy Hace un mes
Jj so cute
SL4Y3R_qp Hace un mes
It's taller than you JJ😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
daka daka
daka daka Hace un mes
Ksi's face at 8:17 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
justez witika
justez witika Hace un mes
KSI: I will fuck up all them
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