The Axel Webber Situation

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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3 feb 2022






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Vitto Prince
Vitto Prince Hace 9 meses
Axel’s attempt at getting accepted into Julliard was basically like trying to get into NASA by cosplaying as an astronaut.
John Smithe
John Smithe Hace 15 días
It's easy to work at nasa. Idk why people think it's some league of smartest men
LegoPuppy Gamer
LegoPuppy Gamer Hace 2 meses
Tejas Murali
Tejas Murali Hace 3 meses
thursday • 69y ago
@DuckGoesViral ?
my drip is.
my drip is. Hace 4 meses
Lmfao well said 👏 🤣🤣
yanyan zhang
yanyan zhang Hace 9 meses
Bruh, imagine a college getting slandered for not accepting someone who isn’t qualified.
NICOLE Hace 17 días
Axel is single-handedly giving me cancer from his cringe personality
h gaming
h gaming Hace un mes
affirmative action
B͙i͙s͙e͙x͙u͙a͙l͙ 𝓹𝓸𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓸
@Avery Love sure. LET AVERY IN! 😡
HardyQuinn Hace 4 meses
Honestly, these influences are f×cking ridiculous
ok then
ok then Hace 4 meses
"guys lets boycott the ferrari f1 team because they didnt hire me"
The Phony
The Phony Hace 9 meses
The fact that he responds to Charlie Puth’s TikTok like he’s on the phone with him is just another kind of uncomfortable
Danny Hace 27 días
That video gave me a similar feeling to nails on a chalk board 😬
 ♡ starstruck ♡
my back is curling because of embarrassment
Evan Knight
Evan Knight Hace 3 meses
markdotinc Hace 3 meses
He's **acting**
chuuchuu Hace 3 meses
I didn't find it cringe
Flute Island
Flute Island Hace 9 meses
Coming into this video, I learned: 1. Who Axel Webber is 2. What a Julliard is 3. This isn't a Drew Gooden video
Wait, it isn't? DANG IT I only watch drew gooden and drew gooden alone
Moth, Moon, or Zero
No, this is definitely a drew video
Troodon Hace un mes
I'll be honest after watching a lot of Danny Gonzales and Drew Gooden videos, sometimes I don't know which person I'm actually watching. I don't want to say they're the same person in case I'm wrong, but I also don't want to say they're not in case that's wrong. Being wrong on the internet is something you can never recover from, and I'm not willing to take the chance.
NikolaosKC Hace 2 meses
Beat you to the second step, I've known since High School Musical 3.
bonk sama
bonk sama Hace 2 meses
wtf r u talking about.... this is drew. U high or sum?
Pearl Dark
Pearl Dark Hace 9 meses
The way ppl are defending his “ acting” they haven’t seen a second of is actually so crazy like “ he will win an Oscar one day “ he can’t even practice an audition let alone make it through one without changing accents like what 😭😭😭😭
Kaavyaa Hace un mes
@tokyoyoongi They’re not fans they are stans. They’ve gone out of control lmao
tokyoyoongi Hace 5 meses
You can tell his fans have no idea how the acting industry (or just real life) works lol.
Avian Gillig
Avian Gillig Hace 9 meses
Let's be honest here, Axel is only getting support because he's a semi-attractive, charismatic, white guy 😐
alternatewhale Hace 5 días
@Imagine being ugly, couldn’t be me "Just say you're white and go" what does this even mean 💀Being white doesnt invalidate someones opinion
Quangamer ShyGuyyz
Quangamer ShyGuyyz Hace 6 días
@LowYummy Yes you are.
yara Hace 14 días
@John Smithe they way you're commenting neither have you
John Smithe
John Smithe Hace 15 días
@yara you've obviously never had a job. I'm 30 and every single job I've had every black person referred to me as the white boy
John Smithe
John Smithe Hace 15 días
@yara real ones that happen very often
azmi Hace 9 meses
the worst part of this whole situation is that he has been cosplaying as a "real" new yorker by trying to get sympathy points for having a small apartment and buying food from a street vendor... but his family is wealthy and he can probably go back whenever he likes! there are plenty of people who are stuck in poverty without a choice and he made it his aesthetic to get tiktok famous.
Troodon Hace un mes
@bubble girl Everyone likes judging people; they just don't like to admit it unless everyone agrees with their judgment.
cjmilly Hace un mes
Im his cousin and he lives in nyc and at first that was all he could afford
Lugoor Star
Lugoor Star Hace 2 meses
@bubble girl he was acting as if he’s living in the “worlds smallest apartment” out of necessity instead of the personal choice of living on Manhattan alone out of family’s money.
Skully Hace 7 meses
@Kek wait I found the drama in the replies
Kek Hace 8 meses
@Anastasia O you really love hating the guy in the comments. found the hater
Al Mundie
Al Mundie Hace 9 meses
what's hilarious is that this kid, who didn't understand what he was reading, and then threw on a poor accent, THEN ADMITTED THAT HE BLEW THE AUDITION BECAUSE OF IT, had all this publicity about it. a good part of acting is emotion, or the lack of it in some cases, and how you project it for the character, if you don't understand what you're saying, you can't give the proper feel to it, and so you struggle to bring the character to life through you. if you can't take something that has been interpreted hundreds of times- like much of Shakespeare has been- and figure it out, you aren't ready for it, and if you do want to be, at least don't go in half cocked and change plans- there's a reason that shows have hours of practice before they're in front of an audience.
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Hace 4 meses
@Jay that’s…. Not good enough lol
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Hace 4 meses
@Blargh 6709 rich private schools are MORE likely to have their students read Shakespeare. What do you think they do there??
Jay Hace 5 meses
He probably looked up what the lines meant dude
Alex Hace 7 meses
@Blargh 6709 i went to a fairly cushy private schools and they made us read a lot of Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear)
Blargh 6709
Blargh 6709 Hace 9 meses
@lee siyeon can break my back Considering the rich parents element to him he likely went to a really cushy private school.
Soladat Hace 9 meses
honestly im just surprised that this guy somehow manages to always look like he's just gotten out of bed
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@Walter Gabriel Ryan Cabrera-looking ass
Gasterthemaster Hace un mes
but who, Axel or Danny?
Kendlick Lama
Kendlick Lama Hace 9 meses
Just get out of bed BAM done
Miip Hace 9 meses
I thought you were talking about Danny at first
abcd efgh
abcd efgh Hace 9 meses
someone from another video about him said that he’s cosplaying as poor people 💀
The Informed Vegan
The Informed Vegan Hace 9 meses
to people saying he's not cosplaying poverty even though his parents are rich because "rich parents doesn't mean you're rich"...that's literally still generational wealth. unless his parents are completely cutting him out for the rest of his life, it's still a safety net he can fall back on, and that's privilege. doesn't matter if he's not using their money now.
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@Rdlx68 Life circumstances can drastically change and that safety net you had can disappear during your child's first 18 years, you naive buffoon. So unless you're advocating for only the wealthy to have children (which is eugenics), think before you speak next time.
Rdlx68 Hace 2 meses
Honestly why would anyone have a child without having a safety net for them it seems like everyone who doesn’t have one if full of resentment and anger like it’s not his fault your parents weren’t prepared to have a kid or provide for you💀
this will not do
this will not do Hace 2 meses
people are so dumb you literally have to spell this out for them. "rich parents doesn't mean you're rich" like WHAT?? how stupid can people get, the only exception I can make is actually being disowned by your rich parents.
SM water tastes like water
@Baphomet sweetie, he’s never going to notice you Give it up and move on
sewichsjs Hace 5 meses
@Baphomet he's not thriving, he has zero talent, mediocre, 2009 cosplaying youtuber that everyone wants to suck on-it seems like. Yall just love sucking McD's of mediocre, semi-attractive, white guy u think yall have a slight chance of bumping and getting married with. Just truth.
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings Hace 9 meses
What his fans also don't understand is - up until they started drama - HE COULD HAVE HAD A CHANCE NEXT YEAR.
Roses_are_black Hace 6 meses
Litterally, they are so immature.
nxfelibata baka-kun
So true. Like, if he had just practiced a bit more, than he could have gotten in next year!
mars Hace 9 meses
there's something so crazy about this whole situation. he's acting like the average new yorker in a tiny apartment who actually has to deal with financial issues when in reality his parents are rich and he just wanted to get the poverty experience for fun. he's a privileged little white boy who moved to new york so he could get into one of the top acting schools in the world with no experience, yet his fans are still deluded into thinking he deserved to get in, so much so that they bombarded a post that was a memorial for a woman who passed away. and in the end, he gains 3 million followers, celebrity shout outs, news articles, and a modeling contract. gotta love cute white boy syndrome.
flowerpot Hace 4 meses
@Cloudy I agree. This might just be me being fruity but Axel is honestly not attractive in any way shape or form 😧
trash bag
trash bag Hace 9 meses
literally not even cute
Aarya S.
Aarya S. Hace 9 meses
@Marissa Hennen are you just choosing to ignore all of the comments about how that is not what's happening lmao
Marissa Hennen
Marissa Hennen Hace 9 meses
okay but just pointing this out: just because his parents are rich doesn’t mean they give him all their money? plenty of parents don’t support their kids. like idk i know plenty of people who come from wealthy homes but their parents want them to build a life for themselves and don’t funnel all of their money into their kid’s bank account
mars Hace 9 meses
@Moze801z okay?? 😐
gofastnow Hace 9 meses
lots of enthusiastic theater kids manage to take shakespeare seriously, and they aren’t even trying to get into julliard. the fact he gave up on acting after one setback shows he’s not serious or acquainted with reality
bwaco Hace 6 meses
acquainted with reality is my new phrase of the week, thanks
Emmy N
Emmy N Hace 9 meses
As someone who also didn’t get accepted to Juilliard it’s kinda crazy to see this Axel situation. Juilliard has an insanely small acceptance rate and most people know that when applying. There are many reasons to criticize Juilliard, like them raising tuition costs during COVID and banning students from campus when they protested against tuition increases, but I don’t get why people are upset with Juilliard because they didn’t accept Axel? Apparently he barely has any acting experience and he only spent a month learning his audition pieces.
/ Remington /
/ Remington / Hace un mes
we also have a filming/actor school with the exact same process, and 500/5 people get accepted every year to each subject (acting, directing, cameraman etc) and if you're going with 1-2 big director's kid to the entrace exams, you know you already have no chance, because your name is just not the same as theirs...it's honestly nothing, but unfair, and I think barely any actually talented people get accepted, like 1-2 in every 10 years...I know a ton of actors or directors, who went to that school and produce actual garbage, no talent, but they look handsome/they had famous parents....bruh. but with today's society and "influencers" this thing just became worse...like in the video, that guy, who clearly was just bitching about not getting accepted, did get a job immediately, because he's famous on tiktok...and then maybe actually talented and passionate people without any followers just sit there and die from starvation, because they can't afford food and have no job...this is so messed up.
MalevolentSnow Hace un mes
Right I saw five to eight percent acceptance rate and was like “that’s fucking generous.”
MariMarMakeup SFX
MariMarMakeup SFX Hace 9 meses
@Emmy N right. I was always told to never do an accent at an audition unless they personally ask you to do one. Doing an accent is the number 1 way to complete ruin your chances of getting a role.
Kyra Delaney
Kyra Delaney Hace 9 meses
@Christine C. you literally just said you were in a competition- that sounds like experience to me. That’s what my comment meant? But if someone wanted to go to a prestigious school, I would hope that they were knowledgeable or remotely experienced in what they were going for. It’s Juilliard, not a theatre summer camp.
~Brianna~ Hace 9 meses
@S O Nah, actually people on tik tok have done more harm than good.
Stephanie .J-
Stephanie .J- Hace 9 meses
As someone who is a social coordinator for a company. WHOEVER RUNS THE INSTA HAS 0 CONTROL, LEAVE THEM ALONE.
Sami Hace 2 meses
@Maddie B. You're acting as tho they're some important celebrity bro shut up
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Hace 2 meses
@Sami why the fuck would they reveal that information lol
Sami Hace 5 meses
For which company
Louis Semenoro
Louis Semenoro Hace 9 meses
having no acting experience and only applying to the single most exclusive acting program in the country is the sort of tomfoolery that i didn't think actually existed
Z The Cat
Z The Cat Hace 9 meses
This kind of reminds me of high school when you would break up with someone, and then their friends would come and harass you even though you both left on good terms, and then you'd go to your ex and be like, wtf, why are your friends doing this? and they'd be like, oh I didn't tell them to. And it's like you obviously didn't tell them NOT to. And then their friends would continue to harass you for weeks after that.
the nether baddie
the nether baddie Hace un mes
this is so accurate lol. /gen
Semay Hace 3 meses
Weirdly specific
Mary Hace 4 meses
weirdly specific, but yeah good analogy.
KingJay👑 Hace 9 meses
@Z The Cat Goor point, I have no argument
Z The Cat
Z The Cat Hace 9 meses
@KingJay👑 I know Danny said that he doesn't want us to think Axel actively caused this to happen, butttt I disagree with him Lol I don't have any reason to think Axel expected this to happen in the start, but I think it's pretty clear he didn't want it to stop, as he did practically nothing to stop it. It's not like I think a creator is responsible for every stupid thing their fans do. But It's not like it was just something some of his stupid fans were doing, and he was trying to move on and ignore it. He was definitely playing into it by talking about it, and sharing the articles, and whatnot. And just so we're clear, I do not think him giggling about how "we can not bash Juliard. They're just doing their job" counts as him actually doing something to stop this. It's like when a child swears, and you tell them not to do that, but at the same time you're laughing, and recording a video waiting for them to do it again.
Annabelle Mackson
Annabelle Mackson Hace 9 meses
Jesus Christ, imagine auditioning for acting school and not understanding Shakespeare
Olivia Hace 9 meses
“It’s crazy how you can get famous for _not_ doing something impressive.” Congrats Danny, you just broke TikTok down to its bare essentials 👍
Quangamer ShyGuyyz
Quangamer ShyGuyyz Hace 6 días
@Demighoul Danny put loads more effort into his videos than you ever did in your entire life. Keep crying.
Midnight Hace 2 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] looking at this channel… DREAMSEXUAAL? EXCUSE ME???
TypicallyStupid Hace 3 meses
@Msimangu Kumalo cannot be a fact: it is opinionated
Camisha Cajes
Camisha Cajes Hace 8 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] you must be the one who's 5. you literally make gacha videos...
a guy with a GasMask
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] gacha cringe
frodo Hace 9 meses
Conspiracy theory: He never wanted to get into Juilliard. He applied to the school to get rejected so he could make this a series on his tiktok channel, garner interest and views and gossip around the idea of “young guy gets rejected from top school” thus getting even more followers on tiktok, random advice from celebs which makes him seem “interesting”, etc etc. It’s all a ploy to just be famous for being famous like a Kardashian moment.
Fatbunnies28 Hace 9 meses
@frodo thank you frodo
frodo Hace 9 meses
@Fatbunnies28 youre right tbh lmao
Fatbunnies28 Hace 9 meses
he's not that smart
Georgia Hace 9 meses
yep he so did this, I believe this because his sister in law job is in social media , her job is to make people grow online , he took her tips , found something that would grab people attention and went along with it. he creeps me out especially him trying to act poor
SirPerish101 Hace 9 meses
That could be true :0
Shiomicchi Hace 8 meses
I've been doing acting as a hobby for the last decade, and I can absolutely promise you that the people judging your audition will not give you any kind of reaction no matter what they think of your performance, because they have to be objective during the process and can't show favouritism. I have been rejected in so many auditions and also had a director admit to my face that I was a top choice for a certain role, and each time I had no prior inkling about the outcome because the people doing your audition will never show it on their faces, so I don't know why this kid is whining about not getting a reaction and his fans literally starting a fight with a school. Even if his audition had gone well and his performance was the best out of everyone there, he still would not have gotten a reaction. That just goes to show that maybe he's not as good at/qualified for acting as him and his fans think?? I mean I wouldn't know if he's ever claimed to be a good actor or not or whether he has experience or not because I'm not on tiktok so I'm just speculating here.
a1ntcry1noveru Hace 9 meses
axel is an example of peak caucasity, privilege and white entitlement rolled into one little neat parasocial relationship bow
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
He could be a case study
LegalAliens Hace 3 meses
Definitely more of his privilege comes from the fact he has a rich family
Chris Cintron
Chris Cintron Hace 3 meses
Honestly, he doesn't bother me that much. He isn't my favorite person, but I don't think that he is bad either. A bit questionable maybe, but I think the problem is with the fans. He even said not to do flood Julliard. Also, I do agree that for some people it might be about race, but I doubt it is the majority. And before you tell me I'm privileged, I'm not white.
Llewelyn Shingler
Llewelyn Shingler Hace 3 meses
@Not3Here They're saying that if you took every negative white person stereotype that does not include racism or murder, you'd get Axel Webber
Not3Here Hace 3 meses
What the HELL does that even MEAN
Wavy Dre
Wavy Dre Hace 5 meses
Unironically, pretending to have an accent and then doing the audition without one (aka your normal voice) is low key a genius idea. First off, your audition is that much more impressive since you’re able to completely “hide” your accent AND if and when they find out you don’t actually have an accent they will be mind blown that they were bamboozled by your acting BEFORE the audition even happened.
Jenna Morrison
Jenna Morrison Hace un mes
@TonyIs NotDead Why? I'm confused, lol.
TonyIs NotDead
TonyIs NotDead Hace un mes
if i was one of the guys who auditioned people, i wouldn't even consider allowing someone who i suspect doesn't have an american accent onto the property
Sarah Laurent
Sarah Laurent Hace 9 meses
Auditioning to Juilliard without having done Shakespeare at all is kinda like appying for a math degree at Harvard and writing "PS: I don't fuck with fractions" in your application essay
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
I want that on a shirt
david gallagher
david gallagher Hace 5 meses
@Kitty Mervine Noam Chomsky gives lectures at MIT, probably the most brilliant person in America in the 20th century.
Andre S.
Andre S. Hace 6 meses
im a juilliard student we actually don't do shakespeare or at least my professors don't think it's worth our time
renéee✨✨ Hace 6 meses
Does reading Macbeth count?😃
Maril Hace 6 meses
Trying to becom a math major but without calculus
Anthony H
Anthony H Hace 8 meses
i know you were joking about canceling the dmv but we fuckin' should. waiting in line for hours for them to tell you you dont have all the paperwork is a cancelable offense.
Parker Knight
Parker Knight Hace 8 meses
It would take too long to cancel them. You did mention you have to wait in line for hours. They’re invincible
war2theren Hace 8 meses
A fucking men to that. Fuck the DMV
Kuh-NEE-shuh Hace 7 meses
I get the feeling of detachment from reality with this guy. It's creepy
Hunk of Flesh
Hunk of Flesh Hace 5 meses
I'm surprised you didn't even touch on the "Worlds smallest apartment" thing because there's a pretty good amount of drama about his neighbors being like "Dude I live in the same sized apartment and he's overreacting on how small it is."
xuiiya Hace 9 meses
how does he expect to get into one of the most prestigious acting schools in the world without even knowing about hamlet
Cynthia Wang
Cynthia Wang Hace 9 meses
"Not everyone went to a prestigious university to learn how to act. Some just have rich parents" Danny delivering BARS!
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers Hace 9 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] your content sucks. Also, people like Danny’s personality, sorry you don’t have one. It’s embarrassing that you support this guy, and why would you feel bad for him? He hasn’t gone through anything special and Danny is completely right, he is just entitled to think he could’ve gotten jn
Kamarul Ariffin
Kamarul Ariffin Hace 9 meses
@A N0rmal P3rson dude this kid is clearly one of those TrOlL
Vina Hace 9 meses
one thing about danny is he's gonna tell the TRUTH
A N0rmal P3rson
A N0rmal P3rson Hace 9 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] the dudes who "go get milk" put more effort into their kids than you do into videos
A N0rmal P3rson
A N0rmal P3rson Hace 9 meses
@Leonie *yes*
Anneleen Roesems
Anneleen Roesems Hace 9 meses
He seems like a nice guy and all, but the entire time, I couldn't stop looking at his hair and wondering why he would choose to have such a haircut. I'm talking about Axel btw, not Danny. I like Danny's swoosh
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson Hace 9 meses
"ACTING" and acting are different things. I studied Shakespearian theatre for 5 years, and didn't get into Julliard because I couldn't afford the flight to go there irl, and this was before the days of zoom.... which was kinda heartbreaking, but I'm over it, it was years ago. This guy? He's not julliard material. He's laughable. Yikes.
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Hace 2 meses
Yeah I’m sure that’s the only reason you didn’t get into Julliard…
q Hace 9 meses
the kid just shot his shot leave him alone smh (shaking my head (my head)) my head 🙄
advisorywarning Hace 9 meses
They couldn’t figure out Skype?
connor m
connor m Hace 2 meses
I think its absolutely bewildering to me that he basically sabotaged an audition to the school that was his entire purpose for content creation in the first place
heather j
heather j Hace 9 meses
He might not have intentionally told his fanbase to attack the university but he clearly knows what he’s doing, he has rich parents and is basically just privileged. He was going to get what he wanted regardless, Juilliard or not
Thomas The Goat Of Satan
the sad thing is that his fans 100% got him blacklisted from any acting college that he had even the slimmest chance of getting into lmao.
anth Hace 9 meses
@Quark jesus loves you 😊
t2jhkt3b8adb Hace 9 meses
@Quark nah, i rather believe my god
hi im justin
hi im justin Hace 9 meses
Not if the acting school is as desperate for clout at he is. Which, let's be real. Seems like really easy publicity to let him in. Not saying that would get him in on its own, but it would definitely be a positive
NotNotAHuman Hace 9 meses
Yeah he doesn't seem like a bad guy based off this video. His fans are just terrible.
Christian Mueller
Christian Mueller Hace 9 meses
@Quark "In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessings. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence."
Noctivagus Hace 9 meses
I tried to get into an acting program and got rejected. They liked my acting but I talked about liking art too much in the interview and not acting, so they doubted my level of passion. ...After they advised me to not mention acting in the pre audition workshop, bc its a given I like acting if I'm there. So where's my 4 mill followers fighting to help me, and where's modelling contract? 🙄 Oh yeah I'd have to post all that on tiktok first, but I'm too unattractive for the people and the algorithm there. Yes I'm bitter and no idc. I'm tired of people who do the bare minimum getting everything a lot of hard working people don't.
my drip is.
my drip is. Hace 4 meses
I know, life is unfair like that. You see tons of people get handsomely rewarded for either not doing shit, or being shit. Genuinely, I'm real sorry you got rejected. I hope something better comes along for you. 👍
Alien Legs
Alien Legs Hace 9 meses
Danny steadfastly refusing to age while simultaneously going grey is a total power move tbh
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Hace 9 meses
Damn I need to get rejected from juilliard
Kiana Thomas
Kiana Thomas Hace 9 meses
Axel worked at the same company as me on the same team before he moved to New York. He was very wet blanket AT work and creepily turned on the charisma for the internet. I figured he would find more tiktok fame, but I didn’t think he would attempt Juilliard
tburrrg Hace 4 meses
He acts like a psychopath. You can tell in his videos everything is a total act and he’s trying to manipulate his audience. It’s really creepy.
Sami Hace 5 meses
Could you explain to me what "very wet blanket" means
Angelina Bishnoi
Angelina Bishnoi Hace 6 meses
i mean, who’s charismatic at work? i don’t like the guy but can’t really blame him for that
Mx. Ash man
Mx. Ash man Hace un mes
Danny’s videos are the only thing that let me get work done cause I’ve watched them so many times that I don’t have to look at it to process it and it’s always funny
M Fuentes
M Fuentes Hace 9 meses
It really grinds my gears that people had the energy to harass Juilliard for rejecting their favorite white boy of the week but no energy to actually call out Juilliard for raising their annual tuition to an egregious level DURING A PANDEMIC.
Sparks Hace un mes
@electrogeek77 my point is that the evidence suggests they don’t have a job to start with, like I said in my original comment, 49k a year is a lot for a full time job, let alone a part time job while attending college. the only people that could afford this school are those with money and time to spend on college, a 2k increase in tuition isn’t making this school impossible to attend for those already attending, and it definitely isn’t an “egregious raise” like what was said
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@Sparks The amount of time Julliard students have to put into their studies usually leaves them with little time for yet ANOTHER job. Also, just because a job's there, doesn't mean every unemployed person is appropriate for it. So while I don't think you're an idiot, I do think you're woefully ignorant.
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@Rego#2848 I care because it reflects the greater problem of out-of-control tuition costs and rising student debt.
Carolyn R
Carolyn R Hace 8 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] your trashy, attention-seeking behavior is evidence of no friends and problems in your family or with yourself. This is clearly a cry for help and you should try to get it instead of lashing out, but your toxic attitude will just cement you into the horrible person you already are
dn Hace 8 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] r u a social experiment 💀
Cara Hace 2 días
I didn’t get into one of the colleges I applied for, and I didn’t get a few million fans for it! In fact, a lot of adults have not gotten into a college, I don’t get why people got so riled up over Axel.
The people who try for Julliard are the kids who aimed to get in since like kindergarten or middle school drama class. Like trained thier whole lives to aim to get in there, Axle just went "I want to try acting"
farahh Hace 9 meses
im jealous of dannys therapist, like imagine each week you just hear so much tea of what is happening recently
Basement Dweller Cosplay
Juilliard is a terrible school for several reasons(the tuition protests for example) but Axel not getting in Juilliard isn't a reason
iocity Hace 9 meses
the absolute ferocity of his fans sending hate comments to a COLLEGE is terrifying.
Adora May
Adora May Hace 5 meses
Totally, at least for this idiotic reason. The institution definitely deserves some clap back for some of their recent actions, amongst other things. Juilliard hiked tuition during a pandemic and then kicked out student protestors. I don’t really like Juilliard as a institution, but I agree that this was ridiculous.
Life of Talise
Life of Talise Hace 9 meses
The audacity is real
thursday traction, tuesday titration ㅤㅤㅤ
@Ozzy Murphy nah they’re definitely kids and teens both
Dani Vee
Dani Vee Hace 9 meses
@Kelley Reeves Oof... yeah, that's... that's terrible. Has he even said anything to his fans?
Boring page97
Boring page97 Hace 9 meses
@Garou I've come across a FEW that are kinda good, but ALOT just cry infront of a camera and call that acting.
Tatiana Bella
Tatiana Bella Hace 9 meses
FINALLY SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT HIM. I thought I was the only one who thought this situation was weird and the videos he makes like the way he makes it comical the life of poverty, when he clearly has money I don’t know I just find his videos being made in poor taste... like him saying he gets food on the street. Which I highly don’t he eats it btw. But the crazy thing is he deleted his videos and photos on his Instagram that clearly shows he comes from a family of wealth. Now he’s getting put on talk shows and has a modeling contract and idk it’s like really? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia Hace 9 meses
As someone who started acting at the age of 5, and now 18, I am still too scared to audition for a school like juilliard since i know they have really high standards; I wanted a few more years to refine my acting. But seeing Axel, someone who supposedly doesnt have any prior acting experience so i heard, audition for juilliard... just leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. Its like he sees it as a joke or something.
Gregory Ford
Gregory Ford Hace 3 meses
Ikr it’s like these ppl never watched Glee smh
Ghofrane Lahib
Ghofrane Lahib Hace 9 meses
just scrolling thru comments but wanted to say pls audition omg you could definitely be selling yourself short & it'd be lifechanging if u got in + u have the experience
FranMarie023 Hace 4 meses
Prior to this video I felt bad for him but damn, he’s fully in the wrong. Like no acting experience and an expectation to be put in an elite program. Like I myself am an acting major and expected NOT TO GET IN even with all my experience because you just don’t behave that way
Angie Jeffries
Angie Jeffries Hace 9 meses
Can't believe I have to say this. Please don't attack a college's when influencers don't get in. The poor kid that runs Juilliard media doesn't deserve that suffering.
Sarah No
Sarah No Hace 9 meses
It's absolutely because his fans are 11 year olds with a crush who don't understand how applications, auditions, universities, acting, or the real world works.
alliumlovers Hace un mes
i dont think its that serious.
cjmilly Hace un mes
Im his cousin
JankieGames Hace un mes
Or their 35, alone and all they have is the internet
Dream Catchers
Dream Catchers Hace un mes
@milkedPigeon I believe there should be smartphones specially for kids under 15. So it would be an special smartphone where you can't acces certain things. But if I was 12 probably I would be pissed about it bcs I wouldnt see myseld as a kid😂
🎃XxAidxenX10 👻
My cousin is mad ngl bc she’s 11 and read this 😂😂😂 (She’s rlly mature)
TheHollowedArtist Hace 5 meses
There's plenty of reasons to throw hate at a college or university. Treatment of students, regard for students well beings, tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt that students get into because they have this pressure to go to any kind of college. Throwing hate at them because one cute boy on Tik Tok didn't get accepted for his shitty audition is not one of those reasons.
JJJ Love
JJJ Love Hace 3 meses
I like when Charlie Puth gave him that advice. It's so true that the "prestigious" status of an organization doesn't matter at the end of the day. There are many successful people who went to regular colleges or didn't go to college at all. As long as you're dedicated to your craft and you have the passion to do it well, then all you need is to work hard and achieve.
whovibe Hace 9 meses
he definitely has alot of privilege imagine getting this much fking support because you didnt get in a college + ppl defending you with their life
Casper Hace 3 meses
I ended the video directly after Danny told me to go harrass the DMV, I hope he didn’t say anything important after that
Kiy K
Kiy K Hace 9 meses
Danny is so funny I can’t “Thrusted into the spotlight because he was attractive ONCE”
Vina Hace 9 meses
i honestly love how he turns serious topics that NEED to be addressed into funny, critical think-pieces; makes it so fun to watch. i love him 😭
Madeline Ellmore
Madeline Ellmore Hace 9 meses
i cried a lot in the past 5 hours but this video, specifically at 11:05, my mood changed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Tanner Holmes
Tanner Holmes Hace 2 meses
People will fight for the dreams of a privileged influencer more than their own these days. That's sad
bananakinskywalker Hace 2 meses
“My dog died on campus and they tied me up and made me eat it” I am in tears
wolfgirlaya Hace 3 meses
That attempt at Midsummer's Night makes my stomach hurt--that's one of the WORST attempts at iambic rhythm I've EVER heard
Ryoko Smith
Ryoko Smith Hace 9 meses
Imagine if Juilliard released Axels audition to clap back at the harassment and it was so bad everyone just stopped right there and then 💀
AcN Hace 23 días
@Soph Cimmino welp, looks like we now have to start the beef again.
Spliffcheeseburger Hace un mes
It’s just a Borat impersonation
Haley Vlogs
Haley Vlogs Hace un mes
This is the only viable solution I fear 😂😂😂
Rider Hace un mes
@Zincmentomint € all phones have this iPhone didn't invent every single phone function by the way
Naokarma Hace un mes
Biggest problem is that it'd do literally nothing. A hyper-loyal audience like that wouldn't let objective facts and evidence get in the way of their beliefs.
Abbie Hace 3 meses
The only thing I knew about this guy before the video is that he made a video talking about his small apartment and then a lady on Tik tok made a nice video of how to organize things to maximize space and he made a response that was mean for no reason and I immediately hated him
punkuke Hace 2 meses
"Not every famous actor went to a super prestigious school like Julliard to learn how to act, y'know some just have rich parents," really got me LOL. Also since when is Charlie Puth an actor??
Android Soso
Android Soso Hace 9 meses
My theory is that Axel’s fans (the ones that are genuinely pissed off and harass Juilliard students) are the annoying theatre kids from your school who are only in the theatre program because they’re friends are in it. Y’know the ones who are terrible at theatre, get there late and will interrupt audition with annoying comments.
Katrine Hace 4 días
Also, this guy is actually rich, he chose to live in that small apartment for the experience and he also lived in his car for the same reason. There's nothing wrong with those two things but he kinda came off as if he was like glorifying not having a lot of money since he didn't really clarify the fact that his family came from wealth. Also when his fans were harassing this college about him being rejected, they did it on a post mourning this deceased black woman, really sad and ignorant of these people.
Kiara Brown
Kiara Brown Hace 9 meses
Axel didn’t tell them to attack Juilliard but he did a very piss poor, half assed job telling them to stop.
Kimutron3000 Hace 2 meses
@Bhone Tay Za hi Jewish person here please don’t compare an innocent tiktok star who’s biggest crime is having annoying fans to literally fucking Hitler
DatBoi Hace 9 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] oh god it’s the dreamsexual demon again
MissSerenity Hace 9 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] No
Icehamjello Hace 9 meses
we call that chaotic neutral
Kiara Brown
Kiara Brown Hace 9 meses
@Jimbo Jones no, if you read it, which I’m sure you can do if you sound it out slowly and use your common sense, I’m saying that in his video “telling them to stop” he did a shitty job at actually telling them to seriously stop because he was giggling like it wasn’t a problem. You get it now?
saturn_star2030 Hace 3 meses
This man had 3.9 mil people attacking a acting school because he was rejected when so many people get rejected like all the time and if you get rejected by an acting school it's because you either can't act or they found someone better than you and he admitted he hasn't had acting experience like what?and he even said to stop attacking them😭😭😭😭😭
Fattybish Hace un mes
danny: "greg, what's going on?!" me: *feeling great disappoint*
ScriptForever Hace 4 meses
4:13 I never thought I could get this uncomfortable while watching a video
ElderberryVA Hace 9 meses
As a music student who’s been studying for over a decade and didn’t even get past the prescreenings for half of the conservatories I applied to, it physically pains me that he thought he would get into JULLIARD of all places :(
Michelle Hace 9 meses
Of course he's not getting into fucking JULLIARD, they didn't even accept queen Sharpay Evans
nikko validor
nikko validor Hace 8 meses
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Hace 9 meses
This comment wins 😂🤩 But they offered one to freaking Troy who “hadn’t even heard of Julliard”
Olivia Fenwick
Olivia Fenwick Hace 9 meses
W comment
AlwaysAnnoyed Forever
@ThatGirl19 let’s not. No one said Ryan didn’t deserve it. But Sharpay deserved it a hell of a lot more than Troy! They both worked equally as hard throughout those movies if we are being honest. Sharpay is just more big headed about her talents.
Michelle Hace 9 meses
@ThatGirl19 No no, Ryan absolutely deserved it. But they gave a spot to fucking Troy, a man who didn't even KNOW what Julliard was. 😭
B B Hace 9 meses
It’s not really surprising considering TikTok lets people believe they’re actually good at that type of stuff because they’re popular on the platform - a platform that‘s (unfortunately) notorious for lip syncing and weird POV “acting”. It’s also kinda crappy. So many go in with hopes of passing the audition, but fail and never get that second chance. Hell, they may not even get the chance the first time to audition due to their financial situation even. They’ll never get to be interviewed by the media or be given other job opportunities based off that, either. Kid is insanely privileged in that manner.
Zac Burns
Zac Burns Hace 9 meses
He said he couldn’t help himself with the accent because using an accent during the audition process is a no no. Coming from a theatre student.
freja altenhofen
freja altenhofen Hace 9 meses
i completely agree, but some people have gotten the idea that axel has somehow told these people to act this way. he was very aware that he probably wasn’t going to be accepted and he was completely fine with that
omniboy Hace 9 meses
his reaction to charlie puth's video shows why he wasn't accepted in julliard.. he's just bad.
Ace_ tech108
Ace_ tech108 Hace 9 meses
The fact that Axel also said that he has NEVER been in a play before... Not even in school or anything-
Jaden Bryant
Jaden Bryant Hace 9 meses
i did take part in a play for willy wonka but it was more a table read then anything
aniya Hace 9 meses
If that’s true, that means that I have more experience than this kid, which is insane considering that the only part I’ve ever played was some Queen with no lines in a 6th grade play. A part I was forced to play for a grade.
Aaaaa Hace 9 meses
i dont understand this cuz even ive been in a play and my highschool was incredibly academic focused rather than art focused
Jocelyne cupcake
Jocelyne cupcake Hace 9 meses
@Wowreacts I went to a small school in the U.S and a lot of kids wanna be in the school play but don't have the time and money for a costume. I always wanted to go into voice acting, but i don't want to be in one of those dumb shows rn. I would travel outside the U.S to voice act in something family friendly and cute (something like Maggie and the ferocious beast reboot)
Garfield Hace 9 meses
@Wowreacts it's not the same the dudes family is loaded
Phillip DeGroot
Phillip DeGroot Hace 8 meses
The problem with Axle is that he comes from extremely rich parents and is cosplaying as the poor nyc kid just trying to chase his dreams. In reality he’s not that talented and just expected to get admitted
Take Your Heart
Take Your Heart Hace 9 meses
Hot take - Axel really isn’t a great actor and he didn’t deserve to get into Julliard! Crazy, I know. I’m glad he’s doing well with TikTok and modeling but his fans are absolutely nuts. Being cute doesn’t make someone a good actor deserving of admission to Julliard.
WhiteFox411 - Gamer
WhiteFox411 - Gamer Hace 8 meses
2:07 There actually was once a guy who received almost every masters degree possible but before he could do anything with them, drowned in a lake because he didn't know how to swim.
Lyv S
Lyv S Hace 9 meses
I agree that this is whole thing is crazy, unfair, and unnecessary, but I have to just say, if he wasn’t such a sweet & optimistic person (from what we’ve seen online,) I don’t think people would’ve done that for him. And I think that is the admirable part of the situation, how people have done this more so because he’s such a great person & not for anything else like looks etc.
Relizaga Hace 9 meses
Danny's hair greying is just a sign of how wise he is.
rue-b Hace 3 meses
gotta case of the O-L-D
TheOpinionGuy Hace 3 meses
So I’m extremely wise
L0st_and_f0und Hace 4 meses
@KGB officer You mean a 1 year old? Cuz if so me to
ayo- Hace 4 meses
@KGB officer he's- he's- ....... 20
BloxyMelonio Hace 4 meses
@Tabth The Cat 3778 yep
Tuba Human
Tuba Human Hace 6 meses
It would be so awesome if Danny made more merch with his weird ass quotes like that. I would 100% wear a shirt that says “go harass the DMV now.”
Kiki Frog
Kiki Frog Hace 3 meses
If his audition was anything like his "conversation" with Charlie Puth via TikTok, I'm surprised the guy auditioning him didn't die of cringe immediately, that "What 😲" at 4:20 knocked me out
blimp Hace 6 meses
1:02 i can’t stop laughing at danny thinking axel is calling him lmaoo
Gigi Hace un mes
Juilliard is just a crazy hard school to get into anyways. I had to work my butt off just to get into NYU Tisch. I didn't even look at Juilliard because I knew how crazy it was. Plus, my sights were set on NYU from the beginning of my college application process. It's not easy to get into art schools, it's competitive as heck, so going into it with the mentality that "I can do it because I think I'm the best" is just going to get you an automatic no. If you care about the craft and want to pursue it, then go for it, don't let the world stop you. Just don't let your cockiness get in the way.
Lindseyszn Hace 9 meses
not only did all of that happen, but everyone got mad at him because he came off as being this like lonely dude in a tiny apartment, with no money, who eats food from street sellers when in reality he comes from a very wealthy family and everyone was attacking him for that too lmfao
Raven Alexis
Raven Alexis Hace 9 meses
He can always just spend his time walking his dog around and hope a casting director sees him and thinks he'd be good for a role in a show that turns out to be super popular and it ends up being his big breakout role. It worked for David Boreanaz.
CrackSmack Hace 4 meses
There's nothing you can do about being declined. For all we know he could be a bad actor, he hasn't professionally acted on camera so it doesn't seem smart to bash the school that didn't let him in. If he was a really great actor, that was evident and on display. Then I guess it's still wrong to bash them, but there would be some base to start from. I feel bad for both Axel and the school because both of them got dragged into this. Though, Axel might get some decent offers due to the internet attention.
Place-Holder Hace 3 meses
There are alit of comments about Axel being a douche who cosplays being poor(I believe that’s a quote from a comment) for attention, plus I agree with Danny that Axel probably doesn’t know that he has or is taking advantage of certain privileges(him being attractive and white to companies jumping at the opportunity to market off of his new fame) but ya know, I don’t wanna watch Axel and I don’t wanna download Tik Tok or read anything more about this so take it with a grain of salt. Have a nice day
Angelina Marie
Angelina Marie Hace 3 meses
Just wanted to point out, as a model, that a "modeling contract" means absolutely nothing
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson Hace 9 meses
His fans were attacking a memorial post about a woman who died. And literally tried to get other students kicked out just for getting in.
proDUCKtive "if there's a hole then there's a goal
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] get a life bozo
corcs Hace 3 meses
@Devin Johnson oh sorry
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson Hace 3 meses
@corcs clearly we're talking about Axel
corcs Hace 3 meses
Axel Webber or Danny?
ScarecrowOfFire Hace 3 meses
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] you have the worst content
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Hace 9 meses
Every time Danny posts a new video it sends me into a spiral and then I continue to re watch every video he’s ever made
OwlLee Hace 4 meses
This is actually pretty amazing but I don’t agree with the beef I do appreciate celebrities reaching out to him and keeping him motivated as a person who really wants to get into an amazing art school it’s really stressful so I see that
Niya.B Hace 4 meses
People literally get rejected from colleges everyday I’m so confused at how all of this played out
Alonna Lee
Alonna Lee Hace 9 meses
I’m very confused, I’m pretty sure everything he does is a joke? All of the comments were jokes. If the fans were legit harassing people that’s their problem. First time I’ve ever disagreed with Danny I really think he’s just doing everything as a joke haha
VJ Hace 9 meses
One of my friends attended Juilliard for music and she has been playing violin and viola almost her entire life. Like, literally as soon as she was walking she was playing. She also worked her way up from our state's music conservatories, then another school out of state, THEN Julliard. No offense to Axel but a lot of people dedicate their lives to these arts and deserve that spot at the school. He should have maybe started at another school before going for something so grand 🤷🏻‍♀️
Alexandria Teter
Alexandria Teter Hace 9 meses
I took drama class in Jr year of high school and we read a lot of Shakespeare lmao even a basic English class you’re gonna go through some Shakespeare plays. This dude graduated and got a tik tok and then decided he wanted to go for one of the most prestigious schools for acting over night.
Isa !
Isa ! Hace 9 meses
yeah lmao my sister is an opera singer and she has done a ton of competitions and programs and already finished her undergrad and is gonna apply for julliard after a program she is going to do in italy and everyone there is impressive as all hell it’s insane
Emily Diekemper
Emily Diekemper Hace 9 meses
He clearly had no idea what Juilliard is intended for, or how hard so many people work to just get an audition and have the experience, and then still don't get in. He never should have applied.
Gio Gio Star
Gio Gio Star Hace 9 meses
This. Honestly, the only way a person really gets in schools like this via talent alone first shot is if they were child prodigies and we're caught early enough to hone that skill. And even then...
Catlynn Hace 9 meses
Congrats to your friend for getting in! And right? There are people who spend their WHOLE LIVES trying to get in and practicing.
Dearth of Doohickey’s
Axel Webber: fails his Shakespeare audition His fans: ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH!!
Eliana Arnold
Eliana Arnold Hace 7 meses
some people: no, you’ll definitely know if you got into an arts school based off their immediate reaction meanwhile my *bass* professor after watching over my audition tape (literally with me): so, you play bass. also my professor: yeah, i’ll waitlist everyone that applied for the studio for this upcoming school year so that i get an extra month to decide and then figure it out from there!
Liddy Goon
Liddy Goon Hace 2 meses
Idk Axel but Juliard is the absolute most prestigious performing arts school that there is. Seeing all of those people spam them feels hilarious and blasphemous at the same time.
Kailand Jones
Kailand Jones Hace 5 meses
I know I'm late to the party but I do not think he was given a model career out of pity or anything. the dude comes from money and has a shit ton of connections. I think what happened was he went crying to daddy or whatever and he was gifted a couple of photoshoots as a consolation prize
Straxus Hace 9 meses
"I'm sure people think he's handsome" is probably the most backhanded way to say you think he's unattractive and I love it lol
Death Hace 5 meses
I think he's ugly but I could see other people thinking he's attractive.
Jessica Lizarraga
Jessica Lizarraga Hace 6 meses
Why is this a comment
SofiaSaysSo Hace 6 meses
@V Lo bruh what
Princess Hace 6 meses
He’s like a white Pete Wentz
plip plop
plip plop Hace 7 meses
I interpreted it more as beauty is subjective? It doesn't matter if Danny himself thinks he's good looking, he says it like that because it would only matter if people in general or others who are fans would find him to be.
Valerie Giunca
Valerie Giunca Hace 9 meses
I saw a few of your videos today and I am enjoying your wit and sense of humor. I’m glad I stumbled onto your channel. Keep it going!
Lee Hace 4 meses
“you know how the one thing i can’t do is an accent? well i did an accent 😂😂” OH AXEL! YOU ARE SO FUNNY!
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