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Nope, its not Ashton Kutcher, It's Kevin Malone!
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9 sep 2017






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Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson Hace 13 horas
7:44 ... Almost lost it!
Saketh P.
Saketh P. Hace 15 horas
"Nope, it's not Ashton Kutcher! It's Kevin Malone. Equally handsome, equally smart." -Ashton Kutcher
TouchedBigfoot8 Hace 20 horas
4:45 Best Kevin scene ever
Crosscut Filming
Crosscut Filming Hace un día
Dwight's face at 4:25 lol
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Hace un día
The video buffered as he started to drop the chili. I'm not even lying.
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Hace un día
Kevin going red in the face keeping Oscar's secret from Angela when starts talking about her husband being worn out, backing up as hard as he can and ordering a little Mexican in and then finally yelling "It's too much!!!" and running away is one of my favorite scenes.
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Hace un día
Kevin telling the state senator to his face, with Angela and Carlos present, that he sucked and was just using everyone who cared about him for personal gain, in between complimenting him on the food was a brilliant scene. Big Kev has to keep it real.
Moon Queen
Moon Queen Hace un día
Kevin always cracks me up. Dude is sooo funny😂😂😂........though occasionally creepy.
karthikeyan mg
karthikeyan mg Hace un día
I'm pretty sure if there was one scene where Kevin became emotional or cried, I would cry!!! Chilli scene was sad!!!
Devil Tran
Devil Tran Hace 2 días
0:11 top 10 sad anime ever
Asian Seasoning
Asian Seasoning Hace 2 días
I feel so bad
Joe Welch
Joe Welch Hace 2 días
“I can’t decide between a fat joke and a dumb joke, Boom Roasted!” -Michael Scott
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone Hace 3 días
Kool aid man has no time for shenanigans, I have to get back to shredding my credits and cleaning the chili stains
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone Hace 3 días
Wow so hot
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone Hace 3 días
Kevin notice me
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone Hace 3 días
Wow Kevin you’re so smart
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone Hace 3 días
Haha Kevin you’re so funny
Ashton Roulston
Ashton Roulston Hace 4 días
I’d relate to Kevin the most
CfWhirlwind Hace 4 días
Love how Kevin was willing to back up jim😂
Darky Hace 4 días
Some say whenever Kevin smiles everyone who beholds this sign has their life prolonged by 10 years
Jeb Prendergast
Jeb Prendergast Hace 5 días
“I have to go to the bathroom!”
The Wild Child
The Wild Child Hace 6 días
"how was your gaycation?"
Joe Mama2
Joe Mama2 Hace 6 días
I love his laugh😅😅😅
ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴏᴍ ɪs ᴍʏ ᴅᴀᴅ
“What do you want to be when you’re older?” Me: 1:06
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers Hace 7 días
“My maid died.”
Daood Zafar
Daood Zafar Hace 8 días
Wait hold up, you think I’m retarded?
Daood Zafar
Daood Zafar Hace 8 días
when he keeps talking about the chilli after it dropped I was choking
FL4K Hace 8 días
“Where’d you get that Salad?” “Staples.”
Maisie ;–;
Maisie ;–; Hace 10 días
The non-verbal sounds Kevin makes when he drops the chile are absolute GOLD
Conner Stoneburner
Conner Stoneburner Hace 10 días
Kevin got dumber over the years lol
denisse chuco
denisse chuco Hace 10 días
Kevin is the cutest ❤
Bodhi Hines
Bodhi Hines Hace 11 días
8:21 is the “you can’t eat cats, Kevin” you’re welc
Angel De Grato
Angel De Grato Hace 12 días
Maisie ;–;
Maisie ;–; Hace 10 días
Me too my faves are Dwight and Kevin oh and Michael obviously
Supreet Nadulakeri
Supreet Nadulakeri Hace 12 días
Kevins voice crack🤣 2:20
Gil Hace 13 días
No scene when Kevin bested Oscar in the quiz tournament?
Vedika Lalwani
Vedika Lalwani Hace 14 días
I love him so much🥺🥺
Carlos Andrés Rocha Ruíz
Kevin explaining in voice in off how to make the chilli while the disaster happens hahahaha
Kevin Malone's son
Kevin Malone's son Hace 14 días
My papa always drop chili. Ruby always eats it anyways tho.
Surya Prakash
Surya Prakash Hace 14 días
He should have had more screen space. My fav character from the show.
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Hace 15 días
Nice. Boobs. Call it. Immediately becomes a looter when he thinks there's a fire.
Raul Serrano
Raul Serrano Hace 16 días
Do you think I’m retarded haha
Roshan Yuvaraj
Roshan Yuvaraj Hace 16 días
4:49 Kakyoin describes his taste in women.
Jenna Temple
Jenna Temple Hace 17 días
When he did the face of kool aide man 😂
Cory L
Cory L Hace 17 días
cannot get enough of this guy lol
LT. Boinks
LT. Boinks Hace 17 días
The face he makes after realizing he shredded his credit card
ZeHn -_-
ZeHn -_- Hace 17 días
Dwight whispering:what are you doing Kevin softly whispering: I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket, in a blanket
Andrew Nolan
Andrew Nolan Hace 18 días
“ I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs.” Kevin is my spirt animal.
dhruv gupta
dhruv gupta Hace 18 días
Kevin knew rajnigandha is usually a boy's name in india don't tell me he's not secretly smart
Secret Name
Secret Name Hace 18 días
But you can't eat cats, you can't eat cats KEVIN!!. but apparently you can eat bat's.
The Catfather
The Catfather Hace 19 días
Moon Doggies
Moon Doggies Hace 20 días
Kevin is so wholesome.
denisse chuco
denisse chuco Hace 21 un día
He is adorable and disgusting, adorable ❤❤❤
Jake Zawaideh
Jake Zawaideh Hace 21 un día
As has Kevin Really Kevin with who? She goes to another school
San s
San s Hace 22 días
"I bet roy will try to beat you up.." if only jim had listened
drewdunham1 Hace 22 días
thesongsyouwrote Hace 23 días
I think you do, mon. LMAO
Kevin Malone's son
Kevin Malone's son Hace 24 días
Grayson Bright
Grayson Bright Hace 24 días
TheRatedRTransforner Hace 24 días
I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs....thats all i ever wanted. Man knows the finer things in life
ziggamalay Hace 25 días
Where is the Business Seminar bit
Sabih Malik
Sabih Malik Hace 26 días
How could we forget about the pies? Remember how he knew how to do math when it included pies lollll
Jo Palm
Jo Palm Hace 26 días
I think it's underrated how Kevin's band only play Sting/the police songs st Phyllis' wedding which are about stalking, prostitution and "don't stand to close to me." great choice by the writers!
Jaden Miller
Jaden Miller Hace 26 días
Tuna tuna tuna
SssniperWolf Lover
SssniperWolf Lover Hace 26 días
I love the office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Kevin!!!!!!!and Dwight!!!!!!!!😻😻😻🥳🥳🥳😻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️
teddycuthbert Hace 26 días
Davis Nicholas
Davis Nicholas Hace 27 días
Rajnigandha is a boys name
Cavan Kinajil
Cavan Kinajil Hace 27 días
My maid died😂😂😂
cabbage games
cabbage games Hace 28 días
Alexander Chisholm
Alexander Chisholm Hace 28 días
*The best of Ashton Koutcher Edit: Excuse my spelling
Renuka Kennedy
Renuka Kennedy Hace 29 días
"I like this play about a salesman." "The journey of a salesman? " ....... "No, this one is by Spongebob SquarePants."
tiraliass !
tiraliass ! Hace 29 días
i remember hearing somewhere that the chili on the carpet was a hell to get rid off.
Roll_Tide_1001 Hace 29 días
4:15 that is my only life goal
Toxic Blossoms
Toxic Blossoms Hace un mes
Holly: What do you do? Kevin: I dO tHe nuMbErS
Domanic B
Domanic B Hace un mes
Jerry/Gary/Terry > Kevin
Jacob Payne
Jacob Payne Hace un mes
I know this is just a show, but I get sad seeing kevin drop his chili
Christian Hilbert
Christian Hilbert Hace un mes
When he shred the credit card I died of laughter
Jonathan Tabernilla
_"Nope, it's not Ashton Kutcher, it's Kevin Malone, equally handsome, equally handsome."_ Lmfao 😂
Maisie ;–;
Maisie ;–; Hace 10 días
And then he goes 😉
Radical Rights
Radical Rights Hace un mes
maybe some spaghetti
christiaan Moikahk
christiaan Moikahk Hace un mes
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Hace un mes
Kev is definitely one of my fav
SoyTroy Hace un mes
The Best of Ashton Kutcher - That 70's Show US
Ky’leigh Luafutu
Ky’leigh Luafutu Hace un mes
I felt so bad for Kevin after he dropped the chili I would eat it And his MnM’s
TheJerryYouTube Hace un mes
Iron Mans death was the saddest thing ever. Kevin’s Chili: Am I a joke to you
Kevin Malone's son
Kevin Malone's son Hace 14 días
The Chill Geek
The Chill Geek Hace un mes
"I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs"- Kevin Malone
TJ Hace un mes
7:40 he looks like he’s about to bust out LOL
TheRandomRobot Hace un mes
They should've added the scene from happy hour with kevin going "waaaah
Dalton Robert Pepple
9:28 My heart
Rumblegriff !
Rumblegriff ! Hace un mes
Wow, there's 1.5 thousand Angela's on ESvid
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Hace un mes
7:40 you can see Kevin hold in a laugh lol
Wonky Apple Entertainment
At first I didn’t like Kevin but when I watched more of him, he’s become my favourite character.
Shahin Tajeri
Shahin Tajeri Hace un mes
I laughed out loud when he said Milf and woke my dad XD
Native Bassman
Native Bassman Hace un mes
Maybe some spaghetti 😂😂😂😂😂
Kenneth Alarcon
Kenneth Alarcon Hace un mes
“It’s just nice to win one” this is so relatable I know exactly how that feels.
Nik Sin
Nik Sin Hace un mes
virgin ashton kutcher and chad kevin malone
"This is a button" haha
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Hace un mes
I cry every time he drops the chilli. 😭
rylee m
rylee m Hace un mes
shane oliver
shane oliver Hace un mes
So thats why the fans named ghidorah's left head kevin.
Boitumelo Molale
Boitumelo Molale Hace un mes
“Man I should’ve gotten some food” “Maybe some spagheeeeti” I -
Jinxes World
Jinxes World Hace un mes
When he dropped the chili 😂😂😂 lmfao
Shishui Uchiha
Shishui Uchiha Hace un mes
I cant believe you guys missed the Toy Story theory scene 😭💀
Mitch Popiel
Mitch Popiel Hace un mes
Any video that claims to be “The Best of Kevin” and is not at least 30 minutes long does not do him justice.
Fatima Gonz
Fatima Gonz Hace un mes
That whole scene of holly helping Kevin with the vending machine gives me asmr
SPD CXRZY Hace un mes
“Nope, it’s not Ashton Kuchar. It’s Kevin Malone. Equally handsome equally smart. 😂😂😂😂😂 The best line ever written!
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