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Nope, its not Ashton Kutcher, It's Kevin Malone!
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9 sep 2017






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mam362 Hace un hora
its probably the thing i do best
Izzy M
Izzy M Hace 8 horas
you can’t eat cats.... you can’t eat cats kevin
Drew Gallinoto
Drew Gallinoto Hace 12 horas
The best scene is when holly flipped off the world and Kevin said “right back at you bitch”
Jeffrey Meeks
Jeffrey Meeks Hace 23 horas
Kevin is like that annoyingly stupid friend who says random stuff but means well and has a heart of gold.
Mario G
Mario G Hace 23 horas
And that’s Dallas
Guacamole Goddess
Guacamole Goddess Hace un día
3:21 Thank me later
Guacamole Goddess
Guacamole Goddess Hace un día
Ok why would I literally eat a staples salad
VOLD GAMER Hace un día
8:08 now that was smart
Cørrado LeBlanc
Cørrado LeBlanc Hace un día
And that's _Dallas_ !
Deathbat Ruler
Deathbat Ruler Hace un día
Mahfujur Aorka
Mahfujur Aorka Hace 2 días
Kevin is undoubtedly cuter than Pam
Sudhanshu Shukla
Sudhanshu Shukla Hace 2 días
Opening scene ❤️
BabyKangaroo Joey
BabyKangaroo Joey Hace 2 días
My Maid Died Bruh.
Parth Hace 2 días
You cant eat cats!!! He had to say that twice just to remind him
Parth Hace 2 días
“I’m not pervert! No offense, Oscar?” Where is this scene???
Parth Hace 2 días
Alison Dye
Alison Dye Hace 3 días
8:15 That is actually genius
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Hace 3 días
Kevin is hands down the funniest character
Travis Mitchell
Travis Mitchell Hace 4 días
7:55 When your mom asks what you want for dinner, and doesn’t feel like cooking, and you realize she means McDonald’s or Burger King
nano 666
nano 666 Hace 5 días
You cant eat cats kevin
Edward Prawdzik
Edward Prawdzik Hace 5 días
I had trouble transferring calls at work too. Haha
vol Rogue
vol Rogue Hace 6 días
When Ashton Kutcher winked at me, I became lost
Tama negii
Tama negii Hace 9 días
"It will shred a CREDIT CARD." *inserts credit card* "It will shred- OH"
Rachel Ross
Rachel Ross Hace 10 días
Jason King
Jason King Hace 10 días
Maybe some spaaaghetti
HelloSatan Hace 11 días
I always feel so bad for Kevin when he spills the chilli
Casey Schwicht
Casey Schwicht Hace 10 días
Bongolethu Roto
Bongolethu Roto Hace 11 días
Aidan Willis
Aidan Willis Hace 12 días
My name is Kevin That is my name They call me Kevin Cause that’s my name Roll call
nizcomix Hace 12 días
i was so sad in the chili scene
lokeymexican Hace 12 días
They call me Kevin That is my name They call me Kevin Cuzz that's my name
SkoomaDesu Hace 14 días
Arkangel Hace 14 días
"I think you do Mon..." Dead 😭
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog Hace 15 días
5:22 Stanley's face is priceless
DS K Hace 15 días
Thats a button - Holly
Apollomasque Hace 15 días
I enjoy Kevin's relationship with Oscar. They work well together and Oscar gets that Kevin is more or less a well-meaning dullard who rarely intends to be malicious. From anyone else, that "Gaycation" line would be an obnoxious snipe. But Oscar gets that from Kevin, it's just a dumb joke that he hoped to impress his friend with.
Ryan Hernandez
Ryan Hernandez Hace 15 días
Mikkel Lorentzen
Mikkel Lorentzen Hace 15 días
Hey! Right back atcha betch!
Jonas K
Jonas K Hace 16 días
Tom Hanks in the Office?!
Maritza Alvarez
Maritza Alvarez Hace 16 días
Dwight: Who wrote this, this hysterical one, "anal fissures" Kevin: That's a real thing Dwight: Yes but no one here has it .... Kevin: Someone has it *silence*
John Hace 17 días
Man I should have gotten some food Maybe so spaghetta
NastyNard Hace 18 días
7:05 My favorite joke Kevin ever made on The Office 😂😂😂
Derpy Marshtomp
Derpy Marshtomp Hace 18 días
Kevin putting lettuce in the shredder is actually really clever
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta Hace 18 días
I can just keep watching The chilli scene again and again
Show J
Show J Hace 18 días
Dwight: What are you doing? Kevin: I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket, in a blanket.
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Hace 20 días
4:07 made me feel so sad for Andy
One True Vikingbard
One True Vikingbard Hace 21 un día
People: later seasons made Kevin look stupid. He just pretends to be dumb but is actually really smart. Explain 2:27
Zach Calin
Zach Calin Hace 22 días
Should've included the scene when Kevin said he always sets the thermostat to 69°
The Shark Man 516
The Shark Man 516 Hace 23 días
I love Jim and Kevin’s bromance
B V Hace 23 días
Ashton koocher
PvtMadnage - [Bro. Matthew]
- creedthoughtsgovwwwcreedthoughts.com/
Sans The Human
Sans The Human Hace 24 días
I actually feel sorry for that chilli
Two Seasons
Two Seasons Hace 24 días
3:20 his nickname in high school was Kool-aid Man! Lol!
Picture of a Muffin With pants
“I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket,...... In a blanket”
Man_Kevin Guy
Man_Kevin Guy Hace 25 días
I just want to lie on the beach and eat hotdogs. -Kevin
Kevin Malone.... Nivek Enolam.... Kevin’s alter-ego, from Croatia
GeorgeMonet Hace 28 días
I learned how to transfer a call by watching The Office...
ixnine Hace un mes
Kevin: Huge difference, a painting can be beautiful, but I don't want to bang a painting
Bullet GT
Bullet GT Hace un mes
Well lets see...50... that's a button
Mobile God
Mobile God Hace un mes
Maybe some spaghetti
Kryestoral Hace un mes
*but man, my dogs are barking.*
ella uwu
ella uwu Hace un mes
yeah guys, it’s kevin malone. he’s equally handsome, equally smart.
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