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An actress (Emma Stone) creates her character's backstory.
#SNL #EmmaStone #BTS #SNL44
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14 abr 2019






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Comentarios 2 447
Shima Shr
Shima Shr Hace 53 minutos
Hell of an actress
Larry Fenix
Larry Fenix Hace un hora
This is one of the best things SNL has put out in a long time.
Elio Nectar
Elio Nectar Hace 8 horas
WHY CANT YOU MAKE SUBTITLES. Why. There’s not a video with synched subtitles.
Never Ending Series
Never Ending Series Hace 15 horas
why is godson actually from men.com ?
jake black
jake black Hace 19 horas
Emma stone is a national treasure. Hilarious, smart, great actress, and down to earth.
Jalyn Houser
Jalyn Houser Hace 20 horas
someone plz put this on pornhub
Chi Liu
Chi Liu Hace 22 horas
I with I have a godson so I can send him batteries as gifts.
Big Man
Big Man Hace un día
"I will love you, a woman...forever" lmao. I'm gonna use that line. His delievery was epic
Big Man
Big Man Hace un día
This is funny yet kinda sad at the same time, yet deep.
silva Hace un día
What's the name of the instrumental?
Ancestraldrop 36
Ancestraldrop 36 Hace un día
Quintyn Zoghby
Quintyn Zoghby Hace un día
When acotrs take their work too fare this is literally what happens.
Pokerface Hace un día
This one made me think.
Luis Cavazos
Luis Cavazos Hace un día
One of my favorite skits since the NPR skit and the UFO abduction. Give her an Emmy NOW!
Fuzion180 Hace un día
Damn she's so gorgeous, oh and a great actor! big crush on her since easy A and zombieland
reid strand
reid strand Hace un día
Jared, why is God-Son sleeping over??
Ivo Stoyanov
Ivo Stoyanov Hace un día
Emma Stone is a national treasure! Give her an Emmy for this, please!
ActorRob Hace un día
Proof that you need to be a little 'off' to do this job.
Meep Meepers
Meep Meepers Hace 2 días
This is filth, what trash do you people settle for these days?
냐옹고양이 Hace 2 días
funny and sad. she acts too good for the situation haha
JJ Sicotte
JJ Sicotte Hace 2 días
...that was actually a beautiful little short. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
You’ll Float Too
You’ll Float Too Hace 2 días
Why is godson sleeping over?? 🤣🤣
Ricky Neal
Ricky Neal Hace 2 días
Team Emma stone
Punisher QRF
Punisher QRF Hace 2 días
She's so talented. I wanted to hug her at the end.
Migikun Hace 2 días
Real talk though... I want to see the two male actors do it.
José Luis Vera Espinoza
That Is heartbreaking
Mariana Munoz
Mariana Munoz Hace 2 días
BIG Beyoncé lemonade vibes
mangosandroses Hace 2 días
Jared..i.. forgive you *both nod*
Christopher Cipollini
I have done commercials and Community Theater and this resonates on an almost frightening level.
Hace 2 días
Bora Hace 2 días
"Here's to the ones who dream~ Foolish as they may….seem"
AK FOX Hace 2 días
That was the best acting I've seen on SNL in thirty years... Even the "ohhh, how did I get lube on me!"
Inquisitive Hace 3 días
This was funny at the start, then I actually got into her acting.
Yiannnis K.
Yiannnis K. Hace 3 días
That was so sad and cynical omg I got emotional
Unknown Hace 3 días
That ain’t no actress it’s Michael Jackson 0-0
Kevin Are You Seven?
this is nice and all, but where can I FIND THE WHOLE FOOTAGE?????
HipnotikPenguen Hace 3 días
Where's her salad though?
Bartek Cichonski
Bartek Cichonski Hace 3 días
Jojo Bubba
Jojo Bubba Hace 3 días
The only thing and l mean only thing l will ever agree with yrump on is SNL is the worst show on television, please for the love of god just shut it down .
TheGrandRevo Hace 3 días
Micheal Jackson
Sebas Hace 3 días
Lol we will edit that out. Give her a meal voucher 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Garcia dany
Garcia dany Hace 3 días
That's so good
janackova Hace 3 días
Which director did this? The women or the guys? It’s brilliant. Thanks.
Emi Hace 3 días
Why does she look like micheal Jackson after all the surgery
Hannibal Hendrix
Hannibal Hendrix Hace 3 días
Plumface-sama Hace 3 días
This is one of the best SNL prerecs they've ever done
br gr
br gr Hace 3 días
She is fascinating
dumdrop17 dumdrop17
dumdrop17 dumdrop17 Hace 3 días
infacet dissonance, like this world illuminated to bereft profane. snl the profound nature explainer. to realize remainder is a legacy determination purple gold+ merrily, was that rightly described...by jerome? so called eschatology, not one of them to multitude to somehow remainder mooney lucifer.
Venus Carrisosa
Venus Carrisosa Hace 3 días
This video is supposed to be funny ..it is but it’s much deeper than that ..she fell into her characters mind so deeply that she saw the beautiful back story of a women’s life , from childhood to present off of the few props they gave her ...I wish my imagination was as deep and creative as the actress
Tomislav Trtica
Tomislav Trtica Hace 3 días
Perfect 👏
rambayoo Hace 4 días
Kelcie J
Kelcie J Hace 4 días
This is hilarious!! xD xD
SymphonyBrahms Hace 4 días
Emma Stone is a great actress.
Feddegg Hace 4 días
no national bank can ever keep the amount of gold that this sketch is x'D
Mikel1618 Hace 4 días
Oh! Lube. LOL
Red pilled patriot
Red pilled patriot Hace 4 días
Snl is shit anymore
da1the0nly Hace 4 días
Basically me auditioning to be in the background
nmm540 Hace 4 días
I love his lack of care. He’s always on the phone and ish hahahaha
Aimen Abduljelil
Aimen Abduljelil Hace 4 días
This is actually very good work
Joe Hollywood
Joe Hollywood Hace 4 días
Saturday Night Live, could you please do a bit about that unlikable b*tch Brie Larson?
Jay El
Jay El Hace 4 días
This is a fucking masterpiece.
Best youtube channel by Sanchita!
actual sensuous professional video, i am just getting certainly very horny
Chi B.
Chi B. Hace 4 días
"Lube" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JohnIshan1 Hace 4 días
Who plays Jared?
ss kk
ss kk Hace 4 días
I wanna be Emma Stone's Godson...
Dra O
Dra O Hace 4 días
A lisp. Nice.
Charlotte Ziggy
Charlotte Ziggy Hace 4 días
Never cared for her but she does have a beautiful voice.
Terri Mullen
Terri Mullen Hace 4 días
Emma is priceless
nan adams
nan adams Hace 4 días
Love this ...when she slipped in the lube I spit out my food...
Jason Keilholtz
Jason Keilholtz Hace 4 días
#heygirl real live wire connections #unions #expertisematter disciplines #art presentation
gula-gula getah sabah
Those lemon stealing whores
D Scully
D Scully Hace 4 días
Too funny and too good
D Scully
D Scully Hace 4 días
I forgive you.
temeculajoe Hace 5 días
Emma Stone is one of the greats in Hollywood
Dandanz3112 Hace 5 días
La la land looks great
Zac Eishen
Zac Eishen Hace 5 días
Lol I've always wondered what it would be like if a ton of legit Hollywood actors and directors made porn 😂😂😂
Devin Suarezz
Devin Suarezz Hace 5 días
What has changed about Emma Stone??!! She looks different, holds herself differently....it’s fabulous but what happened
Mike Pitts
Mike Pitts Hace 5 días
Everyone should try their best. I've never seen anything so beautiful and... beautiful
Harem Royality
Harem Royality Hace 5 días
Shes aging so nicely
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali Hace 5 días
Jericho Pascual
Jericho Pascual Hace 5 días
This was so incredibly awesome
John Soto
John Soto Hace 5 días
I LOVE this :)
Werner S
Werner S Hace 5 días
Emma Stone is so talented, so likeable, so cool.
VodoTheGuru Hace 5 días
Thought that was Michael Jackson in the thumbnail for a second.
karel gott
karel gott Hace 5 días
She's fantasitc
Kevin Orr
Kevin Orr Hace 5 días
I want the full length feature film version of this
abbas mzade
abbas mzade Hace 5 días
Emma Stone is very very talented
micnmat Hace 5 días
The way she says 'JAREEED' kills me
Eugenie Davis
Eugenie Davis Hace 5 días
why do I want to see this porn smh
Mitzi Lee
Mitzi Lee Hace 5 días
I've watched this about six times now, lol.
Jasmine Payne1
Jasmine Payne1 Hace 5 días
"Jarrod why is godson sleeping over"
Jasmine Payne1
Jasmine Payne1 Hace 5 días
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker Hace 6 días
Theater kids be like
Fuhrer Hace 6 días
Where can I found this gay porn, I would watch it only for emma stone >_>
cassandra grant
cassandra grant Hace 6 días
This was hilarious. Emma Stone is a comic gift.
Princess leaf
Princess leaf Hace 6 días
This is the best thing ever bwahahha
rolf stamenov
rolf stamenov Hace 6 días
rolf stamenov
rolf stamenov Hace 6 días
Anthony Brye
Anthony Brye Hace 6 días
I like porn with back stories. I thought this was amazing... love Emma! "Deirdre, how do I get you out of me" ... love it!
Mia Pitman
Mia Pitman Hace 6 días
I love this
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