The 30 Year-Old Airline That's Never Flown

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21 mar 2019

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Half as Interesting
Half as Interesting Hace 3 meses
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RsNewOld Hace 4 días
Hello, I live on Long Island. It's Worth noting, Islip IS pronounced "I-slip" !!!! NOT "Is-lip" !! Please do some investigation of pronunciations before saying them. Thank you.
JNTHN WLLMN Hace 2 meses
The airlines “Half as Airworthy” already exist, it’s call allegiant airlines
JNTHN WLLMN Hace 2 meses
Topic: how do airlines pick there hubs? What are the factors behind it?
solarflere Hace 2 meses
fake video, 80% of all info given here is fake. It was a NWA plane for starters.
Ushio01 Hace 3 meses
Half as Airworthy huh? I guess your only going to buy Boeing 737 Max planes then?
Shivati Starr
Shivati Starr Hace 3 horas
As a person that lived in the Hudson valley... Stewart to Europe would be awesome!!
Grespino 1
Grespino 1 Hace 5 horas
No market for St Petersburg to the US? that sounds odd
Josh 1902
Josh 1902 Hace 7 horas
The real life Air Emu
Martin Mane
Martin Mane Hace 13 horas
Half as airworthy lmao
Cheyenne Q
Cheyenne Q Hace 14 horas
You don’t realize how many long islanders there are until is-lip is said repeatedly
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi Hace 18 horas
Baltia is the biggest scam, owned by a criminal
Zeek Shammy
Zeek Shammy Hace un día
Izz-lip?? It's Ice-lip. 😓
L Smith
L Smith Hace un día
Sounds perfect for Tory party in UK to use.
HawkUnleash Hace 2 días
I mean yea...you can get a 747 easily for at or below $2 million. But you are most likely only getting the actual "chassis" of that aircraft. Airlines usually have the engines and all the avionics removed (sometimes even the flaps) when they send aircraft to a yard for storage.
mike bronicki
mike bronicki Hace 2 días
finn Hace 3 días
i knew this company was going nowhere when they said they chose their routes based off of their name lmaooo
Real Ganstas
Real Ganstas Hace 4 días
Lmao u never read comments
Foxtrot Hace 5 días
Bruh its pronounced like "aye slip" not "is lip" 3:45
Dacheat Hace 7 días
Sounds like a Shell Company to me.
Shane Gentle
Shane Gentle Hace 7 días
In Soviet Russia, plane fly YOU!
peanutbutterisfu Hace 9 días
Who would ever want to have an aviation company? Every damn one of them are always a penny away from bankruptcy.
cing earth cingearth
president Putin will know about this famous airline !
Joseph Tullo
Joseph Tullo Hace 16 días
3:33 , Is-lip? u made all long islanders cringe, it’s ice-slip
Nicolas Brouwer
Nicolas Brouwer Hace 16 días
im not sure if i would fly on half as airworthy....
cientochentasur Hace 16 días
Islip is mispronounced... Eye-slip
chris s
chris s Hace 16 días
I live in Islip
Retro North Rail Lines
Do you mean Cathay Paciic? Due to a typo on a aircraft.
deliziöse Tiefkühlkost
I'd fly with half as airworthy
Sebastian Nikkolas
Sebastian Nikkolas Hace 18 días
Hhhmm wendover production? Is that you?
Lucasmulberg03 Hace 19 días
Even with VPN I wouldnt go onto a wifi called FreeWifi4U ...
MK Hace 19 días
That poor Learjet 35 at 4:40 :(
Owen C
Owen C Hace 20 días
Can’t I just put a condom on my phone
Andy Madden
Andy Madden Hace 21 un día
01:16 "The please-give-us-money phase".
Plate Productions
Plate Productions Hace 22 días
As soon as he gets off topic at the end of the video you know it’s the f***ing sponsor
MJafar Mashhadi
MJafar Mashhadi Hace 22 días
Is this wendover productions' new channel?
Aditya Hace 24 días
Whats the name of the music?
Agent J
Agent J Hace 25 días
Perfect safety record!!
Hemant joe
Hemant joe Hace un mes
Their reason for Baltimore,Trenton, Albany, islip was god level
Lordkey Hace un mes
Augusto Alvarez
Augusto Alvarez Hace un mes
T r u m p a i r l i n e s
DD Hace un mes
that's a long h
SLagonia Hace un mes
Islip is pronounced Eye-slip
Not Telling
Not Telling Hace un mes
It's Islip, like "eyes lip", not "is lip"
Franz Martinez
Franz Martinez Hace un mes
0:31- probably one of the earliest records of a genuine Slav Squat
f g
f g Hace un mes
*Wendover wants to know your location*
Christopher Scafidi
It's eye-slip, not is-slip. I swear you do that on purpose!
Kyle Hace un mes
footage at 1:26 isn't 1991 USSR coup attempt. It is the successful coup of 1993, when boris yeltsin (supported by USA) sent the army in to kill the russian parliament and gave himself dictator powers. The building being shelled by tanks was the Russian parliament building.
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hace un mes
Btw, long Islander here, Islip is pronounced Ice-lip, now you gota try “Cutchouge, amagansett, aquebogue, hauppauge, massapequa, wyandanch, yaphank” and plenty other fun longisland names
MinePlayersPE Hace un mes
I've just found out that the USGlobal site uses Wix
SwingFish Hace un mes
Half as Airworthy .. Priceless !!!
Rafael Amaral
Rafael Amaral Hace 2 meses
Yan Marle
Yan Marle Hace 2 meses
low iq
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones Hace 2 meses
So many FAA and DOT resources wasted on these clowns.
Ben Rimington
Ben Rimington Hace 2 meses
HAI went communist
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