THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Ending Explained

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In the supernatural thriller, The Autopsy of Jane doe a father and son team (Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox) are tasked with uncovering the cause of death behind a mysterious unidentified body. As they dig deeper into her body, they mysteries only deepen, leading to a surprising truth behind who Jane is. Breaking down the story, the clues that reveal Janes identity, explaining the ending and some important thematic elements.
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6 feb 2019

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Gregory Hamilton
Gregory Hamilton Hace un hora
Zeke Gaming
Zeke Gaming Hace 4 horas
Shontyse Gaither
Shontyse Gaither Hace 4 horas
Do the prodigy next
Slaanesh The Dark Prince
Just remember kids dead girls can't say no😎
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar Hace 4 horas
I can't believe you still haven't done. "the possession of hannah grace"!?
Cool Goby Fish
Cool Goby Fish Hace 6 horas
i felt the ending a very dissapointing. i kind of expected more.
9C Justin Mads Frederiksen Balsmoseskolen
who knew you would learn so much about autopsy from a horror movie
AnarchyPizza Hace 10 horas
Absolutely loved watching this movie!
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose Hace 16 horas
ultra instinct jane doe in the next movie
nomjomski Hace 17 horas
a pretty weak story to a pretty boring movie
Rabid Glitter
Rabid Glitter Hace 19 horas
This was a synopsis of the movie, not and ending explained.
Samuel Bomorse
Samuel Bomorse Hace 22 horas
I thought this was a brilliant film. I'd happily watch a sequel or even prequel!
KingTater Hace 22 horas
The real story here is that horror protagonists are stupid as hell. If the walls of a building starts to bleed blood and I hear non corporal voices telling you to get the fuck out, you get the fuck out. Shit like that always annoyed me with horror movies as it's a tired old trope used in the majority of them. Alien, The Thing, maybe Evil Dead, the first ones that is, although Ash is dumb a brick, he doesn't follow the stupid idiot won't run away trope, cause the evil will follow him no matter where he go. Hmm, what's more? Event Horizon. They where fucked no matter what they did. Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Horror movies such as these are very rare.
josh aleman
josh aleman Hace 23 horas
6:16 he forgot to sensor ...”it”
Penelope Jenkins
Penelope Jenkins Hace 23 horas
Aw thats sad
Mai-mai Hace un día
I was reading another thread about this movie and the general concensus there was that Jane Doe causes people to hallucinate and go on murderous rampages, just like in the first house. There are a clues that point to this, mostly notably the storm raging outside even though the radio at the end said it was the fourth day of sunshine. Jane Doe was never cut into at the end either.
I am Not okay
I am Not okay Hace un día
I’d say fuck that shit dad your not gonna catch me up in that bitch
grimfyre 345
grimfyre 345 Hace un día
You forgot to censor out a nipple on one part in case you want to edit that and reupload it so Susan doesn't get mad
silverdragon0000120 Hace un día
I would have activated my sadistic necrophilia fetish and would have molested Jane lol
wendigo gaming
wendigo gaming Hace un día
5:17 the song from the musical "hair", its about hippies. One of them is in the army and a friend replaces him for a day and that exact day they go to vietnam. The dude is in an airplane and they are chasing him with a car, he dies in vietnam. The whole time the song "let the sunshine in" is playing. Btw family guy made a parody of the scene named "let his son die" Edit:it's not the song that I tought
J Vert
J Vert Hace un día
I thought this channel would be flooded with copyright strikes and would stop uploading
Cael.Sascha M
Cael.Sascha M Hace un día
Will there be a sequel??
Tyrone Fuller
Tyrone Fuller Hace un día
Hi I haven’t seen a video of u doing (Don’t Knock twice) can u do one please thanx big fan😘 love ur work
Asma Ur Rahman
Asma Ur Rahman Hace un día
want another part of the movie ! n yeah it was quite exciting to listen to this explanation ! thanks
This is one creepy ass movie
Its funny how he said " Its time to get da fuck outta here"
Peter Aguirre
Peter Aguirre Hace un día
Enemy with jake gyllehah
Shylock Hace un día
The way her body looked so prestine even when dead and buried, should have been a clue already to the supernatural. It was, a thrilling ride though. I didn't expect it on a movie with three main casts and the other one stays still until the movie is finished.
tyrell setness
tyrell setness Hace un día
it would make sense that the movie is about depression becasue the blood on her nose makes a semi colon, just a thought
Marcin Jechorek
Marcin Jechorek Hace un día
I would fuck that corpse right in the pusseeeeyy
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin Hace un día
I was watching this movie and decided to pause it just to watch this video instead. I was getting too anxious, lol..
Tony Maw
Tony Maw Hace un día
It would of been interesting if she came alive and the son like fell in love and like yea
Skull Capton
Skull Capton Hace 2 días
Why u censored them nipples?
Shin OH
Shin OH Hace 2 días
This movie is so creepy and terrifying.
diana M
diana M Hace 2 días
The possession of Hannah grace pls
Brandon Reisman
Brandon Reisman Hace 2 días
Theory . Emma wasn't really killed . There's no reference to her at the end of the film sooo
Mistake Manager
Mistake Manager Hace 2 días
Why did Stanley had to die?
Rowan kt
Rowan kt Hace 2 días
It's hematoma. Not hematoba.
[G]555 Hace 2 días
Ø555Ø In other words. Jane is th' reason for th' word B!TCH. So what's "she" gonna do next? kill all entire human's race?
adrian72300 Hace 2 días
The title of this video should have been,THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE(2016) Entire Movie Explained
Jane Spring
Jane Spring Hace 2 días
Props to a Canadian classic Kids In The Hall Collection you got back there! :)
Zen Hace 2 días
Isn’t she a roblox myth
Amra Hace 2 días
get it... deadication... llol
supreme son
supreme son Hace 2 días
Her power it's over 9,000
birds_and_ fat_dogs
birds_and_ fat_dogs Hace 2 días
Love this movie and reveiw
jennifer half
jennifer half Hace 2 días
If there was a killer in my house I would be trying to get out too. Dunno what's weird about it..
CoolgamerAlexy's Show
What about John doe in roblox..... oof
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie Hace 3 días
She’s beautiful
Bill Cosby Vs. The World
Ultra instinct?
Yae Yeo
Yae Yeo Hace 3 días
So anyone else here that didn’t watch the movie and has never heard of it but still wants the explanation?🤔
Butter Francisco
Butter Francisco Hace 3 días
Do would you rather,
Julyana Sonia
Julyana Sonia Hace 3 días
ImNotAUsername Hace 3 días
ally martinez
ally martinez Hace 3 días
(Cutscene) *67 black 4door impala pulls up slowly*
sparda9060 Hace 3 días
They did so many rituals in the past to seal away this evil bitch until 2 guys did their own science experiment trying to be detectives undo all the seals one by one lol... Ohh the fucking irony. Breaking the first seal by draining her blood already opened the floodgates. The whole story sort of alludes that both of them are already dead from the storm that they are in hell or purgatory being tormented by a demon/witch. Or that the witch had already killed them when they broke the first seal. Those are my 2 theories but I believe the ending is canon that the kid got tricked in the end and got killed.
prathification Hace 3 días
I never watched the movie, but this scared me a bit...
cybercats Hace 3 días
I never watched this but i certainly wont that poor kitty is the worst death of all
Blood Majesty
Blood Majesty Hace 3 días
Esmael Gray
Esmael Gray Hace 3 días
oh cool they made a movie about jane doe from roblox
Will Geppert
Will Geppert Hace 3 días
The girl who played her is so hot.
Mookiie Relentless
Mookiie Relentless Hace 4 días
• Lol "Its time to get the fuck out of here! " So happy he covers movies I never saw.
Sergeant Butter
Sergeant Butter Hace 4 días
You forgot to censor a part
Katia The Cake-Loving Cat
I would have felt bad for her if she hadn't hurt the cat.
Bogdan Bararu
Bogdan Bararu Hace 4 días
Thank you ... for showing the other half of the movie that I didn't have the heart strong enough to watch !
TheTomFox Hace 4 días
6:14 You missed a nip, mate 😳
Kipplee Hace 4 días
Does the ending really need to be explained? It's pretty simple....
vanessa christiani
vanessa christiani Hace 4 días
this suck. he only told you the story in a shorter version. there is not explaination at all about the ending
No Idea
No Idea Hace 4 días
People who work as morgues are tue bravest people in the entire word.
What is you profile photo
Jada Brown
Jada Brown Hace 2 días
You stupid
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie Hace 2 días
Let me sleep in peace Sure /s
Let me sleep in peace
+Rachel Fourie dont tell me you're the guy that's going to investigate that noise in the dark forest at 3am
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie Hace 2 días
INSANE_BANANA Dead people can’t do anything to you, except maybe give you a disease
Blake Jones
Blake Jones Hace 4 días
How does a 16th century ghost/zombie/witch know how to controll a radio?
Blake Jones
Blake Jones Hace 15 horas
+Rachel Fourie So what you're saying is that the ghost continues to grow and learn past the time of it's biological expiration? Thus, as it needs neither sleep nor energy, it has nothing but time to mess with and learn how to interact with the world around it. I actually like that. Full of holes but I can make it work.
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie Hace un día
Your spirit is timeless, while your body isn’t
Gabriel Alston
Gabriel Alston Hace 4 días
She must have used the really stone
FlyinRaijin Hace 4 días
I thought I had during the movie was that austin ending his dad's suffering early somehow spurned jane and maybe if he hadn't then he might have survived.
Stormrage095 Hace 4 días
what if she just bended reality and made them think that they were doing an autopsy ,like nothing was real after she came in the morgue basically being in a dream of some sort
Rezinul Hace 4 días
she cute for a dead body
Max Gillin
Max Gillin Hace 4 días
So girlfriend never died? It was a rouse
Finn Lahey
Finn Lahey Hace 4 días
Censorship Mastery 100 Foundflix, as usual
William Arenas
William Arenas Hace 4 días
I think he broke the deal by having his son kill him. Maybe she was going to take his soul or life or whatever to be alive again, and the son interrupted the process? That's why she kills him, and that's why she can only move her toe at the end; she only took a fraction if the life force she needed to be alive again.
Carol Jemmott
Carol Jemmott Hace 4 días
Uh you forgot to censor her boob in one of the shots, just a little fyi :) at 6:17.
Cheyanne Forbes
Cheyanne Forbes Hace 4 días
Oh shit, I see a nipple 6:16
Sufian Abuahmad
Sufian Abuahmad Hace 4 días
What a nothing movie.
Ph@tMantv Hace 4 días
FF they should do a sequel/prequel on this film b4 Hellfest. I think the only way to off Crazy Jane Doe is to blast it with a blessed nuke.
Kyla wilson
Kyla wilson Hace 4 días
So, I recommended this movie earlier, but I’ll do it again. Please watch “They’re Watching” (2016) found footage film, based in Moldova, and has creepy villagers. I really can’t give more away without spoiling the movie besides it being cleverly written, you actually like the characters, and it’s a movie to not take seriously. I usually am disappointed in most found footage films, but I loved this one for its cleverness. Please please review or just watch it!
Emma Spicer
Emma Spicer Hace 4 días
I love this film. Don't fuck with witches.
Mzwilder2238 Hace 5 días
so... tell the whole movie huh... LOL
maal dayr
maal dayr Hace 5 días
Hey can y'all please go check out "My Moms Was A Stripper Podcast" on my page. Thanks in advance. I also dropped Two albums two weeks ago. A love album called "Super Consensual" And an Album about how yall probably don't care called "Nobody Cares Jus Die" Those are on the page too... ............
Christina Maldonado
Christina Maldonado Hace 5 días
6:16 we can see her nipple though . . .
Cor Mack
Cor Mack Hace 5 días
Ending explained? You've just explained the whole story
Finn The Cheese
Finn The Cheese Hace 5 días
Yo you can see nip at 6:14
Bode Etemadi
Bode Etemadi Hace 5 días
Thank u. Possibly a sequel ?
Lavender Town
Lavender Town Hace 5 días
Jane doe from roblox lol
Ufuk Kalyoncu
Ufuk Kalyoncu Hace 5 días
nerf that witch please she is so fcking overpowered !!
Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia
"Looked at a piece of her brain on the microscope and she was still alive" Then why not smash her brain so that she's not alive anymore.
Anomalous Hace 5 días
6:16 tit shot If you like that shet
totti2k2 Hace 5 días
sweet lullaby
sweet lullaby Hace 5 días
what I love about this movie is that the characters aren't stupid. they made realistic decisions (apart from the hallucinations) overall, great movie.
Duan Torruellas
Duan Torruellas Hace 5 días
The ending hints at a part 2 , a prequel would be awesome to show what happened to Jane before , like how the tattoo got in her etc. Yes , part 2.
Edel uddin
Edel uddin Hace 5 días
20 minutes of carp and then she had depression are you serious ?
fridoline nke
fridoline nke Hace 5 días
Please do woman in black 😍
Lani Pace
Lani Pace Hace 5 días
I don’t know where they got the info that the eyes don’t deteriorate until someone has been dead for a while. The eyes are actually one of the first things to decompose and turn a milky color.
Paul B
Paul B Hace 5 días
I enjoyed this movie, but damn Father and Son had no idea of what they were getting into DOOMED from the moment she rolled in. Its fucked up for Jane because she has to suffer for all of eternity.
Squidword :1
Squidword :1 Hace 6 días
I have an even watched the real movie and I already got scared from watching this video
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