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The Babysitter Official Trailer #1 (2017) Bella Thorne Netflix Horror Comedy Movie HD

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The Babysitter Trailer 1 (2017) Bella Thorne Netflix Horror Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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3 oct 2017

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Comentarios 8 268
Un om
Un om Hace 22 horas
It was a intersting movie.
hina kobayashi
hina kobayashi Hace 4 días
i thought this genre died with the scary movies franchise...sigh...only cabin in the woods did this genre justice
kelly petersen
kelly petersen Hace 5 días
This movie helped me beat up a rapist
Chief Galifrey
Chief Galifrey Hace 8 días
i think bee really looks like regina george isn't she?
Isaiahs gaming channle and more
holy shit I love this movie and ik all the people who play in it
Skycrusher Hace 13 días
Getting shot by a handgun does not cause you to go flying back against the wall Idiots.
Дмитриј Јаценковић
01:18 Nobody messes with Sonya! XD
SS.SABRINA nuval Hace 21 un día
wait is the black guy a viner??
Recoiling Cobra55
Recoiling Cobra55 Hace 22 días
this film is hella trash
Vishal Thorat
Vishal Thorat Hace 22 días
Fuck you
ATHENA Darklord
ATHENA Darklord Hace 23 días
I just came for king Bach 💸💸
Dhammapal Bhade
Dhammapal Bhade Hace 23 días
Xxiv j HP lo
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik Hace 25 días
Kelly N
Kelly N Hace 25 días
Omg i came back cause I didn't knew King Bach was here when i first watched it lmao
Stefan Marstrander
Stefan Marstrander Hace un mes
I just love the Bee and Cole characters in this movie. There dialog and scenes together works. I just feel this movie had a little bit of 80s touch over it. Samara Weaving is the highlight of the movie for me, but the kid is also awesome and reminds me of great 80s movie kids.
Hugo Ibarra
Hugo Ibarra Hace un mes
Love you
Hugo Ibarra
Hugo Ibarra Hace un mes
Iam bella thorne
wasim dxd
wasim dxd Hace un mes
All foreigners girl are slut even in our India also have ( stars )
Kika Kollarova
Kika Kollarova Hace un mes
The biggest bullshit i've ever seen. Had to stop it cause I wanted to puke
Tom Hace un mes
Another stupid ass trailer, showing major spoilers, so nobody has to watch the movie. Seriously, fuck the editor who made this. How can anybody be so fucking bad at their job that they make trailers that make people not want to see a movie? Why is Hollywood so full of these clowns, is it nepotism or something? Seems to be what's destroying every other creative field.
davonte moore
davonte moore Hace un mes
What the hell you wearing? Look like big bird side bitch lmao
Murad İsayev
Murad İsayev Hace un mes
10000 subscriber with one hyperlapse challenge
This is fucked up .I'm going to watch porn now ! Bullshit
Bhagya Patel
Bhagya Patel Hace un mes
Why Is He Shirtless..?🤣🤣
As An
As An Hace un mes
Love this movie
Sanjay Thakor
Sanjay Thakor Hace un mes
Hindi dubbed
drifting R
drifting R Hace un mes
Kingbatch is the best
Andre A. Xavier
Andre A. Xavier Hace un mes
This movie is so bad!
Islamic Finder
Islamic Finder Hace un mes
what is this
Oscar T
Oscar T Hace un mes
Move its Garbage 🗑 actors Are Awesome
Ahmad Zaleb
Ahmad Zaleb Hace un mes
i hate horror-comedy movies
Khally blaise
Khally blaise Hace un mes
ゴ It was me, ToasterGuy! ゴ
Of course it's a movie about a girl who's trying to be badass
kicker k
kicker k Hace un mes
Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun Hace un mes
My kind of movie
Janmejay Rathore
Janmejay Rathore Hace un mes
Inspired from Alex Clark
Jaylese Cyr
Jaylese Cyr Hace un mes
I love this movie Bella thorne *gets shoot in the boob* Me omfg
KK Hagerty
KK Hagerty Hace 2 meses
This actually looks fun as fuck
GamingXpress HD
GamingXpress HD Hace 2 meses
King Bach just makes this movie alive
Armando Banuelos
Armando Banuelos Hace 2 meses
This looks more funny than scary
Saumendu Dutta
Saumendu Dutta Hace 2 meses
fuck off all this actresses I WILL RIP THEM ALL
Kwthar debbarma
Kwthar debbarma Hace 2 meses
what if the child is a ninja assassin.
Ariana Grande is mah quee
1:03 oemge its da quiet girl from pitch perfectttt
Kookie 7289
Kookie 7289 Hace 2 meses
Who came here after watching the movie?
John Earl Kaller
John Earl Kaller Hace 2 meses
yuck blood
Brandon Seto
Brandon Seto Hace 2 meses
0:23 I actually had that clock
MijAdrian Hace 2 meses
Omg lily from pitch perfect
brandon gray
brandon gray Hace 2 meses
Wake up people they tryna make black magic and human sacrifice look like its normal, total bs. They just brainwashing us don’t fall for it
Echø¿ Hace 2 meses
if king bach is here....im watching this is jack out my penis ultill my lotion is gone
Juda {}
Juda {} Hace 2 meses
When i saw this i wacht the movie
ahmadksa 999
ahmadksa 999 Hace 2 meses
I watched the Movie The movie is Diyeem diiiyime dieeiiim These movies or not making movies 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Im Nobody
Im Nobody Hace 2 meses
King bach
Wayne BM
Wayne BM Hace 2 meses
Dafuq did I just watch?
Luke446 Hace 2 meses
Who else searched up da baby baby sitter
Trinity Perez
Trinity Perez Hace 2 meses
I've already watched it on Netflix
Marshal Gonnakillme
Marshal Gonnakillme Hace 2 meses
King bach🤔🤔🤔😞 what the fuck
RM _Azeract YT
RM _Azeract YT Hace 2 meses
Wait is that king bach
Chelsea Jones
Chelsea Jones Hace 2 meses
This kid was the stupidest little fu let in movie history
Angela Hinz
Angela Hinz Hace 2 meses
I'm actually seen this it's funny
Lachy's Fishing
Lachy's Fishing Hace 2 meses
Thank God I watched the movie first, this trailer spoils the entire thing
What kind of dick shoot a girl in the boob
Sugar Bae
Sugar Bae Hace 2 meses
Samara Weaving in "Attention" is hot, i watched this film bcuz of her... And after finished yeahhhhhhh she hot as hell
Khing Xander Bugaoan
Got Shot On The Boob
Manish Suriyal
Manish Suriyal Hace 2 meses
mine fav horror action❤️
Hot_spot 1
Hot_spot 1 Hace 2 meses
Hahaha, why he shirtless
Filippos Onisiforou
Filippos Onisiforou Hace 3 meses
0:16 Iam typing this with one hand
TMɛʟɛքʟǟռt Hace 3 meses
I like the other "naughty" not this sh*t😑
Omar Marrar
Omar Marrar Hace 3 meses
shooketh Hace 3 meses
King Bach
OnLy FaCts
OnLy FaCts Hace 3 meses
0:30 Daaaaam!
Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy
Home town sausage Curry. That's what quick look up.
joseph show
joseph show Hace 3 meses
stupid horror film
jacob skylar
jacob skylar Hace 3 meses
King beach what upp
saad khan
saad khan Hace 3 meses
Image how scary it would be running from a group of crazy teens. AS A KID!
403 Forbidden
403 Forbidden Hace 3 meses
why do people think movies like this are cool?
Socrates Hace 3 meses
No one thinks this is cool it's funny
Enzo Kotori
Enzo Kotori Hace 3 meses
Very bad
s 8
s 8 Hace 3 meses
Wait, wth...
Miranda Panda
Miranda Panda Hace 3 meses
I actually liked this movie haha!!
Native Pride
Native Pride Hace 3 meses
Pause 1:12 🤤👌
সাথী আক্তার
beautiful video
Serkan Özdamir
Serkan Özdamir Hace 3 meses
Türk yokmu hamınakoyim filmin türkce ismini sorak. Irkını siktigmin gavurları insan türkce ismini yazar.
Alexandra Trella
Alexandra Trella Hace 3 meses
This looks amazing
Summer Loading
Summer Loading Hace 3 meses
What the fuck?
NAZMUL HASAN Hace 3 meses
King Bach
1:46 😂😂😂
길동 Hace un mes
That was my favorite part
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar Hace 3 meses
Kill that bitch 😝
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar Hace 3 meses
King bach 😂😂
Gïtu Gacha
Gïtu Gacha Hace 3 meses
I've watched this. It's horrifying.
Gïtu Gacha
Gïtu Gacha Hace 3 meses
Alexandra Trella ikr
Gïtu Gacha
Gïtu Gacha Hace 3 meses
poo die it's.............ok. I mean it's kinda scary, but it's classified as a horror film so.
poo die
poo die Hace 3 meses
u mean its good or bad?
Alexandra Trella
Alexandra Trella Hace 3 meses
I know omg
Joseph Dunnam
Joseph Dunnam Hace 3 meses
LIVEGAMING YT Hace 3 meses
King back is there!
Brendan Kenehan
Brendan Kenehan Hace 3 meses
I liked this movie, ngl
You_know_ nothing
You_know_ nothing Hace 3 meses
Wow the dyslexia girl is in this?!
super block
super block Hace 3 meses
What the fuck king batch was their
CARLXY 2944 Hace 3 meses
Lo amo sto film
Jenifer Rettig
Jenifer Rettig Hace 3 meses
Is this comedy horror
Cn P
Cn P Hace 3 meses
Samara weavings and margot Robbie doppelgänger ????
Mr Infinity Gaming
Mr Infinity Gaming Hace 3 meses
King beach fans where y'all at lol
Zach Unlimited
Zach Unlimited Hace 3 meses
2:02 "Fortnite better than Apex Legends"
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