The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model

Doug DeMuro
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The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is Aston's flagship model -- and it carries a hefty $350,000 when normally equipped. Today I'm showing you around this DBS Superleggera, and I'll show you all the great quirks and features of the Aston DBS Superleggera.
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10 ene 2019






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Kevin Mc Cusker
Kevin Mc Cusker Hace 7 horas
Who is paying five grand for white paint...I also love how Doug explains stupid, pointless federal regulations for cars. You dont find that in other car reviews.
Stevie Lowe
Stevie Lowe Hace 7 horas
Oh my god that look stunning 😍
Auto Energy
Auto Energy Hace 9 horas
I’m in love 😍
50 Pence
50 Pence Hace un día
Some Luddites will be pressing that stop/start button during gearbox selections.🙂
Apoptosis.Pending Hace 2 días
Doug is the type of guy to be the guy that is the type
Lokesh Danu
Lokesh Danu Hace 3 días
The one who dislikes these reviews he/she has no taste of cars or of car reviewing.....
Chris OB
Chris OB Hace 3 días
Half a million in Australian dollars
Motion HD
Motion HD Hace 3 días
At 19:00 his tongue looks way to big for his mouth and sounds like it too
Mike Llerena
Mike Llerena Hace 3 días
Reviewing a 350k for a car, $3.50 for a t-shirt. You don't need to flex when your biggest assets are from the waist down.
DeltaDog94 Hace 5 días
Ruffles have Riges 4:30 and thats only $1.69..
Drag Addicts
Drag Addicts Hace 6 días
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Monsta Munch
Monsta Munch Hace 7 días
Love everything about it except the font on that superleggera logo on the hood, that would annoy the hell out of me.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma Hace 7 días
14:05 Car Farts.
LiuProduction Hace 8 días
mine finally arrived yeay
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace 8 días
6:00 ... an original styling line?? Check out the classic Mercedes Gulwing
Geo C
Geo C Hace 9 días
Someone at Aston Martin needs to explain why the umbrella is 295 and the first aid kit is only 145. What’s in the umbrella is it carbon fiber, can it stop a bullet, so many questions
Channel Terminated
Channel Terminated Hace 5 días
bcz umbrella will be more used to showoff as a owner of superlegera than a first aid kit & will be a collector item after years. it will probably cost $5000 someday
Craig Ellis
Craig Ellis Hace 10 días
Looks kinda cheap.
M. I
M. I Hace 12 días
Marios Kateroglou
Marios Kateroglou Hace 12 días
you forgot the sunvisors
P J Hace 13 días
First stop if I ever win a lottery. Won’t happen but one can dream.
MrJanni333 Hace 13 días
Thomas Schlüter
Thomas Schlüter Hace 13 días
The carpet in the trunk is so poorly manufactured 🤔 .... Sorry but this is ridiculous for a car this expensive...
Jett Rink
Jett Rink Hace 14 días
Doug is the type of guy who is for building the wall.
Conrad Johansson
Conrad Johansson Hace 14 días
Electric center console just something else to go wrong so the dealer can ding you for another 10k every year.
John P.
John P. Hace 14 días
These are seatbelts and they're a $5,324 option.
Sounds of Australia
Sounds of Australia Hace 8 días
(Buckle sold separately)
YeeSoest Hace 15 días
Whenever I see gear select buttons on the dashboard I remember James May reviewing soviet cars with Clarkson and pushing one of these buttons INTO the dashboard where it disappeared and therefore immobilized the car. Not saying this could happen here but I thought I'd share anyways. You can watch it here on ESvid;) No, not on my channel! ^^
300IQ Wizard
300IQ Wizard Hace 15 días
I would only buy this if I was a billionaire. Oh yeah I am. Still not buying it
TheAnarcshit Hace 15 días
red is far better
ART EFX Hace 15 días
there is something cheap about this car
Mike E
Mike E Hace 16 días
Beautiful car but that Interior looks like it's made out of chinese bootlegged leather goods and the climate vents out of some commercial vehicle wtf
james romero
james romero Hace 16 días
I rather get a 2020 shelby gt 500 with similar specs . And worth the hair over the 300000 of that car . 😆
yungbibba Hace 16 días
the Shelby is a muscle car this is a proper gt lol... not comparable
ImTz Aspire
ImTz Aspire Hace 17 días
where is the gas tank quark
PartiZAn18 Hace 17 días
Being in the logistics industry, the $3086 is really REALLY reasonable to transport for a car of this calibre. My man, don't sweat the small stuff about an industry you know nothing about. edit: that was entirely the price quoted by the freight forwarder and not Aston Martin. Regards.
will i amnot
will i amnot Hace 17 días
Tesla is better
Abdullah D12
Abdullah D12 Hace 17 días
James Bond has joined the chat.
Brian Stout
Brian Stout Hace 19 días
I seriously thought that Doug was wearing an Antifa shirt.
Young Bl00D
Young Bl00D Hace 19 días
Doug is the type of guy to talk with his hands too much
Drew_Porter Hace 16 días
It's called body language, and it's more dynamic than standing with your hands to your side, literally everyone knows this
Tom fung
Tom fung Hace 19 días
Doug the type of guy that judge without knowing why.
Dain Barnes
Dain Barnes Hace 19 días
Not worth the money
Blue Drive
Blue Drive Hace 19 días
Doug I think you tried to got in the backseat from a bad angle you should have tried putting in your head and angle sideways.
Ryan Heard
Ryan Heard Hace 19 días
Its ugly. The design actually looks cheap compared to the earlier models. Looks like they stole the design off the Chevy Corvette to me.
Tero Mou
Tero Mou Hace 20 días
Doug is the type of guy who gets to drive cars, that 99.99% of his subscribers can only dream of.
thegamercave Hace 20 días
the interior looks like a fancy coffin..
Jack Faulkner
Jack Faulkner Hace 21 un día
3:59 if I’m paying $295 for an umbrella I expect that shit to fly me home
Channel Terminated
Channel Terminated Hace 5 días
kineticdeath Hace 11 días
mary poppins or bust!
Transparent As I Am
Transparent As I Am Hace 21 un día
Everyone has easy access to the trunk. No thanks.
talha habib
talha habib Hace 22 días
shitty interior,with stupid dumb placement of transmission buttons
driftjz Hace 23 días
6:03 Any S2000/SPOON fans here?
Grant Carrick
Grant Carrick Hace 23 días
The trunk shape is the same as the grille 👀.
Ashley grant
Ashley grant Hace 23 días
Well now we all know where secret trunk button is
the other guy
the other guy Hace 23 días
Doug is the type of guy to feed and then scare the pigeons
Cozy SZN
Cozy SZN Hace 23 días
Lol shit looks like a i8
turnech Hace 23 días
So ugly. Aston's new models have really taken a terrible turn from a design perspective.
jixuscrixus1967 Hace 24 días
No one is ever going to open the hood..... so who’s putting screen wash in the reservoir?
RtDK Hace 24 días
Y'know... if I'm wealthy enough to afford a $400,000 car, EVERY. FUCKING. PIECE. of that vehicle better be *BESPOKE* to it and it alone. I shouldn't find something in it that I could find in my DAILY DRIVER S-CLASS... Aston Martin really needs to get their shit together. This kind of interchangeability crap is what killed American luxury brands.
Luke Plaisier
Luke Plaisier Hace 27 días
He filmed most of the video with the center console open!
scruffs Hace 27 días
That centre screen looks like it's from 2000!
scruffs Hace 27 días
That strange wheel arch line was on old TVRs, and Jensens I think
scruffs Hace 27 días
The Vantage is better looking
scruffs Hace 27 días
Not as good looking as the previous models
Alex 10,000
Alex 10,000 Hace 27 días
Dougs the type of guy who lets the woman with a huge shopping cart go ahead of him.
Bailey Laliberté
Bailey Laliberté Hace 27 días
5:03 Of course not, because my first aid kit comes from Mazda. Not Aston Martin.
AGkye Hace 27 días
So am here with my $10.50PH
andy McC
andy McC Hace 27 días
Aston has become high end Jaguars
1mezion Hace 28 días
If I buy the umbrella and the first aid kit will the throw in the car for free
1mezion Hace 28 días
$295 for an umbrella😲
Gaming Badass
Gaming Badass Hace 28 días
This car is good, but nowhere near as beautiful as the 2012 dbs...that was just delicious
Ole Martin Hoel
Ole Martin Hoel Hace 29 días
«Nobody’s ever gonna open the hood»?! On an Aston Martin?? Come on, Doug...
colin o
colin o Hace 29 días
That panel gap between the front bumper and the hood makes this car look cheap
Matthew Walburn
Matthew Walburn Hace un mes
Why even have backseats? Just give us a bigger trunk.
Kendall Howard
Kendall Howard Hace un mes
That Aston ain't no hoe
Ryan Vernon
Ryan Vernon Hace un mes
He said 69
KnifeGuy375 Hace un mes
LOL!! I always love this backseat-stuff! :D HAHA!!
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis Hace un mes
Doug is a type of a guy who gives beggar $5 and ask for a change
aneebaba06 Hace un mes
Kinda sad that the Aston gets the now-old-ish MB infotainment system (esp that dial), but I'm sure it's a step up overall from what they would have been able to do themsevles.
aneebaba06 Hace un mes
Such a sexy car - was fortunate enough to see it at the LA Autoshow (on a turn table though)
Enoch Escalera
Enoch Escalera Hace un mes
I thought Super Leggera was a Lamborghini designation?
Richard Tisdale
Richard Tisdale Hace un mes
My dream car, down to the tri-coat paint! Absolutely gorgeous!
Bmore Baby
Bmore Baby Hace un mes
BMW m6!!
Bmore Baby
Bmore Baby Hace un mes
Do the BMW m6
Paul Erhimona
Paul Erhimona Hace un mes
The back seats are futuristic,so unique.infotainment system is zero over zero.d outside is lovly,dey should stop taking parts from Mbenz.
Dopey ent.
Dopey ent. Hace un mes
doug the type of guy to judge a beauty contest to give them his doug score
bigden 2755
bigden 2755 Hace un mes
$295 for the "umbrella" ????? Gee, I want this car....
MC_Uniboob Hace un mes
my favourite aston by miles
Chris Li
Chris Li Hace un mes
you got so many viewer don't mean you are smart. Instead, stupid idiots account for bulk of the population. So, get some improvement
Chris Li
Chris Li Hace un mes
it is boring! he repeats the same wording for every single car : WOW, it's fast. In fact, get a robot to replace him
The Johnson
The Johnson Hace un mes
Another good review bud... But what the shit??? You scored this to low.
Ting Yu Hsieh
Ting Yu Hsieh Hace un mes
doug the type of guy to try and finger the rear of every car he sees
Michael Ray
Michael Ray Hace un mes
They continue to fail with their interior design
Itay Garbash
Itay Garbash Hace un mes
Can't unsee the stitching as mitsubishi logos 9:45
eiebsrebla Hace un mes
Doesn’t Lamborghini have a Gallardo Superleggera? No copyright on that from either of these companies?
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Hace un mes
$295 umbrella lool
fredvlees pet
fredvlees pet Hace un mes
The English make the best cars🤙
Matt H
Matt H Hace un mes
Would I rather have a DBS Superleggera or a 720S? Hmmm...
Larenzo J’moore
Larenzo J’moore Hace un mes
Everybody hating on this couldn’t afford it anyways LMAOOO
Big23Blue Hace un mes
Wow, did not realize Aston stepped up their design. Take my C7 and give me that lol (but forreal check my vette out on my channel)
Felix Hace un mes
this car has no character at all aston martin still builds the interioer as if we were in 2005 its ridiculous
big i pa robert
big i pa robert Hace un mes
Do the doors have soft close too?
VC YT Hace un mes
Doug, your'e not meant to sit in the child seats - your'e an adult.!
Jomo-Kenyatta1 Hace un mes
Entertainment screen looks hella ugly, all plastic
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