The BEST of Sirs & Dames On The Graham Norton Show Part Two

The Graham Norton Show
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Marjorie Toppie
Marjorie Toppie Hace 5 minutos
These british female celebraties look so beautiful!!!!
Painter's brush 16
Painter's brush 16 Hace un día
Judi Dench 😂😂😂
Ruthie Rochford
Ruthie Rochford Hace un día
THE best talk show on the planet..
MrSoBitchy Hace 2 días
9:29 my god he's gorgeous
東方朔 Hace 2 días
old guys edition.....
Barry Roach
Barry Roach Hace 2 días
Oh please Mister Caine , when you spoke to Jack Peter Benedict Whitehall you blinked over 30 times you old duffer!!!! I bet you would have told Norton you bake your own bread if he had given you the chance!!!
Daryl rabara-brokate
Hellen mirren....
Cruz Lane
Cruz Lane Hace 5 días
None can compete with dame Julie Andrew's
Romi Godolja
Romi Godolja Hace 8 días
Everything about the show and even the comments is so British and I love it
Seulgi's lip bite
Seulgi's lip bite Hace 8 días
Elton John's poke at Religion
Olumide Akinremi
Olumide Akinremi Hace 8 días
..."oh look, people". Graham is so quirky, it's amazing
ironfae Hace 9 días
Brits get more lovable with age.
Jannik Arens
Jannik Arens Hace 11 días
I bet michael caine tells the best bedtime stories :)
mattcrawfish Hace 12 días
Jesus christ Helen Mirren is a fox to this day.
Ния Нинова
Ния Нинова Hace 13 días
Now I want that production of Sweeney Todd!!!
Fla Fla
Fla Fla Hace 14 días
So many amazing people and actors in this...I am in love...
Bodenlose Dosenhose
Bodenlose Dosenhose Hace 15 días
Those people have so much more grace than a lot of the young actors and actresses on talkshows who just seem to be full of themselves.
mycroft983 Hace 15 días
It is the best thing in the world when you see Actors get on ,friendship and trust must be so important in that profession, so much better than the horror stories about actors that hate or wont work together .. so nice to see...
Painter's brush 16
Painter's brush 16 Hace 16 días
Judy Dench is a legend. So proud to come from the same City as her!
Vasile Dodu
Vasile Dodu Hace 16 días
Miriam Margolyes and Ricky Gervais my top favorites :)
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt Hace 17 días
All the dames are gay icons hahaha
Christian Stoleski
Christian Stoleski Hace 20 días
:P love this host
LUIS FE Rojas Hace 24 días
that Dame Hellen Mirren is a COUGAR!
Hiryu Imajin
Hiryu Imajin Hace 25 días
I watched other chat shows before and always get an uneasy feeling if a host interrupts the guest or over-talks them or even tell the story himself. So I searched for a different show and came across Graham Norton's and I like how I can go back to some videos and still would laugh about it and will feel just easy. I binge watch so many times that I treat myself to watching this just to actually have a good time! You know a show is good when even you who is not on the red sofa would react on a conversation by the guests.
Ethan Turrano
Ethan Turrano Hace 26 días
Elton: “I’m gay and I’ve never been to Heaven. And I’m not going there either.” Damn Elton way to double mean your words.
Helen Anderson
Helen Anderson Hace 26 días
Love this soooo much, especially Sir Ian, Patrick Stewart and Hugh ;) x
surfthewav3 Hace 27 días
am I the only one who gets anxiety hoping that their story won't bomb even though this is a compilation?
Sharon Gitau
Sharon Gitau Hace 28 días
Dame Judi Dench’s ever escalating surprise each time she replies is *everything!!* >_
Jennie Moore
Jennie Moore Hace un mes
Hugh jackman needs to play Sweeney Todd!
Maia Leckey
Maia Leckey Hace un mes
Nico Rose
Nico Rose Hace un mes
I love that Helen Mirren is basically fangirling over secondhand Jack Nicholson contact.
GDI Hace un mes
@5:10 Hello darkness my old friend
Psycho Joe
Psycho Joe Hace un mes
Graham Norton and Elton John. I'd watch that porno.
Diego Meneses
Diego Meneses Hace un mes
Sir Ian McKellen's personality is my absolute love, omg
rach p
rach p Hace un mes
Aw this makes me dread the day we lose these legends q_q
The Nerd Of The Century
“You lie like a rug” “Oh, do I?”
Paul H. Kircher III
Just show Prince Uncle Phil and Hardy your Two Toes.
M Hace un mes
This show makes me happy.
Benymm Johanson
Benymm Johanson Hace un mes
American Stupid Celebrity.
Brett Greene
Brett Greene Hace un mes
Sir Michael Caine's story left me speechless.....WOW
Kayla Dahl
Kayla Dahl Hace un mes
This is what happens at 2am. Video after video and I’m just wheezing because this show is hilarious!
maureen rhysjones
maureen rhysjones Hace un mes
Please don't ever take this clip down! Too good!
confused Humanity
confused Humanity Hace un mes
Bless Judi Dench! Totally forgetting that she went to a nightclub and why she went in the first place! National treasure! ❤️
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik Hace un mes
2:15 one of the best moment of this show.
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Hace un mes
The simple fact that Dame Judi Dentch was in a gay club makes me smile so much ❤❤
_"I have just had an idea. This is awesome… Who should play Mrs Lovett?"_
Jesse Barrios
Jesse Barrios Hace un mes
Lol this is the sag edition 😂😂😂
Brandi Idnarb
Brandi Idnarb Hace un mes
Nothing is more pure than the friendship between Ian and Patrick.
Shannon Gasparatto
Shannon Gasparatto Hace un mes
Ah Patrick Stewart.. now there is a true man.
Wenthony Hace un mes
I love the sirs and dames on the show, they make the best guests 😂
@Wenthony I agree! And they're all so incredibly humble.
Ronald Valk
Ronald Valk Hace un mes
i love it....wonderful sharing moment with people you'nevere will meet....great sense of humor!!!!
sheiladmj Hace un mes
Julie Walters is my favourite celebrity
BTbroadbrand Hace un mes
He blinked so many times 😂😂😂
harry rooney
harry rooney Hace un mes
This is awesome
Chris LeBelMusic
Chris LeBelMusic Hace un mes
Whoever the guy on the right is at 3:15 is absolutely coked out oh his mind.
Daisy Ackroyd
Daisy Ackroyd Hace un mes
Elton and graham having a gay off 😂♥️♥️♥️
Daisy Ackroyd
Daisy Ackroyd Hace un mes
Bless Maggie is so proud of Harry potter
shadesofmysoul Hace un mes
Jonah Hill going totally gaga over Dame Julie Andrews is so cute ^-^
Caroline Hace un mes
Im totally in love with Dame Judy Dench ... And sir Ian.
Q Tip
Q Tip Hace un mes
Paul kissing Helen 😂
Marcus Ambrester
Marcus Ambrester Hace un mes
Helen Mirren is such a babe!
Ben Wakefield
Ben Wakefield Hace un mes
Please get Miriam Margolyes back!
pearl_lisha Hace un mes
Judy you lie like a dog! 😂😂
Anna Jones
Anna Jones Hace un mes
It's rug not dog
Julie Andrews doesn’t even look 83
April L Parker
April L Parker Hace un mes
WHAT. She could EASILY be in her 60s
The Nerd Of The Century yes she’ll be 84 in October, that’s what I said 😂
The Nerd Of The Century
She’s 83?!?!
logan banx I’m saying
logan banx
logan banx Hace un mes
If she ain't a magical entity I don't know who is.
Hwasa's throne is my face
I already cracked up with Julie in the first clip I can't 😂😂😂😂
Filip Jönsson
Filip Jönsson Hace un mes
I just love how at 11:00 Sir Ian, Sir Patrick and Hugh are the one true definiton of best friends.
Aten Hace un mes
I saw paul rudd and I didn't realize it but I was drooling sksks
veronikah K
veronikah K Hace un mes
for Dummies Maggie Smith was in Sisetr Act 1 and 2 and im not even her huge fan..I cannot believe some actors are like 70 years olds and they are only known for a few years,.TODAY.
jeryth057 Hace un día
veronikah K Good point - she was also in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in 1969 (year I was born) and I’ve not seen it 😃
Glitter Grasshopper
Helen Mirren is??? so sexy???
Soul Worker
Soul Worker Hace un mes
Helen Mirren is flirty and I love her!
Ann Marie Rose
Ann Marie Rose Hace un mes
This show is so funny and amazing. All of his guests are at their best and allowed to be funny. We have not had a late night entertaining show since Johnny Carson retired..
bujing kujing
bujing kujing Hace un mes
i need extra fingers to count how many times i watched this and still am entertained
LeilaniHapa Hace un mes
*"You lie like a rug!"* Hahaha the offended look on his face
Barely Me
Barely Me Hace un mes
4:55 MRS POPPINS!!! (Julie andrews) 😂😂
Fcutdlady Hace un mes
The reason why that little boy had to think to work out Dame Maggie Smith's identity is you don't expect to see Minerva McGonigal in waitrose :--)
Jenna Vee
Jenna Vee Hace un mes
I love Ian McKellen so much.
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams Hace un mes
"They took us in through the back door"
Sebs Place
Sebs Place Hace 2 meses
Class, taste, elegance. These three amigos got them all.
amelia cool
amelia cool Hace 2 meses
3:16 i love how graham lets his guests speak for so long, it’s such a lovely change from ...... certain other chat shows
av3maria Hace 8 días
It’s because the English have......... MANNERS.
Venio Hace 14 días
Oprah has been found wigless and deceased....
Romero Hace 25 días
I resent those other shows because of how strict they are with time when interacting with the celebs to the point that they get cut off and yet still insist on having some time with playing silly games.
Hiryu Imajin
Hiryu Imajin Hace 25 días
I can't believe that someone actually thought of not trying to mention other names lol! But yeah!
logan banx
logan banx Hace un mes
+Hermine M Just say the Jimmies
gevse Hace 2 meses
Whoever's making these compilations is like the official version of "I'm not Norm" for Graham Norton! :)
Danyal Bokhari
Danyal Bokhari Hace 2 meses
What I love about Graham Norton is that he lets his guests speak as much as they want without interrupting them. For example with Michael Caine's super long story, there wasn't a single peep out of Graham.
kenna163 Hace 5 días
You can say Fallon. It's cool.
leopold Hace 10 días
I completely agree. He definitely has the knack for this chat show lark: Give the guest a feeder question and let them say as much or as little as they like. There's too many (ahem, Jonathan Ross) who love the sound of their own voices and would much rather use the time to kiss their guest's backsides than let us have any real insight. The last clip on this compilation especially, where Graham just sat back and allowed Ian, Patrick and Hugh just chat was pure gold, it gives us so much more than a few pat answers.
Hiryu Imajin
Hiryu Imajin Hace 25 días
Yeah I was gonna say. Some other interviews, audience would've been left out with the story because the freaking host already knows it and don't wanna hear about it anymore.
Emmanuel Woo
Emmanuel Woo Hace 2 meses
graham has the best chats, conan best remotes, the others really don't watch anything else.
Suzie Oldfield
Suzie Oldfield Hace 2 meses
I’m crying 😂
Daniel Bagdasaryan
Daniel Bagdasaryan Hace 2 meses
People like Michael Caine, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench or Patrick Steward make me wish I was born a Brit. So much class and style and humour. UGH
logan banx
logan banx Hace un mes
It's only right if it's humour with an o and u.
Pancakes Flying
Pancakes Flying Hace 2 meses
Judi Dench is a treasure
Jennifer McGoldrick
Jennifer McGoldrick Hace 2 meses
If you’re an American over 30 who didn’t already know Maggie Smith quite well before Downton Abby, what have you been doing all these decades???’
frostedsilver Hace 6 días
You know what's funny... I'm 32, and the role I remember her most for was as Mrs. Medlock in The Secret Garden. I loved that movie so much (still do).
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert Hace 9 días
Minding their own business
Ann Mitchell
Ann Mitchell Hace un mes
The prime of Miss Jean Brody.
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips Hace 2 meses
have loved MS since Murder By Death, the 2 Agatha Cristie movies and Clash of the Titans
bensch rose
bensch rose Hace 2 meses
There are so many admirable, great personalities out there and I really envy Graham Norton for being able to meet so many of them! But I also envy him for being one of them. My heart is filled with a twisted feeling of happiness and yearning. I am happy for being able to witness these great people; thank you, internet and social media! However, I feel like I will never be able to meet them and express them my gratitude and appreciation and that saddens me.
NSS Productions.
NSS Productions. Hace 2 meses
Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are so cute together. Bloody hell
crazycatgirl18 Hace 2 meses
I thought a scandal came out about Elton John where he only pretended to be gay for the fame and controversy or something?
AmiEvil Hace 2 meses
I love Marry Poppins!
Hannah Nemcosky
Hannah Nemcosky Hace 2 meses
I was laughing hysterically during the last clip 😂
Breda Switzer
Breda Switzer Hace 2 meses
Love Graham Norton and to celebrate i bought my first bottle of savingnon blanc by GN,(didn't know they sold it in dunnes )now i love my savingnon blanc ,and i have to say its the best one i have ever tasted,no after taste,very smooth,and lets just say I'll be buying it from now, thanks Graham from one cork person to the next,lov ya😚😚
Lauren Rose
Lauren Rose Hace 2 meses
Fun fact: Ian Mckellen is wearing my school’s tie lol
Pia Hace 2 meses
Pia Hace 2 meses
H23 Hace 2 meses
yall forgot about paul mccartney
Skydoes Minecraf
Skydoes Minecraf Hace 2 meses
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are exactly like they are in extras omg 😂
leopold Hace 10 días
Well, nearly. Nobody's clothes fell off and let us see everything.
Archetype Archetype
Archetype Archetype Hace 2 meses
Still waiting for that fantastic ST casting!!!
May570 Hace 2 meses
Judi Dench is classic! I love her!
Daniela Martínez
Daniela Martínez Hace 2 meses
"What's all this about you being circumcised?" Love Sir Ian.
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