The American Pie Cast REUNITES | Full Interview

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OG Troll Troll
OG Troll Troll Hace 7 minutos
My childhood right there. Stiffler is a legend in some countries😂👏🏻💪🏻
Rickster Music
Rickster Music Hace 8 minutos
I want a movie with all the Stiflers. Steve, Matt, Dwight, Eric. All together in one crazy movie.
Will Douglas
Will Douglas Hace 35 minutos
Five years max til American Pie: The Next Generation. Hopefully after all this woke BS goes to hell
Felipe Xavier
Felipe Xavier Hace un hora
Oi pessoal 👍
sweat soul
sweat soul Hace un hora
Jojo Viray
Jojo Viray Hace 2 horas
where's the mom?
The Voice Of Reason
The Voice Of Reason Hace 3 horas
Abby Smith
Abby Smith Hace 4 horas
Lol I was born 6 years after it was made and I only watched it last week for the first time :)
Voltspear Hace 4 horas
If you look at IMDb there is at least 5 American Pie Movies ! Two are decent......the others I have no idea what they were thinking !
Travis Downs
Travis Downs Hace 4 horas
This reunion needs Shannon Elizabeth!
R Z Hace 5 horas
Best movie ever
Mr haun
Mr haun Hace 5 horas
I work at wal-mart and i seen a pie and lought😏🤫lmao
Joe Apple
Joe Apple Hace 5 horas
Best movies ever. We need a 20 years reunion movie!
Phillip1310 Hace 5 horas
They should do a new American Pie movie in Grown Ups style
Phillip1310 Hace 5 horas
Stiffler looks like Jaime Lannister
Mr haun
Mr haun Hace 5 horas
She as no ass lmao
sinisterwakawaka black
Jason biggs will always be known as the pie fucker
Brad McNaughton
Brad McNaughton Hace 5 horas
I can’t get my head around how Sean William Scott can play someone like Stiffler. In real life, he’s so laidback and deep-in-thought. He’s always been an idol of mine. Wish he did more acting.
Yoeri Kurvers
Yoeri Kurvers Hace 5 horas
American Pie needs another movie with these guys!
ittotaq Hace 5 horas
20 years? Jesus fuck im old
nthuseni ndou
nthuseni ndou Hace 5 horas
Where is the sheminator
Jeff Krug
Jeff Krug Hace 6 horas
Tara Reid looks so creepy
Rich_LHDC Hace 6 horas
These guys are about the same age as me, one of the biggest movies of my younger years. Genius.
sean lee
sean lee Hace 7 horas
holy shit it’s cicada
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes Hace 7 horas
Where is Mena Suvari???
s trav
s trav Hace 7 horas
Father Time was not kind
hans droedel
hans droedel Hace 8 horas
missing Kevin, The Dad and the hot foreign girl at this interview
Chris Jr
Chris Jr Hace 8 horas
Never forget!!!!
Jim Cadogan
Jim Cadogan Hace 9 horas
“And the penis in the pie”
Travis Beck
Travis Beck Hace 9 horas
Where’s Thomas Ian Nicholas?
AlphaJoselu Hace 9 horas
American Pie 20th Anniversary movie
The HERO Family
The HERO Family Hace 9 horas
Wait. Where is Kevin? He was a key character to these movies.
George Mead
George Mead Hace 9 horas
I want some American MILF pie.
ludovica bernabei
ludovica bernabei Hace 9 horas
Yooo Seann is daddyyyy
J321 Hace 10 horas
Stiffler didn’t say much at all, might aswell have not been there :(
alonR8 Hace 10 horas
How ironically Stiffler is the quiet one in real life.
WHACK LP Hace 10 horas
How is your mother, Stifler?
D Z Hace 10 horas
Seann William Scott is a legend man
alonR8 Hace 10 horas
Where is Sherminator?
My nude childhood
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper Hace 10 horas
Where is Shannon Elizabeth? And the little girl from American beauty cover
Fabio Alves Show
Fabio Alves Show Hace 10 horas
Best Franchise Ever
im Jerry
im Jerry Hace 10 horas
Every time i see the movie is another good time. Comedy Gold
Nebraska joe nelson
Nebraska joe nelson Hace 11 horas
Where is henry rowangardner though???
Al C
Al C Hace 11 horas
Tara Reid looks incredible for 70.
Nayla Sosa
Nayla Sosa Hace 11 horas
Where’s Mena Suvari?!
Devin Petersen
Devin Petersen Hace 11 horas
I wanted seann Scott to say more
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Hace 11 horas
Where's Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth?
Divano Ammerdorfer
Divano Ammerdorfer Hace 11 horas
Cicaida is still alive run barry run🤣🤣✌
marl0nbrand0 Hace 11 horas
9:32 "The teen sex and the things that are happening.." "AND THE PENIS IN THE PIE!" *cut*
AdamtheNinja Hace 12 horas
My only issue with this interview is the rushing through of questions. It felt like questions were asked and they pushed for 10 second answers cause they didn't want to take too long. The best kind of interviews are when an interviewee gets more relaxed and can divulge more insight and tell things they've always wanted to say, and this interview felt rushed which is a shame. Good job by ET for bringing the American Pie family back together though and hopefully we get to see something else with all of them in the future.
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Hace 12 horas
God they are old
Snake Fist
Snake Fist Hace 12 horas
American pie is the best teen movie ever.
Jetman80 Hace 12 horas
Another sequel would be awesome.
Ifollowmusic1 Hace 12 horas
“I got my first rim job at the falls” *I know that’s from the last movie but still funny asf lol*
Kymani Hace 12 horas
Jason Biggs hasn't changed one bit
Steel Nightmare
Steel Nightmare Hace 13 horas
Cant even begin to imagine what Woke American Pie looks like or Woke Not another teen movie
arjoy bueno
arjoy bueno Hace 13 horas
Michelle is still pretty. I Remember this one time at band camp haha
arjoy bueno
arjoy bueno Hace 13 horas
Marco Andrade
Marco Andrade Hace 13 horas
They are so old now they sound like grandparents 🤣😂
Christian Mbabazi
Christian Mbabazi Hace 13 horas
Could you imagine if these movies got released now in 2019
Dickles daily dillema.
Shannon? Kevin?
Liam Hace 14 horas
We need another American pie movie 2020
MattyBoyCx Hace 14 horas
Mr C
Mr C Hace 14 horas
I thought this was really rather sad. With the exception of Hannigan and, for all the WRONG reasons, Reid, none of these people had a career post-"Pie."
Kween Ayen
Kween Ayen Hace 14 horas
Stifler's still hot
massive irrelevance
massive irrelevance Hace 14 horas
Blondie should consider smoking more cigarettes as she looks like she putting on weight.
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz Hace 14 horas
Im surprised the fans never said “MILK MILK MILF 🤣🤣
Jimbo JetSet
Jimbo JetSet Hace 14 horas
hmireles85 Hace 15 horas
Those movies will be forever in my heart 😂
A.K.A G Hace 15 horas
Ha it's Cicada.. surprised he didn't just fly away
§hąřpśhøõțëŕ Hace 15 horas
Jim levenstein humped those pies after the show
JoeGrow 2016
JoeGrow 2016 Hace 15 horas
They high five to not having kids what idiots they only wish they were mother material.... Have fun growing old all alone lady's... And the funny thing is the one in the middle is older by 5 years then the other two and had 2 kids and still looks better and healthier....
Love AndPeace
Love AndPeace Hace 16 horas
Sean William Scott must be a vampire
waisumedward Hace 16 horas
American pie adult hood of friends party maybe it be
Nathaniel Belotindos
Nathaniel Belotindos Hace 16 horas
Flyboy _Maverick
Flyboy _Maverick Hace 16 horas
They are all amazing lol
Liane Nardone
Liane Nardone Hace 17 horas
Epic 😈😁 stifler is, the Best
jorealma Hace 17 horas
Mena suvari?
Yes boi's
Yes boi's Hace 17 horas
Tara Reid was so pretty when she was in the movies. Now she can barely move her mouth when she's talking. Don't do plastic surgery kids.
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