The best cheese for pizza

Adam Ragusea
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Fresh mozzarella, whole-milk low-moisture, part-skim low-moisture, and pre-shredded mozz - we put them all to the test. Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video! Go to Squarespace.com for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to squarespace.com/ragusea and add code “RAGUSEA" at checkout to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.
Dr. John Lucey at the University of Wisconsin, Madison: foodsci.wisc.edu/faculty/lucey/
2014 study showing why mozzarella is the best cheese for pizza (not free): onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/1750-3841.12540
Good supplemental reading on different mozzarella types (not free): www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B978008100596500679X
Photo of man in Wisconsin cheesehead hat, used under Creative Commons license: www.flickr.com/photos/jjandames/8569150934






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Pang Hace 2 horas
I kinda thought the pre-shredded cheese pizza looked the most appetizing
evilreddog Hace 13 horas
Mix Gouda with mozzarella. or just Gouda. Gouda is the best cheese for anything
Joseph Gibbons
Joseph Gibbons Hace 18 horas
Old Forge, PA......square tray, 12 cuts and yes, American cheese.
The Macleod
The Macleod Hace 18 horas
cheese curds are not required for poutine. I don't know why people think this. It's just not true, "authentic" doesn't equal good. people who don't like mozzarella on poutine are confirmed hosers.
Mitochondria C
Mitochondria C Hace un día
You can also make your own cheese, which is much easier than it sounds
Muczkapl Hace un día
The best pizza cheese is pinapple ofcourse. Case closed, next vid
Ishla Corrin
Ishla Corrin Hace un día
Meanwhile in Australia we use a blend of Motz, Cheddar and Parmesan that tastes so much better than just motz.
David Waldeck
David Waldeck Hace un día
BJs sells 32oz bags of shredded whole milk Galbani.
Insanity Hace 2 días
Polly-o more like pollio haha very funny dark jole hahahahahaha very funny
Future Mapping
Future Mapping Hace 2 días
That thumbnail just made me think you were gonna try and convince me that both marshmallows and butter were the best cheese for pizza.
Shaquille O’Neal
Shaquille O’Neal Hace 2 días
0:46 I thought he was gonna call himself a cheese expert or something
Henry T.
Henry T. Hace 3 días
It's Wih-sconsin not Whiz-consin (from a midwesterner).
Henry T.
Henry T. Hace 2 días
Josh Peanasky whiz is worse of the two. Just like Ellinois or Illinoiz.
Josh Peanasky
Josh Peanasky Hace 2 días
Exactly. Not sure what bothers me more though, "whiz"consin, or "wes"consin.
Bittles The cookie aka Cait Cat Skull
The Irishman talking about cheese: Me: I need to meat him and talk about cheese
Kliolile Hace 4 días
Woah, 4:05 Lakeland FL, I live there in Kathleen.
ShERRIf Woudi
ShERRIf Woudi Hace 4 días
Juust throw water, flour and cheese to the oven and stop worrying
Michael Prozonic
Michael Prozonic Hace 4 días
we make a lot of New York and pan pizza and almost always use Galbani WMLM Mozzarella that is available in ball form designed for shredding at our grocery store. I think this has the flavor that is closest to US pizzeria style and I was trained by a guy who paid for his college by working in a pizza shop. The pre shredded stuff is all crap
JermZ Hace 4 días
nobody: Adam: *fresh motz*
DeAznBoi111 Hace 4 días
The one thing I did learn was that pizza restaurants and makers have a special pizza forum that looks like it was made in 2009 and kept that way 😂
Mark Lozano
Mark Lozano Hace 4 días
Marshmallow or foam block
S. Smith
S. Smith Hace 5 días
Deli-sliced provolone as thin as they can slice it works great for browning and can at least stretch a little. It's only when you have thick slices or shredded provolone that oil becomes a problem. I'm talking about getting it cut so thin you ask them to leave the paper separators out because they weigh almost as much as the cheese when they weigh it for price. I like to make sure to line the edges of the crust of whatever pizza I make, as it browns well enough to get an amazing crunch with really good flavor.
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy Hace 5 días
Adam, love the channel, but please. it's WISconsin not WIZconsin
Jared Cotterman
Jared Cotterman Hace 5 días
The publix I go to has Galbani Whole milk mozz in 1 lb blocks. I used to use the boars head but this is cheaper and just as good.
Jep Hep
Jep Hep Hace 6 días
If you don’t have access to low moisture I’d recommend melting normal mozzarella in a small pan and adding a tiny bit of vinegar, one it’s melted down turn off the heat and work it back into itself until you have a much drier but similar looking ball of mozz. You still can’t grate it in my experience but it’s a pretty good sub if you chop it up
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres Hace 6 días
Eat your cereal
Pazzu Bull
Pazzu Bull Hace 6 días
Great video, thank you
fat_weeb Hace 7 días
Why is the cheese on the pizza orange
the eighth survivor
the eighth survivor Hace 4 días
color grading and lighting
Kellan O'Rourke
Kellan O'Rourke Hace 8 días
Ive found that costco buisness center sells a 6lb block of whole milk low moisture motzerella.
Grandoko Hace 8 días
stop saying motz
monobg antonina
monobg antonina Hace 8 días
Use kashkaval
Doug D
Doug D Hace 8 días
you want a pizza me?
I just buy the cheapest mozzarella or tasty cheddar cheese usually shredded because I'm lazy and don't like extra washing with chopping block cheese
Audrey the Unicorn
Audrey the Unicorn Hace 10 días
I dont know why but it bothers me when he says "motz" instead of mozzarella
CapeTown002 Hace 10 días
Excellent breakdown of the facts. Thank you Adam. Thank you Professor. Lucid presentation all round.
Faithin Verity
Faithin Verity Hace 10 días
Or, you could grow up and use Monterey Jack.
Evan Jefferson
Evan Jefferson Hace 10 días
This is the Good Eats of ESvid
Justin Hace 10 días
just buy the 7.5 lbs. problem solved. pizza all week
Ludwig Ziffer
Ludwig Ziffer Hace 10 días
I've actually found such "medium moisture" cheese now and I gotta say, I love it. Yeah, it rises in the oven and it spills over, but I love that spilled-over cheese, which gets nice and brown and crispy and wraps around the edge. And I've never had a problem with my pizza coming out too wet, but that might be because I'm using it for pan pizza and not New York-style.
S3lvah Hace 11 días
The question for many with low-moisture mozz unavailable to them: Low-moisture non-mozzarella cheese vs. fresh mozzarella? We use block cheddar as the base cheese of our homemade pizza, and slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella as a common topping. Yeah, the cheddar doesn't brown as well, but it has nice flavor.
spaghetti dude
spaghetti dude Hace 12 días
Only fresh buffalo mozarella for me...
Normalhuman78 -
Normalhuman78 - Hace 13 días
Best kind is string cheese
Loco _
Loco _ Hace 13 días
So funny how all these americans have no clue what good cheese is... all those cheeses you guys use except GOOD FRESH mozzarella or a good swiss grueyere a are all crap..
DNV970 & Raze
DNV970 & Raze Hace 13 días
Adam, please tell me you've come to Naples at least once! If not, I'll let you eat a real neapolitan pizza and a REAL fresh mozzarella (and yes, the best mozzarella, here, is buffalo mozzarella). Really thought, think about it, after the Coronavirus thing ahhaha Saluti da Napoli! 🇮🇹
Redevil26SD Hace 14 días
i cant be the only person who thought the cheese on the thumbnail was a marshmallow...
Holc Tomaž
Holc Tomaž Hace 14 días
I love how he talks about Macon like a tiny town, but it has 160000 people. That is slightly less then the capital of my country. And i live in a town of 15000
Big_ Bumpis
Big_ Bumpis Hace 14 días
6.00 min: Italian pizzolo reddit boards lmfao!
Big_ Bumpis
Big_ Bumpis Hace 14 días
Go trump, f n words! - obviously sike! Joking! It’s a joke..
neversparky Hace 15 días
With how the anti-caking mix ends up drying up the pizza, could it possibly be used to mitigate the effects of the cheese with too high a moisture?
John-Del Hace 13 días
Funny you should ask. I always buy a bricks of low moisture full fat mozzerella but don't shred it: I cut it thinly and cover the pizza like my mom and grandmother always did. Last time I made pizza, I used a bag of pre shredded mozz to cover the gaps between the sliced cheese. Through this video, I found out why my last batch burned on top. I thought I had the rack incorrect. Anyway, one of the pizzas I made (I always make 6 at a shot) had fresh mozzerella we didn't finish for a salad, and we still got the burning on that pizza as well because I supplemented the fresh high moisture mozz with the bagged shredded. Lesson: don't use pre shredded!!
Betty Pickle
Betty Pickle Hace 15 días
I find whole milk motz at walmart in dairy case hills farm brand ;-)
F1RC St0Rmzyy
F1RC St0Rmzyy Hace 15 días
Why not use the dough as a cheese?
Kron Hace 16 días
2:02 and I thought to myself, "that looks pretty good"...
Cruhl Hace 16 días
Hmm. Ive always used fresh mozzarella and ive never gotten a soggy pizza. Maybe soupy on top, but never soggy.
Gt4 gamez
Gt4 gamez Hace 16 días
What company calls themselves a disease poly-o and polio see the connection 😂🤣😃
Bryson Sowards
Bryson Sowards Hace 16 días
Pizza mozza-RELLA! Pizza mozza-RELLA! Rella rella rella rella rella rella
Mongolicious Hace 16 días
That guy reminds me of Jordan Peterson
blob Hace 16 días
bruh that irish dude looks like old felix ngl
Anas Hussain
Anas Hussain Hace 17 días
Try using the galbani low moisture whole milk motz it’s the one i use I think it’s better than the Walmart one
Doctor Bloempot
Doctor Bloempot Hace 17 días
3:04 what are these ovens called i've been looking for one of these forever
Nekros Hace 18 días
Whole Foods 365 brand makes great a great pre-shredded part-skim mozzarella, if you're into that. I found that the more expensive, courses shredded cheeses tend to have less of the anti-caking agent. Works verysimilarly to cheese I have shredded myself. I love great pizza, but most days the convenience wins.
Nekros Hace 18 días
Huzzah !
Huzzah ! Hace 18 días
Polly-O Headquarters: Employee: Mr, we have another interview request from... CEO: Is it Ragusea again? Employee: yes. CEO: GOD IT'S JUST CHEESE! This is only a joke.
Loris Brussato
Loris Brussato Hace 3 días
Huzzah ! 😂
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 19 días
ST LOUIS BABYYYYYYY use the provel or provolone.
CreepCS Hace 19 días
Sacred Kia
Sacred Kia Hace 20 días
I can only use part skim low moisture mozzarella in my city, it's not the worst but it tastes not as good.
chuckles de clown
chuckles de clown Hace 20 días
he adam, do you have lucerne brand in your stores, they make a WMLM cheese, they make it in 16 oz blocks too, heres a safeway link, maybe you can get some in your area or delivery: www.safeway.com/shop/product-details.137050332.html
michael timmer
michael timmer Hace 21 un día
Dominos has a monopoly on pizza cheese and probably pay businesses to keep it off the shelves
michael timmer
michael timmer Hace 21 un día
Any pizza with a red color on top is a no go for me
FABIO VITI Hace 21 un día
Fior di latte
I279ASD2O7 Hace 21 un día
dick cheese
Scotchgod Hace 21 un día
Try Gouda cheese on pizza. It melts perfectly, doesn't make it soggy and tastes delicious 🍴😊👍
Elijah [REDACTED] Hace 23 días
Mozzarella and meunster
Captain Spider
Captain Spider Hace 23 días
You look like hideo kojima if he was a chef
Ethan Horsfall
Ethan Horsfall Hace 23 días
God this is what youtube has come to, "the best cheese for pizza"
Notedeath30 Hace 24 días
Is it possible to get a video explaining how to make low moisture mozzarella
Rohan Jansen
Rohan Jansen Hace 25 días
Pizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella rella rella rella rella rell re
Testacorsa Hace 25 días
Mozz?! Please don´t :)
psionx1 Hace 25 días
I've made plenty of good pizza with full moisture mozzarella the tricks are to freeze it before shredding and you need to partially pre-cook the dough a little before adding the sauce and cheese. also if your using the pre-shreded stuff you'll likely need a longer cook time at a lower temperature. then again I think a mozzerella provolone combo is easier to use if you want fast results.
Razzer XD
Razzer XD Hace 26 días
So scientific food video
Mitchem Anderson
Mitchem Anderson Hace 26 días
please stop saying "motz", my italian mother is worried.
Loris Brussato
Loris Brussato Hace 3 días
I’d say it’s fine he doesn’t want the mozzarella monster to appear in his room if he says mozzarella three times
Stranger Happened
Stranger Happened Hace 7 días
He is saying "mozz", so should be forgiven. ;)))
Barot8 Hace 27 días
Is it me or are there some audio problems on this vid?
ChronicRaging Hace 27 días
Which is the best cheese, marshmallow or Mr Clean Magic Eraser?
Ceater Hace 27 días
I live less then 5 miles from grande lmao
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