The Axel Webber Situation 

Danny Gonzalez
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3 feb 2022






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the sad thing is that his fans 100% got him blacklisted from any acting college that he had even the slimmest chance of getting into lmao.
@npf6705 Hace un año
Sad? 😆
@@npf6705 what?
@thealmightyjack Hace un año
dud didn't have a chance of getting into any college. He didn't know what Hamlett was.
@@thealmightyjack no, he had pretty much no chance of getting into an acting college, hence the "slimmest chance" part. he probably could've gotten into a smaller college or something, with some practice, but now I think he's just... fully screwed lmao.
@vittoprince Hace un año
Axel’s attempt at getting accepted into Julliard was basically like trying to get into NASA by cosplaying as an astronaut.
@roseside7192 Hace un año
Exactly. You worded it perfectly
@deepinmythots752 Hace un año
While putting on a horribly done accent
@hardyquinn9442 Hace un año
@DuckGoesViral Hace un año
“get into NASA”
@eatmyshortsmom Hace un año
Lmfao well said 👏 🤣🤣
@ryokosmith9519 Hace un año
Imagine if Juilliard released Axels audition to clap back at the harassment and it was so bad everyone just stopped right there and then 💀
@yup7982 Hace un año
i’d love to see it though lol
@patriher8537 Hace un año
they HAVE to do that
@westanyou2756 Hace un año
@soph.c.c Hace un año
Unfortunately they do not record first-round auditions at Juilliard, and as he did not even get a first callback there would be no footage💔💔 (know this as someone who applied for acting to Juilliard as well)
@JackalopeBunny Hace un año
That would of been hilarious. I'd love to see how bad it was.
@yanyanzhang5813 Hace un año
Bruh, imagine a college getting slandered for not accepting someone who isn’t qualified.
@averylove4395 Hace un año
Can you rally for me bc I didn’t get into Harvard
@DeathnoteBB Hace un año
Lmao… welcome to customer service. People will threaten to report you to corporate for doing your job.
@yanyanzhang5813 Hace un año
@@socalbarbie1040 LOL. If that’s the level of qualification to be an actor, no wonder Bollywood is gaining traction.
@makeuupset6710 Hace un año
He’s “famous” he should be able to have anything he wants or else
@thephony1651 Hace un año
The fact that he responds to Charlie Puth’s TikTok like he’s on the phone with him is just another kind of uncomfortable
@LavroseRovender Hace un año
i know right
@izzy.___. Hace un año
I mean I feel like it’d be 10 times worse if he just sat there silently nodding to Charlie puth’s video💀
@pelinozge3639 Hace un año
I was like "sHut UP, I CANT HEAR CHARLIE!!"
@riyu3704 Hace un año
It was so frustrating
@lamibonxd Hace un año
was axel making fun of him? because i feel like it came off that way, maybe it’s only me though. i feel like it’s kinda a dick move to make fun of someone who’s trying to comfort you genuinely ??
@pearldark6026 Hace un año
The way ppl are defending his “ acting” they haven’t seen a second of is actually so crazy like “ he will win an Oscar one day “ he can’t even practice an audition let alone make it through one without changing accents like what 😭😭😭😭
@tokyoyoongi5538 Hace un año
You can tell his fans have no idea how the acting industry (or just real life) works lol.
@existed9 Hace un año
@@tokyoyoongi5538 They’re not fans they are stans. They’ve gone out of control lmao
@@tokyoyoongi5538 They expect it to work like some barbie movie where you audition for some play then a movie guy goes like “hey you good come work for us!”
@jasperjazzie Hace 6 meses
reminds me of how in videos of people lipsyncing to tv show and movie audio and the comments are all just like "you're so good at acting! you deserve an oscar! you should get your own show!" and i assume some of them are joking but also a lot of them seem dead serious lmao...like that's not even how acting works
@ellak6387 Hace 4 meses
@@jasperjazzieand will call them iconic or an icon
@mfuentes4961 Hace un año
It really grinds my gears that people had the energy to harass Juilliard for rejecting their favorite white boy of the week but no energy to actually call out Juilliard for raising their annual tuition to an egregious level DURING A PANDEMIC.
Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible LOL. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@naaztv1422 Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt ok?
@GoinGreninja Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt I'm sure this is on everyone's mind but who the hell asked?
@@GoinGreninja I’m just stating a fact. I mean have you SEEN my quality and the MONTHS I put into editing?
@samaraisnt Hace un año
That's not even on his radar cause he's literally rich. Like Danny said, his fans soak up that entitlement.
@Themonarkable Hace un año
I legit go to Juilliard and it’s been fascinating to see student’s reactions. Some people think it’s hilarious that his army of teens was bombarding Juilliard’s Instagram, and some people were just pissed that he was getting so much notoriety from not getting in and how that diminishes the efforts of those who worked so hard to get in (as Danny says “cute white boy syndrome” that makes him fail upwards). The bottom line is that he has become a meme at Juilliard, and honestly I’m glad this whole mess happened.
@milojohnson3057 Hace un año
thats sick what are you studying
@xuiiya2109 Hace un año
thats so cool! im proud of you for getting in
@cephasr6930 Hace un año
Lol I actually prepared a repertoire and everything but I realized I didn't have enough money to even fly there so I gave up. But congrats on your admission, hope you're doing well
@Oh_the_humanity Hace un año
where are YOUR 4 million followers?
@aviangillig120 Hace un año
Let's be honest here, Axel is only getting support because he's a semi-attractive, charismatic, white guy 😐
@teensithlord Hace un año
hes not attractive tbh
@albertgore7435 Hace un año
@@nicholas6081 yes
@ThisPugLife Hace un año
@@teensithlord the hair. I'm 36 and out of touch but THAT HAIR. What is it??
@mastermarkus5307 Hace un año
@@ThisPugLife THANK YOU. It's like a very high bowl cut that he keeps constantly messy.
@fluteisland Hace un año
Coming into this video, I learned: 1. Who Axel Webber is 2. What a Julliard is 3. This isn't a Drew Gooden video
@shutthefuckup4006 Hace un año
i think ik why the 3th one but idk at the same time
@soyoy8503 Hace un año
no, no im pretty sure this is drew
@stankyfish6369 Hace un año
it is drew what are you talking about
@sagejennings4342 Hace un año
What his fans also don't understand is - up until they started drama - HE COULD HAVE HAD A CHANCE NEXT YEAR.
@Jujunowagano Hace un año
So true. Like, if he had just practiced a bit more, than he could have gotten in next year!
@Rose_Darkness__ Hace un año
Litterally, they are so immature.
@mooedy Hace 8 meses
Not anymore I bet.
@huntsman9316 Hace 6 meses
Yup, no way they’ll let him anywhere near campus now.
@alienlegs498 Hace un año
Danny steadfastly refusing to age while simultaneously going grey is a total power move tbh
@Soladat Hace un año
honestly im just surprised that this guy somehow manages to always look like he's just gotten out of bed
@shoniecruz9375 Hace un año
pls i do too i dont like him but i dont see the problem😭
@inzanity490 Hace un año
I remember seeing a viral tweet where someone said he looks like the year 2008
@m.josena4485 Hace un año
But like in the best way
@peachlh6196 Hace un año
i think that’s what makes him popular, he’s really dusty looking but he’s cute enough yk?
@alicias5755 Hace un año
yeah Danny should brush his hair more
@anyanaylor Hace un año
Acting major here! The idea of auditioning for a BFA acting program (at any school but especially a place like Juilliard) and spontaneously doing an accent on one of your pieces, reciting Shakespeare without understanding the meaning, and then expecting the auditor to smile or give some indication that they liked it is INSANE. What did this man think was gonna happen?? And then all his fans felt like he was CHEATED??
@punkyjewster2350 Hace 4 meses
All the relatives used to clap when he did his little skits every thanksgiving so Hope your whole shit’s going well :)
@jemberlou Hace 4 meses
@@punkyjewster2350yeah, his mom said he would be the next Marlon Brando!!! Justice for whoever this little white boy is, I don’t remember his name. (I’m joking btw)
@JuQui228 Hace un año
What axel doesn’t tell you is that the apartment he lives in while small is in a really expensive part of Manhattan. He comes from money and this all smells like the work of an industry plant. Like how well did everything work out for him huh? Almost like a movie.
@as-h989 Hace un año
and his sister or somebody works in social media
@bubblegirl9854 Hace un año
He said it in a interview on the Kelly clarkson show
@Kwanuiuiui Hace un año
A movie he'll never be in
@emmah1161 Hace un año
What do you mean by industry plant? I'm stupid Lol
@gleamyy4452 Hace un año
@@emmah1161 an industry plant is someone who usually has a major label/management that’s doing everything for them behind the curtains and basically plants them in a secure successful position from the start playing it off as an organic growth. so knowing axel has a wealthy family while he’s playing this ‘poor boy’ persona sounds like acts from an industry plant. weird that he didn’t get accepted into jillard’s since his ‘pretending to be poor for clout’ act got everyone invested
@almundie6549 Hace un año
what's hilarious is that this kid, who didn't understand what he was reading, and then threw on a poor accent, THEN ADMITTED THAT HE BLEW THE AUDITION BECAUSE OF IT, had all this publicity about it. a good part of acting is emotion, or the lack of it in some cases, and how you project it for the character, if you don't understand what you're saying, you can't give the proper feel to it, and so you struggle to bring the character to life through you. if you can't take something that has been interpreted hundreds of times- like much of Shakespeare has been- and figure it out, you aren't ready for it, and if you do want to be, at least don't go in half cocked and change plans- there's a reason that shows have hours of practice before they're in front of an audience.
@rodgersgoat Hace un año
he said he put on a british accent
@almundie6549 Hace un año
@@rodgersgoat yeah, that was the plan change,
@jtr156 Hace un año
"I've never even opened Hamlet" So you somehow have never read the work of the most famous playwright of all time and you want to be an actor. I'm not saying you have to have even preformed Shakespeare but I feel you may have had to at least read it once. I think this kid had way too much confidence in his ability.
@animalfinatic9366 Hace un año
@heatherbland4551 Hace un año
i think its crazy that he really wanted to got acting school, admitted he had no idea what was happening in hamlet (which can be confusing its completely different language than what we speak today) but he cold have like, idk, researched and put even an ounce of effort, like look up what the lines mean and bam youve shown that you've tried at least a little bit
@redred7702 Hace un año
Ngl, the guy himself doesn’t even bother me that much personally. The biggest things that irk me out of this situation are the stan behavior and the fact that he got a fucking offer for another competitive industry because he got REJECTED from his first attempt at a competitive industry.
to people saying he's not cosplaying poverty even though his parents are rich because "rich parents doesn't mean you're rich"...that's literally still generational wealth. unless his parents are completely cutting him out for the rest of his life, it's still a safety net he can fall back on, and that's privilege. doesn't matter if he's not using their money now.
@baphomet6967 Hace un año
When does he say he is poor? When does he pretend his parents aren’t rich or that he can’t go back home? Dude just moved to New York on his own and with his own money bc that’s what his parents did and he is just vlogging it. People like you hate on him for no reason.
@georgia957 Hace un año
@@baphomet6967 he literally said I am living in my car for the experience, what experience is that , the experience that me and mother went through when she couldn't pay rent and we had to live in the car. he is playing the poor narrative and thats what sick. if he was poor and blew up and then his career downspirlaed in a year or so he most likely would be poor again however now he if this tiktok and modeling career goes wrong he has a way out of being poor. generational wealth , white boy privilege and 14 year girls as fans.
@ham4514 Hace un año
@@georgia957 I live in a third world country and i am of lower income and i think you're being a little too narrowed minded, while i definately see it as kind of exploitative to record it, there's literally nothing wrong with someone of privilege and wealth to seek out and experience working on their own 2 feet. Even if he has a net wich we literally *don't know for sure* it's still a way to reach independence , it'd be worse to stay at his home and leech off wealth to become another entitled elite who has little to no regard for understanding what lower class people have to deal with.
@georgia957 Hace un año
@@ham4514 I love that he is reaching out without using his parents money , ten times better than leeching off the money. my issue is he is playing the poor narrative for experience , that's what sick.
@@baphomet6967 you don't have to literally say "hi I am poor" to be cosplaying poverty. when you make your entire persona off of "having to budget, oh look at quirky me always going for the cheapest deals to scrape by and survive" and people cheer you on believing a rags to riches story, when in reality you have the safety net of immense generational wealth, that IS cosplaying poverty.
@emilym5743 Hace un año
dude if i were axel i’d be so embarrassed. i know he didn’t encourage this, but the fact that thousands of people are attacking a prestigious school for not accepting some guy is insane, like for all we know he could be a bad actor. tbh i wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t able to get into other schools bc of this
@Noone-wt9jz Hace un año
Apparently based on a few comments, they said that he been acting for a month It all makes sense now
Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible LOL. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@emilym5743 Hace un año
@@Noone-wt9jz a month?? yeah, no wonder he didn’t get in lmao
@@maartken5173 I was just stating a fact, Danny’s content isn’t good 🤷‍♀️ deal with it 😝 Also I REALLY want support so I’m doing anything I can to get it.
@azmilog Hace un año
the worst part of this whole situation is that he has been cosplaying as a "real" new yorker by trying to get sympathy points for having a small apartment and buying food from a street vendor... but his family is wealthy and he can probably go back whenever he likes! there are plenty of people who are stuck in poverty without a choice and he made it his aesthetic to get tiktok famous.
@bubblegirl9854 Hace un año
He said in an interview that his apartment is expensive and costs a lot. He never lied about being rich.
@anastasiao4036 Hace un año
@@bubblegirl9854 You really love defending the guy in the comments. Found the fan
@bubblegirl9854 Hace un año
@@anastasiao4036 I’m actually not a fan. I don’t even watch his channel. I just don’t like judging people without getting the whole picture. I don’t like judging people at all. It’s not my place or right to do so.
@RandomVidz690 Hace un año
@@anastasiao4036 you really love hating the guy in the comments. found the hater
@SkullyTheSkelly Hace un año
@@RandomVidz690 wait I found the drama in the replies
@katet8639 Hace un año
Stan culture is so toxic, if he gets blacklisted, it's his fans fault.
@zthecat Hace un año
Well yeah, but also his fault.
@thereallofigirl Hace un año
The funniest part is he spelled Juilliard wrong several times in the tiktok captions lmao
@whyme8762 Hace un año
@@zthecat how he told em not to attack the school 💀
@lol-gy9pj Hace un año
@@whyme8762 Did a real half-assed job at it too. Wasn’t that video the only part where he said so? He clearly does not care if they do.
@whyme8762 Hace un año
@@lol-gy9pj bruh you think he has control over people who clearly dgaf, you clearly have no common sense
@planetmars444 Hace un año
there's something so crazy about this whole situation. he's acting like the average new yorker in a tiny apartment who actually has to deal with financial issues when in reality his parents are rich and he just wanted to get the poverty experience for fun. he's a privileged little white boy who moved to new york so he could get into one of the top acting schools in the world with no experience, yet his fans are still deluded into thinking he deserved to get in, so much so that they bombarded a post that was a memorial for a woman who passed away. and in the end, he gains 3 million followers, celebrity shout outs, news articles, and a modeling contract. gotta love cute white boy syndrome.
@cloudy7971 Hace un año
Not even cute though, he looks like a knock off jacob collier except without the talent.
@cephasr6930 Hace un año
@@cloudy7971 oof XD
@aaryas.4729 Hace un año
@@animalfinatic9366 you’re being generous calling him mediocre
@yeezusreetus6080 Hace un año
exactly. and idk if this is true but someone said his rent is $1500? if your rent is that high and your situation is that shitty, unless you absolutely need to be in that exact location for whatever reason you are there by choice. there are far less expensive options to live in NYC with better facilities. get a fucking grip axel
@wavydre8547 Hace un año
Unironically, pretending to have an accent and then doing the audition without one (aka your normal voice) is low key a genius idea. First off, your audition is that much more impressive since you’re able to completely “hide” your accent AND if and when they find out you don’t actually have an accent they will be mind blown that they were bamboozled by your acting BEFORE the audition even happened.
@tonyisnotdead Hace un año
if i was one of the guys who auditioned people, i wouldn't even consider allowing someone who i suspect doesn't have an american accent onto the property
@@tonyisnotdead Why? I'm confused, lol.
@aphrodite9556 Hace 5 meses
@@tonyisnotdead what 😭 why
@erihtea0719 Hace un mes
@@tonyisnotdead weird
@demoncorejunior Hace un año
lots of enthusiastic theater kids manage to take shakespeare seriously, and they aren’t even trying to get into julliard. the fact he gave up on acting after one setback shows he’s not serious or acquainted with reality
@bwaco7004 Hace un año
acquainted with reality is my new phrase of the week, thanks
@kiarabrown2641 Hace un año
Axel didn’t tell them to attack Juilliard but he did a very piss poor, half assed job telling them to stop.
@disaceter1130 Hace un año
He was straight up giggling and we're supposed to believe he wanted them to stop...
@clsmithcs74 Hace un año
To be fair I have yet to see a young TikTok influencer actually make a good response to stuff like this or apologize in a normal way. Kids really shouldnt be allowed to manage a public profile of any kind that have a million+ followers. They definitely need a PR manager at that point. EDIT: a lot of people are interpretating this like I'm saying that because he's young he shouldn't be responsible. That's not what I mean at all. He's 22, but he's still not mature enough to know what to censor online. It's not like you learn how to handle a following of millions of people ever. People will be stupid online no matter what, he is responsible for addressing it but the actions of his followers shouldn't always been seen as an extension of his actions. (I meant kids on TikTok in general as well, 12 yr olds shouldn't be allowed to have huge followings IMO)
I hope you people know Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@reanne1924 Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt Lmaooo that has nothing to do with OPs comment💀💀
@ranglefandangles Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt yes I’m sure your gatcha-tube career is really kicking off
@louissemenoro9067 Hace un año
having no acting experience and only applying to the single most exclusive acting program in the country is the sort of tomfoolery that i didn't think actually existed
@charlesa6895 Hace un año
To expect to get into the most prestigious acting school in the world and not know a lick of Shakespeare, Hamlet no less, is a remarkably deluded POV.
@brian8152 Hace un año
@@Titanium6 " In this post, I wont edit/fix anything." "2 weeks ago (edited)
@Titanium6 Hace un año
@@brian8152 Huh?
@liv3351 Hace un año
@@Titanium6 what the hell is going on
@hannahmoses5736 Hace 9 meses
Dont they study Shakespere in the US too? In Ontario high schools you should have atleast read 4 plays by senior year so idk of its different there
I assist with a summer Shakespeare camp for kids 12+ every summer, and honestly the 15ish-year-old girl who played Puck this summer did 1000% better on that monologue than Axel. I know in that clip he was still in the early stages of practicing, but it was pretty lackluster. Shakespeare can be difficult to understand, yes, but there’s all sorts of resources available online or at the public library to help you a given play better. I’ve seen 12-year-olds understand Shakespeare well enough to perform it, and even small children in the audience can laugh at some of the sillier jokes.
@NekoNeonKat Hace un año
As someone who is a social coordinator for a company. WHOEVER RUNS THE INSTA HAS 0 CONTROL, LEAVE THEM ALONE.
@sami_irl Hace un año
For which company
@maddieb.4282 Hace un año
@@sami_irl why the fuck would they reveal that information lol
"I'm sure people think he's handsome" such a backhanded compliment lmao
@iocity9607 Hace un año
the absolute ferocity of his fans sending hate comments to a COLLEGE is terrifying.
@lachelnderhund Hace un año
Thats a sign they'll never be accepted into any college
@polinalitvina2035 Hace un año
It's absolutely wild considering like. Julliard is one of the most prestigious/selective arts universities - like, where is the energy for me not getting into harvard law smh
@logan241 Hace un año
They literally commented on a memorial post…
@ellielovegood6307 Hace un año
And like we haven’t even seen him act?
@garou9914 Hace un año
@@ellielovegood6307 all TikTokers are "actors" apparently
@rowan9884 Hace un año
the people who think axel webber genuinely deserves to get in to Juilliard are the kind of people to think its cute and quirky to put less than the bare minimum effort into their classes and then want sympathy when they fail
@daspammer5896 Hace un año
If Axel didn’t like Shakespeare he would’ve hated Juilliard, that style is practically all they focus on
@shiomicchi7247 Hace un año
I've been doing acting as a hobby for the last decade, and I can absolutely promise you that the people judging your audition will not give you any kind of reaction no matter what they think of your performance, because they have to be objective during the process and can't show favouritism. I have been rejected in so many auditions and also had a director admit to my face that I was a top choice for a certain role, and each time I had no prior inkling about the outcome because the people doing your audition will never show it on their faces, so I don't know why this kid is whining about not getting a reaction and his fans literally starting a fight with a school. Even if his audition had gone well and his performance was the best out of everyone there, he still would not have gotten a reaction. That just goes to show that maybe he's not as good at/qualified for acting as him and his fans think?? I mean I wouldn't know if he's ever claimed to be a good actor or not or whether he has experience or not because I'm not on tiktok so I'm just speculating here.
@a1ntcry1noveru Hace un año
axel is an example of peak caucasity, privilege and white entitlement rolled into one little neat parasocial relationship bow
@humanbeeing4780 Hace un año
Ah yes Obviously Everything is about race
@a1ntcry1noveru Hace un año
@@humanbeeing4780 ahh, must be nice to be you
@humanbeeing4780 Hace un año
@@a1ntcry1noveru "not everything...is racist? AgH NO ITS MAKING TOO MUCH SENSE HELP *head explodes*"
@zthecat Hace un año
This kind of reminds me of high school when you would break up with someone, and then their friends would come and harass you even though you both left on good terms, and then you'd go to your ex and be like, wtf, why are your friends doing this? and they'd be like, oh I didn't tell them to. And it's like you obviously didn't tell them NOT to. And then their friends would continue to harass you for weeks after that.
@EX3H0 Hace un año
Yeah similar but axel actually actively told them not too
@EX3H0 Hace un año
@zthecat Hace un año
@@EX3H0 I know Danny said that he doesn't want us to think Axel actively caused this to happen, butttt I disagree with him Lol I don't have any reason to think Axel expected this to happen in the start, but I think it's pretty clear he didn't want it to stop, as he did practically nothing to stop it. It's not like I think a creator is responsible for every stupid thing their fans do. But It's not like it was just something some of his stupid fans were doing, and he was trying to move on and ignore it. He was definitely playing into it by talking about it, and sharing the articles, and whatnot. And just so we're clear, I do not think him giggling about how "we can not bash Juliard. They're just doing their job" counts as him actually doing something to stop this. It's like when a child swears, and you tell them not to do that, but at the same time you're laughing, and recording a video waiting for them to do it again.
@EX3H0 Hace un año
@@zthecat Goor point, I have no argument
@CorHellekin Hace un año
weirdly specific, but yeah good analogy.
@Olivia-ek9ib Hace un año
“It’s crazy how you can get famous for _not_ doing something impressive.” Congrats Danny, you just broke TikTok down to its bare essentials 👍
Danny just described himself LOL, Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible LOL. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@maxendermen Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt lol... you're making a joke right? Danny makes great videos
@@maxendermen they’re “great” if you’re 5 maybe.. 😒 I appeal to all audiences.
@tammyteddy Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt you make gacha videos i know you ain’t talking🤨
@siriloveyou2653 Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt You... you make gacha videos
@hunkofflesh6078 Hace un año
I'm surprised you didn't even touch on the "Worlds smallest apartment" thing because there's a pretty good amount of drama about his neighbors being like "Dude I live in the same sized apartment and he's overreacting on how small it is."
@focusstudios1296 Hace un año
Is it just me or does Danny seem really savagely on point in this one, his jokes are brutal “I’m Vanilla Ice, I didn’t get into Julian’s either, but that didn’t stop me from the 20th most famous person for one month in 1995 before fading into obscurity for the rest of my life”
@MariaTex3 Hace 7 meses
I misread the year as 1959 at first and got REALLY confused for a bit.
@anthonyh8956 Hace un año
i know you were joking about canceling the dmv but we fuckin' should. waiting in line for hours for them to tell you you dont have all the paperwork is a cancelable offense.
@parkerknight8738 Hace un año
It would take too long to cancel them. You did mention you have to wait in line for hours. They’re invincible
@negligible_reality Hace 6 meses
yo i'm with you on that, the dmv needs to be cancelled asap 💀
@DirtMoss Hace un año
Conspiracy theory: He never wanted to get into Juilliard. He applied to the school to get rejected so he could make this a series on his tiktok channel, garner interest and views and gossip around the idea of “young guy gets rejected from top school” thus getting even more followers on tiktok, random advice from celebs which makes him seem “interesting”, etc etc. It’s all a ploy to just be famous for being famous like a Kardashian moment.
@Freakaz0id_ Hace un año
That could be true :0
@georgia957 Hace un año
yep he so did this, I believe this because his sister in law job is in social media , her job is to make people grow online , he took her tips , found something that would grab people attention and went along with it. he creeps me out especially him trying to act poor
@fatbunnies99 Hace un año
he's not that smart
@DirtMoss Hace un año
@@fatbunnies99 youre right tbh lmao
@fatbunnies99 Hace un año
@@DirtMoss thank you frodo
@kuh-nee-shuh8758 Hace un año
I get the feeling of detachment from reality with this guy. It's creepy
@cynthiawang874 Hace un año
"Not everyone went to a prestigious university to learn how to act. Some just have rich parents" Danny delivering BARS!
@jpecc8314 Hace un año
@leonie2070 Hace un año
@@jpecc8314 first on what??? this comment???
Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible LOL. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@jpecc8314 Hace un año
@@leonie2070 yes
@coolingrain2385 Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt Then why are you subbed to him? Also your profile pic is of Gacha so it voids your opinion
@hails97751 Hace un año
A guy with no acting experience doesn’t get into one of the most selective programs at one of the most prestigious schools? Wow I’m so shocked! /j
i’ve done theatre for 8 years now and axel clearly has no grasp on how auditions work 1) if you can’t do an accent, don’t do it 2) if you don’t understand a piece, don’t do it 3) if you haven’t read the entire play your scene is coming from or don’t intend on reading the entire play, don’t do it he legit broke all audition no nos
i come back to this video frequently because axel makes me so angry and i need to let out my anger
@connorm1181 Hace un año
I think its absolutely bewildering to me that he basically sabotaged an audition to the school that was his entire purpose for content creation in the first place
@Nuraar1 Hace 6 meses
I know I'm late, but I'm so glad someone is calling him out from a very objective standpoint. It's so annoying and frustrating when people are able to get everything they want, but the second they don't get accepted into something they clearly don't qualify for, their whole world crumbles down. It also helps that you called him out on his pretty white boy privilege, which is exactly what this is.
@devin_so_devious Hace un año
His fans were attacking a memorial post about a woman who died. And literally tried to get other students kicked out just for getting in.
@suitcassidy094 Hace un año
@kittymervine6115 Hace un año
I'm sure he's happy with all the new subscribers though...
Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible LOL. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@strooli_ Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt ok
@KillerDipped Hace 3 meses
Love learning about controversy that will never effect me because its been A Year
@carlogarcia9429 Hace un año
As someone who started acting at the age of 5, and now 18, I am still too scared to audition for a school like juilliard since i know they have really high standards; I wanted a few more years to refine my acting. But seeing Axel, someone who supposedly doesnt have any prior acting experience so i heard, audition for juilliard... just leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. Its like he sees it as a joke or something.
@ghofranelahib7353 Hace un año
just scrolling thru comments but wanted to say pls audition omg you could definitely be selling yourself short & it'd be lifechanging if u got in + u have the experience
@xuiiya2109 Hace un año
how does he expect to get into one of the most prestigious acting schools in the world without even knowing about hamlet
@picasmo103 Hace un año
Just wanted to say, modeling can actually help a lot with an acting career. My brother’s agent had him do modeling before linking him with gigs, which opened better opportunities for him down the line. It’s just a nice way for someone with virtually no connections to make some while also getting professional photos taken of them
He might not have intentionally told his fanbase to attack the university but he clearly knows what he’s doing, he has rich parents and is basically just privileged. He was going to get what he wanted regardless, Juilliard or not
@emmyn541 Hace un año
As someone who also didn’t get accepted to Juilliard it’s kinda crazy to see this Axel situation. Juilliard has an insanely small acceptance rate and most people know that when applying. There are many reasons to criticize Juilliard, like them raising tuition costs during COVID and banning students from campus when they protested against tuition increases, but I don’t get why people are upset with Juilliard because they didn’t accept Axel? Apparently he barely has any acting experience and he only spent a month learning his audition pieces.
@emmyn541 Hace un año
As for him doing an accent for his audition we’re taught NOT to do any accents. Unless you have a dialect coach most colleges want you to use your real voice.
@Tw0Dots Hace un año
Exactly! You’re SPITTING
@ItsBigChuck Hace un año
It’s a joke relax lmao
@clumsy1613 Hace un año
@@manboy4720 yeah apparently both his parents are rich asf
@AnneleenRoesems Hace un año
He seems like a nice guy and all, but the entire time, I couldn't stop looking at his hair and wondering why he would choose to have such a haircut. I'm talking about Axel btw, not Danny. I like Danny's swoosh
@mikkisridden Hace 4 meses
This is literally like a company not hiring someone who obviously isn't qualified.
@clearplains Hace un año
This video is months old but I have to say this because holy shit. I got an ad right after the "They forced me to eat my dead dog" thing and the ad started off with "A delicious journey is about to begin."
@juliashirokova8374 Hace 8 meses
this made me hiccup
@Redheadsmiles23 Hace un año
I'm just pissed people are so intense for this kid while people with insane talent but are unable to afford to go after being accepted. If they want to be mad, be mad about that.
@farahsfridge Hace un año
im jealous of dannys therapist, like imagine each week you just hear so much tea of what is happening recently
@sarahlaurent62 Hace un año
Auditioning to Juilliard without having done Shakespeare at all is kinda like appying for a math degree at Harvard and writing "PS: I don't fuck with fractions" in your application essay
@liliancore_ Hace un año
im crying lmao
@Woke_Moralist Hace un año
but what if you don't fuck with fractions?
@sarahlaurent62 Hace un año
@@Woke_Moralist Totally understandable in my book. But I doubt I have the same standards as Harvard
@kittymervine6115 Hace un año
or MIT. And my daughter got into MIT and has her PhD. I drove to see her once when I found out her math instructor was a Nobel Prize winner, and I just wanted to meet one! (nice person!). Also she shared an apartment with 4 Romanians and a Japanese student, as they were "Much more into studying than the Americans" They all just worked HARD. But they also all love science and now have jobs they love and the pay is not bad.
@@Woke_Moralist Then Mathematics may not be your ideal degree.
i cried a lot in the past 5 hours but this video, specifically at 11:05, my mood changed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
@loganlang2956 Hace un año
Hope you’re doing okay Danny❤️ we all hope life is treating you well! Please make yourself happy over us!
@Starburst514 Hace un año
The people who try for Julliard are the kids who aimed to get in since like kindergarten or middle school drama class. Like trained thier whole lives to aim to get in there, Axle just went "I want to try acting"
@Amenema Hace 6 meses
If you keep trying to avoid Juilliard rejection letters eventually they send their half- giant groundskeeper to break down your door and deliver it directly.
@katrine5880 Hace un año
Also, this guy is actually rich, he chose to live in that small apartment for the experience and he also lived in his car for the same reason. There's nothing wrong with those two things but he kinda came off as if he was like glorifying not having a lot of money since he didn't really clarify the fact that his family came from wealth. Also when his fans were harassing this college about him being rejected, they did it on a post mourning this deceased black woman, really sad and ignorant of these people.
@_mint Hace un año
The fact that Axel also said that he has NEVER been in a play before... Not even in school or anything-
@wowreacts9717 Hace un año
I came from a pretty small, poor Australian school. I didn't have the opportunity to do anything to do with the arts. so it's really not impossible for someone to want to get into acting and just not having the opportunity.
@wowreacts9717 Hace un año
idk if it's the same for this guy, but I'm just saying it's possible
@spac3chicken918 Hace un año
@@wowreacts9717 Yeah for sure there's lots of ways to get some form of experience either through drama classes, minor roles in school plays, clubs outside of school or even just watching interviews with actors about their process. Also, if you don't have any experience, DON'T EXPECT TO GET INTO JUILLIARD! I wouldn't apply for my science degree if I had never done any science before.
@wowreacts9717 Hace un año
@@spac3chicken918 yea I agree lmao. maybe a community college is his best bet ..
@sadflix8754 Hace un año
@@spac3chicken918 boutta go apply for NASA Im stupid as hell and only know that 34+34 is 77
@elderberryva9282 Hace un año
As a music student who’s been studying for over a decade and didn’t even get past the prescreenings for half of the conservatories I applied to, it physically pains me that he thought he would get into JULLIARD of all places :(
@mx.ashman7931 Hace un año
Danny’s videos are the only thing that let me get work done cause I’ve watched them so many times that I don’t have to look at it to process it and it’s always funny
@angiejeffries9986 Hace un año
Can't believe I have to say this. Please don't attack a college's when influencers don't get in. The poor kid that runs Juilliard media doesn't deserve that suffering.
“My dog died on campus and they tied me up and made me eat it” I am in tears
@pepper5103 Hace 11 meses
why does danny seem like a better actor than axel himself w/ these little skits in between commentary 💀💀
@unnamedxx Hace un año
He really just blacklisted himself from ever getting any serious acting jobs. Juilliard has like a 7% acceptance rate and his fans were really expecting someone with ZERO experience to get in.
@justine6755 Hace un año
And he picked one of the MOST overused Shakespeare monologues?! Bud you were the 100th Puck "I jest to Oberon" monologue they heard that day and you did a bad fake accent during it...OFC you didn't get in!
@localcryptid740 Hace un año
As someone who works in the arts: none of us like working with people who act and feel entitled. We've had to completely cut ties with artists because of how whiny and straight up disrespectful they were when told things they didn't like hearing. The arts community is VERY close knit among professionals, too, so once people find out you're an asshole with a massive ego who's impossible to work with, nobody will want to hire you, no matter how talented you are. So I hope this kid is having a great time digging his own grave!
@universalpower419 Hace un año
To be fair his fans blacklisted him.
Did he? I feel like it was more like his fans ruining his career, which does make me feel a bit bad for him. From what I understand, all he did was share something about his life, and then he told people to stop and they didn't...Idk, I'm not a fan of his and I guess I don't know all the details but it kinda seems like it's lowkey not his fault-
no i truly think it was his fans that blacklisted him. i really don’t understand why people thought that it was appropriate to threaten and flood the schools page like i’d be so embarrassed. i was embarrassed for him. at the end of the day, literally these ppl don’t know him and they most likely ruined shit for him.
@kayamonn3220 Hace un año
I heard of somebody once who auditioned for something like this, and the lady came out to all the people waiting to see how they did and goes “everybody who is called back has their name on this sheet of paper.”, and they all rushed up to see what it said when she taped it there, and it ended up just being a blank sheet of paper 😂
@UrMom-pt9nz Hace un año
Every time Danny posts a new video it sends me into a spiral and then I continue to re watch every video he’s ever made
@Kirby666. Hace 3 meses
I feel like Alex is getting a start. When he becomes more rich and slightly more popular he’s bound to get acting roles. But his fan base needs to chill the hell out
@SuuperCrazzy Hace un año
I ended the video directly after Danny told me to go harrass the DMV, I hope he didn’t say anything important after that
@tubahuman6433 Hace un año
It would be so awesome if Danny made more merch with his weird ass quotes like that. I would 100% wear a shirt that says “go harass the DMV now.”
@noahbartlett1296 Hace un año
This situation is way more unfair to Danny considering he wasn’t even offered an audition! This new information just shows how Juilliard is even worse than we heard!
@banjo9356 Hace un año
I think you mean Noel Miller
Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible LOL. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@AxxLAfriku Hace un año
I am the cool kid from Germany making videos for the USA and the rest of the world. I will make your day so don't say nay to me today, dear boa
@garfiend Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt cringe :flooshed:
@elah4072 Hace un año
axel doing an accent and saying that he "couldnt help it" reminded me of ross from friends when he got a teaching job at a college and faked a british accent so people would think hes cool and different
@justarlo898 Hace un año
not emily has also talked about this on her channel a couple days ago and it's really interesting to hear her pov on this as well. her frustration with the situation as a content creator of many years, who has been writing and performing her own sketches online for years, is certainly understandable. it also gives the whole conversation a much needed anker point of talking about the issue with this, not axel webber as an individual, but just how his privileges as a white guy is imbeded in this situation. idk i otherwise heard mostly white creators talk about it and there seems to be an avoidance of recoginzing that his whiteness v much has a part in this. or recognizing him as a white guy is merely a footnote. and quite frankly, it's fair enough as white commentary channels to not understand the nuances of how his whiteness in this. as a white audience member i don't understand it either. but like idk just a thought?
@justarlo898 Hace un año
it's also quite frankly wild that she was one of the first somewhat-known channels to cover it on youtube and people don't seem to have seen it or reference it (not just danny i've seen a handful of commentary channels talk about this and i understand that not emily doesn't have the audience they do but it's still really wild when it's v clearly a conversation that should include the aspect of axel and his fans' whiteness and entitlement to his success) (also i didn't mean to single out not emily. plenty of non white creators have talked about it she is simply the first person i saw talking about it and in all fairness it really did surprise me that there was no reference to her video at all.)
@noctivagus847 Hace un año
I tried to get into an acting program and got rejected. They liked my acting but I talked about liking art too much in the interview and not acting, so they doubted my level of passion. ...After they advised me to not mention acting in the pre audition workshop, bc its a given I like acting if I'm there. So where's my 4 mill followers fighting to help me, and where's modelling contract? 🙄 Oh yeah I'd have to post all that on tiktok first, but I'm too unattractive for the people and the algorithm there. Yes I'm bitter and no idc. I'm tired of people who do the bare minimum getting everything a lot of hard working people don't.
@eatmyshortsmom Hace un año
I know, life is unfair like that. You see tons of people get handsomely rewarded for either not doing shit, or being shit. Genuinely, I'm real sorry you got rejected. I hope something better comes along for you. 👍
@MightyManotaur22 Hace un año
Like most people that say they want to be an "actor," Axel doesn't want to be an actor. He wants to be famous.
@sophroniel Hace un año
"ACTING" and acting are different things. I studied Shakespearian theatre for 5 years, and didn't get into Julliard because I couldn't afford the flight to go there irl, and this was before the days of zoom.... which was kinda heartbreaking, but I'm over it, it was years ago. This guy? He's not julliard material. He's laughable. Yikes.
@advisorywarning Hace un año
They couldn’t figure out Skype?
@user-bw3tr1ku3q Hace un año
the kid just shot his shot leave him alone smh (shaking my head (my head)) my head 🙄
@maddieb.4282 Hace un año
Yeah I’m sure that’s the only reason you didn’t get into Julliard…
@negligible_reality Hace 6 meses
@@maddieb.4282 You know who ELSE didn't get into Julliard? MY MOM!!! 😎
the fact that he auditioned without knowing any Shakespeare is crazy like....as a drama student they shove Shakespeare down your throat any chance they get
@rowanw1312 Hace un año
And then he read something saying Oberon… which isn’t from Hamlet if I’m correct.
@bridgetspector6703 Hace un año
Especially the fact he said he literally didn’t know what he was saying like you’re not even gonna look up a translation then? Idk how you expect to give a convincing performance of you don’t know what you’re performing.
@rowanw1312 Hace un año
@@bridgetspector6703 I don’t have any acting experience, dont understand the material and I’m applying to one of the most competitive art schools in the world. What could go wrong?
@@bridgetspector6703 Exactly! He seems like a nice guy but to me it seems like he likes the idea of being an actor rather than having any passion for acting itself. And honestly that’s completely fine! But why would a prestigious performing arts school choose you over someone who is passionate about acting and willing to put in that work?
@gonb5434 Hace un año
heck, shakespeare is half of the english curriculum in highschools, i'm not remotely near the acting field and i've had to read them
@Tttt28882 Hace 10 meses
*As a ballet dancer (I also have another styles on my curriculum) he is lucky he at least got a letter saying he didn’t make it! Some schools/ companies’ management department is so broken they don’t even let you know it (and since the majority have a long waiting period for giving u the results, I saw pretty mentally healthy and actually great artists, who eventually did get in, dealing with severe anxiety)!! I wonder if this dude is a true/ actual performing artist, bc considering his age (he lives alone) as a pre-professional/ professional artist he would already be into these kind of stuff!*
@caranook Hace un año
I didn’t get into one of the colleges I applied for, and I didn’t get a few million fans for it! In fact, a lot of adults have not gotten into a college, I don’t get why people got so riled up over Axel.
@winterviveca5976 Hace 10 meses
I remember when I was on my second audition to insanely predtigious film school and people there showered me with compliments. And then I got a letter that said that I got 30 points while they accepted people who got 60 out of 70 lol
@daisybowen6117 Hace un año
Thank you , Daniel. This really brightened my day. Such a positive soul in t.his community and I’m proud to call myself Greg. Lots of love, Daisy and co in Wimbledon. Kiss kiss.
@Lizzie-ve7kt Hace 5 meses
Regarding the whole modeling thing, a lot of models do end up doing some sort of acting in commercials for the brands they work with and there’s a decent amount of actors and actresses who initially got their start as models so I could see him wanting to use the modeling opportunity as a stepping stone in his career. I think a lot of models look at it that way since they know modeling doesn’t last forever.
@ellic7248 Hace un año
I've never seen so many people defend such mediocrity, for lack of a better word. No hate to him because he wasn't encouraging his fans to spam Julliard, I'm just confused why millions of people expected him to get into one of the most prestigious schools with such a low acceptance rate when he had no previous acting experience.
Danny’s lazily produced content is terrible tbh. I put in WAY more effort, my content is better factually.
@mf1672 Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt ok
@user-dx2mq6lk3n Hace un año
@@queenAmenahbestvldeosonyt yo mama
@ronit1307 Hace un año
@@user-dx2mq6lk3n feels like your name and comment should be interchanged.
@akiraholland457 Hace un año
You dont even know how he acts to say he's mediocre
@kianathomas5499 Hace un año
Axel worked at the same company as me on the same team before he moved to New York. He was very wet blanket AT work and creepily turned on the charisma for the internet. I figured he would find more tiktok fame, but I didn’t think he would attempt Juilliard
i mean, who’s charismatic at work? i don’t like the guy but can’t really blame him for that
@sami_irl Hace un año
Could you explain to me what "very wet blanket" means
@lyvs9086 Hace un año
I agree that this is whole thing is crazy, unfair, and unnecessary, but I have to just say, if he wasn’t such a sweet & optimistic person (from what we’ve seen online,) I don’t think people would’ve done that for him. And I think that is the admirable part of the situation, how people have done this more so because he’s such a great person & not for anything else like looks etc.
Axel looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket
He looks like Justin Beiber who stuck his finger in a light socket
@whitefox411-gamer7 Hace un año
2:07 There actually was once a guy who received almost every masters degree possible but before he could do anything with them, drowned in a lake because he didn't know how to swim.
@franmarie0235 Hace un año
Prior to this video I felt bad for him but damn, he’s fully in the wrong. Like no acting experience and an expectation to be put in an elite program. Like I myself am an acting major and expected NOT TO GET IN even with all my experience because you just don’t behave that way
@VJ-rr5do Hace un año
One of my friends attended Juilliard for music and she has been playing violin and viola almost her entire life. Like, literally as soon as she was walking she was playing. She also worked her way up from our state's music conservatories, then another school out of state, THEN Julliard. No offense to Axel but a lot of people dedicate their lives to these arts and deserve that spot at the school. He should have maybe started at another school before going for something so grand 🤷🏻‍♀️
@catlynn7833 Hace un año
Congrats to your friend for getting in! And right? There are people who spend their WHOLE LIVES trying to get in and practicing.
@IIIGioGioStarIII Hace un año
This. Honestly, the only way a person really gets in schools like this via talent alone first shot is if they were child prodigies and we're caught early enough to hone that skill. And even then...
@emilydiekemper3161 Hace un año
He clearly had no idea what Juilliard is intended for, or how hard so many people work to just get an audition and have the experience, and then still don't get in. He never should have applied.
@isa6281 Hace un año
yeah lmao my sister is an opera singer and she has done a ton of competitions and programs and already finished her undergrad and is gonna apply for julliard after a program she is going to do in italy and everyone there is impressive as all hell it’s insane
@alexmacc2469 Hace un año
I took drama class in Jr year of high school and we read a lot of Shakespeare lmao even a basic English class you’re gonna go through some Shakespeare plays. This dude graduated and got a tik tok and then decided he wanted to go for one of the most prestigious schools for acting over night.
@valeriegiunca6018 Hace un año
I saw a few of your videos today and I am enjoying your wit and sense of humor. I’m glad I stumbled onto your channel. Keep it going!
@AndrewBerube41 Hace un año
It's like the opposite of Harry Potter, rejection letters just flying through the mail slot LMAO 🤣
bro had his whole life handed to him once a college rejected him