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An actress (Emma Stone) creates her character's backstory.
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14 abr 2019

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Comentarios 2 214
Blade Runner
Blade Runner Hace 10 horas
In the Top 5 skit of all time.
Edward Elphick
Edward Elphick Hace 10 horas
this has Bowen Yang written all over it lol
prettybaby1974 Hace 15 horas
I love emma stone. this shit was hilarious. she created a back story for her porn role.
Antoine de MM
Antoine de MM Hace 19 horas
V for Vendetta anyone?
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt Hace un día
Emma Stone should be a permanent SNL cast member.
Randomname Hace un día
Erin Bockenstedt
Erin Bockenstedt Hace un día
When she says she forgives jared and jared nods in understanding is what sent me
Colt Trow
Colt Trow Hace un día
The acting was so good that this came off as weirdly heartfelt. I am actually, unironically, touched... almost like Deirdre's husband touched the godson.
oh no
oh no Hace 2 días
is this la la land
CA2VA Hace 2 días
I cried. No homo.
Paul Borst
Paul Borst Hace 3 días
And that's why I stopped dating actresses. The line between reality and acting doesn't exist for them.
TeaDrinker3000 Hace 4 días
The moments where you can see Stone break character are hysterical
Leto2ndAtreides Hace 4 días
That was deeply unsatisfying, story wise. Something more interesting needed to happen.
openskies11 Hace 5 días
Ibrahk 5
Ibrahk 5 Hace 5 días
I'm deadddd, that was great acting
jjmah7 Hace 6 días
I don’t see the big deal about Emma Stone. Seriously, I don’t get it. She doesn’t seem any more talented than your average Hugh school drama club member
nethmee dantanarayana
One of the best actresses honestly. 😍
The people who say it is impossible to hear a thumbnail do not get it. When I saw this, before I even clicked this, I said "Jared, not with my godson!" "Jared, I... I forgive you." I love Saturday Night Live.
issecret1 Hace 7 días
That director was surprisingly nice
ll Native
ll Native Hace 7 días
My wife 😍😍😍😍😍
jackster1212 Hace 7 días
I love Emma Stone.
Olivia Eyes
Olivia Eyes Hace 7 días
i love that when she says "i forgive you" the porn actors nod, like they understand.
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez Hace 8 días
Best story ever
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez Hace 8 días
Best story ever
Eric Brinkman
Eric Brinkman Hace 8 días
"Who are you, Deirdre?"
Esther Boyer
Esther Boyer Hace 8 días
sailormoon5 Hace 8 días
One of the best skits.
Gem Nelson
Gem Nelson Hace 9 días
Hey guys check out my monologue on my page 🙂 please share feedback!
will crow
will crow Hace 9 días
Emma's fantastic!
cellcat Hace 10 días
Sad thing is, that character is so many women in the gay porn industry.
Tatonka Smith
Tatonka Smith Hace 10 días
That was impressive.
Elijah 314
Elijah 314 Hace 10 días
Damn that is hilariously sad
roger peet
roger peet Hace 11 días
Lindsay Lohan is so freaking talented.
H R Hace 11 días
A famous actor who’s made it making fun of actors who want to make it so she a successful actor is playing an unsuccessful actor.. good going Hollywood!! All is losers really appreciate you taking on our story 🖕🏽
Akeem Morrison
Akeem Morrison Hace 12 días
0:55 "Slipping on semen" - ASAP rocky
Ross Dryer
Ross Dryer Hace 12 días
“I’m going to the mall. Perhaps I’ll get some... flowers,,, to brighten up the place. The house could use some color, no? If you need me, you can reach me on my cellphone.”
Kota Dagnino
Kota Dagnino Hace 12 días
Anyone know the name of the piano piece in the background?
Mediahound Hace 13 días
I love Emma Watson.
AnimatingDreams Hace 13 días
Are they real porn actors? Names? It's for science of course
Jacob Santeria
Jacob Santeria Hace 14 días
Making this an actual story with intense music makes this intense!
Fuhq Ur'feelins
Fuhq Ur'feelins Hace 14 días
JOE knows
JOE knows Hace 14 días
nerifernandez1 Hace 15 días
TV adds 10 lbs on you. Emma still looks too thin on screen. Just concerned.
Liam Isaac
Liam Isaac Hace 16 días
I feel like I’ve seen this porno before
The Redpilling of Tim Pool
This one went over the audience's head.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 16 días
Wait..first off, Deidrah was misspelled. It's a man. Originating from Naruto. Using a forbidden jutsu.
Matt Mayo
Matt Mayo Hace 16 días
In all seriousness. The two men playing the gay porn actors are real life gay porn actors. Don’t ask questions, just know that I know.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Hace 17 días
Who else wanted to cry when she forgave Jared because I did
Alison N
Alison N Hace 18 días
I know this was just an SNL skit but Emma Stone's acting almost made me cry.
Alison N
Alison N Hace 18 días
This was so good. Emma Stone is,a fantastic actress.
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