The 1400hp mid-engine AWD Hoonipigasus! Ken Block’s NEW Pike’s Peak Int’l Hill Climb Racer!

Ken Block
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Introducing the HOONIPIGASUS! I teamed up with Mobil 1 Racing and BBi Autosport to build this absolutely INSANE 1400hp 4.0L twin turbo flat-six engine all-wheel drive 6-speed Sadev sequential transmission having Vintage 911 racecar! Oh wait, I forgot to mention the GPS activated height adjustable suspension, yeah it has that too. Throw a livery from the GucciGhost ( @Trouble Andrew ) himself and we’ve got ourselves a bad ass racecar. I’m ridiculously excited to rip this thing at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. Here is everything that went into making this dream a reality! Go pig or go home!

Thanks to our sponsors for making the Hoonipigasus a reality!

Rad gear that the Hoonigans make for me: www.hoonigan.com/collections/...

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18 may 2022






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HillClimb Monsters
HillClimb Monsters Hace un mes
If there ever was a car deserving of the "HillClimb Monster" moniker... 🔥🔥🔥
Tyler Zarr
Tyler Zarr Hace 17 días
This is his best car yet!!!!!!!!
Jesse Oliver
Jesse Oliver Hace 27 días
There is one more tho, one more that is even more deserving! its the Jesskoen Alagera
PaceWorks Hace un mes
Yup 👌 pity they spent half the video taking about the stickers 😴🤦‍♂️🤣
Liam Hace un mes
I think that title goes to the Suzuki Escudo
Mitchell-Wallis Force
Hello there....
SS OFFSHORE Hace un mes
I honestly never thought you guys would ever come close to matching the coolness of the Hoonicorn, but this is pretty F-ing sick on every level! The Porsche throwbacks (the pig, the ducktail, etc), the artwork, the insane bodywork, to the mechanicals... You ALL killed it with this one!!!
SS OFFSHORE Hace un mes
@Eyes Odd I'm in my 50's and use to race Porsches, I love everything about it!
Eyes Odd
Eyes Odd Hace un mes
Maybe it's an age thing, but frankly I think this looks pig ugly, none of it has flow just doesn't work for me.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hace un mes
@Pop Laurentiu imagine if this car in Colin McRae DiRT.
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Hace un mes
Ok Ok.. but is not like a first time either because some people will remember that Porsche had Pink-Pig livery for European circuits 24h LeMans from 1970.. up to modern days but, but what it will be more interesting to see if Ken will manage to finnish the race and win with this custom Porsche Flying Pig at the Pikes Peak or how good it's time will be against Sebastian Loeb record who went there and nailed a record as King of the Peak in a unrestricted Peugeot 208 T16 that was back in 2013 !!!..
Gabrielrg90 Hace un mes
Awesome car..too much time talking about the paint job, too little about the mechanics of this monster. The really important things that will get this car up top in less than 9 minutes (other than Kens driving)
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis Hace un mes
Apparently breaking the nine minute barrier comes secondary to selling stuff
Jacobjohn Vital
Jacobjohn Vital Hace un mes
First the outside, then the inside. As a designer I actually appreciate that they highlight their livery artist, where it came from and why. I'm sure there will be countless videos on the mechanicals, usually not many on the art itself.
ThatC1500inBlue Hace un mes
Betim hinted they were gonna make another video about it if you listen closely
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson Hace un mes
I find the respect that Ken gives to his livery artist amazingly cool and classy. Ken's always been a class act, but this is next level.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Hace un mes
Crazy build guys! Congrats on elevating the game again. How much does that ballistic drive shaft tube weight?
Gseric47 Hace un mes
GPS-assisted automated active suspension? That sounds *INSANE* 🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Savage
Kevin Savage Hace un mes
@Gseric47 You can look it up. Early 90s formula ones had similar systems for their traction control amd acrive suspension. Factory motocross teams have adaptative engine mapping to give the rider a little more traction or power when approaching certain obstacles. I am not totally sure if it is controlled by GPS though.
Gseric47 Hace un mes
@Kevin Savage via GPS? Had no idea
Kevin Savage
Kevin Savage Hace un mes
They have been around since the 90s.
weiyunchi Hace un mes
Would’ve loved to have seen a full build series on this masterpiece!
dimbaZLO Hace un mes
awww c'mon Rob Dahm at least login to your main acc 🤣
jane blogs
jane blogs Hace un mes
@Just Josh you don't understand the difference between proprietary and secret. Literally the opposite of each other
weiyunchi Hace un mes
@Just Josh I believe it 😂
Just Josh
Just Josh Hace un mes
Lot of that stuff was proprietary and nobody was gonna distract them with a camera, my guess
Janko Shmidt
Janko Shmidt Hace un mes
A sub 2300lbs mid engine, 1400hp, awd, hill climb 911… I have literally never been so in love with a car. Everything about this is amazing.
Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams Hace 2 días
Everything Hoonigan and Ken does is amazing. I love the whole organic thorough process, collaboration, attention to detail, and disruption in the automotive world. Keep up the awesome work.
Eric Fontaine
Eric Fontaine Hace un mes
Mad respect to all involved 👏 👏👏 It's beautiful, can't wait to see ken having the time of his life driving it.
Todd Brown
Todd Brown Hace un mes
I love that Ken has always worked with artist that basically get free rein of the design with not much holding them back. You could even say that the cars are less restricted now that he’s not solely limited to one manufacturer
Steven Cuenca
Steven Cuenca Hace un mes
Hey Todd is that silly reply we all get a scam?
J. M.
J. M. Hace un mes
Going to have to map out the "Frost Wedging" on the moutain. I know that the upper section, Devils Playground and up seem to have some serious "Frost Wedging". I wish you the best on tackling Pikes Peak with this monster! Oh and Im sure you have plans to qualify first so you can beat the crazy Colorado weather here.
Sean H
Sean H Hace un mes
Car looks amazing. The outer portion of that massive front wing/splitter looks like it is going to be great for sealing the underfloor of the car on the sides. You can practically see the vortexes that will be generated.
Ondrej Jánoška
Ondrej Jánoška Hace un mes
Ken has a marketable name ….but is he really the driver to get the quickest time 😭
Glen Atchison
Glen Atchison Hace un mes
Good thing his daughter is a better driver than him
•6IXS• Hace un mes
What you mean? ken is just skillful on a drift show. in rally he crash every race :D
C Johnson
C Johnson Hace un mes
Crazy build guys! Congrats on elevating the game again. How much does that ballistic drive shaft tube weight?
Weston Holmes
Weston Holmes Hace un mes
4.0 Flat 6... 2 biggest turbos made by garret.... 3 injectors a cylinder... Rpm of 9600..... wow the engine specs sound beautiful
Isaiah Hace 13 días
What ever happened to the hoonifox?
Daniel B
Daniel B Hace 20 días
@UPS Mech Johnson so they turn it down to get traction on an unprepped surface, and turn it up sometimes to get more for roll races. It's simple. They have never had a reason to lie about it, and they didn't. If anything they rounded up.
UPS Mech Johnson
UPS Mech Johnson Hace 20 días
@Daniel B LOL. They were sandbagging the whole time drag racing it. They even admitted to "turning it up on occasion".
Daniel B
Daniel B Hace 21 un día
@UPS Mech Johnson not according to the people that own it and the company that made it. It's not a drag racer, if it made more they would be happy to tell us.
UPS Mech Johnson
UPS Mech Johnson Hace 21 un día
@Daniel B That 6.7 V8 engine makes well over 1400hp.
MadMan Hace un mes
I'm sooo pumped. I hope I get to meet you tomorrow Ken! The Portland Trail Rally is going to be my first time at a rally race. The Hoonipegasus is absolutely insane! I love it! The livery on your rally car is badass too! Can't wait til tomorrow afternoon! No sleep tonight hahaha 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Kell DiGi
Kell DiGi Hace un mes
Alright it goes without saying that this is flippin incredible and it's gonna be an absolutely mad car to see in action. But who else here really wants that "just don't die" sticker on the back of the WRC car? It would be perfect for dashboards, steering wheels, etc.
CON MAN Hace un mes
Just when you feel like they have reached peak vehicle perfection they release this beast. I am blown away by the beauty of this machine. I have the privilege of driving many high end cars at my place of work, but none of them even come close to this mythical thing. Just dont die Ken. 😂
Jesse Wilson
Jesse Wilson Hace un mes
Pretty sweet! It will be interesting to see how that driveline holds up. Good luck!
Bert Demeulemeester
This car is an artwork by itself. From a functional perspective I have seen more purpose built cars and I don't expect it to take the record. Heck in the hands of Ken Block it'll probably be a really quick time or jeeting it of the mountain🤣 , but it's a beautiful over the top hommage to Porsche, freedom and general wildness.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hace un mes
A sub 2300lbs mid engine, 1400hp, awd, hill climb 911… I have literally never been so in love with a car. Everything about this is amazing.
Pete Hace 23 días
I love how Hoonigan goes all out and makes stuff completely unlike anything else out there
Farmer Fpv
Farmer Fpv Hace un mes
Trevor's artwork is insane. I felt like I was in a video game picking a car to race, I love it. The livery is the best yet. Hoonipig is going to kill it at Pikes Peak, and do it in style. Make sure to let Trevor know that we are in love with the livery.
Larry McDowell
Larry McDowell Hace un mes
I'd have rather seen more about the development of the machine itself, engineering, windtunnel, tuning.... rather then the paint and decals!
Dennis Hace un mes
@The Situation yeah ik im aware of that, i just think it looks silly and i was making a joke :D 1'000
David Hansen
David Hansen Hace un mes
They gotta pay the sponsors first. The sponsors pay for the shit we like to see. Woosahhh kemosabe!!!
The Situation
The Situation Hace un mes
@Dennis In parts of Europe (UK for me), you do not use a comma as a fractional operator you use a period. so with that said, 1 percent decimalised would look like 1.000%, and one thousand as 1,000% - he's not wrong, just different geographical usage :)
Dennis Hace un mes
@f308gtb1977 1%? :D
Jflo Hace un mes
It’ll come. You new to this channel? They always make separate videos for the cars. That means more content 😎
A. Mohan
A. Mohan Hace un mes
This is awesome!! I hope to see more on that engine.... seems to be mind blowing how you all made it AWD
Peopl3mova Hace un mes
Would have loved to hear more about the engineering that went into it but instead we got 10 minutes of some 'artist' waffling on about how his derivative scribbling is some deep fine art form. All so you can sell some crummy shirts to Hoonibros to wear to their next domestic violence court date.
Eric Kush
Eric Kush Hace un mes
Top comment
yuri godoy magalhaes
Carro mais lindo que eu já vi em uma customização!
AnimalzyNL Hace un mes
Its so sick. Like legitimately one of the coolest builds ive ever seen. I love everything about it.
Grundy Hace un mes
Looks like something out of a video game, doesn’t look real even though it is😂. Super excited to see what it can with all that power and aero💪🏻
Arrow Hace un mes
At first glance it looks like hotwheels mods
ben wu
ben wu Hace un mes
@JC A Wasn't there a ?gt3 car that became a prototype? I'd like to say Citroen, but I can't remember.
JC A Hace un mes
I literally thought it was a gt7 car lol
Kareem Benjamin
Kareem Benjamin Hace un mes
@Diehardpizza truth
ben wu
ben wu Hace un mes
June 26th, marked in calendar.
Nanoscape30 Hace un mes
Definately one of the coolest cars I've ever seen the front is so dope, the stance is so low, the wing is huge, 1400 hp pikes peak killer! everything about it I love especially the fact that it's a Porsche, OMG yes! send it full 💯 the biggest turbos garret racing division has ever produced x2.... i want to hear this thing! 😍 im drooling all over my bed 🛌 right now...
Andrew S.
Andrew S. Hace un mes
Ken you are really changing the game with these cars I am never unsurprised 🔥🤯
Darkside Tize
Darkside Tize Hace un mes
11:01 Holy shit! That arm hanging out the window as they were rolling was scary as hell!!!
Marcos Marti
Marcos Marti Hace un mes
I thought the same thing! Scary!
Oklehomie Hace un mes
This car is easily in the upcoming Forza, holy shit I'm in love
Kalydi Beats
Kalydi Beats Hace un mes
I remember watching the 2010 100 acre wood rally when I was too young to even understand what a steering rack was. This video inspired me to go out, buy a 2001 toyota celica 6 speed manual, and save every ounce of money I could to make it into a hill climb car. I'm pretty stripped for cash right now, but I'm so inspired, so motivated, and so happy :) Without you, I'd still be looking at cool builds, hoping to one day making my own. Thank you so much, and I wish you the best!
Rayhaan Farrelly
Rayhaan Farrelly Hace 26 días
Can't wait for the This vs That series with the Hoonipig. Definitely a Hoonicorn vs Hoonipig showdown.
John Chaisson
John Chaisson Hace un mes
Amazing car for an amazing driver! I can't wait to see the Pike's Peak run!
Schmitzelhaus Hace un mes
Damn, that revelation and the shots on that rotation gave me MASSIVE chills all over my body lol! 🔥🔥🔥👌
UncleManuel Hace un mes
As soon as I saw the BBI logo I knew that this is gonna be good - because Betim knows a thing or two about beating the sh*t out of purpose-built Porsches up Pikes Peak... 😁😎👍
R T Hace un mes
So, Betim doesn't seem to beat the crap out of anything. He does, however, oversee and plan some of the best built/most successful race and street cars in the US! With Orlov engineering and Obsidian on his side, he can't possibly lose!! Just facts!
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller Hace un mes
Love the livery, can't wait to see what you do with the car
abdullah rizeq
abdullah rizeq Hace un mes
One of the most scariest looking cars I have ever seen in my life 👹🔥
Christopher Hack
Christopher Hack Hace un mes
Super inspiring as an artist and action sport fan! Love this!!🔥🔥🤙
Baldu Hunt
Baldu Hunt Hace 23 días
When madness reaches perfection = Ken Block... i have one wish... Ken Block vs Walter Röhrl, Hooni vs Audi at the Pikes Peak...
mxer b
mxer b Hace un mes
It has 2 of the biggest turbos ever made….we won’t show you but here is 15 mins of Gucci Ghost
Freedom Fox
Freedom Fox Hace un mes
@Marcos Marti all artists think there are as cool or they wouldn't make it what do you think they make what they hate? There's nothing basic looking about this look up what basic means and then choose a new word that actually makes sense like unique or different definitely not basic in any sense of the word or in any category with this build
Mohammad Kefee
Mohammad Kefee Hace un mes
@Dennis publicity stunt IMO, i mean everyone is getting the hype from this build, much more like a hoonicorn and i guess it's gonna be better overtime with "something more to come", i guess?
Dennis Hace un mes
@Marcos Marti ngl the pig looks pretty awesome and so does the shirt. hyundai isnt really my style, too much going on. simplicity is key in design language. also why would they show their setup @OP when the race hasnt even happed. you know how many people even keep hp and weight a secret before these races?
Marcos Marti
Marcos Marti Hace un mes
@Eric Kush somehow I like it but the fact that it’s done by that dude makes me lose interest. I don’t necessarily think the guy is a dufus but to think your art is cool is kinda weird to me. So basic looking. SMH 🤦‍♂️
Eric Kush
Eric Kush Hace un mes
@Dust Rock Bluescool...color wouldn't be so bad I think its the kids scribble writing on it just makes it worse.
Aaron Hace 19 días
I can't wait to see it. Especially, being the claim of a 9 min. Pikes Peak run. 👽🖖
GameFalconX Hace un mes
This is literally THE coolest car i’ve EVER seen. I got goosebumps watching this and…… it’s just insane bro.
John Clary
John Clary Hace un mes
I've been seeing leaks of this for weeks, but this was the first time I could see the full car front to back, left to right. Even wilder than what I could imagine from what I saw.
Yuri Ray
Yuri Ray Hace un mes
Awesome Ken at it again. Nice seeing the throtl team there as well🙌👌
Micheal Peterson
Micheal Peterson Hace un mes
I'm a bit concerned about the lack of a center differential. Audi had a bunch of issues with that in the first quattros before eventually adding a center differential.
Freedom Fox
Freedom Fox Hace un mes
@Rollin Four Litre yeah Rob dime was just talking about the problem with his four rotor turning because of the all-wheel drive it basically pushes the front tires it looks like that's one of the things he was working on fixing in his last video but if it's going to be slid everywhere and drift corners that might not be so bad if he can get his ass end out enough to make it work
Rollin Four Litre
Rollin Four Litre Hace un mes
​@Index what hasn't changed is the fact that when you go around a corner the front wheels travel further than the rear. If you don't have a centre diff is causes binding, extra drag and weird handling, which you don't want when you're trying to go fast. Maybe ken's loose driving style forcing the rear of the car to be sliding slightly as he goes around corners will compensate for this problem, maybe they've done something else clever with the diffs, either way it's not a material issue, it's physics.
Index Hace un mes
True, but material science and engineering has come a long, long way since then. It might very well work now.
Micheal Peterson
Micheal Peterson Hace un mes
@WesMo i suppose that's true. You can completely disengage both sides of an axle with that. Basically gives each axle it's own clutch pack. I play old quattros and work on new VWs. I wanna see a real in depth tech video and test drive with this car. 🤓
WesMo Hace un mes
Depends on the type of diffs fitted front and rear. If they're like the clutch pack torque vectoring ones fitted to focus RS or Ferrari FF then that's fine. Torque can be applied to any corner then individually
Seal Hace un mes
This needs to be on this vs that with the hoonicorn for sure
Logic Hace un mes
Imagine if this was in fh5 and you could race up the volcano 😮‍💨
MySunroofWorks Hace un mes
Absolutely brilliant! Love the part where Scotto says, "I'll stop talking now.." and doesn't stop stop talking 😂
Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes Hace un mes
I cannot wait to see how this thing moves on the mountain!
MuscleAKAOzzy Hace un mes
Looks like a soda pop hill climb😅 Can't wait to see it pop!
Smarter Than You
Smarter Than You Hace 9 días
Imagine when battery density increased and you can get 2000hp/2500tq and keep it all the way up the hill instead of losing 40% due to elevation
SL InWorld
SL InWorld Hace un mes
Wow. So well polished. A beautiful disaster of creativity applied as a livery. I love it.. 100%
Fran M. L
Fran M. L Hace 27 días
cant WAIT to see this beast flying pikes! go for it Ken....just, dont die ;)
Eamon Shields
Eamon Shields Hace un mes
So sweet, cant wait to see what this build can do
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace un mes
Always loved the Hoonicorn….but I’m a Porsche guy first. Absolutely incredible team delivered the coolest car in the world
Don Lee
Don Lee Hace un mes
i'm more interested to see how this does on a traditional road circuit
AWD E36 Hace un mes
Love everything about this Car, looking forward to more content!
Dylan Storts
Dylan Storts Hace un mes
So sick! I love how well BBI does their cars and I love, even more, how Ken reaches out to continually different artists for his liveries. They are always sick, it helps the artist (not that the artist needed much help getting noticed here lol), and I just genuinely wish more drivers did stuff like this because it is so interesting and sick!... Sorry, RAD!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Hace un mes
It has 2 of the biggest turbos ever made….we won’t show you but here is 15 mins of Gucci Ghost
S4U54G3 F4RM
S4U54G3 F4RM Hace un mes
I love Ellis' face at the very beginning, pure joy
Scruba_Dub ///
Scruba_Dub /// Hace un mes
Amazing! You guys bring it everytime
dlarecy Hace un mes
Cool project looking forward to seeing it run at Pikes. My 1st time going and just bought a 911 to drive there from Oregon.
Upstate Outdoors
Upstate Outdoors Hace un mes
Having someone like Trevor is next level he’ll bring a whole new look to the car scene and beyond
Luis Esteban R
Luis Esteban R Hace un mes
there's no way to look behind... it's always dirt back there! Love it!
James Cromartie
James Cromartie Hace un mes
Can't wait to see the livery on the Hoon-eTron, I know it will be sick after seeing the Pig and the WRC car.
IYAAYAS Hace un mes
That thing just looks fast!! Honestly, I'm just as excited to hear it as I am too watch Ken breaking another record.. Badass reveal!!
Mannequins Mazzara
Mannequins Mazzara Hace un mes
gotta beat the ID. R if theyre going for all time.
Outland Hace un mes
+9000 on a twin turbo flat 6... Its gunna sound lit! 🔥
luisito Hace un mes
would love to see this on “this vs that”🙌🏼
Kameron Alexander
Kameron Alexander Hace un mes
Shame CSR 2 got Ken off of forza, would’ve loved to see this crazy monster in that game
Mason Harkness
Mason Harkness Hace 16 días
@Dust Rock Blues not necessarily, the mobile gaming market is expected to exceed 200 billion after this year and mircosoft’s earnings for 2021 were 168 billion. Mobile gaming globally is bigger than any studio or console manufacturer
Nathan Esguerra
Nathan Esguerra Hace un mes
@Dust Rock Blues Why not add the whole mobile phone industry as well as Google and Apple?
Dust Rock Blues
Dust Rock Blues Hace un mes
@Daniel B but forza is backed by Microsoft, mind you that company is worth quadruple than mobile gaming as whole is.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hace un mes
@Daniel B EA and Mobile Gaming are one team right now.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hace un mes
@Chris Shupe maybe 2015 in fact.
gary crane
gary crane Hace un mes
It'll be fantastic to have Ken back on the mountain. Porsche, Mobil, BBi and Andrew have done a terrific job, and you will make them proud in June. All of us little piglets will be cheering and jumping roadside as you drift by!
Elliott Capone
Elliott Capone Hace un mes
Love the top exit exhaust. Like a little touch of the 918.
supersevenn Hace un mes
livery fail....but its a badass car. i just realized it's a longhood! can't wait to see it climbing the mountain, Bbi killed it!
Kenneth Raff
Kenneth Raff Hace un mes
This is an absolute monster! Shout out to Ken for taking care of his team and and giving people credit. Good job.
B1GSPO0N Hace un mes
Absolutely love this car! Would love a episode on that driveshaft transfer case situation. I feel the only thing I dislike is that color. Anything darker or flashier with his art a matte or something that makes the art stand out a little more would be better. Do love the rally set up though!
1ST General
1ST General Hace 18 días
It would have been nice if he posted the current design and something his kids did and had the viewers chose their favorite like he does with potential tire and wheel options for vehicles
Gira Hace un mes
I feel like the pink with white keeps the art visible and stylish enough to not clash with the sponsor decals. It's a really nice blend that keeps your eyes on it
Daniel B
Daniel B Hace un mes
My understanding is that they don't actually have the drive train finished yet. There's still 5 weeks until the race, so I'm sure it'll get done and maybe then we'll see pictures.
Eargesplitten Loudenboomer
I'd like to see the driveshaft situation as well. I do like the color though, you don't have to put lipstick on a pig.
B1GSPO0N Hace un mes
@AutoBat1 I'm not against the pink, I just think if they are going to do a bunch of art on the car, that white and pink blend too easy. Its a little hard to see all the art on it.
jake cornelius
jake cornelius Hace un mes
This is by far my favorite livery 🖤 ill be heading over to the shop now, litteraly. Take. My. Money.
Dirt Berger
Dirt Berger Hace un mes
Man I hope there's a RC version, I got one of Ken's mustangs years ago in a RC version.
Kevin de best
Kevin de best Hace un mes
This car needs to get in the Forza Games 🔥
Steve Peters
Steve Peters Hace un mes
Looking forward to seeing this thing in action.
Edward K
Edward K Hace un mes
Just more wow. Can't wait to see the hoonipigasus in action.
shani yan
shani yan Hace un mes
11:01 Holy shit! That arm hanging out the window as they were rolling was scary as hell!!!
Mitchell Glaze
Mitchell Glaze Hace un mes
I have said it and I will say it again… absolutely a masterpiece.. god y’all left no stone unturned
Vihar Kottakota
Vihar Kottakota Hace un mes
This thing is so sick. I love the body kit and aero
ryan49805 Hace 17 días
The car is awesome!!! A true work of art In Every way.
Jihan Hamza
Jihan Hamza Hace un mes
Love u guys....hoonigan going 100000000 level....great work guys
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith Hace un mes
Love it when Betim says it's built for 1 thing, "9 minutes or less at pikes peak" haha clearly doesn't know KB43!!!
Monaro Man
Monaro Man Hace un mes
Beautiful car Ken can not wait to see you do the hill go get it mate from Brisbane Australia
Nyal Sewell
Nyal Sewell Hace un mes
Always loved the Hoonicorn….but I’m a Porsche guy first. Absolutely incredible team delivered the coolest car in the world
Steven Cuenca
Steven Cuenca Hace un mes
@Al yeah got that feeling..cheers bro
Al Hace un mes
@Steven Cuenca Better ignore it, it's spam.
Steven Cuenca
Steven Cuenca Hace un mes
@Hoonigan I got a weird msg telling me I won a prize, 2nd time it's happened but I don't trust it ...they have a number in their name on here..
Antoine Williams
Antoine Williams Hace un mes
@Hoonigan really is.
Hoonigan Hace un mes
This is the Hoonicorn for Porsche guys 🔥
David Orourke
David Orourke Hace un mes
Now this is Hoonigan content I luv. Good Job!.
Sam Walling
Sam Walling Hace un mes
Holy shit dude!!! You just keep topping yourselves 🔥🔥🔥
Benjamin Sparks
Benjamin Sparks Hace un mes
Ken you rock! Love the channel and content! I'm here for the algorithm! Peace
Alexander Wallis
Alexander Wallis Hace un mes
Creativity, the lifeblood of excitement. Never stop dreaming, as these Hoonigan cars are testament to that philosophy. Just so inspirational for young and old alike, it feels like a new chapter in a good book, full of suspense.
Jason White
Jason White Hace un mes
I think he could do it with the hoonacorn ..just saying it's a force to be reckoned with and ken has it dialed
Flaze Derg
Flaze Derg Hace un mes
This thing looks INSANE. As a side note tho, the subtle lettering and drawings should of been done in uv so they glow in the dark.
Luis Longoria
Luis Longoria Hace un mes
Hyundai? Ken must have broken every historic race car in the Audi museum! 🤣
Brady Pierce
Brady Pierce Hace un mes
Porsche being my favorite brand and then this coming out. I'm in shock
Evolutiongat Hace un mes
Stay safe Ken, Pikes Peak takes no prisoners especially behind a 1400hp grip machine this time around.
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan Hace un mes
I like the Hoonapig, but love the WRC car!
Skypower with Karl Jensen
Most important issue for the car? Freaking throttle management!
Nerdy Dan
Nerdy Dan Hace un mes
When you get more excited about a hoonigan Porsche than a SpaeX rocket.🤤
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Fear of Parents 😱😱😱
Decorando mi coche
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