The best of Lana Del Rey 

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Lana del Rey ESvid playlist: tinyurl.com/y5tgrd6g
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Lana del Rey Spotify playlist: tinyurl.com/y6c5lycn
00:01 Video games
04:41 Blue jeans
08:11 Born to die
12:58 Carmen
17:11 Off to the races
22:14 Serial killer
26:37 Money power glory
31:00 Florida kilos
35:17 Gods and monsters
39:19 Old money
42:59 Lust for life
48:17 Ride


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Danijel Gocev
Danijel Gocev Hace 5 años
Let's be honest: all of her songs are best of Lana.
Josiah Rose
Josiah Rose Hace 4 años
Danijel Gocev true true
muddavugger Hace 3 años
RIDE 10 minute version is the honey drip best of LDR. Shes the queen B that makes my royal jelly. 'She gotz a taste for men who are older.' cola! *`L|:.D
Magno Arcadio
Magno Arcadio Hace 3 años
flavio barbosa
flavio barbosa Hace 3 años
I saw your comment on a print a friend sent me on a group via WhatsApp and I came here just to like it. You're absolutely right.
sabaa hashemi
sabaa hashemi Hace 3 años
OMFG!this was really coOlll!
Julia harris
Julia harris Hace un año
Love how her lyrics are a blend of wounded women, powerful men, damaged men and powerful women, people struggling and are sung in such a melancholic and haunting yet highly emotive way. You can't help but be drawn into her dark lyrics
C B Hace un año
You explained this perfectly. My partner does not understand at all. She says I listen to depressing music, but I totally get her music, she is very talented.
Юля Беца
Юля Беца Hace 10 meses
So true
Pablo Quesada Martínez
Awesome comment... You've got the point! 👍👌🙏
HONEYMOON Hace 4 meses
Well said clap clap 👏
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Hace 4 meses
Yep. I am bewitched now.
thanx01 Hace 2 años
video games 00:00 blue jeans 4:45 born to die 8:15 carmen 13:00 off to the races 17:10 serial killer 22:15 money power glory 26:36 florida kilos 31:00 gods and monsters 35:20 old money 39:11 some song 43:50 ride 48:11 spank me 57:01 you're right 57:04
Agam Ohana
Agam Ohana Hace 2 años
saved me!!
Ramazan Şahin
Ramazan Şahin Hace 2 años
can i put my balls in yo jaws 2
@Ramazan Şahin aboo türk
Ramazan Şahin
Ramazan Şahin Hace 2 años
@can i put my balls in yo jaws 2 amanınn bi türk gördüm sanki kşlşlkjlhjl
Khalilur Rahman
Khalilur Rahman Hace 2 años
That "some song" is Lust For Life
Carmen Yanez
Carmen Yanez Hace 2 años
How did I live 21 years on this earth without ever listening to a Lana Del Rey song? I thought this playlist could help me get in the mood to write but I ended up just staring at a wall and vibing for a whole hour. She makes me want to dye my hair blonde and drive in an old red convertible with the top down while it's raining. I think I'm addicted to this feeling. The only downside is that I can't sing along to Carmen or else I sound narcissistic. Edit: I never expected anyone to read this (I don't think I've ever made a comment that's gotten more than 10 likes before) so this is a nice surprise. Anyway, I have been listening to Lana for about a year now and I will say that my favorite songs that aren't on this playlist are Brooklyn Baby, Religion, and Yes To Heaven.
Sonya Sanchez
Sonya Sanchez Hace 2 años
lol me too.
Carmin Charen
Carmin Charen Hace 2 años
Girl sameee
Oh Carmen!
Onions Hace 2 años
check out the impures new song TIME
Karina Bsh
Karina Bsh Hace 2 años
realessence Hace 2 meses
Lana is the only today's recording artist whose music I can relate to. It is her voice, her melody, the vibe. I can listen to any songs of hers without losing interest. I guess her soul just captures mine.
Lizbeth Xochicale
Lizbeth Xochicale Hace 3 años
0:00 Video Games 4:41 Blue Jeans 8:11 Born to Die 13:00 Carmen 17:12 Off To the Races 22: 15 Serial Killer 26:36 Money Power Glory 31:00 Florida Kilos 35:15 Gods and Monsters 39:20 Old Money 43:49 Lust for Life 48:18 Ride
dragon Hace 3 años
hau wind
hau wind Hace 3 años
22:15 serial killer*
Morgenstern W
Morgenstern W Hace 3 años
Lizbeth Xochicale thank youuuuuu 🥺🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
𝑑𝑜𝑙𝑙 ⋆˚⸝⸝‬
time-stamps are already in the video description lol
sleepy_ellx_gacha Hace un mes
0:00 Video Games 4:41 Blue Jeans 8:11 Born to Die 13:00 Carmen 17:12 Off To the Races 22:15 Serial Killer 26:36 Money Power Glory 31:00 Florida Kilos 35:15 Gods and Monsters 39:20 Old Money 43:49 Lust for Life 48:18 Ride
Caroline Godden
Caroline Godden Hace un mes
Thank you, I look forward to listening 👂
tpwk (depends)
tpwk (depends) Hace 5 meses
Lana is a whole vibe. All of her songs are so 90s if you listen to the melody, but the lyrics tell a whole different story. Her songs make me feel like a female fatale, who had a love story that ended up in a heartbreak, and she chose to become a villain to ruin everyone and everything her lover has. The only thing missing here are songs, Summertime sadness, Brooklyn Baby, National Anthem and Yes to Heaven
Pink Pandaz
Pink Pandaz Hace 4 meses
and cinnamon girl and sad girl
staerry love
staerry love Hace 3 meses
Radio and dark paradise
staerry love
staerry love Hace 3 meses
can't say it's their fault because it must be hard to put all of her songs in a playlist cause they all the best
sharmila Hace 3 meses
and Trash
Sophia Von Wolfensohn
Lana is the only singer I listen whole albums from. I love all her songs. Her aesthetic is perfect. It's a love case that started when I was 14 and just keeps dragging. I'm 27 now
Imelda Alvarez
Imelda Alvarez Hace 6 meses
i love you
Jason Driggs
Jason Driggs Hace 3 años
Loving Lana while quarantined at home!
same but im doing school work
hussain gurana
hussain gurana Hace 3 años
melodett Hace 3 años
fuck, yes!
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Hace 3 años
Always loving lana. she throws me into depression tho
Torqil Zappa
Torqil Zappa Hace 3 años
Im buster with depression lol im sad bro literally SAMEEEEE
kaworra Hace 4 meses
i’ve been listening to lana for 10 years now (oh my god), and i can say with 100% certainty that no song of hers has ever made me feel the way born to die has. something about the final seconds of it makes me feel such intense emotions, and i can’t quite wrap my head around what i’m feeling. the best feeling ever!
schec1015 Hace un mes
95% of my music, is Metal music. But man do I have a soft spot for Lana. So many of her songs turn me into a teenage girl. And even tho I'm a full grown man, I still try to hit the same notes. She's great.
PopCrusher Hace 28 días
me too, dude. i listen to a variety of music but rock and metal are my main genres, but man, Lana del Rey is an incredible artist. she understands music and art in such a way that I haven’t seen much before. she’s beautiful.
Pestcontrol Hace 24 días
lana is for everyone I'm the same with hip hop she transcends all
whizz Doom
whizz Doom Hace 22 días
​@Pestcontrol Me too man...was bumping Biggie Smalls playlist before this one😂 Shes a gem fa real!
Waldemar Czuba
Waldemar Czuba Hace 5 meses
Niby wiedziałem, że jest taka piosenkarka jak Lana, ale co daje swoim śpiewem, odczułem dopiero w te wakacje dzięki swojej córce, która do mnie przyjechała z UK. To było jak rażenie piorunem, szarpnęło wszystkimi moimi czułymi strunami duszy. Zawsze byłem wrażliwy na muzykę a w szczególności która trafia prosto w serce, tworzy nastrój, zadumę, melancholie i refleksje nad życiem. Ta muzyka to taki most łączący mnie z tym co dla mnie najbardziej wartościowe w życiu. Kiedyś odejdę... z jej muzyką w sercu.
alessia Hace 2 años
i love how in almost every “the best of lana del rey” playlist you can find video games. i honestly think it’s her best song.
mark obasuyi
mark obasuyi Hace 7 meses
Imelda Alvarez
Imelda Alvarez Hace 6 meses
i love you
Sinjiro Takamine
Sinjiro Takamine Hace 5 meses
bleh Hace 4 meses
Personally I prefer old money
Jimmy Mpel
Jimmy Mpel Hace 3 meses
It’s the song that started it all
Giza Deminuit
Giza Deminuit Hace 3 meses
Damn I had no idea what a powerful writer she was. Don’t know how I went this long without experiencing her art. Consider me a fan.
johkhz Hace 3 años
El primer álbum de Lana Del Rey: innovador, rompedor. Un sonido único en su momento. Ese sonido atmosférico; los efectos de sonido; la voz
one Hace 2 años
P E R F E C T O✨
loren Hace 2 años
me alera no ser la una que hable español
Hannah Pawlowski
Hannah Pawlowski Hace 7 días
Yeah, there's definitely a few I can add on here. I love her old albums but "Normal Fucking Rockwell" was an absolute masterpiece as well as "Blue Banisters". One song I can't stop replaying is "Cherry Blossum". Only artist that I actually love every album/song.
patrick piel
patrick piel Hace 2 años
one of the most incredible voices out there! her music rings so perfect with her rhythm in her voice. truly beautiful voice.
DuckPanda Hace un año
This was a good lyric playlist, a few lines in the songs were missed but not majorly. Loved it. I listen to this video all the time, great job! Great sound quality!
Erik K
Erik K Hace un año
Much credit belongs to the composers who help her to produce such remarkable music.
Alba Sweet
Alba Sweet Hace un año
Lana del Rey... Una voz angelical en la tierra :)
Tricolor Viola
Tricolor Viola Hace 3 años
i can't live without lana's songs...this vibe is irreplaceable and indescribable
Farah Natashah
Farah Natashah Hace 6 meses
Euzilene Monteiro
Euzilene Monteiro Hace 5 meses
Voz maravilhosa ....Linda Lana Del Rey ❤
Midnight screamer
Midnight screamer Hace 2 años
How could you forget West Coast, Radio and Summertime Saddness? Literally her most powerful songs
Aisya Hobo
Aisya Hobo Hace 6 meses
and national anthem
Backup Acc
Backup Acc Hace 6 meses
And Young and Beautiful - it's like top No. 1
Hannah Mc cabe
Hannah Mc cabe Hace 5 meses
Elmira Eva
Elmira Eva Hace 4 meses
and diet mountain dew
Angelica C. Sommer
Angelica C. Sommer Hace 3 meses
and brooklyn baby, ultraviolence, high by the beach...
Iris Morales
Iris Morales Hace 10 meses
Every song of Lana´s discography is a master piece, I´m really addicted to all of her songs and I really enjoy this playlist. I hope this get to more people who love Lana´s work :)
Pah Hace 9 meses
Escutei essa coletânea maravilhosa, enquanto eu terminava meu TCC, sempre me emociono quando escuto
Barbara Cristina
Barbara Cristina Hace 8 meses
que loucura, estou fazendo meu tcc agora e ouvindo
Hi 123
Hi 123 Hace 2 años
her music is timeless. even after 11 years(video games) , ppl still go back to watch it
Maran Hace 2 años
Agreed, it’s the strings that make it an instant classic
Ruben Venter
Ruben Venter Hace 8 meses
ek lief jou💘
ari Hace 2 años
i just got into lana recently! and she is so amazing. her voice is so beautiful and she honestly makes me feel things thru her music ive never felt before. no regrets checking her music out
Alyssa Mew
Alyssa Mew Hace un año
Love this video so much, smooth transition, all the lyrics to see, many of her great songs, thank you!
eldraw2 Hace 15 días
I love this playlist thank you so much her songs are incredible and so chill after a busy day!!
Danika M.
Danika M. Hace 9 meses
Since i was pretty young my mom would play lana del ray in the car, at the time I didn’t know her much because she stopped being popular but im so glad she is popular again and i get to listen to her ❤️
Joselina Pansini Correia
Her unreleased songs should be included-they are great. Lana’s music touches the soul.
sharmila Hace 3 meses
like Trash!
Romeu Hace 2 años
Esta seleção musical da Lana del Rey é linda! Meu estado de espírito e esta seleção. Me tira do chão e me faz viajar por um instante pra longe daqui e, paradoxalmente, pra dentro de mim.
Lía Huanca
Lía Huanca Hace 2 años
Siempre vuelvo aquí, la mejor música para disfrutar mientras estudio 🥰🥰
Vicente Jouclas
Vicente Jouclas Hace 2 años
Thank you for providing the lyrics! That is something we tend to forget in such a beautiful melody and performance.
ANA BEATRIZ Hace un año
Impecável ❤️
Honest Respectfully
Honest Respectfully Hace 2 años
Somehow I found this and it started on the ride with monologue for no reason. I had never heard it before... and now I am bawling. What an incredible song that speaks to my existence in such an intimate way. Just WOW. Apparently even on my really good days, chance finds it fitting for me to still have a good cry. Hugs everyone
Aaaaaaaaah 😍 🥺 Oh quanto amo ouvir essas perfeiçães de Lana... não tá escrito, MUSAAAAAA ❤🥰😍🤌🏾
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola Hace 5 años
You must've put so much work into this, completely underrated! Great job!
J S Hace 5 años
you're so kind❤️
sunshine lola
sunshine lola Hace 3 años
Yuri Anderson dude what was the necessity of this comment?
Ajdi !!!
Ajdi !!! Hace 2 años
haha your username reminds me of lana del rey serial killer
Scripted Links
Scripted Links Hace 2 años
@sunshine lola it's just the truth :/
Isha Shinde
Isha Shinde Hace 2 años
@Scripted Links but can’t we appreciate someone’s efforts lol.?
JesusDeSer Hace 2 años
Canté todas las canciones ¡maravilloso!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
serene 🍃
serene 🍃 Hace 4 meses
I heard about her name "Lana" then ESvid recommended me her songs. I got goosebumps and now am living inside these beautiful, melancholic songs of her. Daydreaming while listening 🎧🎶
houda Hace 4 meses
love the feeling and the mood she sets me into it It is so peaceful
Leonardo Perez
Leonardo Perez Hace 2 años
God I remember the first time I heard video games... I was all about rock then but in that one moment I knew there was something real special happening and new kind of a sound i was ready to be addicted to One of the few songs that just 100% flawlessly captures the emotion it speaks about
Christine Salter
Christine Salter Hace 2 años
Heaven is a place on earth with you ..... with you Lana Del Ray
HUMingbird Hace un año
If Lana's songs at all reflect truth, then she is a deeply wounded soul, who has turned her struggles into art.
jaymee Hace un año
I will never forget the first time I listened to Video Games. I was 14 years old laying on the floor in my room listening to it on my iPod touch lol. It triggered my dream of wanting to move to LA. Everything felt like a movie whenever I heard this song, or any song by Lana.
memory zikapanda
memory zikapanda Hace un mes
how cute! just curious, did you make it to LA?
jaymee Hace un mes
@memory zikapanda oh gosh I forgot about this comment! lol. I was able to visit CA, but not LA & I don't live there. It's not in the cards currently, but things can always change! ❤️❤️
Suraya Alekberova
Suraya Alekberova Hace 9 días
@jaymee aww, good luck!!!
john kovacevic
john kovacevic Hace 2 años
First time for me hearing this ladys music. I sat mesmerized for the hour. What a great artist.
vpa Hace 2 años
You should listen her song 'West Coast', 'Love' and her new one 'Dark but just a game'
Ali Fırat Demir
Ali Fırat Demir Hace 2 años
Ruha işleyen şarkılar , yıldızların altında düş kurmak için birebir dinlenecek sanatçı . I love Lana Del Rey
thebi Hace un año
if this were made now, i'm sure all the songs in nfr would be in it. probably the best album i've ever heard in a long time.
LANNA EDUARDA Hace 8 meses
Completamente esplêndida ❤
Sarita Piloni
Sarita Piloni Hace 7 meses
Milos Panic
Milos Panic Hace 3 años
00:01 Video games 04:41 Blue jeans 08:11 Born to die 12:58 Carmen 17:11 Off to the races 22:14 Serial killer 26:37 Money power glory 31:00 Florida kilos 35:17 Gods and monsters 39:19 Old money 42:59 Lust for life 48:17 Ride :)
Justyn Zvi
Justyn Zvi Hace 3 años
already in the description lol
UK Trails Trekker
UK Trails Trekker Hace 2 años
Whoever makes the instrumentals for Del Rey is a genius.
🖤insidium.azazel Hace 2 años
Assolutamente pazzesca, la sua voce è una delle melodie più belle, profonde e malinconiche di sempre,unica davvero...Lana Del Rey🖤🥀🌌...
deniz Hace un año
video games 00:00 blue jeans 4:45 born to die 8:15 carmen 13:00 off to the races 17:10 serial killer 22:15 money power glory 26:36 florida kilos 31:00 gods and monsters 35:20 old money 39:11 some song 43:50 ride 48:11 spank me 57:01 you're right 57:04
Claudio Oliveira
Claudio Oliveira Hace un año
Ela é demais, essa música é nostálgica... realmente precisamos melhorar como seres humanos. Te falar uma coisa... nascemos nu e ao pó voltaremos . Vamos dar valor as coisas simples que nos alegra e nos trás PAZ!!!
pimpce Hace 11 meses
00:01 Video games 04:41 Blue jeans 08:11 Born to die 12:58 Carmen 17:11 Off to the races 22:14 Serial killer 26:37 Money power glory 31:00 Florida kilos 35:17 Gods and monsters 39:19 Old money 42:59 Lust for life 48:17 Ride
Bleizzz Hace 3 años
I LOVE listening to Lana in this quarantine, especially when it comes to doing my daily chores, she is splendid.
rosemary444 Hace un año
So happy I found her music during quarantine in 2020 after school closed. It made online school and the rest of 2020 bearable. I then began listening to her unreleased songs, which are also amazing. Her music has a way of making one feel like they’re partaking in what she’s singing about. It’s so well embodied and presented. A great poet and an amazing singer. 🤍 💫
Belinda Perkins-Brooks
I always add Lana Del Rey to my playlist. I just adore her and her music.
melanie giglio
melanie giglio Hace un año
Can't get through my day without listening to this beautiful, talented woman. Her songs never get old. ❤️
Wonderland Hace un año
I swear Lana is one of the few artists I listen to over and over and never get tired of it and she has a song for every mood. All her albums / songs are so different
Brasil Like
Brasil Like Hace un año
Ai como eu amo ouvir isso 💖💖💖
john karag
john karag Hace un año
It's definitely the best work of music art by Lana del Rey performed perfectly and done and it's a pleasure to listening and watching this piece of art makes you lots of feelings and brings back so many memories when things was different more simple and more pure great times to be young and alive without any second thoughts and without any serious problems sometimes I wish I could turn back time to live exactly the same things and times of carelessness amazing memories incredible times.......!!!!!!!!!!!! What an incredible and unique voice so powerful you can understand everything she sings.....!!!!!!!!!
Andy Painting
Andy Painting Hace 3 años
WOW!!! Never really listened to Lana Del Ray before but really enjoyed this compilation of tracks, I’m going to be listening to more of Lana from now on. Thanks 😀👍🏼
Samantha Reyes
Samantha Reyes Hace 2 años
I've loved Lana for years and I will love her for the rest of my life.
Adriana Quisbert Parra
Really good. I love to listen to Lana del Rey while I do my homework.
Patrycja Rudzińska
Patrycja Rudzińska Hace 2 años
Nasza piekna,utalentowana Lana... ❤️
Leutia Grey
Leutia Grey Hace 9 meses
she sings what people don't want to admit to themselves or the one they love. she sings the truth whether it is hers or mine or yours. it just is. beautiful.
Taylor Hace un año
Such an Addicting artist. Every song, every album is just so amazing.
Wonderland Hace un año
And so different as well she has something for every mood
Mariah Joy the Alchemist
her album is almost 10 yrs old and its such a classic it feels like it was made yesterday. RESPECT.
Ruben Venter
Ruben Venter Hace 8 meses
Im stellies❤
Alison M Lo
Alison M Lo Hace 7 meses
When is Lana's next concert in LA people? I need to see her singing all the best songs of hers in live!!! It's on my life bucket list!
Amber Moore
Amber Moore Hace 23 días
For the ones who asked the meaning of this song this is what I found “Yes To Heaven is a melancholic song about love. In the lyrics, Lana Del Rey exposes her weaknesses, admitting she’s in love and ready to wait for the man to choose her. She’s not singing about a love story that is actually happening, but about the possibilities ahead of her, listing all the things she will do based on his actions.”
Alan Silva
Alan Silva Hace un año
Amo muito tudo isso ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Sharukh Saifi
Sharukh Saifi Hace 2 años
I really love the way she do experiments in her songs she's the real artist
Raph Films
Raph Films Hace un año
Another thing I wanted to add is that Lana is also an inspiration for many millennials like me. For instant, this film: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nSC4ptU79-8.html I did it based off Lana and Barrie's relationship and the turmoil that led them to their demise :( Based off the song California.
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson Hace un año
Never heard a bad one 🥰🥰 occasionally it takes a couple of listens 🤷 but they are usually few and far between 🥰🥰 she is a legend 👊👊
Ashley Crane
Ashley Crane Hace 2 años
Summertime sadness is a absolute hit. I love Lana, her music gives me the vintage vibe.
Amber Russo
Amber Russo Hace un año
Every song is a winner. Such a unusual artist. The best that's come along in a long long time. 🖤😎🖤
maria marques de almeida
Difícil saber qual é a melhor! Eu amo Lana !!♥️♥️
Maria Carla Garcia
Maria Carla Garcia Hace 8 meses
Qual nome real dessa música?
B R Hace 26 días
Haunting and enlightening. Like many, I’ve appreciated LDR for years but reading ALL of her lyrics beyond just the hooks offers a deeper glimpse of her brilliance. For example, Video games and its story of a young girl exploited by an older man who manipulates her yearning to be loved… and the lifetime of consequences that ensues. Disturbing, powerful, and cautionary all at once. It compels one to revisit all of LDRs catalogue of work with a fresh perspective.
Priya Bandi
Priya Bandi Hace 2 años
I can sleep peacefully whilst Lana's music flowing into my ears like honey❤️ hail QUEEN🙏
Holly Thornton
Holly Thornton Hace un año
Lana Del Rey is the most underrated artist honestly. She is my all time favorite artist 🥰 I enjoy every single song in a different way for each.
blindlight Hace 2 años
This is my first time properly listening to lanas songs, and they all remind me of the books Caraval, legendary and finale! Please if they ever do films let these song be in it! Perfect match 👌
Avery Parry
Avery Parry Hace 2 años
B. yh96
B. yh96 Hace 2 años
this playlist give me inspiration to make mine on spotify hhhh
Ratih Rahayu
Ratih Rahayu Hace 2 años
wow i didn't think about it before and now i do
blindlight Hace 2 años
@B. yh96 thank you!
cool widow 😈☠️
These songs are poetic and magical ✨️ 💕 💜
Caroline Godden
Caroline Godden Hace un mes
White Magic 🧝‍♀️
jazz wynter
jazz wynter Hace un año
She sends me to different realm evertime I listen to her... me and the universe ✨ 😌
Tassilo von mentzingen
Lana has left and rumbled many peoples souls with her beautiful words that she expresses with always an amazing tune in the background that works simply beautiful 🔥🙌
Onions Hace 2 años
+ hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures
Bob smith
Bob smith Hace un año
The thing about Lana Del Rey isn't how good she is (don't get me wrong, she's reaaally good) it that she makes this music with like heavy Leonard Cohen kind of vibes and is still super successful selling it to a normal, mainstream audience.
VALDEHUEZA Hace un año
lana del rey does make this vibes that you want to drink wine and smoke cigarettes like a 1920's president's first lady, possessing old money. canceled and accused for corrupting the country's money. Her music mostly have an orchestra, which makes it so so much better
Eslor Hace 5 meses
Its sad that some people will just never understand how good her songs are-
Alyssa Hace 4 meses
Benjamim Hace 2 años
As melhores!! 🥰 amo Lana Del Rey 🧚😍
Onions Hace 2 años
check out the impures new song TIME
Levi do rap 123Souza
Eu amo muito lana
Iris Smeding
Iris Smeding Hace 2 años
Love her music.....its music that speaks to your soul❤❤
Zoey Landry
Zoey Landry Hace un año
All or her songs are the best I absolutely love them, summertime sadness and born to die were the two song that got me to listen to her music
Disney Relaxing Music Studio
This makes me so relaxed when I am working and it starts to get busy at my job. I love it !
marcela del carmen argandoña mancilla
Son todas las canciones muy hermosas pero me gustaría que también estuvieran subtituladas en español.
Pablo Quesada Martínez
Las hay, las has encontrado ya?
Oblivion Hace 3 meses
this playlist is amazing. lanas voice touches my soul
Maeve Clarke
Maeve Clarke Hace 3 años
Lana never fails to amaze me every time I hear her music. What a goddess.
rosy Hace 2 años
shes beauts totes
rosy Hace 2 años
you need to remember
Carl DaCosta
Carl DaCosta Hace 11 meses
That unique voice Lana possesses!! Potent!!
Ksenija Popovic
Ksenija Popovic Hace 2 años
i truly belive 50 yrs from now lana will still be her own genre
pixalatte Hace un año
lana produces hit after hit, her songs give me such a kick, thanks so much for the list, imma put it on repeat.
Doug Robertson
Doug Robertson Hace un año
Love the intro to Ride, my first ever Lana song. It came on the FM just say midnight. I had to call the station to see who sang it. It was 2012, and I never looked back. LDR is the greatest living lyricist and it keeps getting better ( tears).
Kimberly Hace 2 años
You really helped me during the pandemic. Your voice and your music is so soothing.
mỹ duyên khúc nhã
Lana's extraordinary voice drives me crazy! My ears are listening to the most luxurious music in the world! No doubt why this lady has so many fans, her angle voice can make you happy when listening to her songs. I am one of the people who fall in love with sad music for real!
auvins Hace 2 años
ive never actually listened to her, but i love her songs so far!
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